Mt Shasta 2018 Conference Update

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Dear Friends,  I am sorry to report that the light worker Sheldon Nidle has been removed from the conference speaker line up at his request due to health issues. It is possible we may still have him in Shasta this summer if all goes well. We ask you all to send your prayers to him […]

ThePromiseRevealed – NEWSLETTER AND BLOG #4

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ThePromiseRevealed – NEWSLETTER AND BLOG #4

ThePromiseRevealed.Com NEWSLETTER AND BLOG By: Rob Potter   Dear Promise Friends, My Hopi and Navaho “Water is Life Project” article is taking longer than I anticipated as the documentation required is voluminous. My work on this site and PFC is also consuming large amounts of time. However tremendous progress is being made on the PFC […]

ThePromiseRevealed.Com Newsletter / Blog Issue #3 – By: Rob Potter

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ThePromiseRevealed.Com Newsletter / Blog Issue #3 – By: Rob Potter

ThePromiseRevealed.Com NEWSLETTER AND BLOG By Rob Potter Dear Promise Friends, I wanted to give you a little personal update before I start to share some interesting information for you all to enjoy. I have finished my move to Rosarito in Baja Mexico. I am simply following my inner predilection to be able to spend my […]

“The Grand Conspiracy” – The Bush Family Nazi Crime Syndicate

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“The Grand Conspiracy” – The Bush Family Nazi Crime Syndicate

“The Grand Conspiracy” The Bush Family Nazi Crime Syndicate Dear Promise Friends, I know you will be astounded by what is presented here today. I hope you will share this and make it viral, as it will help many people to understand via undeniable evidence how deep the conspiracy really is. This book “The Veil […]

Keshe Foundation

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Keshe Foundation

I am going to try to provide some relevant information on a daily or weekly basis. I make no claim to the accuracy of these stories as these have all come from the public domain on the internet. I personally feel there is more truth in some these postings than you will find on MSM […]

Dear Promise Friends

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The Promise Revealed Newsletter / Blog Dear Promise Friends, I want to thank you all for signing up to my new e-mail page. It is an honor you are here and finding my humble effort worthy of your time. I intend to send e-mails of all of my Newsletters/ Blogs to you so you can […]

Website Update

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With the recent consciousness shift & enlightenment increase of mankind, Rob & I met while I was separating from the Air Force. From my recent enlightenment & understandings of present & ancient history, anthropology, & God. I came across Rob’s website (ThePromiseRevealed) & immediately called him to help revamp his website. I felt a strong […]

The Victory of The Light

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Dear Friends, It is my honor to launch this new blogspot to share with the world the Victory of The Light and the plans for Planetary Redemption. I intend to share many wonderful revelations covering a wide variety of topics. We will run the gamut from Spirituality, Health and Wellness to ET/ED Divine Intervention, Science, […]

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