Earth-Keeper Presents: Dr, Joseph McNamara: Duality The Purposed Illusion – Vid (VI) (DM)

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James put on a conference in Scottsdale last year. Wish I could have gone. Dr. Joseph MacNamara was one of the speakers and is excellent. This healer exudes balance, love and deep concepts of who we are; he’s working with TACHYON HEALING CHAMBERS and his first book. –MrT.

Earth-Keeper Presents: Dr. Joseph McNamara: Duality The Purposed Illusion

Posted by James Tyberonn
Published on Jul 24, 2014

Dr. Joseph McNamara, MD is a board certified Medical Doctor practicing in Virginia. A native of Ireland, he now has dual citizenship in both his native Ireland and in the United States. His amazing presentation brilliantly explores the nature and challenges of human consciousness from both a mystical and scientific approach. Filmed on location at the 2014 Earth-Keeper Star-Gate Event in Scottsdale, Arizona. Enjoy!!!

Source: – Vid (40:59)