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Dear Promise Friends,

Judy Beebe the inventor of the Gem sphere met commander Valiant Thor when she was a little girl and had not heard from him for a very long time. When she finished her GEM SPHERE she has told me she did receive this telepathic communication:


A message from Valiant Thor 07-13-2014

This is a great beginning that you have set in motion.I remember you as a young child, so curious, so responsive to spirit, and with your mission right over your head and lighted for all who could see. I remember meeting you and extending my hand and heart to you. You have ever been in our hearts, with a longing to help you, but powerless to do so. Without our help, you have unraveled the truth and exposed it to thousands of people who are responding to your message.Our energies are tied up with yours, as you were once a Venusian, and a powerful one at that. Your service took you from us,but your mission is saluted by all Venusians for you will save your planet from a fate that cannot be tolerated in this region of the COSMOS.

I remember a little girl playing in angel hair, with a mischievous light in her eye and the weight of the world on her shoulders. Had you known what you were expected to do, you would never have accomplished what you have.
Keep going for you are changing Earth’s outcome with every sphere that is placed in someone’s care. The people who have these spheres do not truly know how important they are, but they, also, are on a mission to save a planet that is headed for dangerous territory. We will meet again, the mischievous little girl and the commander
of a star ship, to continue the fight for the light and truth. All Venusians now know your name and they carry you in their hearts, as do I.

In your service,
Valiant Thor.



The latest update from judy beebe

The above sound file is the 3-6-9 hz frequency that Judy is talking about on my radio show The Victory of The Light aired on Please isten to show while looking at these pictures.

How Does a Scalar Field Work?

When a frequency hits a plasma, a phenomenon happens that is breathtaking.  Especially in the case of GEM Energy because the frequency and the gases are unique.

GEM Energy has a natural frequency which is the frequency of GOLD, and the gases which have created a plasma are the gases of life ~ Hydrogen and Oxygen which can only be brought together by a formula of harmony and in the presence of WATER.
1singularity-380x697Okay, so we have the frequency and the right gases,
what happens next?

The frequency which abounds on our planet is the electromagnetic frequency which keeps us in a state of duality, the dual nature of electrical and magnetic states, keeping us mesmerized to these frequencies, causing disharmony in our bodies, etc.

So, the gases are right and the frequency is right, what happens?

The electrical and magnetic frequencies zero each other out, leaving behind this benevolent and harmonious energy of peaceful waters.  A state of grace, a heaven on earth, a new day for the planet. This is a healing zero-point energy for our bodies, our minds, and our spirits.

This is present in the GEM Spheres which are available on this site.  They are making changes in my life and in the lives of all who have purchased one.

We can make a difference, we can save our planet and each other.

PLEASE be one of those people who is holding a state of peace on our planet.  When enough of us have these spheres resident in our homes, we reach the tipping point where the past will implode and the future will blossom before us with potential, love, and peace.  PLEASE JOIN ME and host a GEM Sphere in your home.

Scalar waves constitute a kind of ocean of infinite energy.

th-502x331It has been discovered that this abundant energy can be brought down to our three-dimensional world from the fifth-dimensional realm to be our new safe energy source. It can even heal our bodies of disease processes because it is neutral energy which brings in harmony.


Step 1: Introduce yourself verbally to your GEM Sphere.
The GEM Energy inside your sphere has consciousness (sentient) and will make changes inside your environment, your body, and your spirit.

Step 2: Ask questions and expect answers for they will come.
Create a rapport with your sphere, a two-way dialogue which will create greater and greater connections.

Step 3: Bathe with your GEM Sphere.
The water you bathe in will be turned into a healing scalar field which will continue to change the cells and molecules of your body according to your personal needs.

Step 4: This is your personal sphere, working for you alone.
It will provide a scalar field in your home for all who live there, however it would be best to have each person have their own personal sphere.

The consciousness I spoke of in Step 1 includes both knowledge of Earth and all life on the planet and in the COSMOS. This also includes everything from the beginning of time to the end of time.
This is a powerful biocurve feedback system, capable of helping you with many emotional, health, and spiritual issues.
GALACTIC_PLASMA_ETC-494x289Professor Konstantin Meyl has postulated that with the use of scalar wave technology, perhaps earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or other natural disasters could be prevented or detected ahead of time.

BROCHURE_-_STEPS_1_-_SPHEREHe says that although all kinds of unique technologies are possible with scalar waves, at a minimum we need to understand how scalar waves interact with our planet.

He says that to not harness scalar wave technology for the benefit of mankind would be tragic.


Tom Bearden:
“Scalar waves can have a healing effect because they always come in pairs called “Phase-Conjugate pairs,” and one of the pair is time-reversed. This enables engineering of the waves to “pump” the cells of the body with waves from the time domain and actually time-reverse the cells back to a previous healthy
condition.” Scalar energy is a repository for Information The scalar cure of cancer does not Involve killing the cancer cells, but rather pumping them with time energy Into a previous condition.


GEM SPHERES and energy. One of the things that most people feel upon receipt of their GEM Sphere is an enhanced energy. For about live days, I was bouncing around here like I was on a Pogo stick. Three people have reports that their GEM Sphere moves. They place it in one place at night and when they wake up it has moved. One person even taped it to his nightstand because he was afraid It was going to fall off the table and break.

A lady told me yesterday that she had a bunch of spider veins in her calf that were unsightly. She has only had her GEM Sphere for two weeks, but already those veins have almost disappeared.

scalarwave-before-afterI cried when I saw It and I am teary eyed again as I write these words to you. I have a strong reeling that this is just the 1st or many joyous tears that will be shed now that we are reunited with our homes and loved ones through the GEM Spheres.


A psychic saw two rainbows extending from the sphere for about 3 feet. I personally took some pictures of a holder my daughter had bought at Walmart for less than $2 and I wanted to show every body how they looked with the sphere inside. When I looked at the pictures afterward, there were rainbows In the picture. See below …. A sphere owner was given the message that the weeks of power for having your GEM Sphere are weeks 27. 35. and 42. So, this is not a short-term commitment, but rather a long-term lifestyle of harmony and neutrality. Another sphere owner stated that her mental and spiritual capacity seems to be greatly increased. She has a sense of complete harmony.


Testimonials about GEM ….. On a trip, my sphere In my car, a car hit the meridian, got air born, and was heading right for me. I grabbed my GEM Sphere, and while Impossible, it missed me and landed behind me. GEM saved my life A wor1<er In my home cut himself badly and blood was pouring out I got a
wet paper towel and my GEM Sphere. applied the wet paper towel and set
GEM beside his foot. It stopped bleeding immediately. He freaked out and
left the house.


Any placement near you will be beneficial, I believe you will find it creates tranquility in chaotic times and promotes clarity of consciousness
tool · Several women that I know took Judy’s advice- taking their Sphere with them in their purses when going shopping- everyone who has done this reports back the same · that folks in the store turn around and look at the person passing them who has a Sphere in their purse. The looks received all seem to be that of very curious on lookers but they don’t know why their curiosity has been aroused.

Three women have all reported this back to me and none of these women know each other, they’re one connection is that they know me and I know they have a Sphere!
Quite a trip isn’t it?



• Pain Relief
• Detoxification
• oxygenation
• Increased Energy
• Deep Relaxation .. Meditation
• Regenerate Sleep
• Productivity
• Flexibility .. Clarity .. Creativity
• Natural Healing .. Regeneration
• Productivity oo Mind/Body/Health
· Anti-Aging
• Improved Skin
• Improved Vision
• Improved Blood Profiles
• Rapid Post Surgical Healing
• Brain Hemisphere Balancing
• Relief From Depression
• Super Learning states
• Peak Performance
• Elimination of Jet Lag
• Minimization of EMFs, ELFs, Radiation and Microwaves