I will be adding important Coast to Coast AM Interviews to “USA” Category.

I will be adding important Coast to Coast AM Interviews to “USA” Category when the YouTube video or Z Fire Light audio is made available. Some of the guests on Coast to Coast AM are quite good on a variety of topics. As important events break, such as the new financial system, new governance in the USA, announcement of NESARA, ET disclosure, etc., Coast to Coast AM will be trying to make sense out of all these events. I do not believe that George Noory or most of his guests know why the Galactics are here. They are here to ensure that Gaia wishes are carried out. Over seventy years ago due to all the negativity of WW1 and WW2 Gaia was near death and cried out that She wanted to ascend into the 5th dimension where only Love and Light exists. Creator Source heard her cries and sent the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command to ensure Her ascension to the 5th dimension. The galactics with the help of the archangels and ascended masters are here to fulfill this divine plan of ascension. After the disclosure announcements are made, this truth will be explained globally by the galactics. Until that happens, expect confusion from all mainstream sources as they try and make sense of what is going on. George Noory will be ahead of most mainstream sources, but not every guest will understand that the defeat of the dark cabal and the ascension of Gaia and those that choose to ascend with her are what these end times are all about before we enter into a wonderful Golden Age. George sometimes has Lightworkers on as guests and they will understand and explain this divine plan. –MrT.