Haleakala Solar Activation


Saturday Breakfast and Lunch, Sunday Lunch are included or not, depending on your choice.

Choose below whether or not you would like to include food in your selection. 

Saturday Breakfast and Lunch, Sunday Lunch are included for the $ 300 option. No meals for the second $250.

Dear Promise Family and Friends and Haleakala Activation Guests,

We are happy to announce Luis is confirmed to come to Maui. Please do make your arrangements to be at the Temple of Peace on Friday evening and be ready for an amazing weekend.

If you have any questions please call me Rob Potter 530-925-3502

Mahalo Aloha

Rob Potter




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Haleakala Flyer-Rob Potter flat
At The Temple of Peace Haiku   February 26th Eve. – All day 27th -All Day 28th

with Luis Maertens and Rob Potter

Dear Friends
This is Solar Activation experience is motivated by my sincere desire to share the wonderful teachings of the Great White Brotherhood and the Cosmic guides. Most of my life has been filled with a deep spiritual calling and this summer of 2015 I was blessed to bring two groups to Bolivia to meet Luis for a Solar Initiation in Bolivia.
Our experiences were so profound and Luis’s information is so important that I am dedicated to see that his books will be translated into English.
Furthermore I will be hosting Luis in Mt Shasta for my Summer 2016 Conference as well. However first I wanted to bring him to Maui this winter as Haleakula is a special and a sacred mountain that has a special significance in that it is one of the few surviving pieces of land from the original Lemurian continent which remains visible today.
Its location near the center of the ring of fire it important to the transformation of our planet. Luis as direct contactees of multiple space family groups including Venus, Tau Ceti and the Pleiades makes his presentations. The re alignment of the earths scred ley line or Grid life force vortexes and portal is expalined by Luis here, so you will also be very impressed by Luis knowledge abouth the Cintamani Stone and the experoiences of his activation group here.
This Activation will be a wonderful event with a 3 hour Friday night introduction to Luis and myself. This will include an explanation and preparation for the Saturday and Sunday activations. We will actually journey to the Oceans shores for a special blessing and ceremony and again we will have a special sunset meditation a one of a kind lifetime experience on the top of Haleakala.
We will also have beautiful wisdom teachings from both Rob and Luis, breakfast and lunch options will be offered as well. Our schedule will be posted here soon.

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Includes Food, Does Not Include Food