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Ascension Conference 2019

Dear Promise Friends,

I will be in Irvine In October Please join us and sign up for the early bird special. I will be there along with JJ Hurtak  and many other amazing presenters.

Rob Potter

You can register here: Ascension Conference    (https://www.AscensionConference.com)


New Flyer with final speaker list!

Join us for the 2nd Annual Portal to Ascension 3 Day Revolutionary Conference in Irvine, CA to explore your true ancient origins, the truth of the extraterrestrial presence and the nature of reality.


The Portal to Ascension Conference 2019 will provide awareness in order to ignite a paradigm shift on Earth. It is time for Full Disclosure and to release hidden awareness from all aspects of existence.


What can we learn from the true history of Earth? What does this tell us about our present and future?


The Extraterrestrial connection to the cosmos and the star beings spoken of in numerous indigenous stories… what is the truth behind these stories? Is there evidence?


The Portal to Ascension Conference provides full spectrum awareness with information on:

★ UFO Disclosure
★ Ancient Civilizations
★ True World History
★ Black Op Projects & DoD
★ Whistle Blower Testimony
★ Self-Empowerment & Vibrational Tuning
★ Chakra Activations
★ Sound Immersions
★ The Didgeridoo Experience
★ The Gong Experience
★ Extraterrestrial Races & Awareness
★ Where We Came From
★ Advanced Technology
★ Plant Medicine & Consciousness
★ The Ascension
★ Sacred Economics & Conscious Business
★ Holistic Sciences & Energy

Featuring over 20 amazing presenters including:
Billy Carson
Desiree J J Hurtak
Honovi Strongdeer
Jason Quitt
Justin Deschamps
Robert Potter
Reinerio Hernandez
Travis Walton
John DeSouza
Lori Spagna
Barbara Lamb
Samuel Kiwasz
Kimberly Meredith
Adrian Vallera
Chireya Laura Fox
Whitley Strieber
Michael Tellinger
Neil Gaur
Joan Hangarter
Eric Steven Rankin
Brad & Kasey Wallis

Sound Healing & Music Performances By:
Torkom Ji
Rama Douglas
Evan Perman
Arjan Marelic

Your Emcees
Alan Steinfeld
Robert Perala
‘Michelle Anderson
Debra Giusti

AND Michael Strauss On Visuals