Alexandra Meadors

Alexandra reached out to me through the cobra site and has become one of my favorite peeps. She is driven and a powerful dynamo for truth and light. She spearheads this wonderful website and is on the leading edge of many ground breaking ideas and discoveries. She is well read and quite adept in the metaphysical field. She is teaching many wonderful new ideas and has turned me on to inumerable networking opportunities.

She has a group called “The Galactic Round Table” and the people on it are an amazing mix of of very talented and enlightened individuals. They all have different talents and they have been in the trenches manifesting many wonderful projects to benfit humanity in the near future.

They are currently researching sites for a very progressive Healing Center an Island of Light Retreat if you will!

 I think you will be hearing much more from Alexandra her husband Steve and all the other fantastic and talented members of the Galkactic Round Table. I am honored to work with them in any way possible to help them realize their visions for a healthier happier world.

They are one of the few Groups who are actually committed and devoting their time to manifesting some tangible changes in the world and I cannot speak highly enough of this loving group of world servers.

Andrea is a magical homeopathic wonder woman and medical intuitive and I highly recommend people contact her for her consultations and products