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Cintamani Stones 4 – 4.9 Grams


Cintamani  Stones 4-4.9 Grams
Within the USA shipping costs will be $15.00 smaller stones for international the shipping will be $25.00  Please be sure to click the correct shipping cost because your money will be returned if it is incorrect. The Promise Revealed Refund Policy

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Cintamani Stones 4 Grams

Dear Promise Friends,

Cintamani Stones

The Cintamani Stone is now available again as a product on www.thepromiserevealed.com   I will like to share the good news that the prices have come down recently and this is good! I am passing the savings along to all light workers.


We must still deal with market prices that are what they are. Realize these are more rare than diamonds still despite many more hunters finding them now so they are not as rare as they used to be anymore! They are even finding some very large stones that can be seen here on my site as well.


Cintamani are relatively small and not that many are found annually. I would guess now less than 50 kilos are found every year.  As Cobra and I have indicated in the quantum field of light body harmonics, size is somewhat important however these smaller sizes Cintamani will certainly bring in the higher light harmonics and have great benefit IMHO! Larger stones will obviously have stronger effects.


Special Higher Priced 10 Gram + Grade A is also available see instructions at the top of the Cintamani Category page to get larger stones on the site. You may also click on the Cintamani Large 10+ product menu page as well. I have purchased some of these higher priced more rare specimens. These types of stones can be procured for those who are interested. We will deal with these on a personal sale-by-sale basis.



You can see the picture of each of these stones above first with a regular photo then with a light to see the level of clarity. These will be available until these ones here are sold out. If you are interested please look at product menu under Cintamani Larger 10 + or send an email to me Rob@ThePromiseRevealed.com and put “Special Cintamani” in subject box, I will get back to you within several days.  These stones are very important light workers and many people are resonating to get one.


The History of the Original Cintamani

The Cintamani stones are from a meteor that was once a planet in the Sirius star system according to Cobra. This planet existed in the higher dimension and the light forces attempted to lower it into the physical plane. This attempt failed and the planet exploded. The pieces we have came here naturally and are only found in one location only. Beware many people are selling Meteorites, Tektites and Manites which ARE NOT CINTAMANI.

Here is an article telling about the Cintamani from a traditional Buddhist perspective. It was called the

Jewel of Abundance.

    You may try to enlarge the photo to read it if you like.

A dear friend and fellow contactee named Luis Maertens from Bolivia says the main and original Cintamani Stone is an Egg shaped stone bought here many years ago by 40 or so by different Ascended Master beings representing differing light groups from different worlds as a special tool to aid the earth through her transition which is now in process.

Luis Mostajo Fernando Maertens

How The Main Cintamani Stone Works For Mother Earth and Light Workers  

This main Egg shaped Cintamanni Egg, was in some unknown length of time in our past, bought to earth and placed in beneath the Gobi dessert by the Confederation and possibly the Alliance forces as well. This Giant Cintamani was and still is being used to as an inter dimensional organic aid and support to the etheric and plasma field of Terra, Gaia, Ur or Earth. It also acts in a feedback loop to the human bio field or aura.


Like blood plasma in our bodies runs in channels to distribute various elements to various cells tissues and organs for many varied purposes. So does Our Sacred Mother Earth use the natural energy pathways of her electro-gravitational lines to feed herself. These etheric lines are often called Ley Lines or Acupuncture Meridian Points of Earth. They run all over the earth an under the sea as well.

I do not know if this grid image is correct or not but I thought it was pretty! But you get the idea. 


These Grid matrixes we have on earth are channeling etheric plasma fields that are following paths of order from the Great Central Sun of our Galaxy. The Great Central Sun is like our own Sun in that it is a source of life in that the Sun is a considered a Cosmic being.

“The Grand Man of the Heavens” is depicted in Fred Bells Masterpiece Rays of Truth Crystals of Light. The above image is shown the seven sacred planets in relationship to The Great Central Sun and Man


In this galaxy all solar systems and all planets revolve around the galactic central sun. Just as our solar systems planets revolve around our local sun. This central sun is an example of the truth “above so below “in that the main principals of proportion and balance are existing on a macro and micro level of reciprocal relationships.


The Grand Man of The Heavens has seven chakras. The Pleiades is The Pineal Gland / Crown Chakra, Sirius is the Pituitary Gland / Third Eye Chakra and The Earth is the Thymus Gland / Heart Chakra. In our Solar system The Sun is the Pineal Gland / Crown Chakra and The Earth is represents the Thymus / Heart Chakra. As above so below.


Keep in mind we humans are beings also and we exist and move within a greater being. To name this being limits it but such is the nature of dualistic thinking. However it commonly referred to as God and is the first cause or source of all that is.


“Whats Love/God Got To do With It.. do With it?”

Tina Turner

PS Don’t try to think about the understanding of the word “God” too much because it is beyond knowing in any rational limited sense or with the human dualistic mind. Arguments can be made for the existence of God and well as arguments against a first cause. Neither can be “proven” in a logical sense. Consider God as all of creation itself, all that is on all dimensions and planes.


Creation itself as we term God is a paradox that exists in all names and forms and yet is beyond all names and forms. We simply must be humble to realize we cannot explain god but we can benefit from God. In fact we would not be here if not for God or the first cause. Yet on a holographic level we could argue that we are God. At least God in form.


Though in my opinion and view, for a person who denies the creator or intelligent design, it must be a lonely cold universe with no purpose. Thinking all laws and physics as only empty material , mechanical machines moving in accordance to arbitrary chance are foolish. The space family mentors who share their views in this regard cannot fathom our limited thinking on this topic.


Something is moving all of creation but what is that something? For those with imagination and not limited by the 3rd dimensional thinking an intelligent author or first cause is easily embraced. This first cause would be omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent because it is itself. Like light it just is!


Okay Back To The Cintamani Science

Energy is transmitted by “God”, The Alpha and Omega, El Elyon, The Divine Mind, The Creator, “All that is” the name is unimportant. This divine spark is constantly moving from the heart of creation and then down through the physical plane of time and space. This energy comes through the living portals we call Suns. From our Sun the life force enlivens all life streams and certainly at least keeps the earth and other planets rotating and moving in their orbits.


These supra luminal ultra dimensional energies which we observe at the high etheric level, have functions relationships and inter dimensional interactions we can only guess at. To us 3D earthlings barely penetrating Astral Plane science and influences via inference of Quantum fields, it seems the truth is hard to penetrate.

These Quantum field influences (quarks, mesons, hadrons, muons, leptons etc.,) are part of the holographic field that seems influence and interface our realities in ways that are largely unknown at this time. So clearly empirical declarations about how this cosmic energy works to create ley lines and distribute life force throughout the world would be arrogant and presumptuous.


We can say that there is one aspect that is noted and that on certain locations when two or more of these plasma lines of force come together they create connections and vortexes. These Vortals can influence timelines. In certain locations of energetic confluence even dimensional Meta realities seem to present themselves.


This is subjective and quantum experience which is individual and unique to ones views and perceptions. There are other real physical properties that are quantifiable as well that make these locations or ley lines unique as well.


Portals and Sacred Sites Background Teaching To Understand The Importance of Cintamani

Some people have described these grids or energy vortices as portals where they have experienced an out of body type experience. Some claim inter dimensional contacts with various beings of multiple types and intentions! Others have had miracle healings to physical ailments. Certainly there are reports where individuals felt some inner type of attunement and healing of their psyche.

Sacred Site Vortex Mt Shasta Image Photo Taken Shortly After Chinese Cintamani Mission

These locations have historically been linked to Sacred Sites. These sites can be used to invoke extra dimensional contact with the “Other Side” or the realm that is normally unseen by our normal condition or limited perception.


There have always been those who have had an inherent ability to transcend normal perceptive abilities and thought. Transcending the norm through an awakened third eye (pineal gland) Individuals have been able to see and transmit information from what some researchers term as Dimension X.


Theresa Caputo “The Long Island Medium”

Caputo is Renowned Psychic Sensitive Communicates With Loved One Who Have Passed Over


These sensitive people can often hear or see those souls and spirits who have passed over from earth. Psychics and Mediums are commonly accepted for their varying degrees of adeptness and accuracy in attaining these rare states of communication.


Historically speaking these ancestor sensitives of ours have usually identified these sacred sites as what we now would call portals. These sites are the basis of myths associated with information gleaned from these portal locations. Often over time these locations become the sites for towns and even cities or places of pilgrimage. On occasion churches have been built there based upon some people’s spiritual experience in that portal.

Here is Michelangelo Delphic Sybil Painted on the Sistine Chapel 

The Ruins of Apollo at Delphi 


The oracles at Delphi (an example of sacred site and portal) and other type parallel of communication locations are really conduits that have made transmitting information to the dense third dimensional reality of the earths physical plane easier for thousands of years since the planetary quarantine has left us unable to access guidance on our own.


For us average souls seeking the truth we still enjoy using tools like crystals, lasers, psychics and sensitive’s that can help us average people to tune in to the other side.  Assistance to the supernatural realities and understandings are still needed until we can come in harmony with the natural laws of the universe. The Cintamani is one such tool offered by the compassionate space family that desperately wants us to help us help ourselves.


Tehama Temple Home of The Main Cintamani Egg

In this effort to aid humanity in August of 2012 this main egg shaped (Shiva Lingam) Cintamanni stone was then moved to assist in establishing and stabilizing the new, the primary and main feminine vortex on the planet, which was shifting from the masculine at that time. Luis has told me from his personal experience that upon seeing this main Cintamani Egg is was one of the most profound experiences of his life.



This Main Cintamani Egg Held The High Chamber of Inner Retreat  The Great White Sister/Brotherhood

This location within the Tehama Mountain in Bolivia is now called along with the other inner retreats of The Great White Sister/Brotherhood is called “The New Grand Shamballa”. Luis said that this egg is approximately 8-9 meters tall.

The Divine Feminine Archetype Image of Mother Mary Photo Taken By Robert Van Der Brooke


Divine Feminine Goddess Is Now In Charge

This Central feminine vortex, which is now active is located underneath the water next to The Golden /Disk of The Sun in Bolivia. Luis has told me this vortex is more aptly said to be stabilized and nurtured  by The Light Forces between two locations. The first location is The Great White Sister/Brotherhood inner retreat beneath Lake Titicaca, which is also where the Golden Disk of The Sun is located.


The other Location Associated With The Divine Feminine Vortex Is In Bolivia. The Main Cintamani Egg Is In The Inner Retreat at the Temple Complex of Sajama or Tehama.


Luis and Rob Potter At Base of Sajama Cintamani Temple Retreat

Inside The Sistine Chapel of The Andes At The Base of Sajama Mountain

After Cintamani 6th Dimensional Portal Activation Inside Sistine Chapel Sept. 9th 2018

{Luis Book on his visit to this physical Golden Disk of The Sun is absolutely amazing but it is out of print would you like to help reprint? Please contact me Rob@thepromiserevealed.com}


Get the free book Secret of The Andes by “Brother Phillip” a psydonem for George Hunt Williamson. George was present when George Adamski met Orthon the Venusian we know know was a woman called Lady Orda.   I highly recommend you download and read this free book by going to this link here :

Picture above is George Hunt Williamson was an anthropologist and also contactee himself he wrote many books. Saucers Speak, Other Tongues Other Flesh, Secret of The Andes offered above for free. He also authored many other books look him up on Amazon. He simply disappeared from the public and it assumed that he now lives in the inner retreats of The New Grand Shamballa in South America as an Adept.

Artist Conception of The Golden Disc of The Sun

This Incan Golden Artifact image above is an artist’s conception of The Golden Disk of The Sun that was once in Lemuria then transported to Peru as Lemuria sank into the Pacific. It was then bought to Atlantis until it was misused. The improper use by the Atlantean patriarchs caused the final sinking of Atlantis in the flood, which also caused the tilt of the earth’s axis.


Noah was one who new this shift was coming and was instructed to build and Arc. There were many Arcs or repositories of many animals and people destined to survive and keep the surface population alive and well. We still suffer from this Tilt today, as the earth has the distinction as the only planet in our solar system that wobbles on it axis. This wobble will one day be corrected.


The real Golden Disc of The Sun looks like this image below but obviously much larger. This is image is based on Luis personal visit to the Disc of The Sun beneath Lake Titicaca. This image below has a jewel on top that is not on the real disc but this is what it looks like. If you remove the jewel and the chain eyehole so it can be worn around the neck you can imagine what it looks like. It looks like space ship or a galaxy!


Luis said it actually is sitting underneath an energetic screen above the Lakes surface below the water hovering above a Stonehenge like circle of stones suspended in midair. He also was shown women and men levitating around the disc in a type of communion that has them utilizing the disk and its cosmic rays and sending them throughout the earth.

The Real Golden Disc of The Sun looks like this image above.

In ancient times this Disc was depicted as a heart with wings or a disc with wings. After Atlantis was sunk it was eventually boutht to Egypt where it again was visible to the peoples to meditate with in the open. Then when Egypt failed to recreate the peace intended it was returned to South America to be seen in the open in Cusco. Eventually it was moved to Tiwanaku and again was openly seen by the native populous.

Picture of Golden Disk of The Sun In Dendarah Egypt Near Luxor

Finally it was foreseen that the conquistadors would come to steal gold so it was moved to an undisclosed location and then a river was rerouted and a hole drilled in a mountain so that it would be covered by the water we now know as Lake Titicaca. The disc remains there today until such time man is ready to see the disc again and bask in its radiant splendor.

Invitation to Seekers of Truth From The Shining Ones

The masters of wisdom have asked me to help get groups down to Bolivia and Peru, South America every year to visit the Disk and to do activations very near to  the Golden Disk of The Sun. I have led groups with Luis 5 times in the last three years and Lake Titicaca is definitely one of the premier Spiritual Vortex Portals on the planet Luis Solar Initiations have deep and profound effects on everyone who goes with us.

To Join Luis And Rob on This Years Solar Activation In Peru September 2019 go Here


The Golden Disk of The Sun is currently functioning as a tool for the highest Galactic Councils to monitor and regulate Cosmic Energy coming to earth. Luis also said that this main egg shaped Cintamani stone works similarly and is used in conjunction with the Golden Disk of the Sun.


Masculine Vortex Becomes Obsolete As Earth Shifts

Previously before 2012  the primary vortex for earth has been masculine and was near the Himalayas beneath The Gobi Dessert. This location is called by the Confederation as Shamballa The Lesser. These are sacred inner earth retreats where very few surface persons are allowed to enter at this time. This is expected to change in the near future and you may even get an invitation to enter as Luis has if the conditions are right.


Luis has indicated that this Main Cintamani Egg stone is now actually been moved and now is beneath the sacred mountain of Sajama in Bolivia. It was officially and formally activated by the confederation and the GWSB as receiver of cosmic Rays designed to help stabilize the earth’s psionic etheric grid in December of 2012 and now is the main hub, transducer of cosmic rays.


The main Cintamani egg is focal point and receiver for light expansion energies and forces working along with the Golden Disk of The Sun. Together they are regulating the energies coming from the Galactic Central Sun, which is increasing the vibration of all life streams on earth.


The Main Cintamani Egg and The Golden Disk of The Sun Work Together to Establish New Vortex Sites

These two objects The Golden Disk of The Sun and The Main Cintamani Egg are used to focalize cosmic energies that radiate into the earth and are used by the Masters to elevate the vibrations of the earth herself and the souls on earth. This includes activating the incarnated souls who are sensitive to these positive emanations. These combined Spiritual technologies utilized by the Supra Luminal Light Forces are creating new Ley lines and reactivating lines long dormant.


These current shifting of these new energetic pathways will probably bring about some earth quakes and earth changes that are necessary to cleanse the earth and purify the elementals of the negativity of mans influence. Ironically it will be mans pure heart and good intentions that will ultimately influence the collective consciousness field to work the magic that will heal the earth and her peoples.


The Seventh Ray of Creation   

The seventh ray is also called The Ray of Ceremonial Order and Magic. Unfortunately the word magic, which has its roots in the word imagination, has been tainted by conventional religions and their limiting beliefs. It is imagination and the power of thought coupled with the science of manifestation that when correctly applied can move mountains, heal bodies heal the earth, destroy evil and overcome darkness with the light of truth.

Actual Photo Taken of The Ascended Masters In Ayudar India

 Kuthumi, El Morya, St Germain and Madame Blavatsky

Saint Germain is the Cohan of The Seventh Ray and is major force working with adepts the space masters to purify and heal the earth. I was visited by his projected image in 1979 in a Pyramid system in Laguna Beach. He was about two feet tall! It stood in front of the irradiator I built but was only visible as an outline image that I could see. I was astounded after invoking his presence with another girl that he actually appeared when I saw it the girl also said she could see him too. However the image disappeared within 10 seconds but made a deep impact on both of us.


There are certain aspects of this 7th Ray Path which I do not care to divulge at this time. However I will say only a pure heart and pure intent to do good and only good in the name and vibration of unconditional love is worthy of these invocational rites. I call them portal activations and I will be sharing these techniques in workshops only. The activations are more powerful when used with Promise Pyramid systems


When groups of light workers can work together in synergistic relationships in a spirit of hope and positive expectation to effect positive change it will actually happen. Discipline in thought, right relations and well thought out actions can literally change systems of governance and transform the planet in a short period of time.


Blindly following a prescribed set of rituals or incantations even with sincere diligence to details is not acceptable or advisable. In fact without proper understanding the power of words and vibration and associated actions they can be dangerous to the naive if un experienced acolyte. If proper protection and clear and precise intent are not truly realized and implemented properly disaster can result.


A more accessible point of focus is possible and safer with the use of Cintamani stones however as with all things the results will vary from individual. To help all people without them even participating the Cintamani mission was conceived by the light forces. Like crystals and lasers there is no particular need to be aware of work directly with these energies. It is better if you do consciously work with these fields but they will have positive effects simply by being in their presence.


Cintamani Missions

Cobra has been asked by the light forces to ask people to place as many pieces of Cintamani as possible in various locations all over the earth. If Cobra is correct and I believe he is, these smaller stones now being made available will provide a resonance to the main Cintamani Egg that is anchoring the light in the inner retreats of the GWSB, Agatha and Confederation of Light central hub in South America.


With resonance in mind by placing these stones in locations of darkness where plans of control and negativity are finding footholds changes can be affected. These changes come as the elemental angels can anchor over these special stones that are connecting to the new dispensational energies that are entering the earth at this time. I assume the galactic forces are interacting in these missions as well.

Cobra Ask Light Workers To Bury Cintamani 

When Cobra said people should bury them I became somewhat uncomfortable as I have been one of the first to support these stones and their use. I realized individual proximity could certainly benefit us individually. However I questioned telling people to buy them from me to bury in the ground as they cost money. Though I instinctively knew this was a good Idea I was concerned. I felt my efforts toward aiding this mission might be associated with a scam in some people’s minds to be honest since I was selling them!


Because Luis had not known of Cobra or what he said about the Cintamani stone I was amazed that he had such a profound up close encounter in Sajama in 2012. The subject came up unexpectedly when he shared his knowledge with me in 2015.


I realized it was fate and divine guidance that used me as bridge to connect these two contactees information together. They both supported each other and never even met and still haven’t! Anyway when the burying of these stones came up I did not mention too much to Luis about it.


However I spoke with him this last year in 2017 and he said it was ok to sell them as they came from the ground and can go back to the ground with the placement of well-intended light workers. He did say that his experience was that the Main Egg had a blue light come from is during its activation August 12 2012.


I have usually noticed the colors lavender to amber when exposed to strong light. But right after I returned from Bolivia a Cintamani Hunter sent me this picture of the very rare Blue and Blue Green Translucent stones which again allayed any doubts I might have had about whether these were true Cintamanis? They apparently have varying shades.

 Please note the Bluish Colored Stones


Since then I have been working with several teams in China who made me feel ashamed for doubting about the idea of burying them in the ground. The Chinese teams are very dedicated and have sent teams all over the world at great expense for travel as well as the high price for Cintamani stones themselves. They are very determined in these missions.


There are many dedicated light workers around the world on these mission but the Chinese teams are very precise in their actions. They research and map the locations prior to placing the stones. They pin point exact spots to bury stones and dig many holes to accomplish their mission.


In November 2018 a team from China came to Mt. Shasta and dug forty-nine holes up to two feet deep they even dug the holes in a specific mandala pattern. I am not at liberty to discuss the other mission’s locations but they have had great success.

Many members take pictures after the mission is accomplished and here are some of the results

Light Ships Appear Where Cintamani Stones Are Planted To Heal The Earths Psionic Light Grid


I have so far received and handled many  stones and I can report that these stones are indeed having powerful effects on me and my light body awareness has become exceedingly profound. Many others who have received them are reporting similar experiences.


There is no magic bullet or crystal or stone or technology that will enlighten anyone or bring about immediate ascension or higher states of consciousness solely by itself.


However for those of you who follow my work to share the legacy of Dr. Bell and my keen interest in crystals you will understand how I support this type of resonance and vibrational stabilizing tool. I call this zero point technology. All Cintamani stones are tachyonized because they come from outer space!


I recently received the following information in regards to the Cintamani. I also recommend you read the book Rays of Truth and Crystals of light on this site under books in product section to gain a greater understanding of crystals and zero point technology .


How To  Care For The Cintamani 

The Cintamani is a special stone and should be treated with respect however it is not to worshipped or have undue attachment to the stone or its affects.


The Cintamani stone is actually like a crystal in a sense and some specimens of the highest grade are somewhat translucent. Since they are like crystals it is best to not let them get damaged or scratched. However these are not as easily scratched as crystals, which is a good thing.


Keep Them Close –You may keep them on your person as much as long as you are comfortable. I will probably have some special grade stones made into wire wrapped necklaces for those who are interested please let me know! To clean these stones I will suggest sea salt and water with a soft not too abrasive cloth and possibly organic non-sulfate soap like Dr. Bronners if you feel it is getting too dirty. Dirt or body oils will not adversely affect the stones energy field.


How to Use The Cintamani Stones 

Place Over Chakras And Shoot Lasers Into Stone For Personal Activation Like A Crystal

green laser

You Can Also My Promise Violet Wand Into Stone For Personal Activation Like A Crystal

violet wand


LOL  Above See The Dou Mou Boy from Shasta! I have also been using the stones with a laser to activate the stones and they are really extremely powerful when used this way. You may also do this with Tachyonized quartz stones as well and this too is very powerful!



I am also using them with the Wand and this is even more profound. I will use the pop culture slang “Off the hook” to describe my experience. You can shoot a laser into the stone and energize a whole room and positively effect all within the photonic field of influence.

You can drop the stone into water and shoot a laser into the Glass water container for some time to enjoy super charged tachyon water with Cintamani healing frequencies boosted by coherent light color therapy! You may purchase either a blue/purple laser (calming),  green laser (calming and balanced) or a red laser (stimulating activating) on this website as well.


The violet wand is now a product and can also be purchased on this website. If you get a laser or a violet wand with the Cintamani you may experience a pulsing sensation in your third eye area or in your Alta Major or Upper Triad chakras. All chakras are force centers at the etheric level and direct Prana into the endocrine glands. The Pineal, Pituitary and Thyroid glands are associated intimately with the higher self or Christ light.


All endocrine glands secrete hormones into the blood stream and this is the source of our feelings. Hormones are the first unit of biochemistry that possesses consciousness. So in short the stones will act as a transducer or a anchor /focal point of a specific frequency harmonic that will stabilize your multi-dimensional light body and translate into harmonious feelings and a state of calm and well being as far as my personal experience can attest to. Each person will have different results and experiences.


You may use the Cintamani in conjunction with laser and other sacred geometry technology and other types of zero point scalar and tachyon products for an even more profound experience. These types of technologies are available here and on many other light worker tools and websites around the world. I will be writing more on this type of thing on my inner circle group and newsletters as time permits.


From and anonymous source 

“The purpose of Cintamanni is to help dissolve all implants, mind control and other forms of darkness into Light. It anchors divine grace. It also amplifies positive free will, divine mission and positive energy in general. It is sacred to several groups within the Agatha networks, as well as Sirians and other Light groups. This stone has a very high vibrational frequency, and is pure Light: it doesn’t need to be cleaned and cannot be programmed. Throughout quarantine Earth history it has been kept in strict secrecy, as this stone is only appropriate for people who have made a strong decision and dedication to the Light. Those who are half-hearted are unwillingly and unknowingly channeling negativity and if they had one of these stones, this could amplify this negativity.”


Real unsolicited testimonials from customers:

  1. Soon as I unwrapped my first Cintamani stone received today, my 6-year-old daughter saw and quickly kept it. She said the stone felt very comfortable and it melted her heart. She asked me if it was a star. I don’t remember telling her I would buy a star. She insisted that I give it to her as a present. She said she could use it to phone God and it made her happy. I was totally amazed!




She also said the stone hit the earth, and it felt very hot.

I normally do not discuss any spiritual matters with her as I thought she is still young and would understand more when she grows up.




She does not know many stars, but I asked her what star it was from. She said it’s from a star where there are extraterrestrials.

I remember she could see things that I could not see when she was little. Probably her spiritual guides were her imaginary friends. I am amazed that a child is so connected to a Cintamani stone.

I will have to order another Cintamani stone for myself tomorrow!


~ LC



My son took the first Cintamani stone that I received, and then also the second stone. He said he loved these black stones and asked to exchange them with me with all his toys! I accepted his offer! Later I ordered 18 more cintamani stones, and made a necklace for myself!



I also keep a crystal pyramid that is always positioned above my head, when I’m sleeping and when I working! That gives me a very clear connection with my Higher Self. Some children are born with an awareness of their mission and seem to be very well connected. We are here to assist them!




For this reason as well as because of rarity, this stone was given to very few people throughout history, only to those who were already carrying out their mission for the Light, and whose mission was critical for the spiritual development of humanity. The Knights Templar would be a good example.


They have been the subject of myth and lore and only now thanks to Cobra and Luis have their influence been shared openly with the general public.


Now is the end of the cosmic cycle and circumstances are changing, therefore this stone is being released to more and more people. However, for the reasons described above, discretion should still be respected, these stones and the information about them should only be shared to people who are ready.


For those of us who have the stone in our possession, here are some of the qualities that we have experienced personally: – Greater clarity of thought and intention – Traditional mental blocks of ‘lying to oneself’ are more difficult, even impossible – Increase in capacity for compassion and understanding of others’ views and actions – Clearing of blockages due to past emotional and physical trauma – Improvement of the human body’s inherent healing abilities – Greater inspiration and intuition especially related to one’s divine mission – Greater balance and calm, feeling of safety – Harmonizes surrounding electromagnetic pollution to a certain degree to mitigate or even prevent interference of scalar weapons and other types of attacks”


As I said previously, I am honored to be able to act as a liaison for the family of light in sharing this unique natural tool. I wish to thank Cobra and Luis for teaching me about the Cintamanni stones history and role on our earth.


Warm Regards

Victory to the Light

Rob Potter


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