I know these articles are quite technical as clinical studies usually are, however I wanted to provide the empirical data that proves the efficacy of the laser products on my site. If you muddle through these papers and try to understand the doctor techno speak you will be rewarded with some real gems of information.

The implications of this technology are wide and far reaching. For those who grasp the photoporation papers summary conclusions it tells us that the DNA is actually altered by an ultra violet of 500 milliwatts which is stimulating a quartz crystal  that contains a chamber with a substance. Further more the cells actually be altered as if the substance was taken internally.

So we can put vitamin C in a crystal chamber and touch it to the skin and the cells will react as if they actually had absorbed vitamin C internally. Amazingly  the fact is that only the crystal which is holding the vitamin C actually touched the skin.

The data also shows how lasers can alter blood and even heal chlamydia. This is only a portion of the data I have available but I felt this is enough and for those who are interested the Internet will provide further evidence. So feel free to research on your own one of the wonderful new healing technologies already in use in many health clinics all over the world.

Victory to the Light,
Rob Potter


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