Health News Headlines for May 20, 2015 (VI)

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Health News Headlines:

The granting of fast-track authority in Congress for President Obama, so he can ram through a stealthy trade deal without changes or amendments by the people’s representatives, hit a snag in recent days after members of the president’s own party blocked its passage in the Senate.

‘The Doctors’ TV show explores link between cancer and Monsanto’s glyphosate

A recent episode of the popular health-centric talk show The Doctors brought the issues surrounding Monsanto’s Roundup to light, homing in on many hot topics. Specifically, Roundup’s main ingredient, glyphosate, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) report that deemed the chemical as “probably carcinogenic to humans” were the show’s focus.(1)

A recent study suggests that cholesterol-lowering drugs known as Statins may increase ones risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by a startling 50 percent.

Flame Retardants Do More Harm Than Good, Research Shows – Vid (13:00) (5:21)

Common household items such as couch cushions, carpeting, mattresses, and electronics can be a source of exposure to toxic flame retardant chemicals in your day-to-day life.

Many of these chemicals have been linked to serious health risks, including infertility, birth defects, neurodevelopmental delays, reduced IQ and behavioral problems in children, hormone disruptions, 2 and . …

A staggering 80,000 chemicals are used in household goods and furnishings, and few of them have been tested for safety. Listing items to avoid would be near impossible. The most comprehensive recommendation is to opt for organic or “green” alternatives no matter what product is under consideration—be it a piece of furniture, clothing, kids toys, cleaning product, or personal care item.

Seattle VA hospital staff refused to walk 10 feet to help disabled vet into ER, demanded he call 911 instead

Army Veteran Donald Siefkin wasn’t asking for much when he called the emergency room at the Seattle VA Hospital on February 27. The 64-year-old was parked just a few feet from the ER entrance and was in severe pain from a broken foot he had suffered earlier that day. The pain was getting worse, and his foot swelled to the “size of a football” on a 3.5-hour drive to the Seattle-Tacoma airport from his home in Kennewick, Washington.

A Tennessee man and his family used much of the $187 million it collected for cancer patients to buy themselves cars, gym memberships and take luxury cruise vacations, pay for college tuition and employ family members with six-figure salaries, federal officials alleged Tuesday in one of the largest charity fraud cases ever, involving all 50 states.

Count chemicals, not calories, to stay slim and healthy, doctor says

New Natural Developments in the Healthcare Industry that are Really Starting to Take Off

5 Surprising Ways to Use Recycled ‘Garbage’ for a Better Organic Garden

MCT Fats Found In Coconut Oil Boost Brain Function In Only One Dose

Frankincense Superior to Chemotherapy in Killing Late-Stage Ovarian Cancer Cells

Pycnogenol: Powerful Aspirin Alternative That Grows On Trees

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