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This was a letter I got from a follower about a Facebook post I shared from someone else. I decided to respond and got carried away so I am making this a post on my blog for the world to see. Its old news for some but it may add to your arsenal to share with the ignorant masses.

Hi Rob, 
We’ve spoken a few times.  I’m one of your loyal Subscribers.  I’m Not however, so loyal that I’m beneath checking people’s sources and, (as Someone in the Ascension Community first said several years ago), Discerning This AND ALL INFORMATION.  And unfortunately (but not surprisingly) I found exactly Zero Corroborating Sources so far for the “Fire at CIA Headquarters: Drug Lab Found” story you posted today (or last night).

I will admit to accidentally spewing out a mouthful of coffee when I read that Tons of various precursor chemicals used in drug mfg. were found IN THE GEORGE H W BUSH CENTER FOR INTELLIGENCE.  !!!! 

This may need to be turned into a screenshot, matted and framed and hung on the wall its That Precious.  Here’s what’s “funny” though: when I went back to try to find it, try as I might, It Was Gone!  No Big Surprise there though.  I’ll find it.

But I hope maybe you can provide me with a better source of 3rd party source verification, esp. as re: all things Secret, ATS, or CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, ONR – related.  We all need a Pete Peterson or Cobra or Clifford Stone or Bob Dean we can turn to.  (or you or Corey or David or Steven Greer or Alex Collier etc).  But there’s too few of you guys and Far too many of us.  Although it seems our Galactic Friends who have been floating around out at the outer edges of our Solar System have been moving in closer to us and taking up positions to more readily be available to us when The Time comes.  And I must say: I’m feeling that Something is About to Happen just in the past 2-3 days.  You?  But you know what has been bugging the hell out of me?  What if Prime Creator (PC for short) decides it’s TIME and it happens to be The Middle of the Night here in America (here in the Center of the Universe)??  Im sure we would No Doubt percieve it but probably in a Very different way.  Ask Cobra that one..

Nice chatting at you.  Write back, bro.

My Response

So you know I have no corroborating sources to this exact story, other than the link that was originally sent to me. Although its Internet disappearance does not mean it was real, its removal does perhaps give it some validity

The For Real
However I can confirm the CIA has been in charge of major drug running operations around the world for many years almost since its inception.

It has run heroin from Vietnam during the war and other drugs thorough out the world since that time in multiple locations in many countries. 

These operations have been operated and covered up by FBI CIA NSA Army Navy ICE etc etc ad nauseam.

It was bringing heroin home in what was known as the “Grey line”. This was inside the hollowed out cavities of dead soldiers bodies returning home for burial. This was was supposedly one of Kennedys Intel that made him say enough is enough to smash the CIA.
This was well documented by Daniel Ellsberg in Gemstone files. There was ample evidence by many others during that era as well.

This was run with money laundering through the American Asian and Nugan Hand bank with ties to Adnan Khashoggi and Other govt. agents I think a secretary of state was implicated? 

Warlords like Khun Sa “the man of no fear” and many other were selling directly to the USA govt. General Westmoreland and soldiers under his deployment were directly involved. 

Us soldiers were loading poppy paste directly on to USA transport vehicles called Air America. A movie was even made with Robert Downey and Mel Gibson about this.

Cia cut outs run by off book Cia mercenaries transported to Marseille France or the French connection directly to New York for mob distribution. 

Bo Grietz the real life war hero I heard speak in 29 palm nears a marine base in the early. 80s confirmed this Intel. 

The character Rambo was based on Bo’s true exploits going in after the war to look for MIAs, which he found.

The US Govt. would not authorize their extraction them for fear of Khun Sah exposing their drug ties.

So you saw Rambo waving to bring them home in the movie… alas the chopper leaves him.  

This type of operation was continued in Afghanistan in a similar drug running operation. This was and is business as usual for the CIA. 

How these guys sleep at night I have no idea it must be on pillows of money that they have sold their souls for?

The type of thing is documented through Iran contra hearings. The truth, which was blocked from bullshit news agencies due to National Security reasons.

 National security needs ha ha AKA “We need this money for reptilian nazi space fleets and our own secret space program/ sorry its a need to know thing! I hope you understand”

Anyway during Regan Administrations War on Drugs cocaine was run through Daniel Ortega by trading arms for drugs to CIA aka GHB SR.
Olllie North was intimately involved as well.

Parallel operations also were run though Panama and Manuel Noriega.

This was being leaked and exposed and the handlers told Noriega to stop it now. He said screw you and paid the piper aka GHB.SR. said hang em high.

Panama operations included C-130s the very large military transport planes bringing in tons and I mean tons of coke per load.

 Meanwhile poor desperate black youth trying to break free of poverty in the ghettos were going to jail for 30 years for possession of small amount of crack.

This after having their homes destroyed buy tanks by self-righteous Gestapo agents in the LAPD.
LAPD CIA assets distributed the coke to the Crips and the Bloods. Research former LAPD author Michael Rothmiller for how this occurred and his evidence. Miller by the way was finally assassinated. He had a blog of some sorts. Here is one line to get you started https://www.amazon.com/Secret-Police-Inside-Elite-Network-ebook/dp/B008LW7DQ8

Chip Tatum a Special Forces guy who was blackmailed after a Nixon/ Kissinger black op to get Cambodia into the war exposed more Govt. drug running.

He was forced into working for George bush as a hit man. He did his expose in his book the Tatum chronicles. 

There is another former CIA guy who found about the cocaine deliveries through them using his warehouse in Central America as a drop off point. He had evidence and pictures taken by him of pilots posing in front of drug running planes if I remember correctly.

Chip Tatum also still has pictures of GHB SR snorting cocaine doing business deals in Central America the 80s. Its his life insurance policy!!!

Much coke and probably now meth is bought in through George bushes oil wells in chevron helicopters which still picks up the drugs beyond customs 12 mile enforcement zone. 

Another DEA agent Kiki Camerena was tortured and died because he had pictures of George bush jr and Jeb flying in to airport where a known drug dealer dropped on 2 kilos on the tarmac to the cockpit as the bushes headed to to Kennebunkport for a party. He also had evidence of DEA involvement. 

So sad but true its like all the movies show you except there are no good guys to shoot it out and break it up in the end. We have been sold out by greed by the politicians we have trusted. 

Dan Rather was fired for trying to break a story about jr not showing up for air reserve duty because he was on cocaine. Sorry Dan don’t rattle the money train cage. 

This money funds the secret space programs and many other things. 

One Mk ultra victims reported Bush Sr., Dick Morris and Dick Cheney raping her while throwing around heroin balls and doing cocaine in the white house. How do you like them apples red white and blue believers?

The book “Thanks For The Memories” can be found on eBay or amazon by Brice Taylor aka Susan Ford. She tells about being groomed as a presidential model.

I wont begin to go into the Mk Ultra Program documented there but it is sick and just frigging evil. 

This extends to every major govt. official the world over being touched by this insidious evil tentacle of the hidden hand octopus of criminality we call the Cabal.

George Bushit Sr. also threw up on the table in china at some diplomatic meeting (a common side effect of heroin after effects.)
He was supplied some nice china white by China officials as a welcome gift in some diplomatic mission. I cant remember when but Google bush barf in china I am sure its there somewhere. 

The Bayer Company and many other major drug pharma are owned behind the scenes by Nazi money.

It was reported some where not so long ago that Bayer has major meth and heroin labs inside their companies hidden labyrinths on the east coasts running secretly in the dead of night? 

Rest assured the CIA is a a criminal operation and was established with the complicit help of traitors in the USA through project paper clip. It is run by scum and evil of the highest proportions get me free book here.
See George bush is actually a real nazi … for real!

Do I doubt that the story was real? No but they have so many operations now in collusion with criminal gangs in Asia and Mexico and south America it doesn’t really matter.

If people want to defend the CIA or any other part of our world wide criminal organization called the US Govt. that is their choice. 

Where’s all the evidence? This was written off the cuff from my personal memory and I don’t have time to spoon feed the links etc.

So forgive me for that. I will make this a post on my page I will redact your name etc. 

Second question
As for your second question? Fear is always running through out the PSYOPS we call TV and MSM. 

There are always things happening so be prepared not scared. I have several reliable upstairs sources that indicate there will major events happening that will influence our world in a major way this fall. 

Sorry exactly what and when is not known but major movements in disclosure like breaks in the cabal dam of silence will out again.

My Wonderfull brother Luis Maertens has indicated that there will be continued earth changes or more drastic natural upheavals worldwide. This is organic and part of mother earth’s process too establishes new ley lines and necessary to restoring the earth’s balance. These changes will hopefully take place away from population center as much as possible.

Store water and food as these many warnings may eventually effect us all at some point. Live in fear and be paranoid? No but look around you and take caution and be prepared for change.  However it seems some loss of life maybe inevitable as the earth moves a bit.

. My other upstairs Venusian contact has indicated that they are preparing for major political upheaval that will stress the worlds populations and societal infrastructure in a deep way that create more chaos and havoc in the western world than is currently happening now. No dates nothing exact just big changes. 

All I could say was OMG as if the media BS machine is not running enough already! These upheavals can only be imagined but we must stay strong. 

The good news is there are combined ET forces now in position to aid in restoring the balance. They are not hear to wipe your noses but to provide real tangible assistance to decaying life support systems when their protocols for intervention are met. 

I know this answer does not satisfy the average person watching from the sidelines but its all we got right now.

So I say retreat into humility. Have reverence for all life. Pray to the creator with all your heart. Be the captain of your own ship right your rudder pull in the sheets and batten down the hatches of your own decisions. Be charitable have faith and courage in the plan of redemption and the eternal life of your soul. 

The dawn is here and we need to get out of bed stop lying on the sidelines waiting for HELP from out leaders. Ignore them ignore the media. Do good be good. Help ever hurt never. Remember Love is the Answer 
Warm Regards 
Victory To The Light