Urgent Health Headlines (VI) (DM)

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We can win against Monsanto. Support Maine and New York. –MrT. Urgent Health Headlines Monsanto Employee Admits an Entire Department Exists to “Discredit” Scientists. but no one knows about it FDA Approves GMO Apples & Potatoes, Likely No Labeling (VI) (DM) Breaking News: New York Moves Forward with GMO Labeling Bills (VI) (DM) Breaking: Maine […]

Update on Autobio

For anyone that knows people that slept through the entire matrix not realizing that they were slaves, which is probably most of us, you can just send them over to read my autobiography at https://thepromiserevealed.com/mrtruthseeker/about/ I just added an Intro.

Important updates form last week

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Bob Fickes: Freedom from Fear – St. Germaine

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I have heard your thoughts! You are afraid of death and transformation. But you are going to change and become magnificent! You will not die, but become Immortal! Even as I did two hundred years ago!