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MT. Shasta Summer Conference 2015

August 19, 2015 @ 8:00 am - August 23, 2015 @ 11:00 pm


 Event Summary Page Please Be sure to

 For more detailed info on workshops, schedules, transportation, and lodging info

THIS GROUP IS DESIGNED SO ALL CAN JOIN US ON FACEBOOK, and to connect with each other for ride shares communication and networking etc. please feel free to join group

Why Shasta?  and an about last years Shasta Conference

Dear Promise Friends,


IAM so honored to invite everyone  journey into the real process of Interplanetary Cultural Exchange and the ongoing revelation of our Galactic Heritage and Cosmic Destiny. We will share a very unique type of experience as family of light interacting throughout the week on a very special and sacred property surrounded by national forest. This will not be a regular type of conference so be prepared to let your self be transfigured by the healing nature of the entire event.

This conference will be very different from previous conferences in that we will have Daily Meditations, and Yoga Classes, Musical Guests , Nature Excursions,  Night Watches, Advanced Healing Technology Demonstrations , The Promise Lounge , On Site Massage and a Private Screening of “The Stranger at The Pentagon” and so much more. If I was to release it all The Presenter list this year is very special as IAM especially honored to introduce Omnec Onec the first open to the public declared Ambassador from The Planet Venus. Her Life has been an inspiration to me since the age of 20 when I first heard her speak.

The rest of the line up is also so amazing and spectacular and will include Alex Collier my personal nominee for the Galactic Federation Medal of Honor. James Gilliland one of the most personal contactees you will ever meet will also join us along with Author of “The Seres Agenda” Scott Lemriel a Soul Traveler and beacon of light.

We have a special guest Craig Campobasso who is a friend of mine from DR Frank Stranges inner circle group who wrote the Screenplay with help from Commander Valiant Thor his crew and DR Frank. We will be having a Screening of this wonderful film detailing the contact Valiant Thor had with Eisenhower to offer Interplanetary cultural exchange to our world and was sadly denied.

Michael Salla one of the world’s premier experts in exopolitics and author of “Galactic diplomacy†will be presenting this year. Michael will be giving us the latest information the on secret space programs revelations and ET intervention into our worlds system.

Ted Mahr intuitive Psychic and Radio show Host will share his extraordinary talents and personal journey.  He has also kindly agreed to  act in a Co MC position with Shamballa a dear friend mystic, poet and singer.

I have lived here on and off in MT. Shasta for 20 years and I know her beauty and sacred sites well. This conference will be inside a conference hall! But I suggest you enjoy the energies of this special place while we are here? We will encourage you to go to “Panther Meadows” where you will drink from a spring that is surely purified by the Telosians as it bubbles through the ground. We shall also suggest you commune with nature at “Castle Lake” and have some sacred ceremonies in both locations.


We will have many music circles so bring your instruments and we will have music and a laser crystal demonstration while we watch the sky for our space family every night!  Also make sure to bring your swimsuits to Castle Lake! Mt. Shasta is one of the most powerful vortexes  and anchoring of light on the Planet. Beneath Mt. Shasta there is the City of Telos and one of the largest Intergalactic Space Ports on the Planet.  We may be fortunate and get to see a spaceship like this one taken on the mountain not to long ago. Victory to the Light Warm Regards Rob Potter

If You have any questions about conference details and logistics please click here and PLEASE be sure to read this entire document before you register

Special Offer for Massage Therapists

I want you all to know since I have been a massage therapist for almost 40 years I wanted to support my fellow therapists with a special offer. I have a massage therapist named Eric who is acting as my lead therapist coordinator. He will create the system so we can have on site massage at the venue.

If you are a massage therapist I am offering a way for you to earn back part or all of your tickets cost by giving massages at the conference. If you will send me an email to [email protected] saying in the subject line “Massage Vendor†I will know that you are interested. Please include your phone numbers (required) in your request. Eric will contact you with more details so you can determine if you want to be considered for this opportunity!

Vendors Announcement

I am considering having a few vendors at the conference so if you are interested please contact me and tell me about your products, prices etc. and we can discuss your involvement. You will first have to purchase your ticket to conference as part of the vendor agreement. You will need your own “booth set up†which will include table chairs cloths etc. The spaces will be 10×10 and there is no electricity unless you bring your own power source. There will also be a fee for the vendor space.

If you will send me an email to  saying in the subject line “Product Vendor†I will know that you are interested. Please include your phone numbers (required) in your request. I will forward your request to Tracee my Conference manager and she will coordinate with all vendors’ details and booth locations.

Free Passes

I am also offering free passes for those who want to volunteer. It is required that you to be able to spend the 17th-23rd In Mt. Shasta we will require 2 days for orientation and assignments. Please do contact me asap if you want to find out about supporting this wonderful conference.

Food Vendor/ Caterer

I am looking for someone who can provide food for our guests. This is a unique venue with some challenges however this is a wonderful commercial opportunity for someone who is interested. We may have up to 100-150 meals for lunch and dinner for 5 days. We are very interested in anyone who might like to cater this event? We need experienced chefs with a resume and a plan we would like to hire someone as soon as possible!  A food truck. Let us know if you know anyone capable and able to deliver delicious food in a unique venue. If you will send me an email to saying in the subject line “Food Vendor/ Caterer†I will know that you are interested. Please include your phone numbers (required) in your request.

Speakers List


Important: Before Registering to read important conference schedule and logistics


August 19, 2015 @ 8:00 am
August 23, 2015 @ 11:00 pm
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