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a plan was in place last Wednesday that was to be initiated on Friday and Iraq was to release the new currency and coins on Sunday triggering the RV. Iraq did not follow through with the release of anything on Sunday. Tony admitted that it is not just Iraq that is calling the shots on this, but the U.S. and the IMF are part of the decision making. IMO, the dark cabal still controls the U.S. and the IMF. This tells me that Iraq is not truly its own sovereign country making its own decisions in spite of what you might hear out there. The dark cabal has not relinquished its control of Iraq just yet and is still calling the shots. And until the cabal is removed from power, I suspect they will continue to control Iraq and delay the RV. Tony says politics is still a big part of the RV process. Therefore, I suspect the cabal is going to use the Greece situation to delay the RV as much as possible because I believe the RV triggers a whole series of events including the NESARA announcement. I truly believe about two years ago the RV was negotiated as the first step in the transition to the new economic system. The cabal agreed to the deal at the negotiation table but never intended to honor the agreement. This is typical of the cabal. They will agree to something to end the negotiation but always renege if it is not in their favor. The RV is not in their favor but they probably figured they could delay it indefinitely. According to the light forces, they cannot go forward with these other events until the RV happens. That was the agreement and the light forces honor their agreements. The cabal knows this and will do whatever they can to stop the RV which triggers all these other events which they know they cannot stop after the RV happens. Greece is a victim of the economic hitman and John Perkins says so in a recent (). Tony’s comments today that Greece made a mistake in not accepting the ECB and the IMF’s demands show that he fails to see this, yet he promotes John Perkin’s book, “Confessions of an Economic Hitman.” Go figure. His comments show he fails to recognize the tentacles of the dark cabal and he is providing his listeners with a false understanding of the Greece situation. According to Fulford, “the Washington DC cabal cannot bail out the IMF or the European Central Bank because they themselves are bankrupt. They have kept their debt frozen at $18.112 trillion ever since they missed a payment due on March 15th.” This means that the IMF, which is one of the tentacles of the dark cabal, is also bankrupt. This is good news, but it is being kept secret which maintains their legitimacy. This insolvent Mafioso bank needs to be exposed to the world so that we can see an end to their ‘economic hit man’ tactics. This exposure would also help crumble the banks that make up the ECB and their ‘economic hit man’ tactics. Doing so will speed up the whole transition to the new financial system. I will be sending out a message from Saint Germain that basically says a plan is in place to force this exposure. Regardless, the new financial system is marching forward according to Zap’s last update. –MrT.  

Justin, creator of the ‘Stillness In The Storm’ blog, has written a short comment before the Fulford update. Fulford makes the financial situation of the western cabal very clear in this update. IMO, it is a very good update. I believe the links with the word “Related” before it are Justin’s additions. I have not had a chance to check them all out yet so it does not mean I endorse everything that is said on those links. The Greek finance minister has stepped down. Georgi Stankov posted his comments on this last night. –MrT.


Top secret negotiations continue as Greek “No” vote pressures Western oligarchy to surrender

Benjamin Fulford
July 6, 2015

The Greece situation seems to be bleeding over into other areas, and unless another stopgap measure can be employed, it appears the financial system at large will soon crumble. The long night of cold sweats and detoxification is to come for the world. When this exactly manifests is unclear, but like any addiction it either must be healed or kill the host. IMO humanity is ready to kick the cabal money magic habit.

BRICS maybe a way to step down the detox symptoms but eventually humanity will need to learn how to govern itself and be interdependent instead of co-dependent. Sovereignty over one’s life, how to be sustainable with other life has long been forgotten, but the potential has always been there. With the bread and circus of the cabal becoming sourer, we will finally have a chance to realize a new path of least resistance, and it will be 1000x more harmonious then anything modern history has seen. I Added links below. – Justin

The and subsequent Greek “No” vote to payments of further blood money to bankers, has put a sense of urgency to ongoing negotiations for a new financial system, according to Western and Asian sources. At the same time, the Khazarian mob is resorting to increasingly futile threats and manufactured terror incidents in an attempt to stave off its inevitable ouster from control of banking.


The fact that 61% of Greek citizens voted to refuse to pay for banker’s reckless mistakes indicates a majority of the people at the street level in that country now recognize the criminal nature of the Western banking system (cabal). The fact is the Greek people now know they are not legally responsible for debts incurred by Mafiosi banker gamblers and will therefore not pay. This has set in motion the first domino that will lead inexorably to the bankruptcy of the Khazarian banking system and their criminal subsidiary known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION. A Greek default, as mentioned previously, is just the first domino that will be followed by Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany and then the United States.


The IMF has issued a report calling for a 20-year delay in Greek debt payments because if the IMF lists their loans to Greece as having gone bad, they will have to admit they themselves are insolvent. The world’s major creditor nations like China and other Asian countries refuse to lend more money to the IMF because it remains a de facto tool of the Washington DC criminals who wield a veto over that institution. The Washington DC cabal cannot bail out the IMF or the European Central Bank because they themselves are bankrupt as can be seen by the fact they are cooking their books. They have kept their debt frozen at $18.112 trillion ever since they missed a payment due on March 15th.

Furthermore, other dominos have also begun to fall. In the fuss about Greece, much of the world’s attention has been diverted from the fact that another AMERICA subsidiary, the Nazi government in the Ukraine, has also missed a payment and gone bankrupt. Furthermore, the , known by many as the 51st US State, has also publicly said it will not be able to pay its debts.


The new element to this is that the contagion has now spread to China, the largest creditor of the bankrupt AMERICA and thus the country that will be left holding the bag. Chinese stock markets plunged by 30% in the last weeks, driven by retail investor selling. The retail investors know first-hand the real Chinese economy is stumbling because they are not finding overseas buyers for their industrial products.

The Chinese communist government also tried to get funds last week when it sent representatives of the Manchu imperial family to the headquarters of the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi-UFJ, in an attempt to cash genuine historical bonds worth trillions of dollars, according to a Chinese government official. At the bank, they were met by junior officials who tried very hard to present bureaucratic obstacles to the cashing of the bonds. At the end, despite the fact the bonds were genuine, the Chinese and Manchus were sent away empty handed because recognizing the bonds would have bankrupted the Japanese government and Japanese financial system.

Japan’s financial system is already on the brink because of money that is being drained to postpone the bankruptcy of AMERICA. Financing AMERICA is why a recent survey by the Japanese government shows that 62.4% of Japanese say they are experiencing financial hardship.

The Russians and Americans also failed last week in efforts to cash historical financial instruments because again, the old financial system simply is unable to pay genuine debts they have incurred over the years, according to Pentagon sources.


That is why the first ever bankruptcy of a European country in the post-war era has added new urgency to ongoing negotiations on a new financial system, according to people involved in the negotiations.

In key negotiations aimed at setting up an alternative financial system, representatives of the White Dragon Society formally sent a proposal to Japanese Imperial Family and Japanese government calling for the establishment of a $7 trillion fund to finance the creation of a future planning agency. Japanese imperial family and government officials approved the plan in principle but requested a more detailed, written proposal. This was sent on Monday, just before this newsletter went to press.

The proposal calls for a Japanese government delegation to visit the UK, the US, EU headquarters, the Vatican, Moscow, the African Union, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and other power centers to get formal support for the future planning agency (informal support has already been given).


The future planning agency would be very different from the World Bank and IMF or even from the just starting up bank and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in that it will have a budget 70 times larger, enough to annually provide $1000 worth of goods and services to each man, woman and child on the planet. Furthermore, while the BRICS bank and help isolate the Washington faction of the cabal, they still operate on the In other words, they lend money at interest and expect to get paid back or else they will come and seize collateral. The planning agency will operate on credit, and will not require repayment, only verification that funds are used as intended and promised. New funds will be withheld from corrupt and incompetent groups who will then wither on the vine.


All that is needed for the planning agency to get funds is for governments to finance it using government issued currency. Of course, doing this would put an end to the near monopoly control over the creation of fiat money and thus end their Babylonian debt slavery regime.

That is why we have seen a new rash of threats coming from the Khazarians. The latest was issued on Mossad linked website like DEBKA where Mossad agent Simon Elliot (aka El Baghdadi) threatened to blow up the Egyptian pyramids and Sphinx.

There was also an attack on the Egyptian army last week by Israeli mercenaries pretending (and fooling nobody) to be “ISIS.”

There were also numerous new false flag mass shooting incidents, and street theater events, in various countries attributed to “radical Islamists” (ie Khazarians) that have left the world public numb and indifferent. For example, British sources sent convincing evidence to this writer showing the so-called Tunisian shooting of British tourists was yet another play act.

In the US meanwhile, an African American was arrested for vandalizing an African American church and writing racist graffiti calling for the murder of African Americans. In other words, house slave Obama is following his Khazarian master’s orders and trying to start a race war. Fortunately, the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic United States is no longer fertile ground for race baiting.

The P2 freemason lodge in Italy sent a message to the WDS last week saying they were sick and tired of Benyamin Netanyahu and planned to get rid of him ASAP. Following upon the United Nations public labelling of this monster as a war criminal, you can be sure his days are numbered.

There are also growing signs of a very systematic attack against the Internet and electric infrastructure inside the United States. According to the FBI, at least 11 attacks on the internet and the US electric grid have been carried out recently by very sophisticated attackers.

Train derailments causing massive explosions or the release of toxic gas are also occurring at a pace of around once per week, indicating systematic sabotage against AMERICA’s infrastructure. The pace of sabotage operations is expected to pick up during the coming weeks and towards the autumn.


To this end, last week 2500 highly trained Nazi mercenaries were moved from the Ukraine to Colorado for as yet uncertain reasons. These mercenaries report to Khazarian affiliated State Department employees and not to the regular, patriotic US armed forces.

In a possibly related development, in what appears to be a desperate attempt to stop the gnostic illuminati inspired revolution against the cabal, police in Koganei, Tokyo, have once again put illuminati Grandmaster Alexander Romanov into a mental hospital. There, according to family members, he has been forcibly and heavily drugged for the past 2 months. A member of his family says he was acting violently and erratically and attacking people with a baseball bat. According to him, (the last time I spoke to him), he was the victim of violence and not the other way around. He certainly did have big bruises on his legs of the sort that would require a baseball bat to make.

In any case, gnostic illuminati sources say representatives will be arriving in Japan shortly to take his place in coordinating anti-cabal activities.

The WDS deplores violence and is working hard to act as a neutral intermediary between the gnostic illuminati and the cabal. However, if the cabal does not make real jubilee-type concessions soon; violent, bloody and chaotic revolution is a certainty.


We’ll see if Bix is correct and Mario Draghi starts massive QE (printing more Euros) to bail out the ECB. Be aware that Bix is not a believer in NESARA but he does believe there is a secret plan to back the U.S. currency with precious metals. Returning to a precious metal backed currency is part of NESARA but it includes so much more. –MrT.

Greek “No” Vote Gives ECB Their Excuse to Flood The System with Euro’s

By Bix Weir
Monday, July 6, 2015

It’s official…the little country of Greece has FINALLY stood up to the Bad Guy Banksters and told them that if they want to Bail Out the European banking system they are going to have to do it without loading Greece up with more debt!

And that is exactly what the ECB will do.

Everyone knows that over 95% of the bailout money that Greece has “borrowed” so far has gone directly to the banks and institutions that lent them money in the first place and now Greece has said no more.

Now we will see Mario Draghi open the flood gates on direct banking bailouts with massive QE of Euros before the final plunge into the darkness that awaits us all in the next few months.

If you are in Greece, it’s anyone’s guess as to what happens now. Greece has many choices, but whatever they choose they have to move quickly as the people will get over their euphoria of standing up to the Banksters and realize they are in deep shit without their banks open for commerce.

I think a good temporary option is to flood their own system with Euros that the Greek National Bank can print from their Euro Printing Presses! It may be “against international law” in Europe but HA!, HA!, HA! on the other members of the EU. When it comes to stopping the printing of Greek Euros what’s the rest of the EU going to do…bomb Athens??

At the end of the day, We The People have the moral high ground and the days of the banking cabal are numbered.

Stay tuned as the “Road to Roota Theory” plays out in REAL TIME!

The Road to Roota Theory

“It was January 2007 when I first discovered the information released by the Federal Reserve Bank, Boston that changed my understanding of the gold & silver markets, the financial markets, the energy markets, the monetary system as well as the true essence of my country, the United States of America. Interestingly enough it came in the form of a children’s comic book.”

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir