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Dear Promise Family,

I have decided to offer special discounts to those faithful supporters who are assisting in the mission to raise their vibrations to hasten the day of Reunion.

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CostFREEFree Until Jan 1 2020
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The Science of Kriya Yoga and the Teachings of the Masters of the Far East.iconicon
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Special downloads of books and rarely seen teachings of Yehoshua The Christiconicon

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Inner Circle Members $133.00 now. Select
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============== First Level ==============

Basic Membership FREE!

The first level and offer to receive discounts on certain products is FREE all you need to do is to please login here to see special discounted offers.

After you login and become a free member from that time forward whenever you visit TPR you will have to check and see if you are still logged on to be able see the discounted prices on the products that have been offered to the free membership level participants. You will also automatically be put on the Newsletter email list and Blog updates.

Be aware that all Newsletters and Blog Updates will show up in your Gmail under “Promotions” and not be readily visible in your “Inbox” The same situation exisits with Yahoo all Newsletter and Blog Updates will be sent to your “Spam” folder. The reason being is Gmail and Yahoo have filters for any emails that contain more than 50 recipients. So it is always best to periodically check these folders for updates and emails.

============== Second Level ==============

Inner Circle Membership

The second level of membership is called the Inner Circle and there is an annual cost associated with this membership. You will receive a host of benefits from this type of membership including a 10% discount to my Mt Shasta Summer Conferences. This discount alone can be worth up to $50. I am very excited to be able to take my service to the next level with some very powerful spiritual information specifically designed to help you prepare yourself for the imminent changes soon to be visible to the world at large. If you have a temporary discount code that will be temporarily given to audiences on certain radio shows you will be able to join the Inner Circle for only $100 a year.

With the Inner Circle membership you will receive not only special information but also even larger discounts on specially selected items! There are so many added benefits to Inner circle membership.