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Luis Mostajo Fernando Maertens

Who is Luis Mostajo?

Many people ask me who is Luis Because I am always talking about him. First of all he is my friend and brother. Secondly he is my teacher in the eternal teachings of The Great White Brotherhood and mentor towards an understanding the Pleroma and the multi dimensional universe we live in.

I forget how I came across him but it was surely meant to be that we would work together to bring the message of the Guides of the Sky and the Masters Luis calls them. I later found out he has worked with Michael Salla who I respect very much.

I remember coming across some of his you tubes and photos of space ships. I am a contactee myself of a certain degree and recognized Luis as having a unique relationship with “The Brothers and Sisters” of the stars.

Luis Inner Earth Contacts

I was to soon learn that he is also in contact with the people who dwell inside our earth. These inner earth societies are sometimes referred to as the Agarthans or Inner Earth People. Among these various groups are alliances and many of them are comprised of members of the Great White Brotherhood.

These are mysterious and elusive civilizations that have been inside our earth living in separate reality from those of us surface dwellers. Many of them have been there beneath our feet for eons and even longer.

Though I am pretty well versed in the history of some of these groups this has been a long process for me personally to unravel the truth of what is going on inside our earth.

This is a complex subject and comprises the understanding of dimensions and even the astral plane. To even be able to experience some of these locations would require in certain instances a vibrational shift.

In fact one could not even access many of these cities unless one is able to make a shift in consciousness. I will have more to say on this in the future.

However Luis is one such person who has made this transcendental shift and been invited to experience the rarified vibrations of the Great Shamballa.

Luis is a humble and gentle soul who has prepared many lifetimes for his mission. He has a special calm and peacefulness that emanates from him and he is always in the present moment.

The masters and guides are using Luis to act a representative to prepare people for the eventual reality that the universe is not as we think it to be. In fact Luis is a guide and through his group meetings he leads us towards a unique set of internal preparations that will allow one to grow spiritually.

If you listen and are carefully observing what is happening there is an overshadowing of the people by the GWB by the Masters and The Space Family. To describe these individual awareness growths is pointless as it is individual personal experience.

The types of phenomenon that occur with Luis is encouraging for those that seek greater gnosis in understanding the nature of the soul and the path of life that we all traverse.

Luis has had many unique contacts here are the bullet points in Luis amazing life story. This is not meant to sensationalize Luis of his experiences. I share these points rather to let you know he is one of the most profound contactees of our era.

  •  Luis has dreams at an early age and sees his first spaceship with his mother by his side
  •  Luis leads metaphysical groups and has his first publically announced programmed contact
  •  Luis begins a series of missions that has lasted over 30 years related to the Rahma mission
  •  Luis has numerous sightings and contact with many witnesses present
  • Luis is taken inside the inner retreat of the Great White Brotherhood beneath Lake Titicaca
  • Luis is taken to The Galactic Federation Base on the artificial moon Ganymede in the Jupiter System
  •  Luis is invited to The external retreat to The Abbey of The 7 Rays in Peru and Is taken inside the earth. (maybe) to the New Shamballa to        view the Smoky God”
  •  Luis is Taken to Venus
  •  Luis is invited to The Temple of Purity inside the Illampu Mountain
  •  Luis writes 5 books and travels the world telling people of his contacts which are to prepare the people of the world that we are not alone on      the earth.

Luis shares that and there is a Divine Plan to be restored on earth and we are all intimately involved to help co create

a new society and a peaceful earth.

The Trip of a Lifetime

 In the last few years I have been trying to share with people Luis teachings and the knowledge he has. I myself have had many encounters with Luis on his excursions. These encounters and these journeys are very special for one who is paying attention to their own internal perceptions.

My groups have experienced quite a few close up contacts with the Space Family.

Here below is an image that we took at night at Urmirri an external retreat and hot springs of The GWB. Here a ship came over our group then hovered and slowly very slowly moved away.

They’re many other similar encounters from my groups with Luis. Here below you can go to these links below to learn of Luis see many pictures, videos, articles, interviews, banking information if you would like to go.

Luis Mostajo

his first link is to Luis’s bio and many articles about Luis. Some questions and answers and even excerpts from some of his books.

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Luis also receives telepathic messages for each group when we are on a trip with him. To see some of the messages and transmissions that we have received go here to this link below.

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We have taken many photos on our journeys to various locations in Peru and Bolivia. Please go to this drop box folder to see these wonderful images from our many groups.

See Pictures of Our Previous Trips With Luis 

If you speak Spanish you may be interested in my interviews with Luis here.

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If you would to join us on the the excursion To The New Shamballa Journeys in Septemmber Please Click here to See Banking Information to on how to send money for Shamballa Journeys go here.

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