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Cintamani Faceted Pendant


To Learn More About The History of The Cintamani

Dear Promise Friends,

We have several Faceted Stones available for you to choose right now. These can be made into rings or pendants as you wish. Some may not be available but as of 2-12-2019, all 6 stones are now ready to be made into pendants, rings or necklaces. Prices will vary with Faceted Cintamani Stone choice and jewelry item selected.

Please call Rob to discuss your custom order at +1-530-925-3502

or add my Skype username BabaRobGod or call number +1-530-918-8236

Email: Rob@ThePromiseRevealed.com


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Cintamani Faceted Pendants,

These are custom made pendants that are usually sold quickly. They are beautifully faceted Cintamani Stones used to enhance the resonant frequencies, optical refraction and increased the beauty for personal use. This allows you you to keep ” The Wish Fulfilling Jewel” next to your body as often as you like.

Prices will vary based on size and stock. I you are interested in owning a pendant please contact me through:

Email Rob@ThePromiserevealed.com or Calling me +1-530-925-3502

Warm Regards


To Learn More About The History of The Cintamani