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Health News Headlines (VI)


Health News Headlines:

The Gulf Oil Spill You Never Heard About May Be the Largest Ever

The AP charges that Taylor Energy Company ‘has downplayed the leak’s extent and environmental impact’

Vicious attack on Dr. Oz actually waged by biotech mafia; plot to destroy Oz launched after episode on glyphosate toxicity went viral

Roundup Chemicals Linked to Cancer of the Lymph System; Another example of Roundup carcinogenicity

Chinese Government Sued over Monsanto Causing Cancer; what led to its approval, anyway?

GMO Lies: Study Shows How Pesticide Use Soars with more GMO Crops and it is killing the pollinators

FLAKKA: A New Dangerous Synthetic Drug on the Rise

Tylenol Ingredient Found to Suppress Emotions, Dull Feelings

Scientists Warn of Toxic Vaping Threat From E-Cigarettes

Australia Enforces $15K Penalty for Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate

IBM Teams With Apple On AI Health Program

Biscuits Cannabis Used For Pet Ailments

5 Foods that Reduce Stress and Anxiety, According to Research

Is Your Tea Loaded with Toxic Fluoride? Some teas are safer than other

Homemade Cinnamon Oil – Protects Kidneys, Cure Diabetes And Great Aphrodisiac

Maple Syrup Is Making Antibiotics More Effective

A compound extracted from maple syrup has been found to weaken bacteria’s defenses against antibiotics, according to a new study published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology. The extract could someday reduce the amount of antibiotics necessary to treat certain diseases effectively.

How I Healed My Failing Liver Naturally

Get Rid of Yeast Infection with these Common Natural Remedies

Whole-food and fresh vegetable juice – the best superfood

40 Great Pre- and Post-Workout Snacks

10 Baking Soda Remedies and Natural Cures That Will Help You

Mom & Dad: Motherwort Helps Heal Your Body

Should we go crazy for coconut oil? 10 Invisible Facts Of Coconut Oil!

New film Origins, shows us how to get back basics and find balance again.

Skin Problems? Try this DIY Natural Antibacterial Cream; Tell us how it works for you