Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG – 4-30-15. “It Has Begun. This “Disinformation War” is in its very early steps” (VI) (DM)

This is a post by GoodETxSG (Corey Goode), one of our whistleblowers of the secret space program. He uses the name “Alliance” to refer to the good ETs. It appears they have all the secret data that was stored in the NSA Cache and are about to dump it on the Internet. He basically saying a big disinformation campaign is getting under way. I changed the black text to blue text. Post already had some red text but I highlighted other important points in red as well. –MrT.

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Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG – 4-30-15… “It Has Begun… This “Disinformation War” is in its very early steps”

Thread: Secret Space Program, ET Federation Delegation & MILAB “Experiencer”, GoodETxSG “Q & A”

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By GoodETxSG & Corey
Posted April 30, 2015

It has begun, though this is just the beginning… It will be hitting everyone hard very shortly especially as more and more whistleblower information comes out that was never supposed to see the light of day.

It has been interesting to see all of the amping up of “Disinformation” coming from the various factions of the Military, Intelligence and Secret Earth Government Syndicates (AKA cabal/Illuminati “Operatives”) through their various online and main stream “Mediums” (These groups are [in] complete chaos and panic though they would convince you the opposite is the case.) They are putting their best trained and most clever operatives that mostly come from the Personality Metamorph Programs” (THE very best infiltration and counter intelligence agents ever created in known history). These are the people that you could send into the roughest biker bars wearing pink polo shirts and within a few hours they will leave riding a motorcycle with a biker girl on the back who used to be going steady with one of the big guys from the biker group (Using very advanced forms of “Social Engineering”). This is absolutely NO Exaggeration and is just one of the tests they are put through while in training prior to being considered ready to deploy. Their handlers cannot control them very well (They are always extremely emphatic that they “Report To No one OR Follow Anyone’s Orders!”) at all and are only tolerated because of their extremely successful rates of return.

Often Intuitive Empaths are used during their debriefings just to try to make sense of the information and make sure they are reporting what they should. They are among the most dangerous and scary groups in use to this day (ALL highly intelligent sociopaths.) You probably know one yourself and there very well could be at least one who is a member on every forum off this type.

They target their intended audience and focus on them with their very clever words and play them like a “Fiddle.” Most people think the least intelligent people are the easiest to mind control or co-opt using disinformation that is carefully crafted for their specific personality types and profiles (I state in my interview with DW that an accurate and detailed “Psychological Profile” is a more strategically important tool than any weapon or threat.) When I stated, “even the elect will be deceived.” I was not trying to be biblical but [rather] make a point that the gnashing of teeth and humiliation that will occur once the full data [of] disclosures do occur will upset and humiliate many who have been targeted and were certain about the info they supported and not only followed but help spread.

This “Disinformation War” is in its very early steps and the various people are in their “Probing” stage to judge “Reactions” to know where to focus the full thrust of their campaigns. The planting of seeds into the subconscious of people for their black magic purposes is another aspect that is extremely important to them.

There are different strategies for each of these disinformation groups just as they have their own. At this point the Alliance who has access to all of the Intel from the NSA Cache are biding their time and giving certain individuals and groups enough time and rope to hang themselves.

When all is said and done this will cause some heated arguments and hard feelings online but when the full data dumps occur there will be no questions only extreme anger. This is what is behind some of the military training exercises. Many of them do have very nefarious intentions behind them; however, the Alliance leadership will take advantage of the situation to try to create a calm atmosphere for the release of some of the more disturbing information once certain financial and other scandals become public causing many to wake up and want to know more. This will be the sign that the “masses” are finally prepped for the spoon feeding off the full disclosure package.

Between now and then be prepared for much cleverer and confusing information put forth by each group’s most poetic and gifted writers and speakers to play with your emotions and intellect. If you think you are too smart to be misled, you have already been done so.


Will you or have you already fallen for one of these disinfo campaigns? Only time will truly tell, because those who have fallen for them have also been highly programmed in an equally clever and stealthy manner.

Good luck to all, and discern your way through the coming wave of information battles, do not just try to use your “Heart” or “Intellect”. Emotions and the Mind are easily programmed by these groups via “Technology” and “Black Magic”. So be careful with all of these videos, articles, blogs, postings, etc. Opening your mind up to this stuff is entertaining but can have dire consequences!

Dealing with more briefings of this topic and some more unrelated updates of more recent developments and some very sad/weak attempts of Remote Influencing/Black Magic Targeting has ended in immediate reverse karma on the attackers. They never learn. [It] has diverted my focus from completing my article corrections from the editor. I just released as it. I am cross posting this as an update to both: Thread: Veterans Today – disinformants getting bolder [and the] Thread: Secret Space Program, ET Federation Delegation & MILAB “Experiencer”, GoodETxSG “Q & A”.

ALSO, since this is meant as a Question and Answer Thread (And all of the posts have made it hard to keep up with actual “Questions”. I am creating a new Thread called THREAD: Secret Space Program, ET Federation Delegation & MILAB “Experiencer”, GoodETxSG “DISCUSSION”: http://jandeane81.com/threads/6742-S…GoodETxSG-quot