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Interplanetary Cultural Exchange -The Beginning Q & A With Rob Potter

May 2, 2015 @ 12:00 am - 2:00 pm

~Contactee Rob Potter Presents~

Interplanetary Cultural Exchange – The Beginning

Answers Your Questions Live

Rob Reveals Spiritual Plans To Our Heal Earth and Her Peoples

Hostile Government Agendas / Freedom From Tyranny / Divine intervention



Rob Potter Pleideans ONLINE Webinar


• Where do UFO’s come from? Why are they here? Who is inside the ships?

• What are the many different Secret Space Programs? Advanced Healing Technologies Revealed

• What are the latest developments with ultimatums given to earth leaders by supra luminal benevolent beings to reveal the truth to the peoples of earth ?

• Why don’t they land if they are real? Who is in control of this worldwide cover up?

• What is going on with the process of disclosure? Why is earth under quarantine?

• What is the spiritual message of benevolent space family? What is their history on planet earth?

• Why is the government hiding the truth? How do they travel faster than the speed of light?

• What do GMOs, Water Fluoridation, Chemtrails, Vaccinations, HAARP, Mind Control, False Flag Terror Attacks have to do with UFO Phenomena

This workshop will transform your understanding of UFOS, ETs and empower you to become an Ambassador from humanity to these visitors from the Stars!


Rob Potter UFO Contactee:

Rob Potter is a physical contactee of benevolent extra terrestrials. He has met people from Venus and The Pleiades physically.  On May 2nd at 12pm PST Rob will explain the spiritual side of Extra Terrestrial Divine Intervention in world affairs will be explained. Rob is very grounded and can put all the different pieces of this complex subject called Exopolitics puzzle together in an easy to understand way.

The latest updates regarding the redemption of earth and the secret space program will be shared with all. Rob explains the arrest plans for the world’s political and financial criminals at large in an Enforcement of “The Galactic Codex” at a worldwide arrest action called “The EVENT”. The “EVENT will be initiated by benevolent Spiritual ET Forces.

The intended return to a just, honest and transparent financial system is called The “Financial Reset” by some and is also known as N.E.S.A.R.A. This changeover is also part of a larger “enforcement plan” called the Glacatic codex.  The financial aspect of healing our world is crucial to realize liberty for all.

For those with a spiritual hunger for truth the relative aspect of the what the Venusians call “The curve of spiritual development” wil also be shared with our guests.

Rob will share how the earth’s societal infrastructure can heal through each person’s individual connection to his or her soul contact experience. A special meditation technique will be shared with you during this presentation. He will share advanced technologies and purposefully hidden truths that may shock many.

This presentation will have plenty of time for questions and answers. This powerful plan of planetary liberation is shared to reinforce the message that we have the power within us to bring peace to our world.

I welcome you all and thank you for supporting me in my lifes calling to share the light and bring many purposefully hidden truths so the other half of the story can be told. Please be ready to ask me many questions via chat room live during call. I am here to serve you my guests in this Webinar so my usual monologue style will be in check to allow me to do my best to give you my perspective on your questions.


Warm Regards


Victory to The Light

Rob Potter



Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

[email protected]

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?



If I am not available can I ask questions beforehand and watch rob answer my questions later via recorded link? 

Yes you will be sent a link to the recording automaticaly on Sunday May 3rd