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The Midi Firestar


Dear Promise Friends,

I am happy my new design is now out and better that the orginal and stronger than ever before. Please call me personally 530-925-3502 via cell phone or 530-918-8236 via skype username “BabaRobGod” for a consultation. We will work together as you  choose the crystal color choices to make this your own personal Scalar Field  harmonizer.


The Midi Firestar was given to us by The Pleiadens many years ago. As part of the divine intervention technology. This device acts a spring of the natural life force field that is around us but lies nascent in the ethers. When this is hung in a room facing down it acts as reciever from the cosmic rays by focalizing the powerful pranic forces via our well known Pyramidal array into the environment.


This one of my favorite devices as it is a smaller version of the larger Firestar. The Larger Firestar is  somewhat difficult to transport but will make a very large impact in any home. You can see the original size here in Dr Bells Laguna Beach home. He is seen here with my partner Alana Aphrodite Bell. She is his second oldest daughter and we are together now also  making of the Nuclear Receptors and Andromedean Holographic Projectors seen around Freds neck in this picture below.


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Note the larger Firestar behind them in this photo. This was in Dr Bells guest room and I spent many a night working with this technology for many years. If anyone wants one you may contact me. However due to size and cost restrictions we are offering this smaller MIDI FIRESTAR version to the public.


I have upgraded and improved Dr. Bells original design into a solid state perfected Firestar that is a wonderful compliment to any light workers sacred geometry arsenal for the light. The crystals in the Midi Firestar accentuate the power and are important to amplifying the natural frequencies of this device.

When used with a floating Ground Tesla Coil or “Power Supply” this device can also act as a cleanser and really make this a tangible and dynamic violet ray healer. This device can be turned towards the cosmos as well to act a a transmitter of positive mental intent towards the heavens. This is also used as an amplifier for telpathic communication by the pleideans for communication across vast distances.

This also attract positive ET groups which its positive scalr frequencies broadcasting to all creation and balanced and healing vibration. shared with love in memory of Fred Bell.

Be sure to see video tutorial below


Rob Potter



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The Promise revealed is one of the only worldwide distributors of pyramids, Orgone and Tachyon technology. The number one seller for several decades has been the amazing headgear pyramid called the Promise Gold. We have found that the Gold plated pyramid has a very strong detoxifying effect on the body as well as creating a much stronger output of the negative ion effect.


Head Gear Pyramids are 9″  titanium or steel based, plated with precious metals such as gold silver and copper.  Everyone who has seriously endeavored to wear the pyramid headgear for any length of time has had remarkable results in the reduction of fatigue and stress. These pyramids have also been proven to help the body reach the alpha or meditative state more easily. How does the Pyramid Headgear work?


A large volume of magnetic concentration exists within the pyramidal boundaries which helps protect the human body from adverse effects of negative energies and radio frequencies because the Pyramid acts as a Faraday cage. 
With regular use, the pyramids help create a beneficial environment for your body to function properly because the Pyramid actually sings at a Fibonacci frequency. This creates a resonant field which harmonizes the body’s magnetic field or Aura. This causes the endocrine glands to relax and to release the complex neuro-hormonal structures which the subjective consciousness registers as healing and bliss.

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Midi Firestar