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2018 Mt Shasta Conference Please click here to purchase tickets for the event


Mt Shasta Summer Conference 2018

From Venus With Love


Dear Promise Friends,

I am happy to announce my 5th Summer Conference in Mt Shasta this summer. The conference will be 3 full days from July 27th through July 29th 2018.

Beach Love Light



New Program Ideas

This year I am doing something different with the program. Not only will we have more speakers but also we will start the conference on Friday morning instead of in the afternoon. I will also be sharing some new information and spiritual techniques and exercises in the form of manifestation through the power of invokation and prayer.
We will have a series of slide shows and music throught the program. I hope to have musical guests at various times for us to connect to the sonic frequencies that can heal.


The Schedule of Speakers

The schedule is now available but please be aware this schedule may still go through some various changes as we get closer to the conference. You may see the current schedule by clicking this link here



Incredible Speaker Line Up

The speaker line up is excellent with my dear friends  Omnec Onec (“The woman from Venus”), Luis Mostajo, Frank Chile, Sheldon Nidle, Ralph and Marsha Ring and Raymond Keller, The Aetherius Society, Scott Werner, Major George Filer, Raymond Keller, Shari Lynn, The Prepare For Change Representatives and our Master of ceremonies Shambala. 

Speakers Biographies – More details on all speakers attending the event


Special Guests

We also are working on several musical guest appearances that we cannot announce at this time. Please stay tuned for further announcements.

What Is Really Happening At A Conference

Although our speakers are special and full of love and knowledge it is really about you our guests.

Everyone who comes makes special contact with many amazing and brilliant light workers. It is these loving associations that will enrich your lives and last a lifetime.

You will find out your not alone in your faith in the truth and the reality that this planet is going through a miraculous change.

The support of your fellow mankind and even a few space friends secretly sprinkled throughout our venue will provide an atmosphere of community that is rarely experienced.


Interactive Participation

I have planned a more interactive conference with some presentations that allow audience participation. We will also have a night Skywatch to be led by Luis Maertens for you to enjoy as well.We will also have some very advanced and very amazing healing technologies to be available for you to experience.

I am also preparing to share and demonstrate some of the advanced healing technologies I create using Pyramids, Sound, Laser Light, Color,Tesla

Pyramid Laser Healing Indoors














We will also be doing more mediation and invocations along with group prayers.

I will also hope to have a more complete Tachyon Pyramid System with Lasers and Crystals that guests can enjoy through out the weekend.

Pyramid Systems

Crystals Lasers Tachyon – Click me to see more


Would you like to become a vendor?

Because we have more space at this venue you can expect more vendors and massage therapists.

If you are interested in becoming a Vendor please send an email to Rob@thepromiserevealed.com and include your name and phone number.We have room for about 10 vendors and there will be spaces indoors and outdoors with varying prices. We will also have a healing room for massages.


Venue Change

Though I love Shasta Camp it is a bear to set up and we need more room.

The need for volunteers and scheduling has also been a problem in the past at Shasta Camp. So this new venue will be easier in this regard as well.

The conference will be held at the McCloud Dance Hall as we have outgrown The Methodist Shasta Camp. See venue by clicking this link.

McCloud Dance Hall – Events

We will not be providing any lodging or camping for you our guests this summer however we will direct you to these links below for all of your lodging possibilities. 



Motels & Hotels

Bed & Breakfasts

RV & Campgrounds

Vaction Rentals


Besides the links provided above you may also camp on the mountain for free! Check with the forest service or Not to find a location to pitch a tent nearby.

The closest airport is in Redding California

Redding Airport

The next closest Airport is Medford Oregon

Medford Airport

The easiest options for many may be San Francisco Intl. Airport

San Francisco Int Airport

Or Sacramento Intl. Airport

Sacamento Airport


Free Tickets

Would you like free tickets to the conference? We have several options to receive free tickets.

#1) You will Pick up speaker or speakers at either Sacramento Airport or San Francisco Airport on Thursday the 26th of July. You will also drive them back to airport on Monday the 30th

Requirements are:  A nice newer model Car or Suv with room for luggage. Insurance and a valid license are required. 

 We expect the car to be clean and for you to be on time for pick up.

You must email me with your name and phone number when you are positive you will come to conference. I will contact you with more information.

These offers will go fast so the sooner the better!  Rob@thepromiserevealed@gmail.com

#2) You will agree to be a shuttle driver available at various times throughout the weekend.

We will have several drivers so you can participate in most the events and see the speakers.

The shuttle drivers will only shuttle Speakers and VIPs so there will not be a lot of driving each day.

I will guess maybe 3 round trips to Mt Shasta City each day, which is an approximately12 mile journey each way!

I estimate a total drive time of approx. 2 ½ hours per day per driver. Drivers will only work 2 of 3 days.

If your interested you must email me with your name and phone number when you are positive you will come to conference. I will contact you with more information.

The sooner the better!  Rob@thepromiserevealed@gmail.com


#3) Security

We are looking for a large masculine male with a calm demeanor who can handle any situation that may arise in a diplomatic way.

#4) General Volunteers

We will need a few Volunteers who will be able to come early and be able to work on Thursday for set up and Sunday evening to help breakdown the conference. There will also be some people needed to watch the doors check wrist bands and various odd jobs. If your interested you must email me with your name and phone number when you are positive you will come to conference. I will contact you with more information.

The sooner the better!  Rob@thepromiserevealed@gmail.com


#4)Translator Who Speaks Bolivian Spanish and English Perfectly

We are looking for a translator to translate Luis Presentations in a professional way. You must be comfortable in front of large crowd. Your translations skills will be needed for approximately 3-5 hours through the weekend.We ask you contact me Rob Potter through email rob@thepromiserevealed.com We will arrange a skype call with Luis for an interview. Thank you!

Past Conference Pictures

So you may see the fun we had in the past I have several pictures for you to check out and see the wonderful connection we all enjoy as the light workers and family come together to further our ability to love and serve the light.

Past Conference Picture





Previous Conference Banner





Guy holding gaint crystal















Rob Potter Speaking









Group Photo Shasta Conference








Group of Conference Speakers






Lady with Microphone








Multidimentional Light Being
















Group PhotoPrevious Conference Banner 2








Two Ladies Sat DownTemple Gathering







Camp Group Photo







Frickin Laser Beams Meme







Rob Potter Standing in Water










Group Camp Fire










Group of Speakers






Rob & Omnec Onec


















Red Blue Green Lasers













People sitting under Pyramid













Conference Hall




Red Blue Green Lasers









Large group of people at conference



2016 Conference Banner Part 2