Prayers needed; for the release of the Prosperity Programs (VI)

This is an important update. It explains that one of the major delays in releasing the prosperity funds was having a secure banking and financial system in place that would prevent the theft of the funds by the dark cabal. This new secure banking system will be part of the new Chinese Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and the new BRICS bank. It also explains why it is currently taking so long to install the new financial system and release the prosperity programs. The funds to be released in the U.S. are tied to NESARA. Please pray for a secure system and divine intervention to break any roadblocks or delays caused by the dark cabal. Also pray for a smooth transition to the new financial system and new governance in the U.S. –MrT.

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

12 Oc, 8 Mac, 11 Ik
March 28, 2015

As this process goes forward, we can see that a number of key individuals are more than willing to make it successful. This growing enthusiasm is being reflected in the prosperity funding. Count Saint Germain and Quan Yin wish that these funds be disbursed to you as rapidly as possible. Our wishes mirror these noble desires. Yet, we know just how vile the dark cabal truly is. Hence, we are moving slowly, but nevertheless surely. These fundings in the US are tied to NESARA. We realize this and are working on a complex negotiation to permit these funds to finish their release properly. The present cabal-oriented regimes in power are using all their guile to slow this down. We see our purpose as somehow using our abilities to speed this process up. Currently, we are watching the dark succeed in this slow down. Our intention is to counter this and allow you to be able to use your blessings to help humanity. Much remains to be done. There is a natural flow to this that we are tapping into, and we intend to use this to quicken the pace and permit this new reality to manifest.

Only recently have they seen how our pattern of gold and legal precedents is to drive them from power. This has caused some degrees of panic among them. Their strategies to force some type of a global martial law in response to our efforts, has failed. We are at a point where all of us have not been since the end times of dark Atlantis.

Note: The galactics have always stated in their messages that martial law would not be allowed to happen in the U.S. –MrT.