Cintamani Pendants

These custom made items will be available as the crafts people complete my orders! We will have varying weights for the Cintamni Pendants. The Pendants will be wire wrapped and also cast in solid silver as well. The slider pictures you see are examples and your actual pendants will be visible on site as they become available for purchase. If you want a special pendant made form our larger stones please contact me via email [email protected] or call me 530-925-3502 and I will co-ordinate a custom jewelry pendant for you.
The Promise Revealed Refund Policy


Dear Promise Friends,

We have sold quite a few of these pendants and we some available now but they sell out as fast. If we run out we can have them made for you. If you will pre-order one you will have to wait some short time but we will be sure that we get one to you!

Warm Regards

Victory to The Light


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