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Laser Combo Package


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To see more information on how these lasers work see individual product descriptions on this website in Laser Product section.

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Laser Combo Package

Dear Promise Friends,

Please buy this package and receive all Three Lasers. The Red, The Green and Blurple. It is called Blurple because it is between Blue and Purple. These lasers also come with removable Mandala Filter so you can have one pure laser beam and also by adding adjustable mandala filter you have the option to alter the lasers image projection.


The Blurple does not have the adjustable filter unfortunately. The Blurple is also a 5mw laser like the other lasers except that the purple color is not in the visible spectrum so the light is now as strong.


Vibrationaly and frequency wise the Blurple beam has deep pentrting effect when used on the body


You will also get 6 batteries (which one extra for each laser ) and 3 chargers. And on top of that you will also receive 3 laser Stands. See Images in product gallery to get full a grasp of this product packages poetential.


“It Is Better To Light A Laser Than Curse The Darkness”

Rob Potter