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Light Background on Nazi UFO / Antartica Bases

The Nazi Party was originally influenced by the “Thule” society which was a metaphysical group based in spiritualism. These war a group of psycic’s who were mediums and they  trying to establish a spiritual contact with unseen forces. I believe most of these were women and that originally their motives were pure. Hitler was fascinated with this phenomenon and it heavily influenced his rise to power. Many high powered people in the history of the worlds political and elite societal structure have been interested and involved in metaphysical subjects  through out history. Most of these forays or dalliances with the occult by powerful people are kept secret.

From what I have gathered through the years and from what Fred had told me real contact with certain ET groups was established by these German women. It has been alleged that after several positive and benevolent contacts happened there were also contacts made with the hostile aggressive Reptilian forces and the Greys. The women were unable to discern the difference between the various groups and were perhaps swayed by the incredible nature of this contact.

It is clear that history has revealed that, if the contacts were originally of a positive nature that contact was short lived. Most definitely  a negative group gained power and influence over Hitler and the Third Reich. The Nazis were used by a hostile force to attempt  for a second  time in the modern era, to gain complete control of the world and create a slave population. The first attempt was with Napolean who also was used to as a figured head to further world domination agendas. Napoleons work was revealed behind the scenes in a book called Brother of the Third Degree. This is a book documenting the Ascended Master St Germain’s influence in the 1700’s  to thwart this plot it is an amazing book for those who are interested.

Hitler wanted to create an immortal Super Race which is not bad in itself as this is essentially what happens as a world or race achieves a certain level of lighted awareness and the planet is “Ascended”  to a certain degree. His idea that to achieve this by force and that a specific genetic phenotype was the only route to achieve this was completely wrong. Spiritual growth and the development for our planet must come naturally and will be achieved when humanity develops the proper spiritual virtues. Hitler was duped by the Reptilians the Greys and other hostile extraterrestrial forces who had already  entrenched themselves deep within the earths political and societal structure.

If the forces of light ever were involved in the original contacts with the leaders of the Nazi Party it remains a mystery as to why the mediums were not warned of the negative forces influences. This is another mystery which must be unraveled as time progresses and we establish an honest open communication with benevolent ET forces. Some have said what if there is no good and evil force? What if it is just a force? I would tend to agree to a certain extent with this statement . But when others do interfere with the life force of others and are responsible for the destruction of life they are in violation of certain galactic laws and basic universal principals. It would seem we as a species have a lot explaining to do as our actions and our consumption of meat may in itself be a violation of a higher spiritual law!  This is a very deep metaphysical discussion which I hope to address at a later date.

There was allegedly, a certain amount information gleaned through these women which helped these Nazi scientists to develop some of this Advanced Technology contained in this photo gallery. Hitler did not commit suicide in the bunker as is widely reported. In fact for the final year before the war was over the entire Nazi apparatus was being moved to other locations. The most obvious and the most widely publicized is of course South America However the Nazis were also developing underground secret bases in Antarctica which they called new Schwalbenland.

Hitler was reported to have been Spirited out of  Germany in the final days and was put aboard a submarine and ended up in one of these bases in and Antarctica. Years later he allegedly moved to South America and he and his wife Eva Braun are reputed to have had a daughter. I believe Hitlers daughter is  Angela Merkel. Hitler also was said to have moved in his final years to the United States. Hitler was under the Nazi Bush family crime syndicate protection living in an underground New World order bunker in Montana.

The bottom line here is that the truth is not been told to the people of the world and that very exotic technologies have been in place for many many years. The early years of the development of ET like spacecraft did not have very advanced forms of propulsion. These ships used  progravitational  technolgy and were well armed. The US forces found out about the Nazi installation’s in the Antartica /  Neu Schwalbenland and in the secret operation called High Jump attempted to attack the Nazi forces.

Admiral Byrd was alleged to have been involved in operation as well! It has been reported that the allied forces got they’re buts kicked and the Nazi base remained intact. Times have changed and I feel these bases have been cleared for the most part by the behind the scenes benevolent ET forces as has been reported to me by Cobra.

This gallery is just some evidence for you to wet your whistle with this information. I recommend books by a military white knight named Branton who has revealed the truth behind the Nazi Bases in Antartica.