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March 13th Show with Host Lorien Fenton Interviewing Rob Potter

INCEPTION RADIO’S FIRST MUFON Show with Host Lorien Fenton and Rob Potter

These interviews are with one of my radio hosts from Freedomslips- Revolution Radio, Lorien Fenton. Lorien keeps herself busy multitasking and does excellent work on M. utual U. nidentified F. lying O. bjects N. etwork or MUFON. They are broadcasting with Inception Radio Network. I have attended MUFON meetings on occassion in LA and presented at one of they’re conferences in 1990.I like both of these interviews and this recent one from Thailand on March 13th has some great stuff and as usual I am shopping all over the metaphysical, UFO, exopolotics aisle. Have a listen and enjoy. I hope to be back on there soon!

California MUFON Radio Looks into the E.T. Contactee Experience Through a Metaphysical Prism with Robert Potter.

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