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Close up of UFO amidst Orbs near the Great Pyramid that visited the Cobra Group


Close up of UFO with Orbs near the Great Pyramid that visited the Cobra Group


The Cobra Chronicles

When Cobra and I decided to try to get a group to go to Egypt for the 2012 Portal event, I never in my wildest imaginings dreamed that we would be as successful in our mission as we were. In fact after attempting to make a go of the conference by using a famous tour company we were doubtful if we could make manifest a trip at all. The tour company did a great job, but it was just too expensive for the average light worker to be able to go. When we were told not enough people had signed up I was crestfallen, as to be inside a pyramid on the 21st of Dec 2012 was a fantasy dream of mine which was almost within reach! …….If  it was meant to be!

When the tour company informed me our trip was a no go I contacted Cobra as I had actually been thinking of a back up plan since the sign-ups were low and my mind was already seeking alternate routes to the finish line! I decided to just try to throw together as many people as possible that could afford to show up in Egypt on Dec 17th. I decided that we would sign people up and let them get to Egypt on they’re own and we would decide the itinerary and make plans on the spur of the moment as time progressed. Cobra agreed to my Hail Mary idea and I just went for it praying to god for it to happen.

I had been Skypeing with an Egyptian local who now wishes to remain anonymous for political reasons, which will be apparent later. This Egyptian local whom, I will hence forward call Mohammed, was telling me “welcome my friend whatever you want”.  This was not surprising as all the locals speak about 5 or six languages ……barely. They speak just enough to get you into trouble. They will promise you the moon and then not deliver it! Did you really expect the moon? Our guide actually had the moon in his back pocket! I had to frisk him repeatedly and with some determined effort this magnificent orb was made real for all to see and we completed our mission.

In my negotiations I was wary and a bit skeptical and my approach was circumspect as I represented not only Cobra and myself but the intentions of the Galactic Federation of Light and the mission put forth into Cobras hand by “The Resistance” and the Ascended Masters. I wanted our trip to be in integrity. Especially in the area of fiscal responsibility and the final cost that our group would incur.

I was concerned about being able to deliver so we kept the group in a “flexible maybe it is possible we will see what happens”, type of schedule. Everyone was great and very open and as a result we had a fantastic experience with many twists and turns along the way. Mohamed delivered in the end way beyond our expectations and he rose to every challenge and was able to make way a path in the desert like Moses before him. Thanks to Mohammed and Kal my Thailand magician we had the most amazing experiences that we all will cherish for the rest of our lives.

I will spare you all the various details and negotiations that took place in broken English and the endless planning and work that went into coordinating 30 people from around the world to get together at the hotel and then on a tour bus every day to see the important sites and do our activations. The meals, lunches and dinners, the airport transfers, shopping, meeting rooms and never ending change ups and curve balls and schedule changes, price negotiations were mind-boggling. I was mentally and physically exhausted from the Laguna conference arrangements and now I had the Egypt conference to organize.

After the Laguna conference I was gob smacked by Archons and had to move an entire house into and out of storage in 7 days and prepare for the Egypt conference which was becoming more and more of a logistical nightmare. I was collapsing under the mental and physical pressure when out of the blue comes an e-mail asking, “Can I help? ” In steps the Egyptian white knight Kal. Now K is a Follower of Cobra from the beginning and offered to assist since he was Egyptian. Though he is more of a cosmic Buddhist and living in Thailand he was guided to offer his resources and skills to help me create the Egypt Portal Conference.

This man K, is a spiritual adept, a saint, an administrator, a translator and a white magician all rolled into one. The success of the conference is to be equally attributed to his dedication and hard work throughout the event as well as the week leading into Egypt itself. I wish to thank K and Mohammed here for their superhuman service to the light, I forever grateful to them and I know Cobra and the entire group will offer a confirming resounding “Thank you”.

First of all Mohamed was having troubles obtaining the governments special permissions for groups to enter the great Pyramid. This was problematic as this was the crux of our mission; to anchor the light of the divine Feminine and Masculine and to heal ALL of the timelines for the victory of the light.  Even though the official government permissions are quite expensive they are almost impossible for the average tourist to obtain.

Even if you have the right contacts it can be extremely difficult. Mohamed had all the right contacts and them some but the financial aspect was a slippery slope whose negotiation would have been impossible if it were not for K who calmed my western cultural shocks and explained the intricacies of the baksheesh process which is the way things are accomplished here in Egypt. K, was working with his assistant Sh… in Egypt from Thailand where he resides to make all this happen!

Let no one think I am criticizing the bribe system of Egypt as we have the same situation in America. The only difference bribing in America is only for the elite. In Egypt anyone can bribe they’re way here and there. I like it better than America as it is a democratic bribery system. Which really is a rough way of saying that every one involved gets a piece of the wealth. I was actually glad we were able to access these wonderful locations and that all the guards and managers would be helped out financially and we could contribute to the upliftment of many people.

The financial system has taken its toll on many places in the world and Egypt is near the top of the list as many are going hungry and are very desperate for work. Around the Giza Plateau The Muslim brotherhood is not well liked because their intolerance has affected the flow of tourists and ruined the tourist business for the last year several years.

The entire town has been united and declared to the leaders of the Muslim brotherhood they are not welcome! In fact they ran one of the clerics out of town by throwing rocks at him and he barely escaped unharmed during a counter demonstration. This “rising” as “one hand” was described by Mohammed with glee as the locals were victorious when the brotherhood showed up last year to declare the Pyramids and Sphinx Idols only worthy of destruction!

The Giza area is a cacophony of sights smells and especially sounds. The endless horns from cars lends to the chaos and desperate insanity that is evident in the traffic. There are no lanes and all spaces between the lines and other cars are open to the bravest most aggressive bidder. Kals wonderful driver Sheriff is one of the bravest and he handles the traffic with the skill of a formula one driver and subtle horn signal nuances of a renaissance artist. My trips around Cairo to the airport to restaurants and the hotel were hair rising but extremely safe and efficient all at the same time.

Our plans were constantly shifting due to the Muslim Brotherhoods chest beating and dislike of foreign tourists “meditating” or worshiping idols like the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid. In fact the president “Morsi” himself officially closed The Great Pyramid on the 11th and 12th of Dec. as well as the 20th and the 21st! We were concerned but not quite frantic at this news as we anticipated possible changes and we had alternative plans and even hoped the Egyptian people would have sent Morsi running. This was almost the case but he remains in office as I type hanging by a fascist thread for his political life, which is soon to be coming to a close courtesy of the forces of light.

All of these variables were in play as I arrived on the 14th of Dec. at 3am. Mohammed was at the airport and it was like meeting an old friend, a member of the light brigade, whom I had come to know and love for several months on the amazing Skype calls we had so regularly. I was able to assess the political situation now first hand and the vibration was amazingly calm throughout the entire city. Mohammed reported that the only area of unrest had been downtown Cairo next to the Presidential palace and Tahir square where the people of Egypt were stubbornly refusing to accept “Morsi’s reform package which was more restrictive and controlling than even Mubarack’s. The locals know Morsi as a puppet of the cabal forces. The usual suspects The CIA, MI6, The Zionists etc etc. were behind this group from the beginning and they’re objective has been to try and start WW3 and create more chaos and destruction!

I am happy to report this will not be allowed and though there were several surprising developments and false flag attempts by the illuminati to stop the light, the good guys with help from the Galactic Federation were victorious and no major incidents were allowed to happen!