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Health News Headlines (I)


Health News Headlines:

Global nuclear industry experiencing a “renaissance” as radioactive waste fills the Pacific Ocean

5 Ways to Defund Monsanto Through Universities

Flashback: Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Supports Monsanto

Major Hospital Infected 700 with STDs in Experiments, $1 Billion Lawsuit Says

Facebook will now track users’ finances in addition to social contacts, employment, health status, political affiliation

Heart doctor admits vaccines are dangerous

Mainstream media: Pedophilia isn’t a crime, but being unvaccinated is

Mainstream media’s long history of hysterical hoaxes: California wine arsenic is just the latest

Morgellons Disease – A New Autoimmune Disease?

Officials Label ‘Healthy Eating’ As Newest ‘Eating Disorder’

US Farmers Going Out of Business Due to GM Crop Contamination

Hormone Disrupting Chemical, Propyl Paraben, Banned in EU but Found in 50 Top US Snacks

Eating Pesticide-Laden Fruit Found to Cause Infertility

Stay away from the corporate aisles and you can avoid cancer

Drinking just one cup of coffee daily can slash liver cancer risk by 14%

Gerson Therapy for Breast Cancer: Is It Right For You?

How to grow and use comfrey for gardening and medicine

Plant these 7 survival crops to prepare for ultimate self-reliance

Beware of these 55 “Hidden” Sugar Names! 5 Best Natural Substitutes For Sugar

Erythritol: a natural, low calorie alternative to refined sugar

How to Use Honey For Arthritis

Avocado Oil: 5 Invisible Facts Made This Oil Rising Star of Healthy Fats

16 Incredible Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

18 Reasons Why Kombucha Is Known As “Immortal Health Elixir”

How to Drink for Alkaline Balance, Inflammation and Clear Skin