I thought I would share with you all several stories Dr. Frank relayed to me personally during our personal meetings, as I was constantly enthralled with him as a teacher and a friend. Most of these stories were shared with me during the meals we had together from time to time.

Doctor Frank has the first attempt on his life by the Dark forces:

The first near death story goes back to the 60’s I believe but the date is not important but the crux of the story is and it more of the same old same old from the minions of ignorance superstition and fear. Billy Meir and many other genuine contactees have had their lives threatened by religious zealots, MIB’s, Govt. agents and lord knows who else. Many light workers with real evidence or Govt. agents who have wanted to tell the truth of the  of the world and these secret ongoing contacts with different ET/ED groups have met their deaths at the hands of those whose lust for power considers murder an option to maintain secrecy and to keep the upper hand on an unsuspecting world. Unfortunately Dr Frank also has had several attempts on his life.

It should be made clear that not all ET visitors or space family are kind and loving to the earth and her peoples. There are several groups that are hostile and seek power and control over earth and her peoples and resources. This is not the time to go into the details of these negative beings or their agendas but I can at some future date share some of what I consider to be clear descriptions of these forces.

Suffice to say that our some of our representatives and wealthy Royal Families and others who consider themselves “the elite” power brokers of this world have entered into formal relations with hostile groups whose selfish intentions and disregard for life has allowed them to violently and through subterfuge seek to enslave this planet in direct contravention to the Laws of the loving creator of this universe. some of them are actually incarnated hostile beings who reincarnate into the same families and have ammassed tremendous wealth, power and influence in ou societal structure.

The Ashtar command and various other star nations and enlightened beings in association with realms of pure spirit seek to limit these aggressive attacks on the various worlds who are under the influence of these groups due to the sophostication of the attacks and programming on the innocent populations. These hostile forces come in and do try to usurp various worlds for their own benefit in a hostile take over situations.

This is the case on the earth at this time. Though these forces are still active “The Rebellion” in the higher dimensions is won and like a body without a head, which stumbles and wreaks havoc before it falls so must the material worlds of time and space wait for the beast to fall. In the mean time we of earth must suffer these transgressions by these errant beings as they manipulate our world and its various societal systems, leaders and peoples until some unknown future date. Keep this awareness in mind as you read these dastardly attempts by darkness to stifle the light.

Sometime in the 60’s Dr Frank was sent to Hamburg Germany as some sincere seekers of truth who wished to hear his most amazing teachings of spiritual upliftment and the mission of Valiant Thor sponsored him. This beloved Master from Venus who so generously gives his time along with his fellow crew members to the healing and protecting of the peoples of the earth.

He was to give a lecture I believe and the sponsor had some business to attend to but he had promised to meet Dr Frank in the afternoon and sent him to a restaurant. Dr Frank sat down at a table and a man came up to him gushing about his interest in Valiant Thor. Dr Frank being as kind as trusting as he was invited the strange person to sit with him.

The man wanted to know ‘Exactly where is the commander now”. “Where is Valiant Thor’s ship located” and many other such questions which were not really about the message of spirit and truth but were more about forcing a meeting with Val.

Anyone who knew Dr Frank when he was asked such questions got the often-repeated reply “I don’t know? He contacts me when he wants”. In later years Dr Rrank revealed the general location of commander Val’s flag ship called Victor 1 as well as the other 12 ships from Venus permanently stationed on the earth to monitor our peoples govts and various other situations which require divine intervention to keep this planet from being destroyed by nuclear or biological weapons of mass destruction.

The person was so insistent that Dr Frank was becoming weary of this interlopers repetitive queries. The good Dr. excused himself as he was told there was a phone call for him in the lobby. . There was no one on the line when he went to retrieve his call! Upon his return to the table, the stranger was nowhere to be seen. Dr. Frank continued eating his tomato soup and he began to feel severe pain in his throat and stomach.

As his sponsor arrived things were not looking good as he was bleeding from the mouth! The sponsor who was a chemist at the University pulled out of his pocket a packet which contained some powder he ordered some soda water and poured in the contents and ordered Dr. Frank to Drink it.

Miraculously it seemed Dr Frank felt better right away and was none the worse for wear. The back story on the sponsor was that while he was in the lab he inexplicably was moved by spirit to prepare a certain formula. He told Dr Frank a voice told him “You will know when to administer this formula”   I am sorry but I do not recall what it was or if Dr Frank even told me what it was.

However it is apparent the Commander foresaw this event and was wont to impress the young chemist to prepare a formula. The chemist related to Dr Frank that after preparing this mix he heard the voice to carry this packet with him and he would until  he would “know to whom and when to administer the packet”.

Dr Frank continued his stay and later at his next meeting with Val he was told to be more careful about whom he invited to sup with him. Dr. Frank could not possibly prevent this in my opinion but such are gifts administered by the angels of the lord who watch over his messengers.

It seems in such circumstances they will not allow a persons life to be taken due to their willingness to come in the open and proclaim their contact with the space family of light and to share the teachings they have been given.

The second Attempt on Dr Franks life

The next incident is a little more spectacular as it involves Military agents of the US Govt. When Dr Frank was invited to visit Victor 1, which sits at Lake Mead near Las Vegas he would meet Valiant Thor or Vice commander Donn or Vice Commander Teal at the airport.

During the time of this incident I feel it is most likely the 60’s also, as the tale begins with a limousine at the bottom of the stairs of the plane on the tarmac at McCarren Airport in Las Vegas. I presume 60’s because that was when you disembarked the plane on the tarmac instead of directly to the terminal.

To move right along as I have a tendency to digress as Dr Frank was coming down the stairs he noticed the limousine with 2 men and a driver at the base of the stairs. One of the men was waving to him and called out to him “Dr Frank over here” Dr frank presumed it was some of the crew of the spaceship from Victor 1 that had been sent to get him.

It would have not been out of the ordinary as it seems the commander and his people can talk themselves into or out of any situation or go anywhere and do as they wish without hindrance of any mortal or worldly agency.

So in Dr Franks mind they would have simply driven up to the gate and asked to be let in and the gate guard would have naturally opened the gate without question and be none the wiser. Such is the charisma and will of our benevolent spiritual host.

Dr Frank got in the car and was relaxing and the men were uncharacteristically quiet. Dr Frank told me in retrospect he should have been more suspicious as he could smell cigar smoke and according to Dr Frank “The commander and his people never smoke”. As they drove away from the airport Dr Frank noticed they were not headed in the right direction to the spaceship and upon asking his escorts they told to “Shut up and sit quiet”.

He was naturally alarmed and his anxiety was increasing dramatically as they pulled off the main highway onto one of the numerous sandy desert roads that exist in Nevada. No sooner had they stopped and they told him to “Get out”. He was kicked from behind and dashed to the ground as the 2 men set upon him and began to beat him.

Within seconds Commander Valiant Thor materialized along with Vice Commander Donn. (No transporter beams for these 2! Their appearance here is an act of will.) These masters and adepts from Venus seem to have superhuman like powers but they would say these miraculous feats are but the natural results of healthy normal and balanced lives living in accordance with God’s Law. Now back to our story!

Dr Frank relayed to me his relief and astonishment as Val with one hand grabbed one man by the scruff of the collar and threw him bodily about 10 feet through the air. Val’s other hand was raised and the tires on the limousine were melted in an instant, so the driver wasn’t going anywhere!. Val tossed the other man in the same direction as Vice Commander Donn “reached THROUGH the glass and pulled the driver out THROUGH the door”

The commander Val then raised his hands again and all three tough guys disappeared! When Dr Frank told me this story I was really excited as I thought it was so cool that they would protect him like that but I was especially curious as to where the men went, as I was extremely curious if they were sent back to Washington or what.

Dr Frank said the moment they were gone he had they same thoughtful question in his mind and looked at Val but before he could ask, Val said “Lets just say the have been displaced!”

I am more inquisitive than Dr Frank and wouldn’t leave it at that and asked him “Did Val ever tell you where exactly they went” and Frank said “no” So since I was curious what space beings might do to such a sick individual in this circumstance I pushed for an answer.

I presumed that since they probably do not use punishment as we think of it I was wondering what would happen to them? I felt that they would most likely use treatment and counseling directed toward healing such a fractured person whose mind was so twisted that they would take part in such heinous acts against another.

So I again pressed Frank “where do you think they sent him” he replied “Probably to one of the salt mines on Pluto”. I take Dr Frank at his word so whether they were sent there or not I do not know. I do assume their are salt mines on Pluto and I reasoned it might make sense that being around that much salt might purify a mind by drawing out negativity from such a person.

This is of course my speculation but I would also think that if they were put there, after waking up to the reality of such a move and facing the compassion of our space family they would have quickly renounced their ignorance and may possibly now be working for the forces of light.

They may just have well been sent home to their bosses with quite a story to tell but I suppose we will never know. I hope to meet Val in person someday and if I do I will ask him and I promise to let you know if I am ever to be as fortunate and worthy as Dr Frank to be blessed with a friend like Val Thor our brother from Venus.

The 3rd attempt on Dr Franks Life

The third and final attempt that I know about on Dr. Franks life  took place on his way to Las Vegas Nevada. There may have been more attempts on his life but this is the last one as far as I know personally. Dr. Frank told me that he was traveling on route 395 to Las Vegas Nevada if my memory serves me correctly. He was with his wife Julie Stranges when the incident occurred.

Acccording to Dr. Frank they were traveling down the road when out of nowhere a car T-bones them while they  were going approximately 60 to 70 miles an hour from the side of the road. It apparently was a horrific accident because when the ambulances arrived Dr. Frank could not feel him any part of his body from below his neck. He said he was virtually paralyzed and in a horrible state. He commented that the Dr.’s and nurses were quite sympathetic as he went throught the various X-rays which confirmed their diagnoses, after he had reached the hospital.

Cmdr. Valiant Thor seems to have the powers to completely distract an earth person’s mind. When Dr. Frank first met Valiants sThor at the Pentagon he passed through four separate security checks which required ID. It seems the commander seem to have made the security guards believe they saw the correct security as Dr. Frank passed these checkpoints. Apparently this technique was again in use in the hospital where Dr. Frank received his x-rays.

Dr. Frank said Valiants thor must’ve materialized because as he looked up the commander had walked into the room and simply dismissed the doctors and nurses that were in charge of Dr. Franks care. He said that the commander placed his hands on Dr. Frank and look to the heavens and recited a prayer. Immediatley the good doctor felt better and literally sat up from the table. I presume there was a short conversation between him and Val where Frank thanked commander Val but he did not tell me the details. However he said he simply stood up and walked out of the room.

The Doctors and Nurses and especially the EMT’s who bought him in on the ambulance were aghast that he was up and walking around. It took no small amount of convincing him that he was allright but he retrived his clothes and was able to leave the hospital shortly after commander Val’s bedside visit. I do not recall for sure but I presume his wife Julie was not that seriously injured though I may be wrong when i say she also left the hospital as well that same day!

This type of miracle astounding as it may seem is common place amongst those who are fortunate enough to actually have personal contact from those Angels of the Lord we now know are our space family of love and light.

I have many other similar stories that Dr Frank has shared but these will one day be hopefully shared in a book that I am currently working on. I hope this story will encourage you to watch some of the Youtube videos made by Dr. Frank Stranges so you can hear Frank in person share his teachings that he learned  both onboard Victor 1 as well as in his personal association with the other members and visitors from other worlds. Dr Franks teachings were always very spitritual and full of relevant information which we could all benefit from. He was one of my most cherished friends and teachers before he passed on to greater service in 2008.

I am not alone when I say he was loved by many all over the world for his very special warmth and kindness which he exuded for all to share. So many people are still so very devoted to him personally that his legacy is sure to be shared for many years to come. He taught somewhat like a preacher but his message was spiritual and not religious. He teachings were free of dogma and superstition and he cleared up many of the mysteries contained in the Bible. He met many different space people through the years and his stories were so uplifting and the message was so positive that the world will not see another Valiant soul such as his for quite some time.

In my book I will share many other teachings of Frank Stranges including his meetings with the Master Jesus Christ himself as well as my meeting with several members of Valiant Thors crew on 4 seperate occassions. May god keep Valiant Thor and the entire contingent from Venus safe and warm in his hands. May they’re mission of love and peace and the promise of they’re return become a reality we can all witness very soon.

In the Light of Our Radiant One