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Dear Brothers and Sisters it is with love in my heart and a strong desire to serve the light that I have created this site. It has been a long time coming and I hope my effort will be received in the spirit of truth and the sincerity and honesty that I intend to share my experiences and knowledge.

I want to make it clear and state honestly, up front and for the record that though I will be sharing many of my personal victories of light and many wonderful experiences of which many can only dream at this time, that I am not trying to present myself as anything special or more spiritual or above and beyond anyone else in any way, shape or form.

My experiences are my own and many other have more profound and deeper experiences and of the light and in the realms of the ascended masters than I will ever have. I have been given so much love and so much light it is time that I share these gifts of love with others regardless of how my words are received.

I am woefully human with my own shortcomings and foibles. I will not go into my personal limitations in case I would detract from the truth of what I have to share. On more than a rare occasion, I clearly exhibit lower personality traits, which I am striving to transcend on a daily basis. For those who know me personally I offer a knowing wink at the extreme nature of this understatement.

I would hope that the words contained on this site will stand on their own merit and be considered as the honest explanations of an earnest and sincere devotee of the Spirit if truth with a love of the lord God, life and light.

If any of my statements or teachings are foreign to you or completely false in your awareness I apologize in advance as I can only state and share the truth as it has been revealed to me. I swear to try and remain true to this ideal to the best of my ability.

Knowledge is properly speaking only steps on an endless ladder. Without experience and wisdom, knowledge is cold dry and bereft of life. These words and experiences are the life as I have lived it and as spirit has revealed to me in the living word and the presence of my own IAM God presence. I am always open to learning and growing and will gratefully accept any insights and corrections offered with sincerity and grace.

Ignorant and blasphemous criticism’s will be ignored as will be any ideas and fears based on superstition or erroneous thinking. Those hateful people which seek to deny the truth based on lack of knowledge and prejudice are free to enjoy their own beliefs.

IAM not responsible for anyone’s spiritual growth nor do I owe anyone an explanation for anything I present here, though I will most likely do my best to feed those who hunger for the truth and the light. When asked I will constantly refer you to the inner life which has been my solace for all of my life. God is present everywhere and is everything all at the same time. Choose for all that is good beautiful and true and you will be served well in your quest for light.

Truly the answers lie within and the good news is that by your faith in a living and loving god you will find the secret small voice within the silence of eternity. Treat all you see as spirit sparks of your own divine self and know that by serving others you also serve yourself.

I consider an honor that spirit has bought you here and I pray that you find this place worthy of you time and effort to help you to discern the love of God that exists around us all. You are not alone in your journey at least one friend is close by your side. Never give up and never stop seeking the light of god for this nectar of devotion is your birthright and your true path home.

With Love From a Brother on the Path
Rob Potter