Keshe Knowledge Seeker Workshops – Vids (VI)

It looks like Mr. Keshe has been doing weekly workshops. Below is link for those that may want to watch some of these workshops. There are quite a few and the videos are quite long. I have not watched any videos yet, but it looks like there is a wealth of advanced scientific information. –MrT.

Keshe Knowledge Seeker Workshops

Science & Technology / Environment & Sustainability

Date: Thu Sep, 11 2014 1:00 AM CST — Wed Dec, 30 2015 10:07 PM CDT


The weekly Knowledge Seekers Workshop series with Mehran Keshe and the Knowledge Seekers of the Spaceship Institute, hosted by Rick Crammond live on Skype and Livestream each Thursday at 8 am EU time, (11 pm Wednesdays Pacific time). We will hear the latest news from the Knowledge Seekers of the Spaceship Institute. Topics discussed range from the creation of new nano-materials and plasma reactor conditions, to the use of prayer, and man’s survival in Space. Always with the unique point of view presented by Mr. Keshe! – Vids