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Mission Statement



This website is intended to act as a Portal of Light and Truth to be shared freely with the entire universe. This site is currently brand new and is under construction. I will be adding to this site continually and sharing information in regards to all the subjects in the links at the top of this page. I will continue to travel the world to Sacred Sites and to share the truth of the space family and the healing technologies. I will instill the truth of The Promise and good news through the coming changes on these pages. I will sincerely proclaim the positive message of hope, love and prosperity for all. I will do this to share light from our benevolent space family who will soon be free to walk openly upon our world.


public offering

I am also using this site to announce that IAM personally available for speaking engagements either for press, radio, film, television and in also in person. I have been waiting for over 35 years to bring forth the synthesis teachings of the various lineages of light to heal our fractured world. It is now time for me to give back all the love I have been given. IAM present and accounted for and willing and now publicly announce I have been a contactee of the Pleiadeans and the Venusians and will do my best to share the unadulterated whole truth as it has been so generously shared with me. I have a two day conference called “The Earths Cosmic Heritage and Spiritual Destiny”

This two-day seminar includes the A-Z of who we are, where we come from and what our purpose is – what is really happening right now on the planet and how we as individuals can expand our awareness and grow. I will offer guidance and models for living in the eternal present as fully conscious beings of love and light. I can share powerful vocal intonations designed to activate connections to our divine selves. I will initiate people into Kriya Yoga as Taught to me by Baba JI! In certain instances we can create mini portals of Light with healing technology to aid in these light body activations.



This website will contain many personal stories of my interaction with the light workers who have come before me. I recommend you research these individuals and many others not listed here or in the various links provided. Some of these individuals are still with us today and some have passed to their reward and left legacies of tremendous importance that I intend to share through this site. I highly recommend you engage the living members of these teachers to learn from their teachings as well!



I will have many thought provoking images – some of them extremely powerful and uplifting, some with spiritual thoughts and messages of hope and peace. I will also have some disturbing photographic evidence of the darkness that still exists on our world. This is not to incite fear or to sensationalize but to provoke thought and to inspire others to act as catalysts for change. I feel the reality of the intense suffering bought about by hostile forces and supported by ignorance can best be shared through the graphic representation of truth. Turn away if you must but be inspired to be part of the change and the solution for a better world!



I will also be offering a high quality market place and virtual shopping mall of many different healthy products as well as more advanced Pyramid and Sacred Geometry, Laser Systems, Scalar, Tachyon and Orgone products. I also will soon offer real Tachyon Products as well and will have in depth explanations of this advanced technology.  I am the producer of Advanced Promise Pyramid System Products that were given to the earth’s peoples by Semjase. I have much knowledge to share about these products. I will also share many healthy products designed to uplift and enhance our well being through detoxification, cleansing immune support and nutrition as well. This site will grow so be sure to bookmark this page and return to see what we are developing.




I will be presenting various ideas and possible templates for the harmonious transition of our societal structure to redeem this planet from the negative programming which has enthralled the populace for so long. I will share the universal economic system, as it exists on various worlds. I will offer suggestions for political restructuring based on 35 years of study and preparation of our world’s ills and the possible remedies to be enacted by our youth and light workers the world over. I will give guidance in preparing for First Contact and what we can do to prepare and what we can expect to happen in the coming years as this reality is bought openly into the glare of the public spotlight!



I am developing a portable Sound, Laser Light Color Healing Chambers, utilizing The Violet Ray, Scalar Field, Tachyon, Radionics, Orgone, Sacred Geometry and Crystals in conjunction with Enlightened Groups to facilitate Divine Intervention. This technology is simple to use and a beautiful addition to any working or living environment as well. I can bring these technologies with me to share during my seminars and conferences.


It is my Mission and my hope to eventually travel the world and share this technology. I hope to educate and to help others by initiating them in The Vibrational Activation of the IAM presence through conscious invocation of the light. This will be done through Light, Color, Sound, Sacred Intent/Worship, Kriya Yoga, Sound Current, Meditation, Prayer, Decrees and Mantras. The IAM light presence of God that exists in each person can also be nurtured and accelerated though the proper use of these types of ancient advanced technologies when used spiritually and applied scientifically for individual light expansion.


our mother earth

We must all return to a more sacred relationship with our divine Mother Earth. We need to instill a respect and proper right relationship with nature and all the peoples of our planet. Our youth are especially prone to distortion and must be made aware of the beautiful energies and connections to be made with our mother in natural and wild environments. These advanced light technologies can also be used to send and amplify positive healing thought forms to the Light Grids of the entire planet. Eventually I hope that Individuals and groups of well-intentioned Light Workers can come to wherever these chambers are located to balance their consciousness and to send healing thoughts to the planet earth. Plans are being made right now and the first installation is currently under construction in Thailand. We are accepting inquires for installations into various light communities and healing centers worldwide. I hope you will all return to this site in the future and share this with your friends. The time is now and never before has the world needed the truth to help break free from these last shackles of ignorance, superstition and fear, which have imprisoned us for so long!



Victory to the Light

By: Rob Potter