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298955_284843844866864_1640454708_nDear Promise Friend
First of all I would like to thank you for reaching out to contact me. I am very humbled and grateful for you interest in the information I have to share.

I have launched my blog on this site it is called “The Victory of The Light” and this will be updated regularly.  I will am also hosting a Radio show on Pyramid One Network. We are at http://BBSRadio.com. check the schedule on Studio A  and you will see my Radio Show which is also called “The Victory of The Light” on the station. Remember this is a pre-recorded  show but you can listen to archives as well as the sound cloud version of each show on this site under “Radio” on the home page.

IAM also providing Rob’s Victory of The Light Radio Show on Facebook and other social media links so you can share the messages of love and light to as many people as possible.

I will have many interesting guests and be covering a wide variety of topics ranging from Health, UFOs, Conspiracy revelations and even the spiritual aspects of the personal and planetary ascension process. I will delve into the current political state of affairs all over the world and give a viewpoint based on a spiritual perspective. My sense of humor and gift of gab will become evident quite soon. I will offer for you all to make any suggestions you may have for interesting guests.

I will be happy to help if you have any questions in regards to purchasing ANY of  The Promise Products. My Promise Pyramid Products, Lasers, Crystals, The Quantum Resonator, Tachyon Products have all been updated so if you have any questions please feel free to FIRST E-MAIL ME or call me directly as the Website is still a work in progress and errors are possible. Let me know and we will try to correct them as soon as possible!


All questions or information questions should be directed to my E-Mail Address if possible.

EMAIL:  Rob@thepromiserevealed.com


Robs Personal number is +1 530-925-3502 (USA) This number is good but if I am not available it will ring to my voice mail please leave a message and I will return your call!

My Skype contact name is Babarobgod so please add me as a contact and send a message “Promise Contact”. I will then accept your Skype contact request and we can talk in person.

If you are having trouble with a purchase or need to speak to me you may also call 530-918-8236 my Skype number which is the only one to use when i am overseas.

I will be receiving voice mail messages on the numbers listed above and will get back to you as soon if possible.

Warm Regards

Victory To The Light

Rob Potter