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Cintamani Stones | 3+ Grams


Rare Cintamani Stone – 3 Grams

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Cintamani Stones

Cintamani Stones 3+ Grams

Dear Promise Friends,

The Cintamani Stone is now available again as a  product on www.thepromiserevealed.com however the supplies are limited. Yes we have recieved new stock of Cintamanni stones.Hooray! You will notice most of this stock is larger than the last shipment. The numbers of each weight class are limited so order as soon as you can! I wish I could give them away for free to everyone but until the dang money system is made fair we must still deal with market prices which are what they are. Realize these are more rare than diamonds and only 1900 were found this year! Cintamani are Small and Very Rare I was extremely surprised to see how small they were when I received them but they are more rare than diamonds and the demand has more than skyrocketed. As Cobra and I have indicated in the quantum field of light body harmonics, size is not important and these smaller grade Cintamani will certainly bring in the harmonics and have great benefit IMHO! cintamani-stone-all                         The picture above is for free stones and the largest is the 3 gram variety. Special Higher Priced Grade A is also available see instructions at the top of the pagge to order larger stones Because of the limited supply I was forced to get some of these higher priced more rare specimens. These types of stones can be procured for those who are interested. We will deal with these on a personal sale-by-sale basis. People will be able to get a picture of each of these stones first with a price to determine if they want one. These will not be available until these ones here are sold out. Again be patient. If you are interested please send  an email to and say “Special Cintamani “ I will get back to you within 10 days.  These stones must be very important because so many people are resonating to get one. History of the Original Cintamanni The Cintamani stones are from a meteor that was once a planet in the Sirius star system according to Cobra. A dear friend and fellow contactee named Luis Maertens from Bolivia says the main and original Cintamani Stone is an Egg shaped stone bought here many years ago by 40 different Ascended master beings from different worlds as a special tool to aid the earth through her transition which is now in process. This main Egg shaped Cintamanni was some time ago placed in the Gobi dessert. Shortly before 2012 The Cintamanni stone was then moved to the primary and main feminine vortex on the planet. This vortex, which is near the Andes, is beneath Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. Previously before the late 50’s the primary vortex was masculine and was in the Himalayas. Luis has indicated that this Main Cintamani Egg stone is actually beneath the sacred mountain of Tehama in bolivia. It was officially and formally activated by the confederation and the GWB as receiverof cosmic Rays designed to help stabilize the earths psionic etheric grid in December of 2012 and now is the main hub, transducer and receiver for light expansion energies and forces from the galactic central Sun, which is increasing the vibration of all life streams on earth. Luis has also indicated that this main egg shaped Cintamani stone works in conjunction with the Golden Disk of the Sun that is also located in inner retreat near the Andes Mountains under Lake Titicaca. These two objects are used to focalize cosmic energies that radiate into the earth and are used by the Masters to elevate the vibrations of the earth herself and the souls on earth incarnated who are sensitive to these positive emanations. Cobra has stated that many fragments of this same meteorite have been placed in various locations all over the earth. If Cobra is correct these smaller fragments will provide a resonance to the main Cintamani Egg that is anchoring the light in the inner retreat of the GWB, Agatha and Confederation of Light central hub in South America. under the sacred mountain Tehama in Bolivia. I have so far received about 150 stones and I can report that these stones are indeed having powerful effects on me and my light body awareness has become exceedingly profound. Many others who have received them are reporting similar experiences. There is no magic bullet or crystal or stone or technology that will enlighten anyone or bring about immediate ascension or higher states of consciousness solely by itself. ———————————————————————————– However for those of you who follow my work to share the legacy of Dr Bell and my keen interest in crystals you will understand how I support this type of resonance and vibrational stabilizing tool. I call this zero point technology. All cintamani stones are tachyonized because they come form outer space! I recently received the following information in regards to the Cintamani. I also recommend you read the book Rays of Truth and Crystals of light on this site under books in product section to gain a greater understanding of crystals and zero point technology . How To Use And Care For The Cintamani The Cintamani is a special stone and should be treated with respect however it is not to worshipped or have undue attachment to the stone or its affects. The Cintamani stone is actually like a crystal in a sense and some specimens of the highest grade are somewhat translucent. Since they are like crystals it is best to not let them get damaged or scratched. These are not as easily scratched as crystals, which is a good thing. Keep Them Close You may keep them on your person as much as long as you are comfortable. I will probably have some special grade stones made into wire wrapped necklaces for those who are interested please let me know! To clean these stones I will suggest sea salt and water with a soft not too abrasive cloth and possibly organic non-sulfate soap like Dr Bronners if you feel it is getting too dirty. Dirt or body oils will not adversely affect the stones energy field. green laser   LOL  Above See The Dou Mou Boy from Shasta! I have also been using the stones with a laser to activate the stones and they are really extremely powerful when used this way. You may also do this with Tachyonized quartz stones as well and this too is very powerful! violet wand I am also using them with the Violet Wand and this is even more profound. I will use the pop culture slang “Off the hook” to describe my experience. You can shoot a laser into the stone and energize a whole room and positively effect all within the photonic field of influence. You can drop the stone into water and shoot a laser into the Glass water container for some time to enjoy super charged tachyon water with Cintamani healing frequencies boosted by coherent light color therapy! You may purchase either a blue/purple laser (claming),  green laser (calming and balanced) or a red laser (stimulating activating) on this website as well. The violet wand is now a product and can also be purchased on this website. If you get a laser or a violet wand with the Cintamani you may experience a pulsing sensation in your third eye area or in your Alta Major or Upper Triad chakras. All chakras are force centers at the etheric level and direct prana into the endocrine glands. The Pineal, Pituitary and Thyroid glands are associated intimately with the higher self or Christ light. All endocrine glands secrete hormones into the blood stream and this is the source of our feelings. Hormones are the first unit of biochemistry that possesses consciousness. So in short the stones will act as a transducer or a anchor /focal point of a specific frequency harmonic that will stabilize your multi-dimensional light body and translate into harmonious feelings and a state of calm and well being as far as my personal experience can attest to. Each person will have different results and experiences. You may use the Cintamani in conjunction with laser and other sacred geometry technology and other types of zero point scalar and tachyon products for an even more profound experience. These types of technologies are available here and on many other light worker tools and websites around the world. I will be writing more on this type of thing on my inner circle group and newsletters as time permits. From and anonymous source “The purpose of Cintamanni is to help dissolve all implants, mind control and other forms of darkness into Light. It anchors divine grace. It also amplifies positive free will, divine mission and positive energy in general. It is sacred to several groups within the Agatha networks, as well as Sirians and other Light groups. This stone has a very high vibrational frequency, and is pure Light: it doesn’t need to be cleaned and cannot be programmed. Throughout quarantine Earth history it has been kept in strict secrecy, as this stone is only appropriate for people who have made a strong decision and dedication to the Light. Those who are half-hearted are unwillingly and unknowingly channeling negativity and if they had one of these stones, this could amplify this negativity. For this reason as well as because of rarity, this stone was given to very few people throughout history, only to those who were already carrying out their mission for the Light, and whose mission was critical for the spiritual development of humanity. Now is the end of the cosmic cycle and circumstances are changing, therefore this stone is being released to more and more people. However, for the reasons described above, discretion should still be respected, these stones and the information about them should only be shared to people who are ready. For those of us who have the stone in our possession, here are some of the qualities that we have experienced personally: – Greater clarity of thought and intention – Traditional mental blocks of ‘lying to oneself’ are more difficult, even impossible – Increase in capacity for compassion and understanding of others’ views and actions – Clearing of blockages due to past emotional and physical trauma – Improvement of the human body’s inherent healing abilities – Greater inspiration and intuition especially related to one’s divine mission – Greater balance and calm, feeling of safety – Harmonizes surrounding electromagnetic pollution to a certain degree to mitigate or even prevent interference of scalar weapons and other types of attacks” – ———————————————————————————– As I said previously, I am honored to be able to act as a liaison for the family of light in sharing this unique natural tool. I wish to thank Cobra and Luis for teaching me about the Cintamanni stones history and role on our earth. Furthermore I wish to thank the anonymous donor for his generosity who made the discounted stones possible. Warm Regards Victory to the Light Rob Potter

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