Journey to The New Shambala Part 2

The journey was about to begin in Bolivia and I was in my room reminiscing about my first awareness in regards to South America and the Great White Brotherhood.

I was about 21 or 22 years old and living in a small apartment near the ocean in Laguna Beach at the time.  I was studying with Fred Bell into the secrets of the universe and esoteric knowledge when I first heard about the retreat in the Andean mountain range.

I had signed up for a newsletter that offered people to join into a group down there to create sustainable technology and to delve into esoteric studies.

I thought about accepting this invitation but realized at this early age I had another destiny to fulfill. I did not go to Peru at that time.

However now I was actually on a journey that would take me to sacred sites in Bolivia and Peru and my life long dream was being fulfilled thanks to Luis.

Years ago after receiving this newsletter invitation I had almost simultaneously received a book called “The Golden Disk Of The Sun” by “Brother Phillip”.

This book was a detailed account of Brother Philips journey to South America and his experiences in those sacred and secret retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.

He was admitted into the sacred temples and shown records of earth’s history and the incarnations of various Star Brothers and Sisters.

(Some of this earth history was shown to him via his observing the Akashic records).

These dedicated souls who records he witnessed have played important roles in the earths history recorded in the Biblical records, Egyptian records.  Read the books “Other Tongues Other Flesh” by George Hunt Williamson

These records both written and akashic are held by the descendants of Lemuria and Atlantis who now reside in the Agarthan network beneath the surface of the earth.

There are 12 regents who head each of these repositories and their civilizations exist to this day.

There are many other known and unknown ancient megalithic sites too numerous to mention here where records are being held and will be bought forth in the near future.

Brother Phillip was a psydonmyn for George Hunt Williamson who was present and was a witness to Georg Adamski and his first contact in the desert with the Venusian “Orthon”.

My recent radio shows with Raymond Keller have revealed that Orthon is a woman. She was reported to be a man because earth people would not accept that a woman would be capable of first contact.

The following is an excerpt from the book “Secret of the Andes” written by Brother Philip.

“Lemuria is the name for the last part of the great pacific continent of Mu. The actual destruction of Mu and its submergence began before 30,000 BC.

This action continued for many thousands of years until the final portion of old Mu known as Lemuria was also submerged in a series of new disasters that were terminated between 10,000 and 12,000 BC.

This occurred just prior to the destruction of Poseidonis, the last remnant of the Atlantic continent, Atlantis.

Lord Amaru-Muru (God Meru) was one of the great Lemurian sages and the Keeper of the Scrolls during the last days of doomed Mu.

It was well known to the masters of Lemuria that the final catastrophe would cause gigantic tidal waves to take the last of the remaining land down into the angry sea and oblivion.

Those working on the Left Hand Path continued diabolic experiments and heeded not ‘the handwriting on the wall,’

The Masters and Saints working on the Right Hand Path began to collect the precious records and documents from the Libraries of Lemuria.

Each Master was chosen by the Council of the Great White Hierarchy to go to a different section of the world, where, in safety, he could set up a School of the Ancient and Arcane Wisdom.

This was to preserve the scientific and spiritual knowledge of the past. At first, for many thousands of years, these schools were to remain a mystery to the inhabitants of the world; their teachings and meetings were to be secret.

Hence, they are called even today Mystery Schools or the Shan-Gri-Las of Earth.

Lord Meru, as one of the teachers of Lemuria, was delegated by the Hierarchy to take the Sacred Scrolls in his possession along with the enormous golden disk of the Sun to the mountainous area of a newly formed lake in what is now South America.

Here he would guard and sustain the focus of the illumination flame. The Disk of the Sun was kept in the great Temple of Divine Light in Lemuria. 

It was not merely an object of ritual and adoration, nor did it serve that single purpose later on when the High Priests of the Sun Among the Incas of Peru used it

Amaru-Muru journeyed to the new land in one of the silver needle airships of the time.

While the final portions of the former continent were breaking up in the Pacific Ocean, terrible catastrophe was taking place all over the Earth. The Andean range of mountains was born at this time, and this upheaval disfigured the west coast of South America.

The ancient city of Tiahuanaco (Bolivia) was at that time a great seaport and a Lemurian empire colonial city of magnificence and importance to the motherland.

During the ensuing cataclysms it was raised from the sea level and a mild tropical climate, to high on a barren, wind-swept plain and a frigid arctic-like climate.

Before this took place, there had been no Lake Titicaca, which is now the highest navigable lake in the world, over twelve thousand feet above sea level.

So, it was to a newly formed lake that Lord Meru arrived from sunken Lemuria. Here, now known as Lago Titicaca, the Monastery of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays came into being, organized and perpetuated by Amaru-Muru.

This Monastery, which was to be the home of the Brotherhood throughout all ages on Earth, was placed in a immense valley that had been created during the days of the birth of the Andes, and was a strange child of Nature in that its exact disposition and altitude gave it a warm, semi tropical climate where fruits and nuts could grow to phenomenal size.

Here on top of ruins that had once been at sea level, like the city of Tiahuanaco, Lord Meru had the Monastery constructed of gigantic blocks of stone cut only by the energy of primary light force. This cyclopean structure is the same today as it was then, and continues to be a repository or Lemurian science, culture, and arcane knowledge.

The other Masters of Lemuria, the Lost Continent, journeyed to other parts of the world and also set up Mystery Schools, so that Mankind would have throughout all time on Earth the secret knowledge hidden away, not lost, but hidden, until the children of Earth had spiritually progressed to study again and to use the Divine Truths.

The secret science of Adoma, Atlantis, and other highly advanced world civilizations is to be found today in the libraries of these schools, for these civilizations also sent out wise men to found Inner Retreats and Sanctuaries throughout the world.

Such Retreats were under the direct guidance and guardianship of the Great White Brotherhood, the Hierarchy of Earth’s spiritual Mentors. “

You may read another excerpt here

Anyway my excitement of this journey was because I was now going to these ancient locations I had heard of so long ago.

As we took off from the 5 star hotel in La Paz I was very excited because we were going to Luis property that he was instructed by the masters to purchase over 20 years ago.

The brothers asked him to purchase this land because it was once and ancient contact point for the Masters to train the local indigenous people in the ways of conscious management of awareness.

This ancient site had been imbued as a place of power by the peoples who studied there under direct tutelage of the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

In this location on Luis’ land, The Island of The Sun, The Island of The Moon, the Agarthan dwellers came to teach the surface people who were receptive their values and way of life.

It was against this backdrop that we arrived on Luis property. I had not been to his land on the 2 previous journeys in 2015 because Luis being an architect was slightly embarrassed at the condition of this dwelling built over 25 years ago by a friend.

The dwelling was not in the best condition but I absolutely loved the location and especially the vibrations emanating from the ground.

Luis gathered us together for an amazing meditation that activated our group in a powerful and profound way. Words cannot describe the unique and sublime energies that we all experienced here.

Rob Ancient Piller

On Luis property I am standing next to ancient pillar of outer retreat located on the shores of Lake Titicaca Minor
















Harbor at Copacabana

The Harbor at Copacabana













We then got on the bus for our short trip to the Copacabana Hotel that I love so much. The next day we would depart by boat to the sacred Islands.

Island of the Moon

Island of the Moon














The next morning we boarded our boat to, first the Island of the Moon. This is where the women were trained in the great metaphysical and mystical teachings to align with the nature spirits. We can only guess at the mysteries revealed to them so long ago. 

Group after meditation on the Island of the moon

Our Group After Meditation On The Island of The Moon













Island of The Sun Men’s Retreat

Island of The Sun Men’s Retreat














There was some bickering going on between two tribes so we could not go to our normal destination.  Luis took us to an alternative retreat and we entered some very special ruins that were also home of Initiate men at least 1,000 years ago.

Rob and Luis













Again the Meditations were enhanced by the remote location and the presence of the Masters over shadowing our group along this journey.

We returned towards La Paz and headed for my favorite place called Urmirri a special sacred hot springs that the brothers have chosen to make contact in very special ways.
















Luis has reported that several groups have had visitation of the masters and guides at Urmirri. My groups are no exception. In 2015 my first group witnessed this sighting here below.

2015 Sighting with Luis and my Group at Night

2015 Sighting with Luis and my Group at Night











This time in 2017 while meditating in the gardens of Urmirri we were asked by Luis to focus on our purpose in life and our mission on earth. Then we received a very special sighting that was witnessed by several in our group.

Here you can see the videos of the witness’s accounts

The next day we returned to our hotel in La Paz to prepare for our trip to the Sajama Volcano. This is the highest volcano in the world.

Sajama Volcano Ticket














The drive is lonely and magnificent all at once and the volcano is very remote. This is the location where Luis was on Dec 21st 2012.

He was asked to go here telepathically by the space masters for a special reason. He was there as asked and at the appointed time on Dec 21st 2012 a space ship appeared.  He was immediately transported in the astral inside the inner temple of this mountain.

Sajama Volvano & Crystal












He was witness to the activation of the main Cintamani Stone. This is main Cintamani stone was brought from Sirius long ago.  It was originally placed in a location known as Shambala the lessor beneath the vortex inside of planet earth.


On Dec. 21st Luis was privileged to witness its activation and ignition of the Divine Feminine through the divine light from the central sun. He said that portals of energy opened up above the Cintamani egg as a blue light shot from the egg upwards.

I could talk about this sacred experience but you best hear it from Luis himself this summer in Mt Shasta. Mount Shasta 2018 Summer Conference

After arrival at Sajama since the energies are so high and pure all I could do was sleep for several hours in a blissful communion with the silence that pervaded everywhere.

Chilled Out Bear Laying Down With Pillow










Now I must say each night at Sajama and all the other locations we were going out for our sky watches. Almost every night we had a unique experience. We saw ships moving about and they gave us nice demonstrations with pictures as you saw at Urmirri.

When we returned to La Paz we had a nice dinner and Luis took me aside and said “You know Rob we have had un presented sightings almost every night don’t get your hopes up because in Peru all of the sacred sites are very crowded and will probably not see any more space ships.

I was nonplussed as the ship sightings are no longer important for me. I really want my group to have the experience. I want them to land and I hope they do soon.

I must admit I do get a kick of the sightings but for me the vibrations during meditation are really my favorite part of these trips.

I close my eyes tune into my Kriya breathing technique and look up into my third eye and pineal gland and invoke the light. The transmissions are very special and I often get light headed and reach profound states of relaxation.

Luis programmed contacts and of seeing the ships lets us know that these transmissions are real and something is attuning our inner experience is enhancing relationship to our higher self or our Alta Major High Self triad of consciousness.

The next morning on our way to the airport Juan a new and dear brother who has been teaching me about Buddhist meditation and mantras techniques saw a space ship in broad daylight on our way to the airport to get on a flight to Peru!

Luis filmed it and the camera was a bit shaky but the ship can clearly be seen. We were excited and even Luis was amazed, as you can’t predict what the guides will do!



Cuzco City at Night








To top it off at lunch 3 hours later the ship appeared again this time with another ship tumbling in the sky above the central square in downtown Cuzco. Here is the link to the video of both sightings. Be patient as most of the film is sighting in Bolivia and at the end you can see sighting two ships that appeared the same day in Peru.

Well Peru was simply amazing wonderful meals, 12 Peruvian flute bands and all of the amazing ancient megalithic ruins.

Ancient Megalithic Ruins















In each location the guide would speak the traditional story of these sights. Then the guide and all of us would listen to Luis spell bound as he spoke of each sites ancient history and relationship to the Great White Brotherhood.

Ollantaytambo Peru













He would elaborate on their contact with the Incas and what each site was used for and what really happened in each location.

Circulos De Moray - Peru












Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu was our final site and was simply beautiful. We received a transmission telepathically through Luis from Soromez the being who guards The Golden Disk of The Sun.

Machu Picchu










It was positive and uplifting and after such a wonderful experience we were all overjoyed and content with one of the most uplifting sacred site journeys I have even been on.

I hope you will enjoy this information and if your would like to go to Bolivia this Spring of 2018 from April 23rd – May 1st You may go to this link and see if you would like to join us

Pilgramage to the new shamballa – April 23rd May 1st 2018

Victory To The Light

Warm Regards

Rob Potter


Update: Recently there has been some recent Venusian incarnations by two ladies: See here

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