Dear Promise Friends,

It is with deep graditude and humility that I wish to thank you all for your kindness and support. I am offering some discounts on my website this Holiday Season. This offer is 20% off of regular price for those who are signed up in my FREE membership. For those who are Inner Circle Members I am offering 25% off the products listed here. Plus I have even lowered the prices from the get go on many Cintamani products even if you are not a member.

If you are not signed up for free membership you may sign up now and if you are logged in you will see discounted price. The same thing applies for Inner Circle Members, you must be logged on to see the 25% discount on these products.

The discounts are for certain Cintamani stones, Cintamani pendants and The Inner Circle itself. Remember you will not see discounted prices unless you are logged in as a Free Member or Inner Circle Member.

Thank You all for your lovely support to The Promise Revealed website. Having such wonderful people supporting my work attending my conferences and being such great customers is something I do not take for granted and I want to let you all know how very grateful I am.

We have all been through a very challenging year as what we know or thought we know has needed a very open mind. With that said we must practice discernmet with an open heart and not fall prey to believing every negative thing that comes our way.

Stay the course and hold fast to the Truth and know the ansers lie within. This cliche can piss me off sometimes but this is the hard reality we must take responsibility and hold the love space door open wide.

May the Universal Christ guide All
Happy Holidays
Warm Regards To All
Victory To The Light