Dear Promise Friends

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The Promise Revealed Newsletter / Blog

Dear Promise Friends,

I want to thank you all for signing up to my new e-mail page. It is an honor you are here and finding my humble effort worthy of your time. I intend to send e-mails of all of my Newsletters/ Blogs to you so you can be kept up to date on the latest information. I feel is important to share it will range from Daily/ Weekly News Reports to some of my personal writings, philosophical musings and personal experiences.

I will also ask that you enjoy any of my previous Radio shows on The Victory of the Light Radio Show at and listen live every Sunday from 8-10pm EDT and 5-7pm PDT. You may check for weekly updates here on my Radio show Page and on my Facebook page

As many of you may know I volunteer and contribute heavily to the website. My own website has been neglected to a certain extent because of my work there has taken so much of my time. So from now on all my posts for PrepareForChange site will be linked to my original articles on this website.

I do not have a regular full-time job so this website is my only income. I do have a few regular Massage clients I had for many years which is part of my
Healing ministry. Still I am challenged, as many of are due to the world current financial crisis’s that affect us all. This is one reason I have been motivated to come out and tell my story.

I hope people will be inspired to be part of the solution and do their best to see we must all take responsibility in a grounded and rational process of self-motivated actions to heal the planet. If we can work together for common goals it will have an even more powerful effect. I have decided to put up a donation button on my site instead of a newsletter fee as I feel this work is a labor of love and must remain free. I hope this offends no one.

The PrepareForChange website absolutely must be free of any self promotion for obvious reasons although we may sell a few products in the near future to bolster our donations to cover our operating expenses.

My first blog post that will be sent to my e-mail list beside this welcome letter is a link to “The Veil of Invisibility” which reveals the Bush family as a Nazi Spies! I really hope this will go “Viral”

So here is the link to this book which will remain on my website for all to see.
Whats Wrong With America ? “The Grand Conspiracy Indictment of The Bush Family Nazi Crime Syndicate Important Evidence”

Again I must thank you all so very much for sharing the love and my message that we have the power within us to bring peace to this world.

Warm regards
Victory To The Light

– Rob Potter