David Adair with Host Rob Potter on Victory of Light Radio Show Part 1 12-1-2016

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Rob interviews David Adair a child prodigy who was building rockets at age 11! He was a friend of Dr Fred Bell who said David was “chock-full of great ideas and a great gift to earth science and technology”. Rob and Dave discuss his Rockets and the special program made for him with a team run by general Curtis Le May to build his advanced rocket design that took 2 years to finish. He was 17 years old when the rocket Pitholem had its first test flight from White Sands NMto Area 51 at Groom lake in Nevada.

Shortly after it landed he blew up the engine to save the world from the Military Hawks who had visions of sugar plums and first strike capability to be used with his revolutionary engine.

David has such an amazing life and has so many stories to tell thisfirst show will barely touch scratch the surface. David has kindly agreed to do a series of interviews with me andI am honored to re introduce him to the world. He retired at 50 and has stepped out of public life until the passing of his wife Joanna.

David is ready to roll so look for him on the conference speaking circuit soon.

We will tap into David’s amazing life experiences and releasethis series of interviews over time.


David Adair is an internationally recognized leader and expert in the field of space technology spinoff applications for industry and commercial use. He has worked as a research scientist in the fields of engineering, jet engine technology, rocket science and nuclear physics.

At age of 11, David built his first rocket. It was a cryogenic liquid fuel engine that was six feet tall, 200 pounds in weight and had enough thrust to push it to an altitude of 52,000 feet and at a speed of 1,600 miles an hour with radio control guidance and parachute recovery. The rockets got bigger and faster from that point on.

Today, there are only two types of rocket engines used today by the space agencies around the world liquid fuel and solid propellant. At the age of 17, David built a rocket engine that was neither one, it was an “Elector-Magnetic Fusion Containment” engine, the first of its kind. It was launched on June 20, 1971 from White Sands Missile Proving grounds for which he was awarded “The Most Outstanding in the field of Engineering Sciences” from the United States Air Force.

David was invited to join the United States Navy, in his tour from 1972 to 1982 it was filled with engineering challenges and accomplishments and awards for serving with distinctions. During this time David became a pilot, diver and a certify jet engine technician.

After the Navy, David formed his own research company called Intersect, inc. and for the next three decades David worked in his laboratory and is a professional speaker on the subject of Space Technology Transfer where his work continues to the present.

David s website is www.americasfallfromspace.com
He has a great youtube presence as well type in his name and enjoy. You can follow several of his best interviews here

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