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How I became friends and co-workers for the light with Cobra and why I am grateful you are here!

Photo Cobra and I

When Cobra first came on the scene. I do not know how I came upon his site but it was within days of his first launching the Portal2012.blogspot website, I was reading his blog. He officially started this site on my birthday and I was immediately drawn to the information. After a period of time I began posting on his site. I was living in England with my girlfriend due to personal reasons that we were both unable to control. We both enjoy warmer climates.

I enjoy the English people and certain aspects of their culture and much of their countries beauty but it is too cold and wet for a California boys tastes. I was in a holding pattern with too much time on my hands so I was doing prolonged meditation in a little shire next to our home and decided to start posting on Cobras site.

After talking about Semjase and Dr. Bell on his website Cobra reached out to me! We began to talk in e-mails, as it seemed he had also met Semjase in the physical! This intrigued me and after vetting him through a thorough metaphysical question and answer process it became clear he was also a real bona fide physical contactee. Not only was this heart warming but also his contacts with the Agarthan network and the resistance were ongoing!

His contacts in the Brotherhood of the Star confirmed my Physical contact experiences to him and we began to Skype. I felt honored and the information he revealed to me personally explained many things in regards to my personal spiritual growth and my problematic relationship with Fred Bell.

Unfortunately my relationship with Fred had deteriorated over the last few years of his life and Cobras explanations of the psychological pressure he was under and the pacts of secrecy required for an ongoing contactee have done much to heal my wounded heart.

I am very grateful to Cobra for that and he has given me the confidence I needed to launch my own ministry of light. The timing of his friendship has unleashed a tiger for the light. I have always been confidant in who I am and never follow or worship another human being.

Even the Great Master Sai Baba was considered another brother to me, though I respected him as WAY FAR and above me in experience and ability to follow the truth and to impart his light to others. Sai Baba is still a powerful and profound force for the light and his influence has not yet been recognized for its power and importance by the mass of humanity.

Cobra has been more accessible and his tutelage to me and the example he has set has given me the confidence and assurance I needed. He confirmed that what I have experienced and know is absolutely true and correct. I have come out of my shell and begun to do what I know I have been working and preparing for my entire life. I reflected on how Cobra recovered his memories of his contacts and he is helping me to develop this ability for myself.

Cobra has continued and is expanding ongoing development in his psychic and spiritual nature. This has allowed him to be chosen as an earthly representative of the light forces. All who choose themselves and move forward with faith can also be considered part of this group. However I consider Cobra to be a mentor and guide to a certain extent. He is not a Guru and I do not worship him nor do I consider him that much further advanced than many others or myself on the planet.

He has simply demonstrated a certain amount of integrity and is currently holding an important position in relaying important information to humanity in regards to ongoing actions and plan by the GWBS and the GFL and Agarthan resistance movement.

He is certainly human and must be ever mindful in his actions and personal life lest he lose his way in earthly distractions. He like many of us in similar positions of experience has suffered much at the hands of the dark side Archons and the cabal. He has had direct attacks on his person and has had his life and family threatened. I have gone through many similar experiences and we are very œsympatico in this way.

I was very inspired and uplifted by his messages of hope and the good news he was presenting in regards to the worlds situation. I had been praying fervently in the woods when I was in England for God to use me, or to remove me from this wayward fractured world. I took cobra blog as a personal sign and decided to step up and offered my help every time Cobra asked.

I manifested 3 of the most successful conferences Cobra has done to date and I did it with 50 US dollars to my name. I focused all of my intent and spent all of my time and mental and physical and spiritual resources to see that these conferences were a success. I have altered the planets and my own timelines in the process. I am moving in the direction of my mission with unabated enthusiasm and at light speed to boot.

I am now travelling the world and setting up Cobra conferences around the world. I am developing several of my own inventions in the world of sacred geometry and healing light technologies and combining them with Dr Bells and Cobras tachyon technologies and now Len Horowitz™s Sacred Geometry Orgone generators as well! I am very much looking forward to sharing these with the world.

I am grateful to not only Cobra but to all my teachers and friends who have so selflessly shared the light with me. I am hoping Cobra knows how very much I appreciate him Semjase, Valiant Thor and his crew as well as the GFL the GWBS and the entire Cobra family. I thank them all for the love and support I have been shown, given and more importantly felt as I have bared my soul and shared my personal experiences with the world about my contacts with our space family and The Light Forces.

I have done this in a very public way and to my surprise I am being understood and not ridiculed¦(as much). My own view on the worlds situation and how we can move forward to expand the light to achieve total victory and liberate this planet for the light is being received with open arms and I pray that someone else is heartened and given faith and hope by my efforts and the truth that I am sharing.

Thank you Cobra and thank all of you with the open mindedness to come to a website in virtual space with such an otherworldly and fantastic message of prosperity and healing for all. I hope you feel my sincere awe and gratitude that you are here.

With great love and respect to you all


Cobra Visits Iran



Egypt Portal 2012 Activation

With Cobra and Rob

Interview of Rob Potter

by Maarten Horst


Interview of January 7, 2013 on ET-First Contact with Maarten Horst

This is the best interview of what was happening in Egypt during the vey dramatic Dec 16th– 21st 2012 Portal Activation with Cobra and Rob

Robb: Hi – Maarten-how are you doing?

Maarten: Hi. Beautiful. Because I am looking forward to this interview because you always bring us such beautiful and interesting news. And I think a lot of listeners are also excited to hear what you want tell us tonight because you’re close to us now. You’re close – you’re in Brussels. But however this radio station is transmitted to the whole world because we™re on the Internet worldwide. So it™s interesting what you are going to tell to the listeners.

Valiant Thor

In our last interview you spoke about Commander Valiant Thor and this kind of things that happen with the President Eisenhower. So people can listen to that interview on your website. But maybe it’s interesting to go now to the recent times, what you have discovered recently with Cobra and in Egypt and this kind of stuff.

Valiant Thor

Robb: Absolutely. I™ll start off by saying that after Egypt I did come here to Brussels, and I™m going to England and then I’m actually heading out to Thailand. Things have been exploding lately with what I call ˜My Promise™. In fact I have a new website called ˜thepromiserevealed.com. I am developing a host of new and healthy products utilizing advanced extraterrestrial technology and ancient technology for healing. So if people go there and look it will be nice! I am going to be moving to Thailand where we’ll be developing with Cobra some of the first tachyon chambers for healing the body. We™re going to combine that with pyramids, crystals, lasers, the Violet Flame and scalar fields “ in conjunction with sacred geometry as well as orgone generators. I will be teaming up with Len Horowitz again so there are all kinds of great things happening.

My site is under construction – so if people are clicking on it now they’re going to see it changing before their very eyes to the next hour. I have a friend of mine in Mt. Shasta where I™m from is going to be working on that I™ll be sharing some things that we’re going to be doing.

One of the things I am going to be doing is going back to Egypt with some people I will be taking a group there in May in a few months. I will like to invite everyone especially if your people, your listeners in Europe want to go. It’s quite affordable and our response was so great- so many people that wanted to go. Our guide was fantastic.

So what is next? I™d like to bring you up to speed in regards to Cobra. You are familiar with his website?

Maarten: Yes.

Robb: You can ask me any questions you want to and lay the groundwork or would you like me to do that?

Maarten: So, maybe its better that you do that and maybe after you do that I will ask you some specific questions.

Robb: Very good. Okay well what happened was is Cobra created a website that actually started on my birthday March 31st last year. I don’t know how I got to the site-but very soon after it was up I was guided to his site! He was posting some very interesting information and he maintains that he is in contact with people from the Agartha network in the inner earth.

We had talked about that in our first interview – those are the civilizations that’s left over from the Atlantis civilizations they are the ones inside the crust of the earth™s mantle. Cobra maintains that there™s a group that has been joined by people from another planet in our solar system called Planet X. You know this planet has a big long orbit.

It takes approximately eight hundred and fifty years for that planet to circle the Sun. One of our years takes them 850 – so that™s why they™re so far away. We don™t notice them. They are not Nibiru. Their planet does not come within our solar system and disrupt anything. That is all fear porn and disinformation.

Maarten: Okay

Robb: Semjase cleared that up years ago “ there used to be a comet that would occasionally come through our solar system and disrupt things but that™s been averted and no longer will take place. Semjase called it œthe destroyer. The Pleiadeans allegedly bumped into a safer orbit or so we are told.

Anyway Cobra started posting on his website. And I started writing about my experiences with Dr. Bell and Semjase. He reached out and said, œI met Semjase also and Dr. Bell was one of the very few real contactees and she spoke very highly of him. I said Really? – So I asked some metaphysical questions and kind of the rest is history.

He confirmed through his sources that I also have had physical contact with Semjase and we became very close friends. And I have developed a couple of his conferences around the world. We did one in Laguna. We had over 120 people in the first night and well over sixty people for the three-day conference and it was extremely successful.

I’m also proud to announce you’re the first person to know that we’re doing another conference in Laguna Beach. That’s going to take place May 24th, 25th and 26th. It™s to be followed by my second trip to Egypt. We’re going to do a planetary liberation Victory of the Light press conference in preparation for first contact in announcing enlightened contact with extraterrestrials and a new global Renaissance on the planet and positive changes in our financial system that is soon to take place.

So the Cobra information that’s coming has been revealing. A lot of new information and Cobra is actually an acronym the term for compression breakthrough. What that means is that when the light to the Galactic Central Sun meets the surface of the earth and joins with the light from the center of the earth we will have a breakthrough that will precipitate what is known as The Event.

Maarten: Yes – I understood that “ yes. . But The Event, Cobra is very mysterious about The Event what it is. I think it has to do with contact¦

Robb: No “ no Cobra™s not mysterious about The Event. The Event is a process. It’s being talked about by white hats in the military- Drake and myself and cobra we™re preparing people for the fact that WITHOUT getting into the extraterrestrial question that criminals have hijacked the world™s governments. The galactic forces are actually here to help us remove these people from positions of power. They™ve been genetically altering the planet through food, fluoridation of water, vaccination, and, radiation of food, microwaves, cell phones, mind control, false flags, radiation, bombs causing tsunamis, false flag terrorist attacks.

They are responsible for removing the people’s rights and the basic denigration and degradation of society that is designed to enslave and control the populace. This has actually been going on for twenty six thousand years because at the root of this – this force that is seeking this is actually an extraterrestrial group that we know as the reptilians, the archons and the various regressive extraterrestrial races that have been here for a long time.

And what is going to take place is at a certain point in time-no man knows the hour – the Ascended Masters don’t know the hour – the Galactic Federation of Light doesn™t know the hour, the Resistance doesn’t know the hour and the earth military allies nor the group from Planet X know the hour – but when the light hits the planet in a giant wave decided by the source it will move through the Galactic Central Sun and will reach our planet. And very shortly thereafter a concerted effort by the Galactic Federation, earth allies, the resistance movement, the Agartha network in concert with the Earth’s military forces will remove approximately 500 or more of the earth™s major world political, financial and military criminals who have been destroying the planet.

It’s actually been an organized plot. Most people think its just human nature. Actually human nature has been played like a violin and the hostile forces know our weaknesses and they’ve been manipulating us to separate us from each other here. Separating men and women, black and white, Hindu and Christian, Muslim and Jew, Rich and poor, the entire system is built around a tyrannical financial system, which is now being exposed.

I recommend people go to David Wilcock™s site, Divine Cosmos to understand the financial system.


Maarten: Oh yeah he’s a great, he™s a great researcher

Robb: Read about financial tyranny. And American Kabuki is breaking another story he’s a good friend of mine. He was actually going to work on my website but he had to bail because of this top breaking news now with a woman named Heather who is creating the legal infrastructure to remove the international banksters, the Federal Reserve and the BIS in the world banking system that has sought to dominate and control the entire world and is stealing the world’s wealth.

In conjunction with this – unbeknownst to the populace but which has the royal families of the world shaking in their boots – all their gold has been stolen by the resistance movement. They literally de-materialized the gold storage and they’ve taken it to the Inner Earth. The Rothschilds and all the banks have replaced these large gold supplies with tungsten bars plated in gold.

The real gold has been taken into the inner earth where it is being cleansed. Because gold is actually made of pyramids and has a powerful healing energy. And it’s been used and been coveted with greed for thousands of years. We store our gold in vaults. The Galactic Federation and through out our ancient history the intention of gold is to line the temples to bring about a feeling of higher consciousness. The gold will be bought back to the surface and this is going to take place at the time The Event – when these people are arrested. Many things will happen.

One is the entire financial system will be reset so these people will not have access to their money. Number two “ the bad guys will be physically arrested and taken to various locations. Number three-all the world’s media will be liberated from censorship and the satellite control of the now controlled by the cabal and archons “ the enslavement industrial complex which has kept the truth from the people.

There will start to be an information download and evidences of these people™s criminal activities which include racketeering, scamming and many other different things have taken place in these systems and the result has been tremendous hardships and degradation of the earth and her people.

Very quickly – after these arrests and the education of the public – while the world is still shocked – the money will be taken from these banksters who™ve stolen trillions and trillions of dollars. It will be given back to people in world trusts and prosperity packages will begin.

You™ll see new industries will open up like free energy. One of the first things that will happen is they™ll take out nuclear power plants and put in a machine about the size of a washing machine. This will run electricity then very quickly after that we™ll manufacture briefcase size free energy devices. And these will go into your homes and you™ll disconnect from the grid. Very quickly after that it will include your engine and we™ll place the same device in your car.

The many advances will take people by surprise at how quickly – in the twinkling of an eye – we can move into the light and the healing. And part of the important process is going to be cleansing and healing our bodies.

On my website I have a Products page. I’m selling Len Horowitz ˜s Colloidal Hydrosol Silver which is Nano particalized. It™s like a turbocharged advanced colloidal silver. It’s used by NASA and other elites but is not shared to the public. The elite usually uses it but now they can go to my site and click on this incredible colloidal silver.

There are many other amazing technologies and healing technologies capable of removing heavy metals from the body – we have Neolife. There’s a liquid dentist, which is an amazing new toothbrush wash that™s utilizing advanced technologies of ionic bonding. Things of this nature. We’re coming forward with orgone-generated devices that will be used in conjunction with my pyramid products.

If you want one of these let me know folks!

My story of my contact with Semjase and Fred Bell is part of this revelation. I’m just one of many different people that will be coming forward. And we’ll be revealing many of these new healing technologies. So I think it’s important that people be aware that there’s a positive light at the end of this dark tunnel that seems to be around us

Right now the dark force, or the ˜system™ – is completely running on autopilot. People are just programmed into believing that the system is the status quo. But I promise you, behind -the-scenes things are changing. The government™s central bunkers have been collapsed at the very deep levels. There are no more Grey’s. There are no more reptilians on the planet. And there are very few negative extraterrestrial bases at this point in time

There are a large number of earth criminals who I call minions and there are a large number of very high archons that are incarnated in human bodies but are actually extraterrestrials that have reincarnated again and again into the same earth families for control.

These individuals are in various locations in the “ they™re in the Rockefellers and I’m going to say they™re in the House of Windsor. They are in the Jesuits – the P2 Lodge, they™re in the neo-nazi™s, they™re in the Bildebergs they™re in the high levels of the military and they™re in high levels of royalty around the planet, in the various mafia factions around the world. And these individuals are being judged and removed from the planet so there are some very large advances taking place.

Right now the cabal and the New World Order is pretending that everything’s okay – but they’re shaking in their boots because extraterrestrials are showing up all over the planet now. And through the various activations that we have done with Cobra in Egypt and activations that I am going to do in Egypt and many other lightworkers have done around the planet – acting as a ground crew for the light forces we’re bringing in through our group meditation and unified consciousness field openings into the matrix which has imprisoned us for so long.

The mind control cult of religions is falling away and we™re going to replace that with the light of truth. The mighty presence of the living presence of God lives in each individual and no one needs a church or a person or a priest to interpret their own inner light.

Rob meditating inside Khefren Kings Chamber

So these are the positive things that are coming forward. And Cobra and I also “ we™re going to be on Coast-to-Coast tomorrow night and people can listen to that. Cobra is going to be releasing some brand new information.

So do you have any questions at this point? I have more stuff to share and I’m going pretty quick Martin – I appreciate your patience listening to me and I’m happy to answer any questions for you – and then I’ll start off again.

Maarten: Well – what you’re saying “ it™s very interesting and I’ve been listening to every word you were saying. So what can you share with us about your interview tomorrow with Cobra “ what are you going to reveal with him.

Robb: Well “ first of all I™m going to talk about the Egypt conference, which I™d like to share with your listeners.

When we did our portal activation in Laguna – Laguna is an ancient vortex site “ there are many vortex sites on the planet, which traditionally in the past the dark forces have taken over. These vortex sites are at various locations and what the dark forces do is they normally stick a church there, which is a mind-control. They call all the people around there and they manipulate and control the people. Actually in recent years the Rothschilds have financed cell phone towers “ microwave mind control towers in the steeples of the churches all around the planet. And these are programs that the people don™t realize are taking place but that™s how they hijacked the natural vortex points.

The earth has a way of communicating non-verbally through the magnetic, magical interdimensional forcefield of love, the love frequency of life that is known as the tachyon particle to some. Other people call it the 528-love frequency, which is used with the solfeggio scalar energy in my technologies. Some people may call it the scalar or quantum field. As for me I’m familiar with this energy through working with Fred Bell and Len Horowitz. Len Horowitz and I are working on various things – we have those products on my website also.

But I’m sure many people don’t realize that the churches have been used in this mind control method, which has taken over the vortexes in many places.

Laguna Beach is a major portal site “ and we had activation there. When the activations take place the Galactic Federation and the various spiritual forces gather over the groups of light that gather for meditation and to pray for world peace. The various spiritual and galactic forces send down loving healing energies and rays of love and truth to the humans. The humans act as the human ground force in order to realize and actualize these new higher vibrations, which infuse our multi-dimensional auric light field. The surroundings.

These higher energies are multi-dimensional. So part of the process might be to provide technology that will aid and accelerate this process as a divine intervention to help people. By utilizing various crystals and lasers in sacred geometry in conjunction with lights of various colors and also with sound one can initiate vibrational healing through the human consciousness field in the individual.

So I will be working with Cobra in the future all over the world! Our group will be gathered in Laguna Beach to perform these activations. We will also be doing these activations in various other locations of the world. The last activation we did was in Egypt.

In Egypt Cobra was speaking in the pleidian language in various locations around the Giza Plateau and in the ancient initiation chambers of Seqqara. It was really fun the words were familiar to me but I recognized them it is hard to explain my feelings at the time.

In the Queen™s Chamber inside the Great Pyramid and Saqqara we were doing activations. I had a one-watt Violet Flame laser and a tachionized crystal ball, which was lighting up the Queen’s Chamber for three hours on the 19th (12/19/12). This was an amazing activation that completely altered the electrical and vibrational structure of everyone there. We all had tremendous changes within our bodies.

Rob Oming inside initiation tub inside Kings chamber on a very hot and sweaty day!

Bonus video here^

Lets go back I™ll start you off on the 18th. We had intended to go to the Great pyramid on the first day. We had a nice conference in the hotel

where we stayed. It was a beautiful hotel where you are able to look out your window and you see the all of the Giza Plateau pyramids.

And like I said- I will be returning to that hotel again. I will be taking another group May 10 to 15th (2013) however Cobra will not be with me on that trip.

But what we did when we went to the Great Pyramid and we got outside the ticket office is that Cobra started to do a prayer. The local people, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood I should say, have incited some of the other religious fanatics there. This is not representative of the true Muslim, Islamic faiths.

Actually the Prophet Muhammad was in contact with the Archangel Gabriel originally. But this -like any religion-the original teachings got distorted. Originally it was a very pure and sacred teaching for the peoples of that culture in that time period. But now it’s been hijacked – just like the Catholic, just like the Christians, just likes the Jewish religion. They have all been hijacked into these priesthoods that have sought to separate and supersede with ignorance and fear. But it was actually on YouTube, by one of the Mullah™s of the Muslim Brotherhood (which I personally believe is a CIA – MI Six or Mossad created group which is there trying to foment World War III.

But I have news for them and for your listeners the good news is this will not be allowed. Most of the major world wars will not be allowed “to escalate anymore, they can have their little tiffs and light firefights until The Event but we’re cleaning up the planet from this totally orchestrated negativity which is designed to create great fear in addition to disempowering the human species.

I want your listeners to know and I want to announce and show the world that we DO have the power to bring peace to this planet. We as a people and a species are infinitely powerful beings of light and love. If we recognize the message of Jesus Christ and the golden rule “ ˜to do unto others as we would do unto ourselves™. And if we recognize our Heavenly Mother and Father as a parent source of light “ as if we were all children of God “ then we would all love each other and all these problems would simply fall away. Media and propaganda spin-doctors incite most of these problems.

Any way back to Cobras prayer in front of the Giza plateau ticket office. Several of the ignorant provocateurs, mostly young true believers sent by the Muslim Brotherhood ran up to us and started shouting at our group “no meditation – no meditation”. Now our guide was worried because he didn’t want us to do anything. I had forgotten to tell Cobra ˜no meditation ˜ in public and to keep all the new age stuff under the covers.

And they said ˜now you can™t go to the Giza Plateau because you™re going to meditate™. So we had a hard time but we just went in. We got up there but the Muslim Brotherhood government agents were following us around- so we couldn’t go into the Great Pyramid right away.

We went on a a detour route and we pretended like we were just normal tourists. We went over to the funerary temple in the shade of the Merkaure pyramid , and at four o’clock we came back to the great pyramid. We had a beautiful time inside the Kings chamber right before the Great Pyramid was closed. Our group was in there for about 20 minutes “ it was very nice.

Now – Fast-forward to the evening of the 18th, which was really early in the morning of the 19th. At twelve o™clock AM we went inside the Great Pyramid for three hours. We had a private time – we paid a lot of money and were able to go inside the Queen’s Chamber that has been closed to the public for years.

We were able to go in there where we had a wonderful activation. It was an amazing experience. Cobra as I said was speaking and we were chanting in Pleaidian. And the energy – we have pictures that are filled with orbs and those are going to be on my website very soon – which we also had a picture of a spaceship that was out at night dancing and another one as well that one of our group took of this spaceship over our group in Saqqara on the 20th.

Space ship dancing in the night of Dec. 19th 2012 after 3 hours inside with cobra group.

But I want to flash forward now. After this wonderful activation the very next day – the evening of the 19th “ We had also paid a large sum of money to go between the paws of the Sphinx. Tourists are normally kept 30 feet away “ but on this day we had this appointment to go between the paws of the Sphinx. And we were told ˜you might not be able to go in- something happened today™.

We were kind of frantic over not being able to go in there. We had paid all this money “and were wondering – are they going to just keep it? Because it was an official government permission. And what we found out later – when we were up there doing our activation with the guards was shocking.

The guards are like ˜what are they doing there™ and one of our guides just said ˜ oh they’re just doing yoga and stretching exercises – these are professors from around the world who just like to do yoga exercises in various locations.

And you know “ they™re kind of lying “ but we have pictures of orbs and UFOs also on this night. Now what happened was told to us when we finished and there is a guard with a bomb-sniffing dog there. We wondered what that was about. The translator said what happened was – the Muslim Brotherhood and the cabal had tried to send a very sophisticated bomb that looked like a rock onto the Giza Plateau.

This bomb was strapped to a flatbed truck. It was as big as a small Volkswagen. A girl that was staying at our hotel but was not in our group confirmed this. The girl said™ I saw this rock – I was wondering what was a rock doing on that truck – it makes no sense why someone is carrying a rock around œ. She also said it looked like a real rock in a way – yet it wasn’t. Luckily for us it was spotted. It was a real interesting synchronicity that she confirmed this to me personally so I had 2 sources on this being a real event.

It makes no sense why someone would be carrying a rock around on a flat bed truck and trying to access the sphinx area! The girl who told me she saw this and was wondering œwhat is that, also said it looked like a real rock and yet it wasn’t. Luckily for us – the galactic forces alerted telepathically or just psychically one of the guards and he brought the bomb sniffing dog over to the rock. And the dog alerted and they arrested the guy in the vehicle.

This has not been made public but there was a large sophisticated bomb inside this rock. The authorities did not make announcements because they didn’t want to scare the tourists away. The bad guys did not want to report it because it was a failure of their plans to blow up the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid. To be honest in my opinion they just wanted to close it down so that the spiritual forces would not be activating in these vortexes by bringing in the light. That’s my belief. Anyway we completed this activation on the 19th. But that was an amazing story about how we heard it was a bomb “ it was a great victory.

So to go on “ now our guide that I’m connected with – he doesn’t want his real name in the public – but I™ll call him Mohammed “ he is very well connected. His family has been on the plateau for five generations. He has worked on the Giza Plateau and he is very well connected. He got us into all of these places with his tremendous negotiating skills and œhe is the man!

So he and I have become very close friends. And like I said “ I™m going down there again in May “ we have an even better plan worked out. It™s going to be a little less hectic. Our group was running to and fro last time.

Rob leading prayer at Sakkara 2013 note cool light beams into my heart.

Now the next day we go to Saqqara. Because what people don’t know is that we had intended originally to be inside the Great Pyramid on the 21st. But the president himself shut down the pyramid, the Great Pyramid, on the 11th and 12th of December and the 20th and 21st of December “ the Great Pyramid was closed to the public. They did not want activations near. The Muslim brotherhood had said we don’t want all these crazy meditators from around the world coming here – so they shut it down. In fact one Mullah said it should be demolished. Hahahaha

But we knew what was taking place on the 20th so we chose that day to go to Saqqara. So we went to Saqqara “ which is an ancient Mystery School. There are tunnels which an Egyptian would know – but they don’t want anyone to know about this because there are many advanced technologies soon to be found under there and the cabal doesn’t want people to know about. There have also been found in the early 20™s some very large mummies that were most definitely ET origin from long ago!

There is going to be spaceships found beneath the Sphinx and one of them is going to be the actual craft Jesus Christ ascended in. When they open it it’s going to have the cross that Christ was crucified on. They are also going to find are some jars. These jars are going to contain goatskins with the writings of Jesus Christ. They will also find advanced technology proving that extraterrestrial and humans have interacted before. There will be records of the industry and there will also be records of the technology. For instance they will find a laser scalpel that will cut between the cells.

Now I know this directly through my friend Dr Frank Stranges who told me this was revealed to him by his Venusian friend commander Valiant Thor who had told him this. Some of this underground labyrinth information I am releasing here is also known by many insiders.

The Egyptian government has found many underground chambers underneath the area of the paws of the Sphinx. My friend JJ Hurtak got permission to dig near the sphinx in the late 70™s and WAS THE FIRST to find Osiris™s tomb. Zawi Hawass the cabal agent and criminal took credit for this discovery in subsequent years!

And underneath the pyramid complex there is a 40-mile tunnel that connect to the serapeaum at Saqqara. Initiates who went through a process to make an actual link connecting to their own Iam presence in the ancient times used this tunnel to go from Saqqara to the Giza Plateau. It looks like there may have been advanced technology in these tunnels also.

Rob and JJ Bosnia 2013 / I adore JJ and his work The Keys of Enoch have been My ET bible so to speak! JJ has told me I may say to the public he œSupports my work and my information is correct.

In the past the last official initiate was Christ who went here during his lost years. The Great Pyramid was sealed after he had his Initiation until about 990 AD when a KALIPH named something like I think Muhammad actually opened it. And it’s been open ever since. Now that™s taken place a long time ago. And now there™s an underground River- the Nile. And there’s a huge tunnel under there and the government has gone in there in rafts and done some exploring. I’m not sure exactly what they found. But they will certainly not find the spaceships until the appointed time! Some of these more sacred and historical artifacts will not be found until the cabal and the archon and alien presence is removed from the planet.

But these will be brought forward to help appease the hungry minds of humanity which has been confused and misled and not been told the truth for so long. So that’s what we’re looking forward to in the near future is that hopefully lots of positive things will be coming forward very soon.

Now back onto the portal tour on the 20th. After we did the Saqqara activation inside the serapeaum where we visited these giant granite meditation chambers that had been closed for years until 2 weeks before we arrived! They™ had been renovating and working on it taking out stuff to keep from the public and horde for themselves! It is actually very nice now and overall they have done a great Job!

Egyptian Isis inside Serapeaum

They wouldn™t let anyone under there “ it™s been under lock and key. They™ve sealed off the tunnel now with a huge cement thing so no one can go in it. But they™ve really done it up nicely. It™s a very high quality place to visit now. It™s the called the Serapeaum as I said and its one of the best sites to see. It™s got these beautiful wooden walkways and the lighting is excellent.

They do have these huge initiation chambers which in the ancient times individuals would prepared and then they would go into these stone megaliths with this huge granite lids and then they would be sealed inside there for three days or for even more days depending on the initiation that took place.

There™s a very sacred huge quiet space and sacred energy emanating from the ectoplasm field of the walls in there and our group had another wonderful activation. As usual we again did some vortex cleansing and clearing with our group in there and we have many photos that I will share on my site of orbs that we took in there.

So now we fast forward- to the 21st. I find out from our friend he comes in and goes ˜Mister Robb “ my brother™ -. He says ˜you know what happened? ¦I go œNo œ he says.

œBecause yesterday there were many meditation groups it was closed on the 20th. So there were many meditation groups that tried to get into the Great Pyramid on the 20th. And The Muslim Brotherhood went in front of the Great Pyramid and they started shouting and harassing. One group-it was a very nice lady named Dianne Cotte Robles. He then said her group was turned away I feel it was because she had a huge group and many of them were wearing you know nice new age clothes and crystals. They knew who they were and the MB shut the pyramid down to them so they couldn’t get in.

Also very interesting secret is that another Cabal attack was planned and then foiled by the light forces. Here is what not reported publicly and what people don’t know is that two patsy agents of the cabal who were carrying passports from Holland were arrested with machetes strapped to each leg. One of them was a Pakistani and one of them was an Egyptian. My friend who had family in the police department said that they had been interrogated. Their plan was to start hacking up meditators on the Giza plateau! This is crazy stuff and it.really happened!

Now the political situation: people are worried when we were going at the time because there were the people demonstrating in Tahir Square. But my friend told me before we left “ œNo – all oft he problems are confined in Tahir square and sure enough when I got there – there was a traffic jam around the central area of town which is near the museum so we didn’t go there.

But you know the rest of that town as you may know has twenty million people. In most of Cairo the people were walking around freely. Not much else was going on so I felt pretty safe for our group. I was very surprised that this was gong on and very glad the GFL was on top of the situation to see all was well and nothing major took place.

On the Giza Plateau it’s a completely different vibration. The people love the tourists there “ they are very friendly. We were moving forward anyway and I was very surprised to hear that we did come perilously close to possible danger. But our group was protected -we had pictures of the Guardian spaceships around us and everything went off without a hitch.

Guardian ship accompanying 2012 Cobra team:

But on to the 20th when we went to Saqqara – we had the picture the UFO as well.

On the day of the 21st we needed to be inside the Khefrin Pyramid at 12:12pm to do the big activation. . We decided to do an end “a- round trip around the authorities and the Muslim Brotherhood. We took a camel trip from the backside. We ended up deposited by the funerary temple where we waited. Then we went in various paces in groups of 2, 1, 3 “ we didn™t go as a group to throw off the MB. We had paid for a special entry into the Queen’s Chamber and intended to do the big activation in there.

However, when our guide got there the Muslim Brotherhood revoked the permit that we get paid for. They said ˜where is your group-you are not going to be allowed in, But the guide said ˜Oh “ yesterday you said they couldn’t come in I already know – they didn’t come “ then he gave us a wink and pretended like he didn’t know us. And we all went inside.

Now we went up to the King’s Chamber in the KEFREN pyramid. Actually this was actually the best pyramid to do the activation in. The KEFRIN pyramid is the feminine aspect and we were activating the return of the goddess energy to the planet. So because the Great Pyramid was closed the KHEFRIN pyramid was backed up with a lot of people. I was actually concerned that we would make it inside for the activation time of 12:12pm. Well luckily-we made it in there.

We 30 people in our group! One of our members of our group was from Egypt. He brought along another 30 people from the local Egyptian light population who all spoke Egyptian. And these were all very modern spiritual meditating people. We had a doctor and also a lawyer regular modern Egyptian citizens and several others. They were acting as a buffer.

When we got into this chamber it was quite filled with people. Our guide had been refused entry. But we had another guide who was his partner who was with us. When it was getting close to the time we wanted to do this activation we were all standing in there. So he starts scooting the tourists out – he says œEveryone out, everyone out, everyone out. He kind of bluffed his way pretty good and a lot of the people left the chamber.

So now “ we™re in the chamber with 30 of our group “ we™re in there with another 30 or so Egyptians and guess what – another 10 or 15 meditators from around the world had made their way into the pyramid at this time for the activation.

But when he was shooing people out he got to some people who said, œBuzz off “ we™re with the government. We™re with the Muslim Brotherhood- and we™re here to see nothing bad happens in the here.

So he (our guide™s partner guide) went out to the front of the chamber – and he blocked it from any other people coming in. So for the most part it’s only our group was in their, plus these Muslim Brotherhood, and maybe a couple tourists as well as other meditators. We did not ask for this to happen he just did it and we did not know until later this is what had happened.

So Cobra “ we go into “ we form a circle. And we start doing our thing. And the Muslim Brotherhood, government agents, go ˜what’s going, what™s going on – you know – no meditation and they start saying things.

And again “ our Egyptian friends started talking to them engaging them and distracting them saying ˜ this is just a yoga group “ they are just doing exercises this is not a meditation™. And of course they don’t realize that yoga in itself is meditation right? But anyway so we’re doing this, we™re doing activation. Now we start chanting in plieadian again. Now they really start raising their voices.

By this time the line is starting to back up down the tunnel un beknownst to us. The guards are coming up. But its very crowded in these small passageways you have to bend over. It™s very hard to pass people going up and coming down. By the time they get there the activation is done.

And they come running in going ˜No Meditation and they are screaming.

They tried to get into the circle but a girl and I wouldn™t let them in “ they tried to get in through me. So we finished our activation and it was a great victory and we united the people around the world at 12:12pm, and we were very excited.

So we got outside and our guide comes over “ because he had taken a walk away to mislead the guards at the entrance who liked him but were under strict orders to stop groups. And guess what he found out that happened inside the Great Pyramid on the 21st?

They closed it at 12:00 at night on the 20th. They closed it down. What happened was some œvery rich looking white guys from America got in there. They were very wealthy, rich, and we presume they were part of the cabal, the dark force. We think they were doing black magic rituals. There were in there for 36 hours. They had secured permission and we believe they took in some scalar radionics to try and alter the vortex energies in there. So they were in there for 36 hours. But whatever they did it didn’t work.

So on that day-the 22nd– many people including Cobra left. I figured things would calm down “ so I planned to go back to the Great Pyramid on the 22nd with some other individuals. So we went back there and we were going to do another type of meditation in there. Then of course we find out that on the 22nd – in the morning the Muslim Brotherhood had come back again and did a big demonstration and they turned away four hundred meditators who were trying to get in. They said ˜you cannot come its closed for the day™. œ

Well I got there, and I heard them said œWell actually we are going to open it around one o’clock. So for those who hung around we got back in on the 22nd in the afternoon. We did a little meditation- it was quite distracting in there and then guess what happened?

When all the meditators finally made it in “ the place started ˜ohming™l œoooooohhhhhhhmmmmmm™.

Maarten: Oh beautiful!

Robb: One of the psychics said ˜the golden capstone just came down™. So that’s kind of the ˜Victory of The Light™ story as it happened on the last Egypt trip. That was a powerful vortex. But the energies are ramping up even in 2013. If anyone wants to go with us I’m going again in May. It™s going to be a wonderful time.

And also if they go on to the website ˜The Promise Revealed.com™ they are going to notice lots of changes. I have lots of other interviews and transcripts of my writings and my mission statement. And pictures of UFOs and stuff are going be going up there. I even have a picture of you Maarten.

Maarten: Yes – thank you Robert. Yes “ I want to make a YouTube video from this interview so can post it also.

Robb: Oh – very good. I™ll send you some pictures of the Egyptian conference it you want to add them in “ that would be great.

Maarten: Yes “ I will do that. And I would like to ask you a question about The Event. What actually or specifically needs to be done? What is required for the event to happen?

Robb: Well what’s required for the event to happen¦? What is going to happen – that™s going to happen is that no man knows the hour “ that will be be decided by source. Grand Central Life “ The Center of Creation will make manifest this to happen the at the¦ Cobra is telling us¦

Maarten: yes -Prime Creator“ I’m not asking about the hour but you¦. the prerequisites ¦ the prerequisites for this to happen.

Robb: OK – what needs to happen is for Humanity to continue to wake up their consciousness and start meditating. Gathering together and not just demonstrating against the dark force but just start to gather together to create alternatives and solutions. Declare “ no one will enslave us anymore. Just say No “ we reject this programming. We declare our sovereignty.

And stop working for Monsanto. I don’t care how much money they’re paying you¦


Maarten: ¦Getting back he was just explaining about the Egyptian pyramids and what happened there with Cobra and what needs to be done for The Event to happen? And The Event is when the dark cabal will be arrested and all its members. So we are just getting him back now.

Robb: Hey Martin “ I™m here

Maarten: You know “ I just didn™t get the chance to tell you that I’m having the impression that the government is trying to disrupt the Internet connection. Because the information you are sharing is being spread by a lot of people in the world. And I can see who is listening from and from what countries they are. And there are always three listeners who don’t identify themselves. And they are probably from CIA, MI6, and the Dutch Government ¦

Robb: Yeah- whatever – those people need to find new jobs I wish them healing and blessings in the light to them because this information will not be stopped.

There is no individual responsible for the event. This is a mass consciousness up attunement of the entire planet. I wanted to say that people need to understand that there are psychic vampires. We are all responsible. We can starve these forces by controlling our thoughts and not falling prey to negativity and lower emotional personality vehicle materialistic distractions and keep our attention focused on our higher consciousness and the light within us.

Maarten: Exactly. Victory! Victory of the light for us.

Robb: Yes, Victory to the light. And so when these people are going to be arrested, they’re not going to be hung up and strung by the rafters. They will be removed from political office and there will be an entirely new political process. I can promise you after the event there will be no borders. Welcome people! Travel the world it’s free now! Imagine that.

All the superstition and ignorance and fear of separation must end if we are to progress as a people. The fear of different cultures must end we are all one people under god. The world is not owned by anyone.

We are going to move to a cashless society. First we’re going to have to go through a gold-backed standard and make many transitions. But what has to take place is at the time of The Event “ the mother ships will move into the earth’s atmosphere and cleanse from the eight-mile atmosphere surrounding the earth the remaining archons and lower astral energies that influence humanities consciousness.

Not that we™re helpless. We cannot say that it™s not our responsibility anymore. However we’ve been heavily influenced. They have created a system where they incarnate into the same families of wealth. That is how they control it. And they control the incarnation grids and they put an electronic fence around the planet.

Maarten: Yes “ I read the latest Cobra update from the January 2, (2013).

Robb: Yes we have another fence around them on the outside so they can™t escape. Also the galactic light forces are stabilizing the tectonic plates and seeing to it that the solar flares do not a precipitate cataclysmic pole shift. That has been put off. So there have been tremendous victories.

What we need people to do is to meditate-and to not react when the negative forces make you angry. It™s very important that the people love one another and follow the golden rule so these types of things are a part of the victory of the light. We all fail on occasion and I myself and not the best example but I am trying to heal and get better in this regard.

I also highly recommend that people get into healthy nutrition. We have some – on my website – I offer some super products on there as far as protein powders and high-tech – what we call ˜OROMUS™ or etheric gold. We are also going to have various products on there. What you are going to want to do is to aid people in increasing their vibratory energies. I’m going to be one of the first companies to sell Cobra™s tachyon (products) with tachyon energy fields-which actually have crystal’s connected to ¦ crystals orbiting in outer space. We’re bringing in the natural life force of the universe. People don’t know but the astronauts are very youthful. When you go in outer space you’re exposed to the wonderful healing energies of the Tachyon field beyond the matrix.

Maarten: Yes “ we™re being interrupted again again – but go ahead about your products.

Robb: So this wonderful energy of the technology of the tachyon “ we are combining with Dr. Bell™s lasers, crystals and the vortex energies that I will have up on the site very soon. So people can take a look at that. We are also going to have some products as well from the blue-green algae, the Powered Organics Company. We have some of the cool chocolates with the blue-green algae, and various other bath and mineral salts. So we are developing technologies now of health and healing that are very important. People need to move forward in consciousness. Are going to have an economy based on gasoline and fossil fuels or are we going to put our money in support of the natural organic health products?


Trust me people “ the free energy is here it will be released very soon. The financial system will also be reset very soon. Go to American Kabuki™s site. The COBRA portal site and or course again “ The PromiseRevealed.com. And I’m sure Maarten Horst has a host of other wonderful guests that are revealing other information and technologies.

I am doing seminars – I’m open to coming and traveling around the world to share this technology. I do various activations. I will teach Kriya yoga. As I told you before – I was fortunate enough to be initiated by the master Babaji who appeared to me when I was 23 years old. I was taught the science of Kriya yoga. Not HARIKAN Babaji “ which is not the Yogananda Babaji “ it s a different Babaji. I was taught the science of Kriya yoga or the science of the still breath. And I do initiations in that in combination with various vibrational attunements utilizing these extra terrestrial technologies, which were used in ancient times.

So we’re bringing these forward. I’m not the only one – I’m not the first one and I have another link on my site called ˜My teachers My stories™. There are many wonderful teachers that people will be able to read about and my personal interactions with them. I spent a lot of my time with physical contactees with these people – who like myself have been beamed up to ships and have had actual conversations with extraterrestrials.

The channelings – although well intentioned – is – as you – if you follow any of the channelings you know most of it’s in error. Many of these channels talk mass planetary ascension and this and that. People don™t realize if all goes well that shortly, hopefully within the next five to ten to fifteen years, the planet will go through a series of ascensions. Cobra will be releasing this information I believe tomorrow night on Coast to Coast.

But I can tell you that at various points in the future large numbers of people will just disappear and some will be returning home to their various worlds. We are going to go through a preparation for first contact.

Ancient artifacts will be brought forward from the various retreats of the Great White Brother or Sisterhood of the planet proving man’s interaction with extraterrestrials in the in the past. Anyone notice how many pyramids are being found? They are finding them under the water of Cuba, in Bosnia, in South Africa, Antarctica.

Pyramids have been used in ancient times as energy generators. Eventually they will be restored. They will be like antennas that create free energy. And we will have flying cars and eventually spaceships and we will begin to interact with our space family.

We have a bright beautiful future. And I recommend people are to gather in groups – and on your own. If you can™t afford to go – go out into the forest with some groups of people and pray for world peace. We have meditation clock that counts down to every Sunday when we have our group world meditation. We need people to post this awareness of love throughout the planet as well as take an active part in changing their society and being aware that we need to create a new societal structure – one based on love harmony and communication.

So victory to the light and

Have no fear “ Great Spirit is here!

Maarten: Thank you very much for the beautiful words Robert – and this will be posted on the internet, on your website, and my website. Many people will be able to watch this and listen to it later if they miss this. Thank you very much and Victory to the light.





Rob Potter



The below vignette™s are written in response to some people in regards to Cobras posts other posts are just some posts I made in the portal2012.blogspot of my own accord. I thought I would share some of my responses and posts to the cobra portal site here! You may find these in the comment section of cobras Blog.


Now to clarify the grid situation.

1 The dark has controlled various vortex portals for thousands of years this is how they control who incarnates into the Rothschild™s bushes etc. etc. This is also where and how they manipulate our world reality and worldview through this matrix of light, which is a natural aspect of reality and embodiment. They have highjacked this for their own purposes and are distorting this matrix and creating a false or fallen reality perception and a host of negative failure doomsday scenario programs for individuals and groups. These programs extend into our societal structure and have been used to play on our weaknesses money military etc. etc. They usually pick a vortex and put a church on it and work the mind control form there in fact the Rothschild™s were personally financing cell phone mind control antenna to be built directly into the spires on many churches and broadcast along the natural vortex ley lines their insidious programs. The bible says we wrest with “principalities and powers”. This is because the average archon is well hidden

2 This is the lynch pin in their control of people minds and the real power source of their efforts. We have been waiting over 30 thousand years to be able to bring it down. It will not come down until the source wills it as the GFL and resistance cannot do this without loss of life at this time. The Galactic super wave light pulse will make all of this possible. The stardust will work at that time.

3 Right now the stardust could not be triggered without reaction and result in a major catastrophe. I know we have already had countless and numerous catastrophes™ but this is what it is.

4 I do not expect you to know me or understand my faith and my experiences with ascended masters but I have had a few up close and personal physical revelations, as I will call them. I absolutely do agree with you about having the ascended masters for help. The way that I meant it is that religion has been used for people to see priests the way and through them we get forgiven they decide what is right or wrong a sin or not it is all based on guilt and manipulation. Archons have incarnated into the Catholic Church and other religious organizations to thwart the spiritual calling. This is obviously not the case for the real ascended masters. But they are not around to humanity at this time they also must remain hidden. They are not on call for me personally though I do invoke their presence in my prayers!

The average person does not get physical contacts with these beings unfortunately. You will also note that I DID NOT say that using ascended masters would NOT be helpful. Because clearly it is. I would not be doing what I am doing right now if not for master Hilarion sending to me a resistance member for my personal instruction. I also was gifted by a physical visit from Babaji and Sai Baba has been very instrumental in my spiritual faith. So I accept help from ascended and UN ascended teachers and looks for and gathers the truth and light where ever and when ever I find it. You also said either path is safe and bold. I use both because I am ambidextrous with my hands and my mind.

Cobra is extremely busy at this point in time and may or may not answer your personal questions. I feel it is best for us all to work for the light than try to get too much into nit picking the details. Any inconsistencies are generally due to misunderstandings but the basic gist of cobra message is


My hope would be for all of us to get busy and start to create alternative solutions and to be engaged in service and light oriented work. This in not directed at you by the way. It is a general call to the light worker to step up now. After the event and after the ships can appear freely without inciting panic or fear it will be easy to do your mission and to work for the changes because then it will be the “in thing to do”. The television will report the truth and since the television says it will be true! Why not be an early bird and step into the action for the planet now? She will appreciate it.

I encourage you all to have the faith and courage to dare to act to do and to remain silent and serve selflessly help ever hurt never

Submitted for your perusal with respect

And warm regards

Victory is nigh


A post I made about after the event and what should happen to the world class criminals who are soon to see there last days of corruption in offices of influence and power. I feel they should be arrested like anyone else and be contained separately from the public.


Amnesty should be a secure location on a remote island with no means of escape and all of them should be there to work out their living situation by themselves…. psychiatric healing teams to periodically monitor their growth. No general amnesty can be allowed as they will not give up many will just seek to regain power. Also their are select few maybe 500,000 or so worldwide who are not from this planet in holographically projected physical vehicles who will fight to the end.

Some may still “be killed” and return to their original bodies be they grey or reptilian or? This group must be located and rounded up by the Galactic Highway patrol (Andromedeans?) As any attempt by earth based forces will end in loss of human life as their technology and superhuman like powers are impossible for even Special Forces to handle. This must be ET/ED operation! Why not just keep arresting the smaller fish and take out the big boys one by one at first. Then grab some of the behind the scenes bigwigs; Soros Rove Rothchilds Rockefellers Warburgs Hauptsburgs etc x 2000 and about 30 of the major Govt players in the us and begin a massive education campaign… taking over NRO and Norad underground facilities will important to control media and to stop satellite censorship.. Or better yet have the ET’s themselves secure the transmissions.

Making contact with regular populace and having more official messengers for this public awakening is of paramount importance. I would volunteer as many others here and elsewhere would also! Having fear by the military is a new one for me? Minor firefights™ are to be expected. The spiraling out of control can be eliminated by a media blackout as these media whores/ minions will do more of the same dis-info and stoke the flames of confusion and fear unless they are cut off below the knees. Arrest all news censors and the onsite managers.

Have these actions to coincide with the first major round-ups. Broadcast on the emergency channel a repeated declaration of intent for freedom and liberation from tyranny on all radio and TV networks. Then begin a 24/7 broadcast of criminal complaints giving names dates and facts, eyewitness testimony regarding drug smuggling by the bushes would be a good start need I go on?

Again the space family of light could aid in this respect. To allow this enslavement scenario with chemtrails, vaccines, micro chips, HAARP, mind control, poisoning etc etc endless wars, erosion of rights conditioning for a mindless zombie food source slave population is far worse than any problems we will face from the general public. When the ELF HAARP frequency sent along the power grids stop invading people homes the majority of people will be able to think. They might start spontaneously talking to their neighbors and a new era of peace and understanding might just happen. Most of our dysfunction has been bred into our thinking process on purpose.

When it becomes “good” and accepted to speak the truth and to expose the lies and criminal activities the sheeple will gladly run free into open pastures. Remember Tahir square? Military/police forces did the entire major killing. If we dismantle the criminal federal government its many agencies can be assured jobs in rebuilding the country in a positive way. These are off the top suggestions but media control is paramount to such actions to limit panic. That is what they are doing now by not reporting the truth of world wide massive protests.

We are with you guy lets go forward not in a rush but in a well planned Lawful arrest of criminals who are tyrannically creating endless suffering and willfully murdering millions of souls annually through starvation suppressed cures and disease (via vaccinations The modern day gas chamber) and many other means to numerous to mention here. Get all those flak-jacketed hoorahs and tell them how traitors to truth the constitution that they swore to uphold and let them lead the charge have manipulated the country!

I suggest when congress is in session with all parties present and TV’s turned on. Hold them all in detention and call on the public to surround DC give everyone 3-5 days to get there and when you get 4 million surrounding you and supporting you (this will not be a problem it may be logistically food and water etc but we can handle it) start the expose or trials or educational process of why this has taking place. Bring them up to the docket in a preliminary hearing of a first time ever-national grand jury and present your best evidence for legal indictments.

First we could, apologize to the public for the initial shock and minor violence. Don™t worry we will understand and come to your support. Explain this is not a coup but a mass arrest of major criminals. Explain that these psychotic sociopath materialists™ whose culture of greed and corruption has gone too deep into the fabric of this country and must ripped out by its roots. IN A LOVING WAY as a good father who wants his children to understand right from wrong by stopping the secret bullies from destroying his children’s lives. Like a gardener who must remove the weeds so must we remove the criminals in our governments now?

SORRY FOR ALL THE PASSION. I feel strongly our efforts must commence sooner than later as the longer ‘they get away with it” The more difficult will be the battle…. I recognize far more educated in the know players with ET/ED wisdom guiding them should ultimately decide the when the plans are enacted. I bow to their wisdom. However if it left in the hands of earth based good guys. Put your best plan forward and execute it with the precision and secrecy of a Normandy like invasion.

We all want the results the ends must be tempered by Lawful means and actions. Since when do the police forces anywhere stop arresting anyone anywhere from fear? I do not seek violence only Freedom. As you all gird your loins abide in truth and the truth will abide in you and remember The Light of God never fails! I personally would be willing to be part of such an action and put my life on the line so if there is room for a 50 something to get involved if you are who you say are you know how to contact me I can keep a secret and I am without fear. Respect and support to you all with love and a cherry on top

Rob aka Pottsman

Cobra in action Photo