Journey to The New Shambala Part 2

The journey was about to begin in Bolivia and I was in my room reminiscing about my first awareness in regards to South America and the Great White Brotherhood. I was about 21 or 22 years old and living in a small apartment near the ocean in Laguna Beach at the time.  I was studying […]

The Pilgrimage To The New Shamballa Part One

The Promise Revealed Report The Pilgrimage To The New Shamballa Part One Dear Promise Friends, It has been a month since our group returned from the South American countries of Bolivia and Peru. This journey and the experiences we had were very beautiful and sacred. My friendship with Luis Mostajo has deepened and I am […]

Four Part Interview with Sylvia – March 2015

  Sylvia Suvadova & Rob Potter Interview | March 2015    

Eben Ray Interviews

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Our first interview after the December 21st, 2012 Portal Activation   These interviews are with one of my favorite Radio personalities EBEN REY Eben is one of the nicest persons I know and she was giving me time on KPFK which is heard from Santa Barbara to the Mexican border in southern California and she […]

Interview with John B Wells November 17th 2012

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The Coast to Coast Interviews My Original Interview is no longer available however a transcript is availble here below After a 15 minute phone call interview with John B Wells history was made when within 2 weeks I was asked to do a full 3 hour show on Coast to Coast. I have been told […]

2014 December 12 – Rob Interviewed by Alfred Lambremont Webre

Alfred interviews Rob on his Exo-politics tv show and they discuss many of the NWO agendas and Rob injects his usual message of hope planetary liberation.