Corey Goode Facebook Disclosure Update – August 22, 2015 (VI)


Corey Goode Facebook Disclosure Update

Posted on August 22, 2015 by kauilapele


In my last meeting, it was reinforced that the SSP Alliance was most happy about how much we have further brought out the “ET/ED AI THREAT”… However, the “CABAL” or Secret Earth Government and Syndicate groups who are allies with this “ET/ED AI” (AKA “AI Prophets”) are extremely upset.

This group has used their innate ability to infiltrate any group to begin to attack the information with ridiculous claims that the information I am disclosing is an “AI Psyop”.

They have turned already morally compromised persons into their proxy agents of pure disinformation (Knowingly telling lies).

How these people reconcile the fact that we have done MORE TO EXPOSE THE ET/ED AI THREAT than ANYONE ELSE is beyond me. Here is a very old post that should give them all food for thought. It should also cause those following their info to break away and do their own research and use their own discernment and stop following bloggers and researcher “Guru’s” that are now being exposed as the STS and negative beings they have devolved into in recent years…

Think for yourself and use your own discernment. The truth will shine a light in some dark places. If you look up to other people they will always let you down. THEY ARE PEOPLE, flaws and all after all… 🙂

I post this not to defend myself once again but as a precursor to a larger posting showing the deception put forth by certain people out of their own personal agendas. Some of them with a history of working with “Illuminati Whistleblowers” (Who all have been through trauma based mind control… No exceptions!). Each time they have worked with these people it has blown up in their face, yet they learn nothing.


Concerning the various “Secret Space Programs” and “Allied Non-Human” views of the ET “Artificial Intelligence’s” and AI Signal Spectrum’s Influencing Our Technical Society, “As Above, So Below”.


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