Raymond Keller Part 3 – VOL

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Victory Of Light Radio Show 

Rob Potter Interviews Raymond Keller and these interviews are getting better and better. Cosmic Ray who will be at this years Summer Conference in Shasta continues to astound with wonderful information on His Venus Rising Trilogy. 
Since  I have been talking with Ray on a daily basis I admit  I  was  telling too much of  some of these stories.  I wanted to get back to learning from Raymond so I fast forwarded to questions I wanted to hear the answers to.
I was  quite exhausted on day of interview  and said UM .. UM way too much.  Ray has endless knowledge  so things will get more interesting in our future shows. 
Learn About the DNA manipulation of the Norcans 25 million years ago! This was done with the native Venusian inhabitants Large Bees. Go Deep down into some of the history of our solar system and learn of The Lords of Flame From Venus who are part of the pleroma.

Ray Keller Holding Copies of his books


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Rob also announces this springs tour to Bolivia with Luis Maertens for initiation and Contact with The Great White Brotherhood and Confederation of Light. 

This journey is an exceptional tour and you may read about the 2017 Journeys first report here. The pilgrimage to the new shamballa part one

Please be sure to click the links of live sightings on film that we had in Bolivia and Peru in summer 2017 here Journey to Shamballa Report 2017.

Please see sign up For Bolivia Spring Tour here. Information to Sign Up + Itinerary For Spring April 23rd -May 1st 2018 Contact in Bolivia .

He announces and shares that this year this summer the conference returns to Mt Shasta better than ever before. With Info now up on his website. www.thepromiserevealed.com


A Time Traveler in Tibet

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Dear Promise Friends,

My new dear friend Cosmic Raymond Keller is sharing with me some exclusive first reveals of his fantastic and wonderful teachings. These include his learning of some of his past lives that he was able to view while on Venus.

This is not a fantasy this is the direct outpouring of the curve of spiritual development talked about by commander Valiant Thor and Dr Frank Stranges.

This new dispensation allows for greater revelations of truth to be shared with the seeker who desires to know the truth. So take advantage of this brief glimpse into one of Rays previous lives and enjoy the connection to Tibet.

I will be sharing more on the Tibetan Teachings and we will learn about the origin of the Tibetan peoples and their deep spiritual heritage. Their connection to Venus is deep and the Tibetans regularly host Venusian Emissaries like Omnec Onec.

Both Omnec and Ray will be in Mt Shasta this summer along with many others wonderful contactees and presenters. Please join us by clicking this link below and share this amazing post with all your friends.


Please see and listen to the series of Interviews with Raymond Keller here at this Link below there are more to come


See you in Shasta this summer we have many discounts for tickets that are going fast. We still are looking forward to vendors and drivers for our speakers.


By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. the “Cosmic Ray”

We are all travelers through time. We pass from one incarnation to another until such an appointed time that we arrive at the fulfillment of our purpose for being here on this sad globe, and passing onto the next, more exalted sphere of existence. Thanks to my friendship with our celestial brothers and sisters from the paradisiacal orb of the planet widely known among the inhabitants of the Earth as Venus, access has been graciously granted for me to review the records of my past lives from the great Hall of History adjacent to the Cyther Dome in the temple city of Azure, situated on the second planet and connected through a mental bi-location signal to the crystal ice caves beneath the frigid, windswept surface of Uranus, nearly at the fringes of our solar system, of which facility an account has been provided you in the pages of my Venus Rising trilogy of books.

Come journey with me now in one of my past lives, a previous incarnation in the eighteenth century. It is the winter of 1775, Anno Domini, as we pass through a land of honest, yet simple people. Together we enjoy a brief duration of happiness in the remote mountains of the fabled Kingdom of Tibet. To the best of my knowledge, we are the only Europeans to enter this forbidden land since the time of Alexander the Great, and his incessant push eastward in his expansion of the Greek Empire in the second half of the fourth century, Ante Christum Natum. In the security of these valleys surrounded on all sides by the citadels of granite constituting the mountains of these towering Himalayas, we rest assured in the vast distances that we have put between ourselves and the competitive world of men, so subsumed as they are in the endless pursuits of ambition and avarice. We have left that all behind. Now we live in contentment, peace and splendor. And we know no wants, but those of nature.

Allow me to properly introduce myself. In this incarnation, I go by the name of George Bogel, an employee of the East India Company, headquartered in Calcutta, the capital of the tropical Bengal region. At your service; it is a great pleasure to meet you and share your company on this memorable journey. Normally, we would be turned back at the gates of this fairy dreamland; but as the winter has already begun to set in, the Ming appointed successor to the Shunyi, the spiritual leader of these people known as the Dalai Lama, has delivered us to the custody of his second in command, the individual responsible for the material welfare of all his charges, the Panchen Lama. We have been removed from Lhasa and transported by a caravan of sherpas back to the palace of the Panchen Lama at the monastery fortress of Tashilunpo, located at Shigatse, a city that we have come to understand is the second largest in both geographic size and population in this mountain kingdom. It is located due west of Lhasa, perhaps at a distance of some one hundred miles, but also bordering on the River Tsangpo, that meanders throughout this vast country. Already eight months in these northern climes, we take diligent notes of all in our prevue. To the world outside, this region consists of nothing but barren mountains. But we know different.

The Panchen Lama advised us to remain in Tashilunpo. We are not prisoners; but he fears that we should perish in the mountain passes should we head south for Darjeeling before the spring has arrived and the snows begin to melt. When that time of safe passage has arrived, the Panchen Lama has assured us that he will appoint mountain guides to lead us safely up to the nearest but most convenient of the southern passes. This high-ranking lama is no tyrant. He has bestowed upon us a royal pass to travel about the city and the surrounding valley on both sides of the river. The Panchen Lama and his subjects are not fearful of the knowledge we should obtain to in this location, as it is so remote and difficult to get to, that ne’er the might of the British Empire should be able to penetrate it.

Of the Chinese and other Asians, there is apparently knowledge of this kingdom, at least insofar as abundant trade has been noted. We can chalk that up to the Oriental mind being able to keep a secret, an admirable quality that can be well imitated in the Occidental world. But insofar as the Panchen Lama does not concern himself with the Europeans gaining some knowledge of their kingdom, he has, nevertheless, ordered that our chronometers, pocket compasses, folding sextants and boiling-point thermometers, that we have long carried with us, be confiscated, not to be returned until we reach the peaks of the last southern range encountered before our descent to Darjeeling.

The Tibetans are in possession of a wonderful gnosis. From time-to-time, mysterious fires and lights are seen materializing, as it were, above their temples and shrines. Luminous beings of an angelic sort are seen disembarking from these sky ships of light, whence they immediately strike up conversations with the lamas of more esteemed rank. Perhaps they hold the keys to a greater spiritual understanding of the cosmos, hitherto unattained in Europe. We are wishing for more time to learn of these celestial marvels; but alas, time will not permit, even though permission might possibly granted by the ecclesiastical authorities here. One surmises, from all outward appearances, that the Kingdom of Tibet is some kind of theocratic society, in the traditional sense of what we might perceive such, something on the order of the Church of England or the Roman Catholic Church, with all of their appointed priests and prelates. I dare say that while Europe and America are now caught up in the throes of revolution inspired by the dawning age of rational illumination, Tibet still remains a land of spiritual mysteries. The new, materialist age has not yet caught up with the subjects of the Dalai Lama. Perchance this might be a good thing, for the angels that appear among them may discontinue their visitations whence the inhabitants of these parts dismiss them as mere ghostly apparitions or figments of their wild imaginations.


The Panchen Lama talked about Jesus and his message.

The Panchen Lama, albeit one given charge for the material well being of the Tibetan people, nevertheless has not hesitated to discuss with me, through a Mandarin translator, the Mahayanist doctrines of the Buddhist philosophy adhered to by the devotees of the highest lama enthroned in Lhasa. Surprisingly, the Panchen Lama exhibited knowledge of our own sacred scriptures. He elucidated on the parable of the earthen jars in the book of Jeremiah and informed us that we are symbolically represented by the misshapen vessels that are thrown back into the pile of clay adjacent to the potter’s wheel, until such a time as they come out in their perfect form and shape, ready to be transferred to the kiln. He also pointed to some verses in the Gospel of Saint Matthew indicating that the Saint John the Baptist was really Isaiah, the Old Testament prophet, returned to Earth to complete his mission of announcing the arrival of Jesus, the Anointed One, to our world. The Panchen informed me that everyone experiences such rebirth, not just the holy ones sent among us, and that getting to know of our past lives was one of the instructing duties of a lama.

I asked this high-ranking lama how he came to know of our Holy Bible. He replied that back in the second half of sixteenth century, as it is reckoned in our calendar, some French priests of the Society of Jesus had cross over the Himalayas at Rishikesh, whereupon they sighted the rising of Venus as a new evening star in the west. They took this as a providential sign and followed said orb until they arrived in these valleys bringing a message of their god as delivered to them by their commander, a Basque priest from the Pyrenees Mountains of Spain. The priests stayed in the valleys of Tibet and provided the Dalai Lama with a translation of the Bible into their native language. They explained that their spiritual leader back in Spain was once a nobleman, who gave up all of his wealth, like the Buddha, in order to acquire the kind of gnosis that does not perish from moth or flame, but leads to eternal life. As such, they recognize Jesus as one of their divine avatars and manifestations of the Divine Presence.

© 2018 Dr. Raymond A. Keller, II

(Note: Stay tuned to this website for Part II of A Time Traveler in Tibet, by Dr. Raymond A. Keller, II, the author of the Venus Rising Trilogy of books, available while supplies last on amazon.com.)

Venusian Spaceships Are Landing! (Part II of III)

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By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. the “Cosmic Ray,” author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Trilogy

Stary Night Clouds Scence Art






Luke 21:25 (KJV):  “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring….”


Flying Saucers as a Herald of the Latter Days

The arrival of the flying saucers in our atmosphere at the dawning of the atomic and space ages did not go unnoticed by the ecclesiastical community in the United States.  On 5 June 1954, at the conclusion of the General Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church held in San Francisco, California, the entire assembly rose in unison to declare with a loud, missionary voice to the world at large that the strong UFO presence over America signaled the end of an age of greed and selfishness and the fulfillment of the Bible prophecy found in Luke 21:25, that we should look to the heavens for the signs that the time of our global and personal salvation is drawing nigh.  Jesus would soon be returning to the Earth, accompanied by his countless legions of angels.  Their intention was thought to be that of cleaning up the mess we have created on this beautiful planet that the Infinite Creator has entrusted to our care.

And then just two days later, on the East Coast, the Washington, D.C. News ran the following editorial:  “….Science just hasn’t explained what flying saucers are.  We have warned science about this.  Two years ago, we told science in no uncertain terms that it had better unwrap this mystery in the larger interest of national sanity.  No other country that we know of is so bothered by celestial crockery….  Science, sitting back there with a smug look, isn’t doing its job.  Now, with another saucer season approaching we say to science…. Put up or shut up.” 

From psychic quarters, however, doubt was expressed by the great seer, Jeane Dixon, as to any forthcoming disclosures about the true nature of the flying saucers, from either the scientific community or the federal government.  Dixon, a long-time resident of Washington, D.C., and the wife of a major car dealer in the area whose batting average in predicting future events was above ninety percent, declared to the National Press Club that, “They (the government officials) are not going to find out what they (the flying saucers) are.”  But the keen prophetess did remark that she was not to be found in the dark on this critical matter, adding that, “They are expeditioners from an order of intelligence not known on Earth!”

Jeane Dixon holding a large crystal ball










Famed astrologer and psychic Jeane Dixon declared in June 1954 that the flying saucer occupants are “expeditioners from an order of intelligence not known on Earth!”  See https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=33720940

Saucer Intelligences Condemn Racist Attitudes

17 May1954, of course, marked the landmark decision of the Supreme Court case in Brown vs. the Topeka, Kansas, Board of Education, effectively decreeing an end to racial segregation in the nation’s public schools.  This was the subject getting the biggest “buzz” in Washington, D.C., so to speak, and naturally those in the UFO community were taking a progressive stand on the issue.  Keeping in mind that contactee George Adamski would often remark that the Venusians and other extraterrestrials cannot make open contact with more humans until we, as a species, have demonstrated that we can at least get along with our neighbors of different creeds, ethnicities or races, the Venusian commander of the space base Clarion on the far side of our Moon, Aura Rhanes, made an appearance to the editorial office of the Washington, D.C. Little Listening Post newsletter, to inform the staff that, “The Venusians have taken note of the increase in familiarity and the casual use of first names in the United States, even for strangers of all backgrounds; and this is very much appreciated.”  She lamented, however, that so many have had to struggle, and even die, in the cause of attaining equal rights for Black Americans, rights to which Nature and Nature’s God entitle them.  A reporter from the Little Listening Post, a publication that monitors UFO activity on Earth, asked the Venusian commander, “Why do so many have to suffer so in the cause of equal rights?  What is the meaning of all this?”

         “You have certainly asked a profound question, my sister,” said Rhanes.  She also added that, “The meaning of suffering is simply that those on this planet have not worked hard enough to better themselves as they have on the Moon base Clarion or other celestial orbs in the solar system, and even beyond.  The Earthlings are just too prone to start fights with anyone whom they may not agree.  It’s hard for the Venusians to even imagine why anyone would fight desegregation.  All I can say is just, ‘Drat it!  Drat it all!’” 

Mrs. Evelyn Smith Back and White














Mrs. Evelyn Smith attended numerous flying saucer conventions around the United States throughout the 1950s.  Here she is seen at the first Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention at Landers Field, California, on the weekend of 11-12 May 1957.  It was often rumored by many attendees at these events that she was the mysterious Commander Aura Rhanes in disguise.  See http://marcianitosverdes.haaan.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/1b-Life27mai1957_2.jpg.


One of Eric Von Daniken’s “Space Gods” takes on a contemporary look. “California Styling” with her 1954 Chevrolet Bel-Air white-topped convertible and sporting a Mickey Mouse Club sweater, Mrs. Evelyn Smith can be seen below, self-identifying as “Aura Rhanes” and posing for Argosy magazine photographer Martin Dain at Second Interplanetary Spaceship Convention held at Landers Field, California, on Saturday, 12 March 1955.  Jules B. St. Germain, an attorney and regular writer on paranormal phenomena for Argosy, believed that he once spotted the Clarion commander in the company of contactee Howard Menger out at his Highbridge, New Jersey farm, at a later date.


Clarion Moon base Commander Aura Rhanes Black and White photo














Always the “schizzle,” Clarion Moon base Commander Aura Rhanes momentarily loses her traditional beret and lets her hair down.  Photo first appeared in the November 1957 issue of Argosy magazine.  To find out more about Aura Rhanes and her mission on Earth, please check out my latest book, Cosmic Ray’s Excellent Venus Adventure (Headline Books, 2017).  Amazon just reordered the book, so it should be available from them for immediate delivery.

Venus as the Point of Origin

So how can we be so sure that the majority of these extraterrestrials being witnessed throughout the 1950s actually hailed from the second planet of our solar system?  Our sister and cloud-shrouded planet Venus as the origination point of the elusive flying saucers was indicated by the observed beings themselves in many ways.  One of the more remarkable examples of this was provided by Aasta Solvang and her sister Edit Jacobsen of Mofjell, a village situated in northern Norway.  Their report of an extraterrestrial encounter appeared in the 24 August 1954 edition of their local newspaper, the Nordlands Folkeblad

According to Aasta, “We were picking berries when suddenly a dark man with long hair- but otherwise looking very much like an ordinary human being- came out from behind some bushes.  He was carrying some kind of valise.  We were frightened at first, but the man seemed friendly enough, and stepped toward us.”

Then Edit addressed the man in Norwegian, but he didn’t seem to understand a word.  So then she tried addressing him in English, French and German, but still had no success.  It was here where a breakthrough took place.  For the stranger then attempted to communicate by “picking up a stick and drawing circles in the dirt around a central circle and what looked like pictures of heavenly bodies along the perimeter of each concentric circle.  The third circle out had another small circle outside it and the fourth circle had two additional, smaller circles.  Remembering from science class about the solar system, we recognized the smaller circles as being moons.”

The two Norwegian women stood by in awe as the artist continued with his drawing.  “When he finished this,” said Aasta, “he just pointed the stick down onto the second circle.  We somehow understood then, through our interpretation of his drawing, that he was showing us he came from Venus.  We felt very sympathetic to this man, feeling that he was lost and wondering what we might do to help him out in some fashion.” 

The Venusian smiled.  “Somehow he perceived that we caught his message,” said Aasta.  She also related that, “The stranger waved for us to following him, finally leading us to his craft which looked like two flying saucers sandwiched together, about 15 feet across, just a little bigger than a small truck.” 

Aasta concluded her account, informing the newspaperman that, “The mystery man then opened the hatch, at which time a beautiful tanned woman, looking like a South Pacific islander, and two small children ran out and hugged him.  The Venusian then held forth the valise and opened it up, showing the woman, whom I presume was his wife, its precious contents.  It was full of berries!  The woman said some something in an exotic language that sounded like Chinese, and the two children jumped up and down, clapping their hands.  Everyone was happy and the woman hugged and kissed the man on his lips.  All of the Venusians then boarded their craft.  The man turned his face toward us, remaining still in the hatchway and waved goodbye with his left hand while bracing himself by holding on to the side of the hatch with his right hand.  He closed his eyes for a few seconds and we thought we heard a voice from inside our heads, in our own language, ‘Farewell friends and God bless you.’”  (Norwegian:  Farvelvenner og Gud velsigne deg.)

The Venusian followed his family, crawling up inside the flying saucer with the hatch closing slowly behind him.  The craft then lifted about ten feet off the ground and began rotating, first slowly, then increasingly faster.  “Then,” said Aasta, “the entire ship just ‘disappeared;’ but whether it had taken off at such an incredible speed that our eyes couldn’t catch it or it simply dematerialized like a ghost, I could not determine.” 

Collecting Biological Samples

Apparently, the Venusians are interested in collecting samples of the Earth’s rich biodiversity.  Perhaps they may have a dual motivation in this.  The first motivation may simply be food gathering, as in the case above with the harvesting of berries in Norway.  The second motivation may be the collection of diverse plant and other life forms for transport to Venus, where they might be safeguarded and propagated for eventual re-introduction or re-transport on the Earth, following some expected environmental apocalypse in our future.  Let’s hope that my first suggested motivation is the prevailing one.

Another example of such biological reconnaissance occurred just one month later in Portugal, when three aluminum-suited men climbed out of a flying saucer to do some picking among the flowers and shrubs on a mountaintop near the village of Almaseda, located in the Serra de Guardnha range.  The alien beings and their craft were seen by local resident Cesar Cardoso and three other men from the village.  Cardoso described all three of the UFO occupants to a reporter from Lisbon’s Diario De Lisboa newspaper as being over six feet tall.  A few days later, the story was picked up by the Auckland, New Zealand Star newspaper of 29 September 1954.  Cardoso said that the three aluminum-suited extraterrestrials were “cutting flowers, shrubbery and twigs and putting them in a shining box.” 

Venusian Space Ship Graphic














Cesar Cardoso and his friends from the Portuguese mountain village politely declined the offer for them to step inside the Venusian scout ship.  See https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/adamski-venusian-scout-3d-3ds/313047.

Cardoso was the only one in his group of four that dared approach the three alien men.  One of them dropped what he was doing in the bushes and came over to talk with Cardoso.  The alien asked the Portuguese gentleman, in his own language, “Would you or any of your companions like to enter into our scout ship?”

With that, Cardoso sauntered back over to his friends and asked them, “The visitor wants to know if any of us would like to get aboard the flying saucer.”   Shaking in their mountain boots, no one was too keen on the idea. 

Moving again into the presence of the extraterrestrial, Cardoso said, “I’m sorry, Sir, but nobody wants to go in there at this time.  They are all just too frightened.”

“I can understand that,” said the alien, “giving the way your Hollywood productions generally portray the inhabitants of other planets.”

Cardoso told the Lisbon reporter that the extraterrestrial did not insist, but kindly assured him at that time that, “We aren’t really the monsters you may think us to be.  We come to Earth with the purest intentions of love and peace, thinking only of a better future for you and your families.  Unfortunately, that future may be some time off.”

He and the others then climbed into their scout ship and “flew off vertically at a terrific speed, emitting a shower of sparks” in the process.


(Stay tuned to this website of thepromiserevealed.com for Part III of Dr. Keller’s “Venusian Spaceships Are Landing!”  The Venus expert, Cosmic Ray, will explore further Venusian concerns as well as the California connection with more spectacular Venusian contacts.  You won’t want to miss it! )

California of Special Interest

Of all locations on planet Earth, the state of California was of special interest to our frequent visitors from Venus. 

Venusian Spaceships Are Landing! (Part I of III)

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By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. the “Cosmic Ray,” author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Trilogy


old graphic art image

Follow the adventures of the “Cosmic Ray”/Dr. Keller and the “Queen of Outer Space”/Dolores Barrios in the London Festival of Books award-winning Cosmic Ray’s Excellent Venus Adventure (Headline Books, 2017). 

(Note:  The Venus expert, Dr. Raymond Keller, will be presenting important and thrilling information on the “Venusians Among Us” at the forthcoming meeting of Studies of Alternative Realities (SOAR), on Wednesday, 28 February, 6:30 p.m., at Cinnaminson Public Library, 1619 Riverton Road, Cinnaminson, New Jersey.  Bring your space helmets, take your protein pills and buckle up for the ride of your life!)


Strange Experience in Blue Hawaii

In 1946, Sidro L. Basa of 111 Yesler Way, Seattle, Washington, wrote a letter to Raymond A. Palmer, a.k.a. “Rap,” the editor of Amazing Stories science fact and fiction magazine, in which he detailed a strange encounter he experienced while growing up in Honolulu, Hawaii, back in 1924.  Basa, who was in the third grade when the following incident transpired, noted that, “My friend and I decided to play hooky from school and go crabbing at the sand island in Honolulu.  I believe that island is around two miles and a half from the shore.  It was around 4:30 p.m. when my friend decided to call it a day, and told me if I would want to go home.”

Basa continued, “I asked him about his catch and he showed me the crabs that he caught; and he had twice as much as I.  So I told him to, ‘Go ahead.  I’ll follow later.’ This was because I decided to stay just a little bit longer; and at the same time, I saw a canoe with three little children and a dog approaching.  Therefore, I wasn’t frightened then, knowing that if there were children, the father or mother should be on the island.

“My friend left me, and as he was far from my sight, the canoe or boat reached the island.  They were about 100 yards from me, and they got off the boat and started to run around with the dog.  I looked for the mother and father; but so far I did not see either one of them.  Surely, I said to myself, they wouldn’t be under the water this long.  So I was curious, and went to them.”

What happened next was like a scene out of Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001:  A Space Odyssey (New American Library, 1968).  Basa further explained that, “Their two children were still running around, and I approached this one who was sitting down; and as I came closer, he had his face back of me, so I told him, and said, ‘Hey, where’s your mother?’  And as he turned around his head and looked at me, his face was that of an adult, but old and wrinkled.”

Basa was startled, to be sure.  “I didn’t wait for him to answer,” he wrote in his letter, adding that, “I turned around and ran as fast as my feet could carry me, and fled for my dear life.  I left everything behind me, including my crabs.  I could not forget this….  Those little people that I’ve seen were a little smaller than the midgets in the circus.”

Basa lamented that no one seemed to believe him; but editor Palmer wrote back to the witness to this strange encounter that, “We believe you, Brother Basa!  And we thank you for reporting the incident to us.” 

Of course, Raymond Palmer was himself a master of the mystic arts.  He was well aware of the ability of ascended entities from Venus to take on the appearance of young people when materializing to human beings on the physical Earth plane.  Even Jesus did this, following his resurrection, while speaking with his disciples about the mysteries beyond the world and what would take place in the latter days.  In the Gnostic Gospel of Judas, the apostle notes that, “Often he (Jesus) did not appear to his disciples as himself, but he was found among them as a child.”  In the case of the young Sidro L. Basa, having broken the auric field of the Venusian’s etheric body by his proximity, he was able to see the master in his true age rather than the reflected projection of the entity’s earlier age.  See pages 94 and 95 of my Venus Rising:  A Concise History of the Second Planet (Headline Books, 2016), for further examples of this phenomenon and detailed footnotes.


Black and white Graphic Art

For the Venusian masters inhabiting Dimension X, everything exists in the “now.”  See https://kylelatino.deviantart.com/art/2001-A-Space-Odyssey-215999614

  Of course, the arrival of the Venusians on Earth was not well known until the publication of Desmond Leslie and George Adamski’s first book, Flying Saucers Have Landed (T. Werner Laurie, London, United Kingdom, 1953).  That book detailed Adamski’s encounter with a Venusian saucer pilot by the name of Orthon near Desert Center, California, on 20 November 1952 in the presence of five witnesses.  Photographs and plaster casts of Orthon’s footprints were made, so the incident is highly regarded as authentic.  Adamski was hesitant to tell of his experience, but felt the public needed to know the truth about flying saucers and life on Venus and other planets.  As the first well-known of the contactees, Adamski once described his job as a lecturer and teacher of the cosmic philosophy as being the “hardest job in the world.” 

Naturally, the world was electrified by Adamski’s thrilling account.  The flying saucers had been appearing in ever-increasing numbers since the dawn of the atomic and space ages.  Adamski explained the burgeoning presence of extraterrestrial spaceships in our skies as being prompted by our advances in atomic weapons and rocketry.  That the major military powers on Earth, the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, would soon have the ability to launch weapons of mass destruction into outer space was a grave concern to our celestial neighbors.  This was especially true for the Venusians, who inhabited the closest planet to the Earth, being just 26,000,000 miles from our world at its closest approach.  In cosmic terms, that is just a drop in the bucket. 


Early Calls for Disclosure

On 28 January 1956, the Civilian Saucer Intelligence, the world’s then largest private UFO investigations group, and the precursor of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), conducted a public meeting at Steinway Hall, 113 W. 57th Street in New York City, demanding that the Air Force come clean about the flying saucers.  The research director of the Civilian Saucer Intelligence, Ted Bloecher, addressed the issue of increased “saucer landings” with those assembled.  The secretary of the organization introduced Bloecher, and noted that while there are no “experts” in the area of flying saucers and their occupants, that “Ted Bloecher perhaps qualifies as well as anyone could, by virtue of his extensive critical study of several hundred reports of this kind.”

Bloecher was disappointed that the subject of flying saucer occupants was “generally dismissed by the lay public as a mere joke,” adding that, “Even among the better informed there is often a pronounced bias against the idea of ‘little men.’ 

“But a case against the alleged saucer occupants on principle alone will not stand up.  For those who have accepted an off-Earth hypothesis as providing the most logical explanation to the reported unique appearance and behavior of the UFOs must assume some intelligence responsible for their recent presence in the Earth’s atmosphere.  And this presumably means some animate being of one type or another.”


Venusian Comic Strip

The Venusians have been prodding us on for countless millennia.  See https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/strongest-sci-fi-civilization-the-composite-of-hg-wells-and-jules-vernes-works-can-beat.316142/.


Nothing New Under the Sun, or Over our Heads

The comprehensive Ted Bloecher reported that sightings of flying saucer occupants were “nothing new under the Sun or over our heads.”  He then proceeded to recount numerous examples of alleged sightings of such entities, harkening back to the great airship flap of 1896 and 1897.  During those two years, there was a series of notable reports of unidentified aerial objects.  And in several of these reported incidents, the observers described seeing human occupants.  Said Bloecher, “The idea of an extraterrestrial source for these ‘airships’ was largely unimagined in 1896; indeed, numerous people came forth and modestly confessed to knowing the obscure genius who had invented and built the airship, whom they described as looking like an average man, a bearded man but dressed in a dapper uniform.  The ‘passengers’ were also described as looking like ordinary city folk, although a few were wearing what seemed to be some kind of sailor suits.”  Not surprisingly, it is believed that Jules Verne used these varied accounts of the airship and its occupants as the basis for his fantastic novel, Maítre du monde/Master of the World (Pierre-Jules Hetzel, Paris, 1904).

Then there was an account by a gentleman, Joshua Lithbridge of Cardiff, Wales, who provided it to a reporter from the London Daily Mail of 20 May 1909.  For two months prior to Lithbridge’s encounter, Bloecher informed the audience that, “unaccountable objects and lights” had been reported over England, Ireland and Wales; and that on the night of 18 May 1909, while Lithbridge was hiking up in the Caerphilly Mountains, he spotted what seemed to be a “large tube-shaped object sitting on the grass beside the road.”  Apparently, it had just materialized in mid-air and drifted down softly.  There were two people inside, an elderly man and a young woman.  Lithbridge informed the reporter that it was a cold night up in those mountains, and that the two occupants inside the tube were dressed accordingly, wearing “heavy fur overcoats.”  Apparently, the two heard some noise outside and shined some kind of intense lantern on Lithridge.  Then they disembarked from the tube, and spoke excitedly to each other in Portuguese or Spanish.  Lithbridge could not figure out what they were saying.  But then the elderly gentleman told the Welshman that, “Be calm, my friend.  We are agents on her majesty’s secret service.  Please send our regards to Mr. Wells of Sandgate, for he’s on the right track!”  He patted Lithbridge on his shoulders, and then he and the young woman returned to the tube, whence it just levitated and “sailed away.”  Lithbridge later took the reporter out to the landing site.  All they could find in the light of day was some trampled grass and a “broken fragment of a very small, silver but untitled gramophone record.”  The reporter turned it in to the newly formed Secret Intelligence Service, what we now know as MI6.  Nothing more has been noted of this case; although H. G. Wells, the author of the Time Machine (1895), was contacted by the reporter, and the science fiction genius immediately took an interest in the story, peppering the reporter with dozens of questions.


Ray Keller Holding Copies of his books

“Cosmic Ray” Keller with two new books in his Venus Rising series.

(Stay tuned to this website of thepromiserevealed.com for Part II of Dr. Keller’s “Venusian Spaceships Are Landing!”  The Venus expert, Cosmic Ray, will explore the motivations behind numerous Venusian contacts with the people of Earth.  You won’t want to miss it! )



Rob Interviews Peter Moon Author of many book on the deep end of the metaphysical spectrum. VOL

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Victory of The Light Radio Show

This Victory Of The Light Radio Show  Rob Interviews Peter Moon Author of many book on the deep end of the metaphysical spectrum.
Books written:  The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time and the Montauk Series including Montauk Revisited, Pyramids of Montauk, The Black Sun, The Montauk Book of the Dead, The Montauk Book of the Living. Also Spandau Mystery, The Music of Time, Ong’s Hat, and Encounter in the Pleiades: An Inside Look at UFOs.
ALSO: Transylvanian Sunrise and the Transylvania Series, including Transylvanian Moonrise, Mystery of Egypt, The Secret Parchment, and his most recent work, The White Bat

Peter Moon


Download: Here


Rob also announces this springs tour to Bolivia with Luis Maertens for initiation and Contact with The Great White Brotherhood and Confederation of Light. 

This journey is an exceptional tour and you may read about the 2017 Journeys first report here. The pilgrimage to the new shamballa part one

Please be sure to click the links of live sightings on film that we had in Bolivia and Peru in summer 2017 here Journey to Shamballa Report 2017.

Please see sign up For Bolivia Spring Tour here. Information to Sign Up + Itinerary For Spring April 23rd -May 1st 2018 Contact in Bolivia .

He announces and shares that this year this summer the conference returns to Mt Shasta better than ever before. With Info now up on his website. www.thepromiserevealed.com


Rob Potter Interviews Omnec Onec The Woman From Venus

Victory of The Light Radio Show

Rob Potter interviews “Omnec Onec the Woman from Venus who will appear at his Mt Shasta Summer Conference Called “From Venus With Love” July 27th-29th

Please go here to see all the details 

Enjoy this interview 
Rob Potter


Omnec Onec




Rob also announces this springs tour to Bolivia with Luis Maertens for initiation and Contact with The Great White Brotherhood and Confederation of Light. 

This journey is an exceptional tour and you may read about the 2017 Journeys first report here. The pilgrimage to the new shamballa part one

Please be sure to click the links of live sightings on film that we had in Bolivia and Peru in summer 2017 here Journey to Shamballa Report 2017.

Please see sign up For Bolivia Spring Tour here. Information to Sign Up + Itinerary For Spring April 23rd -May 1st 2018 Contact in Bolivia .

He announces and shares that this year this summer the conference returns to Mt Shasta better than ever before. With Info now up on his website. www.thepromiserevealed.com

He also announces he will be appearing in Rye Australia. February 2nd – 4th 2018. Please see the conference information here. https://www.starfamilyconference.com

Two Women From Venus Appear To Support Cosmic Ray

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Dear Promise Friends,

Cosmic Ray who will be appearing in Mt Shasta at the “From Venus with Love” Summer Conference in July 27th – 29th


He told me that at the launch of his 2 new books in June in Pennsylvania at a very well established light center 2 Venusian women beamed down to support him.


Rays experiences with Venusians are many and he even visited the planet in 2012.  He also has quite a few physical encounters and he told me that he gets a feeling or a premonition when he senses they are around or he is about to have an encounter.

He said he had this feeling on June 24th 2017 when the two Venusian women appeared in a beam of light in the forest near to the light center where he was to publically present his two latest books.

These books are his life’s work and he is most happy sharing his experiences and the Venusian encounters with the world.

See his books here on Amazon I recommend them highly.

Cosmic Rays Excellent Venus Adventure

To be clear he did not witness them beam down into the forest another person did and asked them “ Who are you why are you here”

The girls replied, “We are from Venus and we are here to see Cosmic Ray and support his release of his 2 books”.

I was very surprised as usually they are quite incognito and only reveal themselves telepathically to their intended contact when around the public.

This was exciting and positive news indicating that as Luis and Cobra have stated that a new era of open contact is beginning.

This conversation happened last night Jan 23rd and I was keeping Ray up late as he shared this information with me.

He is finishing some service and research at the reformed Community Church of Christ in Independence Missouri that was formerly part of the Mormon Church.

This group has many of the ancient records from Egypt that Joseph Smith had found and other information I will not divulge here.

I asked Ray about the security for the 2 girls who had just beamed down and he said a Persian looking man arrived within minutes in a black limousine with California plates and blacked out windows.

Ray said this gentleman was their designated security. You can see his partial picture in the article, in which the women obscure his upper torso.

We got down to the nitty gritty as I peppered Ray with questions. I asked so what is their story?

He said one of the women was actually from India and born in Rishikesh the 1880s.  She had acted as a guide to the British as they travelled about the country.

She obviously did other things but he told me she had found herself one day in a remote area in the higher altitudes near Rishikesh.

This is near one of the gateways to the Himalayas more esoteric Ashrams and teachers and their retreats for seekers of divine knowledge.

She came upon a man who was ill and unable to move. She stopped her journey and for several days nursed the man back to health and aided him in his return to civilization.

It turns out this man was not ill and was testing her level of compassion in a sort of test. She passed the test and he revealed himself to her as a Master and took her with him back to Venus.

Wow!…..well the rest her life and work on Venus is a mystery for now. She is now called Lady Columba!

In India long ago Lady Columba did work with the other woman now called Lady Aurora.

In her last incarnation on earth her name was Ms. Crebbs.


Two women from Venus Appear

Lady Aurora and Lady Columba



From Venus With Love

You can see the both of them in photos in the article link. She was beamed down with Lady Columba to the book release to meet Ray.

It seems they worked together in a Christian socialist rights type of movement in India in the early part of the last century.

The other woman was born in USA in 1902 and was the secretary for one of the Original contactees Truman Bethurman. She was also a painter of some renown in the 50s.

Bethurum along with Adamski, Fry, Green, Van Tassel , Gloria Lee , Frank Stranges and many others  were the core of the modern era of contactees.

According to Ray in their conversations in Pennsylvania this summer she revealed that she passed away in the late 90s.

However before her passing a Venusian male contacted her and took her DNA samples and downloaded from her brain her memories into a type of computer?

Apparently she passed away shortly after and woke up on the backside of the moon in the Venusian base Clarion.

She was in a new body about 20 years old and saw the master over her with Rays emanating from his hands and his head in the resurrection type of scenario. She gave Ray a depiction she painted of this it will be in his new book.

This is really cool information and I feel it is 100 percent accurate. As we learn the secrets of the universe and our souls immortal nature.

It seems even death will be conquered as we realize the mysteries or the ever-expanding laws of creation. As we grow in love and service.

So both of these women are now from Venus but there last lives on earth play an important role in their service to earth.

Ms. Crebbs handed Ray a book she wrote with illustrations included, as it seem she is a talented artist. She did not publish this book while on earth but wanted the information to get out.

Ray is working on it now.

The girls were sent as emissaries from Queen Orda the Venusian Matriarch who is unable to visit earth at this time dues her duties on Venus. She is close to Ray and a lot of the information in his books comes directly from her.

Not your Wal Mart parking lot










The girls had red berets with golden pins attached. The pins were of a Bee. This symbol is very important as are bees on the planet Venus.

The article referenced is quite obscure but as I wanted to share this information with everyone. I am sure this encounter will become better known through my audience.

Like the Valiant Thor Crew pictures at Howard Mengers House these should serve as a good introduction to our space family being very much like us and down to earth so to speak.

I was divided about posting this article and pictures, as I want these women to join us in Mt Shasta this summer as well.

Alas it is now unlikely as their faces will be known and at a gathering such as mine security would be challenged to keep them safe.

I make a public request of Lady Orda to send us some other emissaries to join our conference in a safe way.

We can honor them and Omnec for their service and mission to earth. 

Warm Regards To All

We Are In Contact 

Victory To The Light

Rob Potter


The Gold Fish Report 182 With Rob Potter

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Here is some interesting information I have revealed on Louisa with Winston on Gold Fish Report

Summer Conference Invitation


Trip to Bolivia Invitation


See Rob In Australia Invitation


Omnec Onec website


Agarthan Article Romania Brucegi Complex


Overview Of Prepare For Change


Prepare For Change Website


See my Journey To The New Shambala Report Part 2


Warm Regards

Victory To The Light

Rob Potter


Update: Two Venusian’s descend and incarnate here

Journey to The New Shambala Part 2

The journey was about to begin in Bolivia and I was in my room reminiscing about my first awareness in regards to South America and the Great White Brotherhood.

I was about 21 or 22 years old and living in a small apartment near the ocean in Laguna Beach at the time.  I was studying with Fred Bell into the secrets of the universe and esoteric knowledge when I first heard about the retreat in the Andean mountain range.

I had signed up for a newsletter that offered people to join into a group down there to create sustainable technology and to delve into esoteric studies.

I thought about accepting this invitation but realized at this early age I had another destiny to fulfill. I did not go to Peru at that time.

However now I was actually on a journey that would take me to sacred sites in Bolivia and Peru and my life long dream was being fulfilled thanks to Luis.

Years ago after receiving this newsletter invitation I had almost simultaneously received a book called “The Golden Disk Of The Sun” by “Brother Phillip”.

This book was a detailed account of Brother Philips journey to South America and his experiences in those sacred and secret retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.

He was admitted into the sacred temples and shown records of earth’s history and the incarnations of various Star Brothers and Sisters.

(Some of this earth history was shown to him via his observing the Akashic records).

These dedicated souls who records he witnessed have played important roles in the earths history recorded in the Biblical records, Egyptian records.  Read the books “Other Tongues Other Flesh” by George Hunt Williamson

These records both written and akashic are held by the descendants of Lemuria and Atlantis who now reside in the Agarthan network beneath the surface of the earth.

There are 12 regents who head each of these repositories and their civilizations exist to this day.

There are many other known and unknown ancient megalithic sites too numerous to mention here where records are being held and will be bought forth in the near future.

Brother Phillip was a psydonmyn for George Hunt Williamson who was present and was a witness to Georg Adamski and his first contact in the desert with the Venusian “Orthon”.

My recent radio shows with Raymond Keller have revealed that Orthon is a woman. She was reported to be a man because earth people would not accept that a woman would be capable of first contact.

The following is an excerpt from the book “Secret of the Andes” written by Brother Philip.

“Lemuria is the name for the last part of the great pacific continent of Mu. The actual destruction of Mu and its submergence began before 30,000 BC.

This action continued for many thousands of years until the final portion of old Mu known as Lemuria was also submerged in a series of new disasters that were terminated between 10,000 and 12,000 BC.

This occurred just prior to the destruction of Poseidonis, the last remnant of the Atlantic continent, Atlantis.

Lord Amaru-Muru (God Meru) was one of the great Lemurian sages and the Keeper of the Scrolls during the last days of doomed Mu.

It was well known to the masters of Lemuria that the final catastrophe would cause gigantic tidal waves to take the last of the remaining land down into the angry sea and oblivion.

Those working on the Left Hand Path continued diabolic experiments and heeded not ‘the handwriting on the wall,’

The Masters and Saints working on the Right Hand Path began to collect the precious records and documents from the Libraries of Lemuria.

Each Master was chosen by the Council of the Great White Hierarchy to go to a different section of the world, where, in safety, he could set up a School of the Ancient and Arcane Wisdom.

This was to preserve the scientific and spiritual knowledge of the past. At first, for many thousands of years, these schools were to remain a mystery to the inhabitants of the world; their teachings and meetings were to be secret.

Hence, they are called even today Mystery Schools or the Shan-Gri-Las of Earth.

Lord Meru, as one of the teachers of Lemuria, was delegated by the Hierarchy to take the Sacred Scrolls in his possession along with the enormous golden disk of the Sun to the mountainous area of a newly formed lake in what is now South America.

Here he would guard and sustain the focus of the illumination flame. The Disk of the Sun was kept in the great Temple of Divine Light in Lemuria. 

It was not merely an object of ritual and adoration, nor did it serve that single purpose later on when the High Priests of the Sun Among the Incas of Peru used it

Amaru-Muru journeyed to the new land in one of the silver needle airships of the time.

While the final portions of the former continent were breaking up in the Pacific Ocean, terrible catastrophe was taking place all over the Earth. The Andean range of mountains was born at this time, and this upheaval disfigured the west coast of South America.

The ancient city of Tiahuanaco (Bolivia) was at that time a great seaport and a Lemurian empire colonial city of magnificence and importance to the motherland.

During the ensuing cataclysms it was raised from the sea level and a mild tropical climate, to high on a barren, wind-swept plain and a frigid arctic-like climate.

Before this took place, there had been no Lake Titicaca, which is now the highest navigable lake in the world, over twelve thousand feet above sea level.

So, it was to a newly formed lake that Lord Meru arrived from sunken Lemuria. Here, now known as Lago Titicaca, the Monastery of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays came into being, organized and perpetuated by Amaru-Muru.

This Monastery, which was to be the home of the Brotherhood throughout all ages on Earth, was placed in a immense valley that had been created during the days of the birth of the Andes, and was a strange child of Nature in that its exact disposition and altitude gave it a warm, semi tropical climate where fruits and nuts could grow to phenomenal size.

Here on top of ruins that had once been at sea level, like the city of Tiahuanaco, Lord Meru had the Monastery constructed of gigantic blocks of stone cut only by the energy of primary light force. This cyclopean structure is the same today as it was then, and continues to be a repository or Lemurian science, culture, and arcane knowledge.

The other Masters of Lemuria, the Lost Continent, journeyed to other parts of the world and also set up Mystery Schools, so that Mankind would have throughout all time on Earth the secret knowledge hidden away, not lost, but hidden, until the children of Earth had spiritually progressed to study again and to use the Divine Truths.

The secret science of Adoma, Atlantis, and other highly advanced world civilizations is to be found today in the libraries of these schools, for these civilizations also sent out wise men to found Inner Retreats and Sanctuaries throughout the world.

Such Retreats were under the direct guidance and guardianship of the Great White Brotherhood, the Hierarchy of Earth’s spiritual Mentors. “

You may read another excerpt here google.com/books

Anyway my excitement of this journey was because I was now going to these ancient locations I had heard of so long ago.

As we took off from the 5 star hotel in La Paz I was very excited because we were going to Luis property that he was instructed by the masters to purchase over 20 years ago.

The brothers asked him to purchase this land because it was once and ancient contact point for the Masters to train the local indigenous people in the ways of conscious management of awareness.

This ancient site had been imbued as a place of power by the peoples who studied there under direct tutelage of the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

In this location on Luis’ land, The Island of The Sun, The Island of The Moon, the Agarthan dwellers came to teach the surface people who were receptive their values and way of life.

It was against this backdrop that we arrived on Luis property. I had not been to his land on the 2 previous journeys in 2015 because Luis being an architect was slightly embarrassed at the condition of this dwelling built over 25 years ago by a friend.

The dwelling was not in the best condition but I absolutely loved the location and especially the vibrations emanating from the ground.

Luis gathered us together for an amazing meditation that activated our group in a powerful and profound way. Words cannot describe the unique and sublime energies that we all experienced here.

Rob Ancient Piller

On Luis property I am standing next to ancient pillar of outer retreat located on the shores of Lake Titicaca Minor
















Harbor at Copacabana

The Harbor at Copacabana













We then got on the bus for our short trip to the Copacabana Hotel that I love so much. The next day we would depart by boat to the sacred Islands.

Island of the Moon

Island of the Moon














The next morning we boarded our boat to, first the Island of the Moon. This is where the women were trained in the great metaphysical and mystical teachings to align with the nature spirits. We can only guess at the mysteries revealed to them so long ago. 

Group after meditation on the Island of the moon

Our Group After Meditation On The Island of The Moon













Island of The Sun Men’s Retreat

Island of The Sun Men’s Retreat














There was some bickering going on between two tribes so we could not go to our normal destination.  Luis took us to an alternative retreat and we entered some very special ruins that were also home of Initiate men at least 1,000 years ago.

Rob and Luis













Again the Meditations were enhanced by the remote location and the presence of the Masters over shadowing our group along this journey.

We returned towards La Paz and headed for my favorite place called Urmirri a special sacred hot springs that the brothers have chosen to make contact in very special ways.
















Luis has reported that several groups have had visitation of the masters and guides at Urmirri. My groups are no exception. In 2015 my first group witnessed this sighting here below.

2015 Sighting with Luis and my Group at Night

2015 Sighting with Luis and my Group at Night











This time in 2017 while meditating in the gardens of Urmirri we were asked by Luis to focus on our purpose in life and our mission on earth. Then we received a very special sighting that was witnessed by several in our group.

Here you can see the videos of the witness’s accounts

The next day we returned to our hotel in La Paz to prepare for our trip to the Sajama Volcano. This is the highest volcano in the world.

Sajama Volcano Ticket














The drive is lonely and magnificent all at once and the volcano is very remote. This is the location where Luis was on Dec 21st 2012.

He was asked to go here telepathically by the space masters for a special reason. He was there as asked and at the appointed time on Dec 21st 2012 a space ship appeared.  He was immediately transported in the astral inside the inner temple of this mountain.

Sajama Volvano & Crystal












He was witness to the activation of the main Cintamani Stone. This is main Cintamani stone was brought from Sirius long ago.  It was originally placed in a location known as Shambala the lessor beneath the vortex inside of planet earth.


On Dec. 21st Luis was privileged to witness its activation and ignition of the Divine Feminine through the divine light from the central sun. He said that portals of energy opened up above the Cintamani egg as a blue light shot from the egg upwards.

I could talk about this sacred experience but you best hear it from Luis himself this summer in Mt Shasta. Mount Shasta 2018 Summer Conference

After arrival at Sajama since the energies are so high and pure all I could do was sleep for several hours in a blissful communion with the silence that pervaded everywhere.

Chilled Out Bear Laying Down With Pillow










Now I must say each night at Sajama and all the other locations we were going out for our sky watches. Almost every night we had a unique experience. We saw ships moving about and they gave us nice demonstrations with pictures as you saw at Urmirri.

When we returned to La Paz we had a nice dinner and Luis took me aside and said “You know Rob we have had un presented sightings almost every night don’t get your hopes up because in Peru all of the sacred sites are very crowded and will probably not see any more space ships.

I was nonplussed as the ship sightings are no longer important for me. I really want my group to have the experience. I want them to land and I hope they do soon.

I must admit I do get a kick of the sightings but for me the vibrations during meditation are really my favorite part of these trips.

I close my eyes tune into my Kriya breathing technique and look up into my third eye and pineal gland and invoke the light. The transmissions are very special and I often get light headed and reach profound states of relaxation.

Luis programmed contacts and of seeing the ships lets us know that these transmissions are real and something is attuning our inner experience is enhancing relationship to our higher self or our Alta Major High Self triad of consciousness.

The next morning on our way to the airport Juan a new and dear brother who has been teaching me about Buddhist meditation and mantras techniques saw a space ship in broad daylight on our way to the airport to get on a flight to Peru!

Luis filmed it and the camera was a bit shaky but the ship can clearly be seen. We were excited and even Luis was amazed, as you can’t predict what the guides will do!



Cuzco City at Night








To top it off at lunch 3 hours later the ship appeared again this time with another ship tumbling in the sky above the central square in downtown Cuzco. Here is the link to the video of both sightings. Be patient as most of the film is sighting in Bolivia and at the end you can see sighting two ships that appeared the same day in Peru.

Well Peru was simply amazing wonderful meals, 12 Peruvian flute bands and all of the amazing ancient megalithic ruins.

Ancient Megalithic Ruins















In each location the guide would speak the traditional story of these sights. Then the guide and all of us would listen to Luis spell bound as he spoke of each sites ancient history and relationship to the Great White Brotherhood.

Ollantaytambo Peru













He would elaborate on their contact with the Incas and what each site was used for and what really happened in each location.

Circulos De Moray - Peru












Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu was our final site and was simply beautiful. We received a transmission telepathically through Luis from Soromez the being who guards The Golden Disk of The Sun.

Machu Picchu










It was positive and uplifting and after such a wonderful experience we were all overjoyed and content with one of the most uplifting sacred site journeys I have even been on.

I hope you will enjoy this information and if your would like to go to Bolivia this Spring of 2018 from April 23rd – May 1st You may go to this link and see if you would like to join us

Pilgramage to the new shamballa – April 23rd May 1st 2018

Victory To The Light

Warm Regards

Rob Potter


Update: Recently there has been some recent Venusian incarnations by two ladies: See here

RobPotter – Dave Stewart & Jackie Figg on Keshe – Interview VOL

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Victory of The Light Radio Show

Rob is interviewing Dave Stewart and Jackie Figg two of the worlds most renowned and active Keshe Technology experts.  Dave Has an amazing clinic in Peru that you can go and have a workshop to learn all things Gans and sustainability technology.

Jackie Figg lives in Riverside California. I went to her home after this interview. Her home is filled with very advanced healing technology.

I went through several hours of scalar and other healing technology. Then I learned about all of her Gans technology that includes clothes, soap, toothpaste and so much more.

I was so impressed that you will meet Jackie and get to Try all of her technology live in Mt Shasta this summer.


Rob Potter








MP3 here: Download


Rob also announces this springs tour to Bolivia with Luis Maertens for initiation and Contact with The Great White Brotherhood and Confederation of Light. 

This journey is an exceptional tour and you may read about the 2017 Journeys first report here. The pilgrimage to the new shamballa part one

Please be sure to click the links of live sightings on film that we had in Bolivia and Peru in summer 2017 here Journey to Shamballa Report 2017.

Please see sign up For Bolivia Spring Tour here. Information to Sign Up + Itinerary For Spring April 23rd -May 1st 2018 Contact in Bolivia .

He announces and shares that this year this summer the conference returns to Mt Shasta better than ever before. With Info now up on his website. www.thepromiserevealed.com

He also announces he will be appearing in Rye Australia. February 2nd – 4th 2018. Please see the conference information here. https://www.starfamilyconference.com

Rob Potter – Raymond Keller Show 2 VOL 01-11-2018

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Victory of The Light Radio Show

Rob is back again with another Interview from the fascinating Raymond Keller the man who has been to Venus. He will be sharing more about his extensive knowledge of our sister planet and the queen of Venus. This is part two of the Raymond Keller interview series.

Ray Keller

MP3 here: Download



Rob also announces this springs tour to Bolivia with Luis Maertens for initiation and Contact with The Great White Brotherhood and Confederation of Light. 

This journey is an exceptional tour and you may read about the 2017 Journeys first report here. The pilgrimage to the new shamballa part one

Please be sure to click the links of live sightings on film that we had in Bolivia and Peru in summer 2017 here Journey to Shamballa Report 2017.

Please see sign up For Bolivia Spring Tour here. Information to Sign Up + Itinerary For Spring April 23rd -May 1st 2018 Contact in Bolivia .

He announces and shares that this year this summer the conference returns to Mt Shasta better than ever before. With Info to be going up soon on his website. www.thepromiserevealed.com

He also announces he will be appearing in Rye Australia. February 2nd – 4th 2018. Please see the conference information here. https://www.starfamilyconference.com

Rob Potter – Raymond Keller Show 1 VOL 01-04-2018

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Ray Keller


 Ray Keller

Rob Potter’s Guest Ray Keller one of the unsung heroes of the UFO movement for over 50 years. Rays experiences coupled with his detailed research are a cause for celebration. His 3 recently released books are amazingly detailed and go into the Venusian mission with the peoples of earth. Rob Goes into details with Ray about the truth of George Adamski and his contact with the Venusians. The myth of German secret space program involvement is kicked to curb with evidence of eye witness and personal experience.
Get ready for some mind wobbling truth about our sister planet and the sacred return of truth and the plan of redemption for our confused world. The power of love and healing will lead the way int the new era. The political mess and partial disclosure lies will fade into insignificance as the spiritual information and reality of god is revealed through awareness.

Rob Potters website. https://www.thepromiserevealed.com

Robert Potter and Guests Guy and Michele Dharma Producers of The Star Family Conference 12-21-2017

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Guests Guy and Michele Dharma

Robert Potter and Guests Guy and Michele Dharma Producers of The Star Family Conference 12-21-2017

The VOL interview is with Guy and Michele the visionaries who are creating the Star Family conference Feb 2nd – 4th in Australia.
Rob will be appearing at The Star Family Conference in Rye Australia. February 2nd – 4th 2018. Please see the conference information here.


Remember it is summer at this time of year down under in Australia! It will be an inspiring time for all.
In this interview Guy and Michele lay out all the details of this amazing event.
They each share their personal journeys of discovery and what inspired the conference.
They also share the conference schedule plans and even speak about the speakers.
Let yourself be invigorated in your mission with this interview about the conference and maybe I will see you there!
Rob Potters website. https://www.thepromiserevealed.com

Rob Potter – Thomas Paladino – Victory of the Light Radio Show 12-12-2017

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Thomas Paladino


Thomas Paladino

Download MP3 here: http://tindeck.com/listen/raixq
The VOL interview is with Thomas Paladino Scalar Healing expert.

Rob shares his understanding of scalar waves and anecdotal information from his work with Fred Bell.
Thomas also shares info on his free scalar treatments you can have for your self.
He also goes into detail on his research with documentation and testimonials of this amazing technology and how it will transform our world and be a transformative tool for healing for all.


Journey to Shamballa Report 2017
Please see sign up For Bolivia Spring Tour here Information to Sign Up + Itinerary For Spring April 23rd -May 1st 2018
He announces and shares that this year his summer the conference returns to Mt Shasta better than ever before. https://www.thepromiserevealed.com
He also announces he will be appearing in Rye Australia. February 2nd – 4th 2018. Please see the conference https://www.starfamilyconference.com


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Chris Kala








Victory of The Light Radio Show With Rob Potter and Christopher Kala

The interview is with Christopher Kala the kind soul who has created an orphanage in Tanzania called the Sandala Orphanage. They Orphanage desperately need help and funds for food clothes lights water tanks and many other projects.

Please help in anyway you can.


Rob also announces he will be appearing in Rye Australia Feb 2nd – 4th 2018 see Details Here. https://www.starfamilyconference.com

Journey to Shamballa Report 2017

Please see sign up for the 2018 Bolivia Spring Tour here Information to Sign Up + Itinerary For Spring April 23rd -May 1st 2018 Contact in Bolivia He also shares that this year his Summer Conference returns to Mt Shasta better than ever before.


The Pilgrimage To The New Shamballa Part One

The Promise Revealed Report

The Pilgrimage To The New Shamballa

Part One

Dear Promise Friends,

It has been a month since our group returned from the South American countries of Bolivia and Peru.

This journey and the experiences we had were very beautiful and sacred.

My friendship with Luis Mostajo has deepened and I am feeling very blessed to share his mission to a broader audience. He is well known to the Spanish-speaking people of the world and of course to others all around the world.

His experiences with the “guides of the sky” and “the masters” as he calls them are very special and unique.

I feel it is important for other light workers around the world to become aware of this information as well.

We have completed a series of interviews with Luis and we are still looking for Sound engineer experts and translators to volunteer to get this information out to the public. Please contact me rob@thepromiserevealed.com if you are inclined to offer your time and experience to this effort.

Luis is all about love and his presence and luminous self shines constantly. His mission and journeys to sacred sites and portals are free from political insinuations and any ego or self-aggrandizement.

Luis journeys throughout the 30 years of his contacts are usually with smaller groups but sometimes as large as 200 people. He takes people into the wilds of various locations around the world.

Senor Luis at his post prior to contact at Sajama


Most of his activations and journeys are in South and Central America where the locations are quite remote.

It is here in the sacred locations of Macchu Pichu, Sajama Volcano, Lake Titicaca on the Island of the Sun and Moon, Illampu Mt and Urmirri and other places around the world where the space ships show themselves.


These ships are from the Great White brotherhood and The Confederation bases as well as directly from various star groups. Luis is often in direct telepathic communication and is guided to reveal to each group individually the teachings.

As you learn of the many major contacts and special contacts that Luis has had, you may be like me, somewhat overwhelmed by the number and the profound nature of these encounters.

Just one such encounter would be enough to last one a lifetime. Luis has so many experiences he is able to give a broader view of the Great White Brotherhood and the Confederation as well as their intentions and plans to help to heal the earth.

Luis is so very humble in his delivery of such experiences it is refreshing in the search for truth. However it is the teachings that he shares that gives one hope and joy that the Promise is soon to be Revealed to humanity.

I am in no way trying to build up Luis in a personal way to be worshipped or held in awe or to support such nonsense. However the guides have chosen a kind sincere and honest soul to deliver to us this message of peace.

This message of the Rama Mission or Ulterior Preparation as it is called is also about our intentions, about our faith and humility. This message fits in with the overall plan of redemption for humanity that has been in place for so long.

The Rama Mission is also about people around the world founding groups to go into nature to meditate and call in the guides and masters to begin to initiate your own contact experience.

In Cusco I met a woman from Colorado and a man from South America who have been doing just that. They had their own pictures of a ship that had landed within 100 yards several days before we met.

She is a friend of Kaulipele and wishes to remain anonymous for now. This picture see here below is certainly not the best but i have it on good authority she is working with the Andromedeans and has many other amazing videos taken in Egypt and in South america that contain light codes and othe such phenomena,

I will also say Raul Dominguez (above) has had many groups from the San Francisco Bay area join him and Luis in Mt Shasta many times over the past decade.

Raul and his wife are very pure and sincere souls who have been leading meditation groups sometimes as many 10 times a year to a location on Mt Shasta.

Raul now leads his own groups to this is location on Shasta. This is very near where Paolla Harris had met a large ET many years ago. He was over 9-12 feel tall and she kind of freaked out and did not want to approach him at that time. But her experience was reported and was real.

Rauls meditations and instructions are based on Luis teachings and has yielded results! Please see the picture below Raul took in Shasta in summer 2015. It was with a smart phone at night so it is a bit blurry and I am not sure if this being is entirely physical but his name is Heiromath.

After this encounter when he took this picture Raul had a series of Ship Sightings on his return to the bay area, which he photographed as well.

The reason I am sharing this is to let you all know the Promised Interplanetary Cultural Exchange that has been ongoing for hundreds of Thousands of years is still happening.

In fact it has been kicked up a notch as the quarantine of earth is being ended. Step-by-Step the earth is re entering the Confederation and we are being welcomed with open arms and best wishes from our space family.

This plan of redemption is now being externalized to be shared with everyone as the cycles of the ages has bought mankind to the point of apocalypse.

The word apocalypse is defined as “uncover or reveal” and is not the doom and gloom for humanity that so many ignorantly declare. It means all truth and all lies will be revealed as promised by the prophets of old.

However Apocalypse certainly does mean doom and gloom and the eventual extinction to the forces of control, of militarism, vanity, self-entitlement, racism, ignorance, superstition and fear.

It does mean an end to materialism, greed, wrath, pride, anger, dishonesty, war, jealousy, mind control, false flags like 911, 311, Fukishima, Manchester and Las Vegas. Even our own adherence to covetousness, hate, disloyalty and the oh so many lies we all share.

The living word of god is rising to an audible pitch or rather we are able to discern it’s ever-present presence within ourselves more easily now. Are you listening to your souls call?

All truth is being revealed as Promised so long ago. The Truth is being Revealed not only to the outer mind of man but also to his inner self.

Mankind has evolved in his intelligence and in his inner receptivity to the living word of god, which is abundant for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

The very nature of life itself or The Christ Presence in its pure essence is now pouring out upon all flesh. We all are now more able to connect to the IAM presence through this new influence of universal sound light and color that is flooding into our reality.

Throughout this transfiguration process our human bodies DNA will alter itself, as it becomes what our destiny wills for us.

This will allow us to know the word of god and be able to hold the vibration needed to enact higher levels of service and adherence to truth.

This series of decrees below was given to Dr Scott Werner by St Gemaine in Mt Shasta to help us manifest a double helix of DNA.

The Victories of The Light that are taking place throughout the galaxy, are finally seeing some positive results in terms of breaking the quarantines restrictions for us here on earth.

The long term of patience we all have endured for millennia and suffering of the consequences, of what is called “The Fall” is helping us to transmute our ignorance into wisdom.

The raising of vibrational frequencies of our physical reality is a process that occurs in our galaxy more often than is generally known to the average person.

The people on other worlds for the most part understand that what is called the Solar Logos is the head of great being that encompasses the entire solar system that they live in.

Our Solar Logos is shifting consciousness and merging all realities along multiple timelines and healing all dimensions.

The Solar Logos is actually a cosmic being in which the entire solar system and all life streams in this solar system are in fact part of and in symbiosis with each other.

Furthermore the initiation of our sun, “the solar logos” this being and thus our entire solar system is insuring our deliverance by the stabilization of all life into a new dimensional cycle.

Surely for us here on earth this is long overdue. Earth has played her role in the healing of souls to be able to achieve this planetary ascension. We also are in the process of individual ascension as well.

This Ascension process explanation will have to wait for another time. But I wanted the overall plan to be shared in a basic way so that these teachings may have a foundation on which to build.

So now take some deep breaths and empty your mind of all thoughts. Connect with your feelings and please take the time to enter into the silence and listen with your third ear and see with your third eye the truths that your spirit will reveal to you.

This new era of contact has begun in earnest and now we must delve deep into our own well of truth, which dwells within us as ourselves. This is cliché’ way of putting it but it is true.

This divine mandate of the new dispensation and the personal and planetary universal transformational alchemy is no longer to be an occult or hidden teaching.

The Solar and Cosmic environment is literally altering the laws of physics on earth as these Rays of Love and transformation bombard all life streams on earth.

Please read the Key of Enoch by my brother JJ Hurtak and The Lions Path Book to understand the science behind these changes.

Now you have some understanding of the forces at play on as the earth achieves with the entire solar system this new dispensation of gods love is renewed on earth as it is in heaven.

OK lets get down for sharing of the experiences our group had on “The Pilgrimage to The New Shamballa”. Luis and I were honored to have such a wonderful group to share these experiences with.


The Trip

I hope this information I am sharing about our trip will be taken in with a realization of the absolute reality that these experiences are true and real physical experiences.

This trip was especially magnificent for me as I became more aware of the tangible presence and activation of my luminous body. During our meditations the transmissions of light body activations that were beamed upon us were very real and everyone felt their presence.

After sponsoring Journeys and conferences and working with Luis for 5 times over the last 3 years I had on at least 5 occasions experienced the lights in the sky that indicated contact with the GWB and Confederation.

Here is a link to one sighting we had in Shasta in 2016 when Luis was there.


I have had these so many of these types of contact since I was 16 years old that the Light ships no matter how cool and reassuring are for me old news…………….. I want more.

I am still seeking more intimate and closer contact to fuel my fire for knowledge and wisdom. Like many, I have hoped most of my life for direct personal contact with the individuals from the GWB and Confederation.

For me this is more about personal development of my soul than it is about my lower personality vehicle desire for knowledge. At least I think so because I welcome a contact and if they want me to keep it secret I will.

I have always felt humanity must know our true history and the nature of our souls in order to heal or world. I know we must remember our earth’s history and the mistakes that were made destroying life and civilization to be able to choose a new path.

We should be aware of our cosmic heritage and our destiny of working together and rising above the ignorance and pain and supporting each other.

I have wanted to be part of this process because it is simply ingrained in me to want to be able to share this with others.

I feel we must all get there as a planet together especially with the problematic quarantine and technological entropy being used on an un-suspecting humanity. Cobra is the source to learn of these types of technologies and how they are being used as well as his reporting of how they are being defeated.

I have more or less recently surrendered that my “ego oriented” dream of personal contact (that I can remember) may or may not happen.

To be real despite my many wonderful encounters I haven’t had this life long dream fulfilled in the way “I wanted it”. Such is life and we must soldier on like good ground crew.

Picture is near Machu Pichu light on mountain is reflection of light inside train ….sorry lol

The day before I arrived at Luis house he had a flyover of his house with 2 ships. The telepathic information was “The Solar Eclipse will bring about great changes and will initiate a new level of contact for humanity”

After I arrived on the day of the eclipse Luis and I meditated in his garden in La Paz.

Here below is an excerpt of one the many interviews we did on our Pilgrimage To The New Shamballa.

The interviews will be released with the original recording in due time. In the mean time here is one of the transcripts in English.


Interview in English

Rob: Hello folks we are now in the home of Luis in his beautiful living room. Luis we have just had a lunar eclipse that was talked about in a book from the late 70s called the Lions Path. This eclipse, which connects with Sirius when the earth aligns with the Sirian star energies that can then come to the Earth.

Recently we also have a Major Solar eclipse which has had tremendous implications for the planet the earth. The night before the solar eclipse and the night before I arrived here in Bolivia you also had 2 ships over your house, and you have had a mental contact with Master Soromez? …

Luis: No the guides of the sky made the contact. Sormez is from The Great White Brotherhood.

Rob: The guides of the sky this is not the Great White Brotherhood contact then. What is the name of the Ascended Master in the Space ship that you’ve have had contact with?

LUIS: The Masters 3 days ago actually told me to go out of my house to my garden at 9 o’clock at night. Because they had something very important to share with me, it is just like I did on other occasions when they call me directly.

I go out on the terrace of my home, where I have partially a very good view of the sky and at the moment when I go out I observe that in the sky there are two very bright lights, 2 space ships were just above the house.

I immediately feel like they infuse a heat energy that is concentrated in the chest. It begins to play with the intensity of its luminosity being turned on one while another one was turned off and so on and in that moment the Masters tell me literally I am going to read it.

It is a brief but concise message in which they said: “YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE and that the bridges of communication and contact are active and open; the next eclipse will start a New Cycle of dynamics and openness with us, we wait for you”.

The Masters have told us and the extraterrestrial guides have told us with this wonderful experience is that this Solar eclipse has marked the beginning of a new dynamic experience of contact with the extraterrestrial guides and consequently with the Masters of the White Brotherhood.

The presence of these two ships is authenticating and sealing this process of communication and contact with them in this new dynamic as they manifest themselves to us.

This confirms their approaches and teachings that they have to come to share in this time.

In other words, the eclipse has certainly sealed a stage of human realization and has initiated a new time for the awakening of the consciousness of humanity.

This is the process we are now in dear Robert, dear friends, we have to take and assume the responsibility for the initiative to be very positive to this so that this meeting and contact can also be given.

Rob: Thank you.

You may see Luis film of the ships over his house the night before I arrived in Bolivia by going here.


I must conclude part one and we have not even left La Paz on our journey!

These links are really for part 2 of these series of reports, but I add them here for you Jimmy.

See some extra cool links of ships we had over Bolivia and in Peru on the same day in Broad daylight.

Go to this link here and enjoy


Please join me on website https://thepromiserevealed.com  as I release the continuing reports on The Pilgrimage to The New Shamballa.

Here is link about luis more videos and our trip info


Warm Regards to all and

Victory To The Light

Rob Potter


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Hello there, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another special edition of the Victory of the Light Radio Show.

I’m your host, Rob Potter. I’m broadcasting from here in Los Angeles from inside the home of

Eduardo Hernandez the Head of the leadership group of Prepare for Change. He’s kindly

allowing me to do this interview from here.

As most of you know, I’m headed off to Bolivia and Peru tomorrow, which will be the 20th of August,

and I’ll be doing the Eclipse Meditation from in Bolivia. And then we’re going on a nice tour

with Luis Mostajo Fernando Martaens, who will be establishing some programed contacts with the

benevolent masters and guides for our group. I’ll be sharing some of this information with you about

this trip when I come back.

I am also going to ask for a volunteer to translate some very special information from Spanish into

English for us. Please contact me by email to Rob@thepromiserevealed.com and I

will get back to you as soon as possible.

Cobra Interview

So without further ado, I’d like to acknowledge Cobra. I want to thank him for coming on the show


And as most of you know, I’ve worked closely with Cobra for years. He has wonderful intelligence

and is revealing a lot of great information. I support Cobra. I believe he’s honest, ethical, transparent

and true in his mission. I support his inside information.

I don’t always know about everything that’s going on there and a lot of stuff we have to take on faith,

but based on Cobra’s intentions, I want you all to know I support that information.

One more thing I’d like to mention before we start the Cobra interview is, I’ve been working

with the Sadala Orphanage in Tanzania. http://www.sadalaorphanage.org

Christopher Kala has created the Sadala Orphanage and I will be having an interview with him soon.

Please keep an eye out for that. They’ve fallen on some desperate times. They’re looking for some

money for food right now, and I hope you guys will all take a look at the link on my

Website and please be as generous as you possibly can.

The link is on the front page of my website. Please click on this link www.thepromiserevealed.com

and there’s ways to contact Chris and to make donations for the children.

And I’m really hoping there’s someone out there who has come into a large amount of money

who could actually make a bequeath of $400 to $500 a month. That’s how much it takes to feed

the 35 or so children and widows who help him take care of the children in his wonderful

effort there in Tanzania The Sandala Orphanage.

I’ve noticed Prepare for Change and other people are supporting orphanages as well. I think it’s

a worthy cause. If any of you out there in our listening audience can reach out there to the best

of your ability we will appreciate it. You know, even small amounts can help there.

So thank you very much for helping. Thank you so much for listening.


Rob Potter: Okay, ladies and gentlemen, this is another special edition of the Victory of the Light

Radio Show, and we’re here with Cobra. Welcome to the Victory of the Light, Cobra. It’s honor to

have you here again.

Cobra: I’m very glad that we are making this interview right now just before the Meditation.

Rob: Yes, the Meditation is in two days, folks. So I do have a question. This will be coming after your

Meditation. I’ll be doing my meditation from Bolivia, and everyone else is going to be doing theirs . . .

I know a lot of people are traveling to get in the path of the eclipse.

And, of course, a lot of the Prepare for Change people and people who follow Corey Goode are in Mt.

Shasta now up there preparing for it.

Can you tell us what type of things we can expect if we are successful in this Meditation?

Cobra: Okay, this is exactly the question I was instructed not to answer, because many things are

possible. But if I release too much before the Meditation, that could influence the course of events,

because, of course, the other side could try to prevent some of it.

So I would just say that I will definitely have good news in my report after the Meditation is over.

That I can guarantee.

And the extent and type of good news depends to a certain degree if we reach the critical mass or not.

And also there are other cosmic factors involved.

Rob: Yes, I understand. This interview won’t come out until afterwards, but we’ll look forward to

hearing that information from you.

I’m kind of curious, without the light forces and this type of stuff, this type of meditation, If this

Special meditation was not happening, what type of effects is normally associated with a full solar

eclipse ? Historically and cosmically speaking under the conditions on the Earth?

Cobra: A solar eclipse is usually a moment of decision and a moment of exposure. So people who use

that moment to make free will decisions get more powerful in whatever they do, and the rest of the

people just get triggered in whatever they have inside, because everything gets exposed.

The energies of the solar eclipse are very strong. And especially for those who are located inside the

eclipse path, this is a very strong experience.

And if they are able to handle their subconscious issues, this can be an uplifting experience. If they are

not, then this can be a little bit more challenging.

So solar eclipses are always turning points one way or the other.

Rob: Well, that’s very interesting news. I appreciate that.

Now, I’ve never asked you this in public, but I’m quite sure that you’re aware of the book called “The

Lion’s Path”. I was familiar with this book . . . I believe it was the late ’70s or early ’80s it came out. Is that correct?

Cobra: I think it was around that time, yeah.

Rob: Yeah, anyway, folks, this book “The Lion’s Path”, of course, talks about various energetic, I

guess we could call them, time points, or windows of opportunities, or portals, that come at various times and certain astronomical conditions.

This book also talks about how the pineal gland is actually mutating.

We recently had a Lion’s Gate Portal, as some people call it. Cobra, can you comment on this book and the recent lunar eclipse that was timed in the Lion’s Path, and this book in general, and the

connection to Sirius that has recently been amplified with this eclipse path? The lunar eclipse that we

previously had.

Cobra: Actually, yes, the lunar eclipse happened on the 7th of August, and it was actually part of the

Lion’s Gate Portal this year.

And actually this lunar eclipse started the process that will culminate in the solar eclipse.

And in this year especially, this process is very strong, because the timeline that connects them, the

point of the lunar eclipse this year and the solar eclipse this year in August, is very strong.

So whatever is happening now in those 14 days is accelerating preparation. And the energies of Sirius,

which came – Sirius star system – which came during the lunar eclipse, are now preparing the way for

more intense and stronger galactic energy that will come during the solar eclipse.

So this is all part of a greater plan, part of a deeper process.

Rob: So it seems as though some of these, I guess we can call them, astronomical alignments, are

coming faster and faster. It seems like with these two right here, we’re getting some, I guess, very

positive opportunities for the light workers to accelerate their bodies and become more positive so that

we can have the Event.

Is that what’s happening?

Cobra: Actually, the whole time between the lunar and solar eclipses is dedicated to that process. So

we are getting through a very intense purification process, both individually and collectively, and this

is preparing us for the next stage both individually and collectively.

We are actually manifesting phenomena of unity consciousness during this Meditation. And certain, I

would say, very highly evolved cosmic forces have noted that.

And this will individually and collectively drastically accelerate the Ascension process. This as much

as I can say at this point.

Rob: Okay. I’d like to . . . I’ve got a couple healing questions that people have asked me. We know

you’re not a doctor, but you have a great insight into the metaphysical aspects of healing and the

physical as well. And I’ve got a couple questions on this, so I thought I would ask.

In regards to lasik surgery on the eyes, is that harmful, or should people wait for the technologies to be released at the time of the Event?

Cobra: It’s not extremely harmful, but it does affect eyesight in a certain way. For example, if you

look at stars at night, your experience might not be exactly the same as before. So there might be

certain, I would say, side effects which are not drastic, but can be a little bit worrying sometimes.

And it’s up to you if you wish to wait or you wish to go ahead. It’s your own individual choice.

And, again, it’s very good to be informed before you take that kind of step anyway.

Rob: Okay. Can you suggest some natural methods to help people with depression? Now, the

pharmaceutical company has those. I always encourage people to use, you know, like sunlight, nature

walks, breathing exercises. And, you know, I love having a Cintamani stone on the crown chakra,

shoot a laser and a Violet Wand, or some of your Tachyonized crystals, and combine them with

invocation and meditations.

But can you suggest maybe nutrition or anything that you feel for people, or suggestions, who are

suffering from unexplained waves of depression?

Cobra: Okay, basically, everything you have suggested is good and can help, but the core of the issue

is suppressed emotions. And those suppressed emotions are also artificially kept there with scalar

technology. So people who are addressing those suppressed emotions, healing them, they will get rid

of depression.

Of course, if you want to break the habit, if you want to break the cycle, it’s very good to relocate for a

certain short period of time, get some healing, and then return back to your original location. That can

help a lot.

Rob: Great suggestions. Also, do you have any suggestions for nerve pain, like in the lower legs or

extremities, that is caused by disc problems? Are there any nutrition supplements or anything else that

you can suggest to heal this problem?

Cobra: There are Russian doctors which can very effectively heal many nerve pain that is associated

with the spine. So there is very effective, I would say, manual medicine techniques that can actually

remove that pain completely.

And they are known in Russia. They are known in countries associated with Russian Eastern Alliance,

but they are almost non-existent in the Western world, because, of course, the Rothschild’s medical,

and the Rockefeller . . . sorry, the Rockefeller medical cartel did not want to make those available to


So if you search a little bit more, if you have any Russian friends, ask them about it and most likely

they will know about this.

Rob: Okay. If you have a chance, maybe you can send me a link, and we could post that, but I’ll take a

look and see what I can do.

We also have a question in regards to, not necessarily health, but DNA manipulation. Now, I

understand that this has been going on for thousands of years, and we, of course, hear of Zacharia

Sitchin, Enil and Enki, they did not create the human race. I believe they negatively affected the

human race with their manipulation.

Can you talk about how this manipulation has been done? And can you describe what manipulation,

some of the bullet points, for the last 30,000 years has been the most detrimental? And can we reverse

this on our own before the Event?

Cobra: Okay, this is a very broad subject. I will just say that it has been going on for a much longer

time than just 30,000 years. Actually, genetic manipulation started almost 1 million years ago when

the dark forces from the Orion star system came to this planet in Atlantis. And this genetic

manipulation was quite extensive and was done by many races.

There was also, I would say, good, positive races that wanted to repair human DNA, and they have

also added to this process in a positive way.

So now we have human DNA which actually needs a lot of healing, and most of this will be done after

the Event, which is actually the moment when advanced technology that is required for that will be

released. I don’t see this happening before the Event, really, because it’s quite a complex situation.

Rob: Yes, I was kind of curious, and I’m interested in how the manipulation took place. Were certain

people in the light groups taken up and their DNA altered, and then their successive bloodlines were

altered? Or how is this done that affected . . . Did the bad guys abduct certain people and do the

manipulation? Or how was this manipulation done? Is it done individually, or in groups, or how is it, I

guess, actually done?

Cobra: It was done similarly to what the medical cartel has done now with vaccinations. Everyone

was obliged to take certain so-called ‘treatments’ in so-called ‘healing temples’ in Atlantis, and this is

where DNA was manipulated with Atlantis technology.

And people were actually not exactly forced to go there, but it was advised strongly against not going

there. So if somebody was not going there, there were repercussions. And the vast majority of the

human population went through that process at a certain point in Atlantis.

Rob: Okay, that’s interesting. That makes sense.

And you had mentioned that some of these older vaccination technologies . . . Like, I’m 60, so when I was born they gave me . . . When I was a little older, I think I must have been like 5 or 6, or when I got to school . . . I remember we had big long lines for vaccinations in the ’60s where they gave it to us.

Now, you had mentioned before that, I think, this is outdated technology. Or have the light forces done something to nullify that? Was that correct?

Cobra: They can do many things to nullify that, but this will be nullified after the Event. The other aspect of this is that vaccination technology was used, or shall I say misused, in the last few decades to put biochips in the human body. And, again, almost everybody on the planet was affected by this.

And those biochips have been removed already by the Resistance Movement. So they are not existing

in human bodies any more.

Rob: Wow! That’s great news. So the physical biochips . . . The Resistance used their technologies to

everyone who had it and actually zapped it, or destroyed it? Or just removed it? Huh?

Cobra: They used certain advanced technology to remove this, and this is the reason – one of the

reasons – why we have this awakening right now, because one layer of the Matrix is gone. And it’s

now easier for people to awaken.

Rob: Yes, that’s important. I luckily have not received vaccinations since that time. We know
vaccinations are causing autism. Are they still putting biochips in those now?

Cobra: No, not any more. Actually, this started after World War II. The biochips were developed in

Nazi Germany by Siemens Company and were . . . This program started in 1945 and was very

extensive in the 1950s and ’60s, actually.

Rob: Okay, good. So, I guess, we don’t have to worry about that although the vaccinations still have

negative repercussions due to the adjuvants and all the things the put in there – the mercury and

formaldehyde. Is that correct?

Cobra: Yeah. That’s correct. Yes.

Rob: Okay, thank you. We did receive recently from your notes that you had okayed, which were not

exactly correct, I think was a thing there, but about your Ascension Conference that you recently had

in Taiwan, I think it was.

And I’m curious if you could share – I didn’t want to ask about everything in the conference – but you

talked about a vortex support field map. Was this kind of a map of the primary ley line points of the

light forces that could help transform people? Or could you talk about this map?

Cobra: No, it was something completely else, and I would rather not talk about it in this short

interview because I would prefer that people go to the conference and experience it by themselves. It’s

a very deep subject.

Rob: Will you be having more Ascension conferences?

Cobra: It depends on the planetary situation.

Rob: Okay. Another question I have received from many people. You have consistently said you

wouldn’t be coming to the states again. I guess things are a little hot these days, but are there any plans

or any possibilities for you to possibly make it to the United States for conferences in the foreseeable


Cobra: Most likely this year, no, but in the future, who knows. Again, it depends on how things


Rob: Okay. Well, I’d like to invite you. We could have a beautiful one in Mt. Shasta if you ever do

decide to come here.

Now, I also have a note here about Elon Musk’s Boring Company. I went to some of those links, and I

thought that was pretty cool. Obviously, the government has this technology, so in a sense this is kind

of like, I guess, not a soft . . . I guess, I’d call it soft disclosure, that this technology already exists and

that there’s the capability of hyper speed transport that is available to us.

The question I want to ask is, will existing transport systems used by the secret government program

be available for public use after the Event?

Cobra: Actually, yes, part of this infrastructure will be put into public use. The particle tube is

suitable because soon more advanced technologies will soon be introduced. But in the transition

period after the Event, why not? Certain parts of that infrastructure will be put into public use.

Rob: With Elon Musk’s company, I mean, will they be revealing that they can make tunnels . . . you

know, forget the European tunnel that took forever and probably the finances siphoned off. But maybe

you can confirm or deny this, but Phil Schneider and some of that boring tunnel equipment was said to

create tunnel tracks seven miles a day. Was that correct in some instances?

Cobra: Yes. Actually, this was the secret, I would say, ‘Breakaway Civilization’ program that built

military underground bases, especially in the continental United States, and they had boring

technology that could reach seven miles per day, yes. They had that.

Of course now, the negative military does have this any more, but the positive light forces have much

faster technology, actually. They build . . . Usually now, the Resistance Movement has to build

something underground. They can build very complex structures in a few days when there is a need,

and recently they have done so in Antarctica.

Rob: Wow! That’s fantastic. It’s good to know, folks, and you can research some of this stuff on your own on the Internet.

I want to ask you a question here. Is the loving attention paid by the good guys to Toplet Bomb

Condensate and this primary anomaly, I guess, top quark? Is that continuing to be successful?

Cobra: Yes, absolutely.

Rob: And at the success of this, this would take away the last, I guess, roadblock that we hear from

the Galactic Confederation as far as the safety of the Event. When that is completely removed, the

Event could take place at any time. Is that correct?

Cobra: When the Black Stone and all Toplet bombs are removed, the Event should happen. I don’t see

any other reason, any other blocks, that could prevent the Event.

Rob: I’m wondering, about the AI or Yaldaboath head plasma field, is this directly related to the Black Stone quark?

Cobra: Yes, yes, of course. It’s like a symbiosis that is happening between the two.

Rob: So this movement will basically remove the Yaldabdoath head.? Are there other actions, or is

this the primary force that’s driving that?

Cobra: Actually, that’s all interconnected. You have various aspects of the same situation. You have

the Yaldabaoth entity, you have the toplet bombs, and you have the Black Stone. And they all

intermingle in various ways.

Rob: You had mentioned that the Secret Space Program has kind of announced they wanted to create

a defense system for the Earth, which is because the Chimera and the Archons are becoming quite

fearful of Galactic Federation motherships showing up.

You had said that if there was any confrontation, it would be short and spectacular, which is obvious

to me that the Galactic Confederation can nullify any technology that the Earth has building these

space programs.

My question is, do you think this could take place before the Event?

Cobra: This will . . . If this takes place, this will take place very shortly before the Event, but it’s very

unlikely. Most likely, the bad guys don’t want to have an open display . Then it’s game over and would

actually accelerate their final defeat. So they are trying to avoid this at any cost.

Rob: And the good guys would not be showing themselves, generally speaking, in the motherships.

They’re constantly cloaked at this point in time. So they’re not going to be showing themselves to the

general public unless it IS the Event. Would that be a good summarization?

Cobra: Yes, exactly.

Rob: Okay, thank you. I have some questions about the Chimera and the Archons. Can you tell us

what is the state of the Chimera and Archons? As the light forces proceed to the Victory of the Light,

can you tell us what their thoughts or conditions or the general state of their, I guess, mental – I don’t

know if they have emotional bodies or . . . What is their feeling right now?

Are they fearful? Are they concerned? Obviously, they’re seeming quite desperate.

Cobra: The Chimera was not concerned until very recently, because they were absolutely sure that

nobody can take them down. But in the last few months, they show more and more signs of worry and

concern, and they are making technical mistakes because of that.

So they are not . . . Their plan is no longer perfect. They are making mistakes which will lead to their

ultimate defeat.

Regarding the Archons, they know for a few years already they are not as sure as they were. And their

strategy is simply to unleash as much negativity as possible before they go down. They do not have an

exit strategy at this point, so basically what they’re doing, they’re trying to instill as much damage as

possible before they are removed.

Rob: Who is higher on the, I guess, bad boy chain – Archons or Chimera?

Cobra: Chimera.

Rob: And can you give us the numbers, if they’re known, of the numbers of Chimera that exist, I’ll say,

in the solar system? Or have they been removed from the solar system and are only located in this

planet, or are they in the Kuiper Belt?

Cobra: Okay, I would say that most of them are definitely on this planet, and it’s a very small group –

less than a few hundred people at this moment.

It’s a very small group, but a very dangerous group because they have access to all those exotic quark

weaponized technologies. And this is the only reason they still exist.

Rob: Okay. Are these Chimera comprised of Dracos or the Reptilians? Are these more human looking

like Andromedans and, I guess, breakaway Pleiadeans, or whatever, are comprising this group?

Cobra: Draco and Reptilians are nowhere near the top of the food chain. Chimera is actually an

Andromedan humanoid race which looks more like humans. They’re part of a humanoid evolution, but

they are extremely negative because they went through a lot of cosmic anomaly. You could say “fallen

angels” in a human body. This is how you could describe them.

Rob: Are these Andromedans from the Andromedan constellation or the Andromedan galaxy?

Cobra: Andromedan galaxy, but you need to understand that the Andromedan galaxy is huge. And

they are absolutely not the same Andromedans that Alex Collier has contact with.

Rob: Of course not. Yeah.

Cobra: Just to make that clear. Yeah.

Rob: Yes, that’s good. We want to . . . We definitely want to make that clear.

I want to ask about the Archons. What are their numbers and their mental condition? You mentioned

they already know that defeat is possible.

Can you share about their numbers? Are they still on the surface of the Earth in those, I guess, Black

Nobility families, or spread out about the planet? How many of them are there would you say?

Cobra: I would say a few hundreds on the physical plane in the Black Nobility families and a few

thousands on the, mostly on, the plasma plane and the lower etheric and astral plane.

They are aware the game is over, and, as I’ve said, they want to unleash as much chaos and negativity

as possible before they are gone.

Rob: Okay. When you say “in the lower astral”, these are disembodied spirits that are still existing on

the Earth, but not in incarnation?

Cobra: Yes, so-called “unholy spirits” or “demons” or anything of that nature – entities that have

been chosen darkness and are existing on those planes. But they are losing power daily, especially

now that we are approaching this Meditation. They will lose quite much of their power through this


Rob: Thank you. I think we have mentioned sometime, probably over a year ago, you had said that

some of these, I think, Chimera were hiding inside of some sort of an anomaly in the Kuiper Belt and

hiding from the light forces. Is that still going on, or has this been . . .

Cobra: Oh, no, this is gone. This actually happened quite a lot, and this has been cleared up.

Rob: Okay. Well, that’s very good news.

We’ve discussed privately, you and I, the book called “The Brotherhood of the Third Degree”. And I

have one question relating to this book and some of your intel.

And I want to give a little background of this for the audience. You can look this up. This is “The

Brotherhood of the Third Degree”. And this book describes actually two twin flames back in the time

of Napoleon when St. Germain was very active in Versailles . This relates to some of Cobra’s recent

posts – but there was a doctor who was asked to work on one side of the war between Napoleon and

Wellington. And his twin flame, I believe, was on the other side.

And they had special gifts. They were mentally telepathic. They were receiving information of intel

between the generals on both sides and feeding information to St. Germain in regards to some of these

pivotal conflicts that would affect humanity.

And it seems that in the past history the Great White Brotherhood and the Ascended Masters at crucial

points will see to it that certain outcomes take place.

Now, in this book, it talks about the Great White Brotherhood and the forces of light arresting one of

the couriers that was carrying “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. This courier was captured and

then was told he would be released if he took an oath not to talk about it or anything. If he did, he

would be struck dumb and blind.

And, of course, he said he would not tell that he had been captured and when he tried to tell his

masters what happened he was struck dumb and blind.

The question I have for you, is you had mentioned in one of your posts in regards to the new Atlantis

and the light forces and the various light groups and centers that had been carrying the light after the

sinking of Atlantis. I believe you talked about the Eastern Mediterranean and the Azores. And, of

course, we have the Cathars and the Templars.

You also mentioned Jesus and Mary Magdalene as being continuation of these light force centers and sources of information and the Truth. But you had also mentioned the Priory of Sion as being one of these.

Can you talk about the difference between the Priory of Scion and The Elders of Zion? Was the Priory of Scion hijacked like the Freemasons and turns into this group that created the Protocols? Or could you elaborate on that narrative?

Cobra: That group is completely unrelated to The Protocols of Zion. And that group is a very interesting group because members of both Dark and Light have entered this group, and they knew that.

The purpose of that group was for the Light . . . the attempt of the light forces to heal the Dark, to transform the Dark. And in certain circumstances, that was successful.

If you check the history of that particular secret society, you will find that certain key people that have shaped human history were part of that particular group.

Rob: Can you share with us any of the names of the people that created the Protocols od Zion? That

was kind of a Rothschild creation. Is that correct?

Cobra: The Protocols is a completely different story as it was connected to the Rothschilds, which

were, actually, the creators of the Zionist movement in a way.

Rob: Yes. Can you share, possibly, any of the positive names from the – I think it was the – 1700s

that were associated with the Light and Dark melding there in The Priory of Zion?

Cobra: Yes, I can actually. Leonardo DaVinci was a part of the group. Isaac Newton was part of the

group. There were some famous alchemists like Nicolas Flamel was part of the group. And all of those

were working for the Light.

And there were also some other people that I would not wish to mention which were active in the 19th

century that were influenced in Central Europe quite much, but their work is not very well known at

this time. Actually, they have preserved certain mysteries connected to the Goddess in Central Europe

in the time of Napoleon.

Rob: Wow! So this is great news. So the Priory of Sion is kind of like light forces meeting the Dark

where the light forces is definitely trying to influence a positive change in some of these darker plans

that are taking place.

Very interesting. It has gone on for hundreds of years now, yeah?

Cobra: This was going on for at least five or six . . . at least five hundred years now.

Rob: Well, there you have it, folks, some of the inner workings of the planetary political situation

where the Light meets the Dark, kind of like in the dark crystal or in your coffee with cream. Okay. So

let’s move on here.

Another thing I had question I had to ask you,. In the PFC interview recently, you mentioned a story

that, I think Lynn spoke about, was that the Vedas had come from a group inside, I guess, a white-

skinned group from inside Russia as being 60~70% correct.

Now, I’m kind of curious, Fred Bell had mentioned that the Rishis that are mentioned in the Rig, Yajur

and the Sama Veda, are actually referring to the Pleiadians. Can you share the wealth of spiritual knowledge that comes from India?

I guess it’s a mixture of many different sources, probably including some very advanced ET contacts

that have remained hidden in their teachings have remained intact.

Can you comment on the wealth of spiritual information that India and the sources of exactly where

this comes from?:

Cobra: Actually, what you said is correct, because the Vedas themselves are a mixture, and part of

this came from old legacy of Atlantis. Part of this came from Pleiadian sources. Actually, the seven

Rishis are the seven stars of the Pleiadians.

And, actually, the other part of this came from Archon mind-programming. So Vedas are a curious

mixture of truth and disinformation, like everything else on the planet.

Rob: Well, I guess, that doesn’t come as a surprise. I have a followed the contacts from the Alpha

Centauri group by the being Soltec from the old school contacts of George Hunt Williamson, and the

early UFO contactees of the ’50s, who were having much more physical contact with the space family,

kind of like you and Alex and other people that are having repeated physical contacts. It seemed to be

much more common then in the 50’s.

And they had talked about a lot of this technology that they had, and it included looking through every

strata of matter, and, ladies and gentlemen, the good guys have a technology . . . They can see

anything the dark guys do.

So my question to you, Cobra, is, at some point, after the Event, or when these arrests take place, in

order to heal people, will they be sharing with us some of these direct recordings of these events so

that if you go, “I don’t believe that”, will they show us Akashic Records’ videos, or how will some of

this, you know, offensive and horrible stuff be released to the public so it’s not just Hearsay! You

know most people may think it’s just a spin or made up.

How will this be released to the public? Are there any plans for this that you are aware of?

Cobra: Yes, of course. There are recordings, and some of those are very disturbing, that are in the

possession now of the Resistance Movement. And some of those recordings have been put on the

computers of major news agencies on the planet that can be triggered by a special access code which is known by the Resistance. And this can be made public at any moment that is appropriate.

And those recordings will be used and some of them will be aired publicly when the trials happen,

when the truth and reconciliation committees begin to work, and when the actions of the Cabal will be


So some of those recordings will be made public, but they are very disturbing. So it will not be

extensive, because the public can process only so much. But it will be enough to convince everybody

that what was happening was true, and everybody will be able to put what was happening into


Rob: Were these recordings taken by insiders or through the ET technology that I mentioned?

Cobra: Those recordings were taken place by advanced ET technology.

Rob: Okay, as I thought.

Can you tell us, what is the situation in Syria right now? Is there any good news or is it still a

quagmire of political and Archon-derived suffering? And what is the future? What is the forces

planning now in that situation? Is it being cleaned up?

Cobra: Yes, there is much progress. Since our meditation for Syria in the spring, there has been much

progress. Actually, the whole area of Syria and Iraq, when there is this huge vortex that is partially

still under control of the Islamic state, much of this has been liberated.

Mosul in Iraq has been liberated. Large areas of land in Syria have been liberated. There was much

progress in the last few weeks.

So now there are only two small enclaves of unliberated territory in Syria right now, and those two

areas are getting smaller and smaller. And, actually, may people who have run away from Syria

because the situation there was intolerable, are returning back to their homes because in certain parts

of Syria, life is getting back to normal.

Rob: Well, that’s good news, and my prayers go out to the people of Syria. They have gone through a

tremendous amount of suffering at the hands of the Cabal. The innocent people of the Islamic religion

are not all bad, and I just hope that this healing can take place soon. It’s pretty crazy out there.

I have another question: Can you tell us the situation with Putin and Trump? I hate to bring up Trump. I see him as a narcissist, an elitist – you know, obviously, a huge ego.

I think what got him into there was his complete lack of experience in politics that people were

wanting someone who wasn’t an insider. And this worked for him and against him.

My question is, is he running any serious relationship towards working with Putin, who we see as a

good guy, towards change, or is he just like a blind man running around out there reaching his hands

out and spouting off? Ha, ha.

Cobra: Basically, what’s happening here is he’s a man without a solid international policy, and he acts

on his impulses combined with what he gets from his advisers. There are two groups that are fighting

for his attention – the good guys and the bad guys.

Sometimes he listens to one group and sometimes he listens to the other group. So it’s a mixed

situation, and the light forces are trying to do whatever they can to steer this whole situation towards

the Light.

Rob: Okay. Can you talk about what’s going on in the Ukraine a little bit, and the Soros situation

there? Has that been resolved? Are there still issues going on there? Have they brought any of those

Khazarian forces there to justice? What is the situation there? Is that still volatile?

Cobra: It is still volatile. It has not been resolved, but it is not as bad as it was a year or two ago. So I

would say the situation is very slowly improving.

Rob: Okay. My Venusian source, and this is not like an ET that lives up in space and comes down.

This is one who has come here like Omnec Onec, although in a different form, and is working as very

telepathic with the masters and does a lot of work in information among certain groups.

And they indicated to me that their intel was similar to what Ben Fulford said. They didn’t say what

might happen is good. They weren’t saying it’s a great plan. However he said that Fulford had

mentioned that there may be a war triggered with Korea, with Russia and the U.S. and China

supporting this limited war to bring out the bad guys.

I was told by him that it’s very possible – they are working towards this – and there may be a lot of

fear generated, such as, you know, duck and cover scenarios for Hawaii, or something like this.

Whether it’s true or not, it would probably cause a lot of fear, and they said that, of course, no nukes would be allowed. And he said just prepare that may happen.

Can you please comment on that situation and your intel, as far as you’re allowed to at this point?

Cobra: Basically, according to my intel, the situation is a little bit different. There is a possibility of a

limited war in North Korea, but the purpose of this would be to . . . Actually, the regime in North

Korea is very, and extremely, suppressive.

That war would be engineered to destroy that regime and set the people free. And this can happen

before the Event. So I would say there are certain interest groups in various countries that want to take

that regime down and that is a possibility that this will happen.

And that would be a short and intense war, but without many casualties. And that would not spread to

other regions. It would be limited to North Korea.

Rob: Wow! That’s good. So that actually sounds like the positive militaries of these groups would do

this to liberate the people of Korea. My heart’s gone out to them when I just . . . when you see the

crazy stuff going on there.

Cobra: It’s not exactly like that. There are various other agendas there, that some people want to grab

the resources. It’s a mixed agenda. It’s not just to liberate the people. It’s more like to liberate the

people and grab their resources, improve their standard a little bit and pose as the good guys and grab

the country’s gold. Something like that.

Rob: Ha, ha, ha. Okay. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss, with a kinder, gentler machine gun

hand, as Neil Young used to say. So, anyway, I guess that’s good and bad news there.

I have spoken recently with Sheldan Nidle, who is an old friend of mine from 18 years ago, or, gosh,

probably longer now. Well, yes, I guess it’s like 20-something years ago when he was talking about

things in ’95 before the Archon invasion.

Cobra: Okay, if you have a chance to speak to him in the next two days, please ask him to mention

the Meditation.

Rob: Yeah, that’s a good idea. I could maybe give him a call and see if he could make a post on that.

He does have a good following.

I’m hoping to have him in Shasta and we have agreed in principal for him to come to my Mt. Shasta conference next year although the details have not been worked out.

But the question I have is because he has a different take on the financial reset – and I keep saying that

my experience and feeling has been that you’ve been pretty accurate, and I really don’t see a financial

reset taking place with all of the chaos. It would be too much ego and grabbing going on.

My Venusian, the male contact, had indicated to me that Sheldan Nidle did have contact with Sirians

and is pretty accurate in most of his information.

Sheldon seems to feel, from his contacts, and I don’t pretend to know exactly how his telepathy goes.

I wouldn’t dare to judge it, but I can vouch that he’s a genuine, sincere contactee. And he seems to

think that this revaluation, or reset, something could take place before the Event.

Are there certain elements that would make this possible or would you disagree or comment on that


Cobra: Okay, first I would need to say, yes, he did have a contact with the Sirians. That is true. But

for the other part of this, no, the reset cannot happen before the Event, because the Cabal would

prevent it. They will simply not allow it. They will hold control over the financial system until they

are taken down. They will not release that.

There is no way around here, and the Cabal needs to be removed for the reset to happen. There is no
other way.

Rob: Yes, and I have another question here, because when I look at the finances and everyone’s minds

all jacked up over money, we’re all so programmed with the system – and not only programmed, but

hounded and pounded by the financial system.

In America, more and more people are losing their homes and becoming homeless and desperate, a

lack of real healthcare, and things of this type of situation that are driving a lot of people.

And when I think of a financial reset, and people hearing about a cashless society, with all of the

propaganda that they’ve heard on how many television shows, with those guys and the Bloomberg

Report and all of the let me just say, BS that’s taking place in the financial system.

Can you tell me how the light forces . . . I mean, say the Event takes place and, boom, they reboot and

they say they have a new financial system. I mean, are there plans to release qualified educational

videos or a plan that how this transition can take place before the Event?

Because I mean, how can the system go up and running in two days with no one with any background

or understanding of a universal economic system? Do they have a bullet point plan that is prepared

that will take people through this process intellectually so that they can understand and not resist this

new system?

Cobra: We will go through a transition, so at the moment of the Event the transition will start. We

will not just jump into the new advanced society. There will be a certain transitional period through

which people will be educated through the mass media, and everybody will understand what they are

going through, and the choices they are making.

So it’s not just that suddenly somebody pushes the button and everything is changed. Certain things

will change, but the basic rules of commerce, of business transactions, will stay the same for a certain

period of time.

It is simply that the good guys will be controlling the banking system, not the bad guys.

And then, gradually, this will be transformed as human beings gain more understanding of the true

nature of consciousness.

Rob: Okay. I have . . . We’re getting towards the end here. I have a final question.

I think we confirmed this before. You would agree that Angela Merkel was Hitler’s daughter?

Cobra: She is connected to that family, yes, and she’s connected to the Rothschilds.

Rob: Okay. Because I had a telepathic contact sometime years ago, that I felt like it was one very rare

telepathic communication, but the guides and they told me to look up pictures of her and Eva Braun,

Hitler. I realized she’s got Hitler’s chin.

I remember I saw a picture once of Hitler in South America after the war with a little blonde-haired baby that was playing with Hitler and Eva Braun. anyway.

So I looked at one of your posts, you talked about Merkel and the Kalgeri plan to destroy Europe. Can

you share a little bit about this? Is this part of the Muslim terrorist invasion that’s going on? Is part of

that plan to pit the various European cultures against each other?

Cobra: That plan is simply to destroy the European civilization. And the idea was to put near-Eastern

and also North African countries into crisis so people will flee from there to Europe, and in that mass

of migrants, you can . . . actually, they have hidden tens of thousands of people that are not refugees. They are actually militants.

And those have been infiltrated into Europe with the purpose of assimilating into European culture

and then destroying it from within.

The light forces are aware of this plan and are counteracting this plan and will do certain things that

this will not become reality.

Rob: I forget if I’ve asked you this previously, but can you confirm there are stories that there are

underground bunkers and tunnels were some of these militants are living and are alleged to be trained

or be mind-controlled, or whatever, to come on the surface of the planet and wreak havoc and in the

United States as well? Are any of these stories true?

Cobra: Actually, unfortunately, yes, those things have been built. But the Resistance Movement is

taking care of the situation, and this is no longer an issue. But there were extensive underground cities

built, especially in Germany, for that purpose.

Rob: Was this part of Project Doom?

Cobra: It was not part of Project Doom, but it was connected.

Rob: Okay. I guess last . . . well, not the last. I’m going to leave it on a positive note, but I have to

address this because we’ve had another spate of crazy people with knives in Finland, and, of course,

some guy got away after killing and injuring, I think, over 120 people. That’s true. I mean, we’ve seen

the videos.

That’s not completely a false flag event, I would imagine, and I’d like you to confirm both of those as

false flags. But I don’t know, are the numbers correct? Can you comment on that . . . those recent false

flags that have put fear into the people through media?

Cobra: Okay, it is up to you how you define a false flag, but I would say that many of those events

are true. These are not actors playing. There are real people dying in there.

But the purpose of those events is for the Archons, as I have mentioned before, to create as much

suffering as possible before they are taken down. And this is why we have so many of those events

being portrayed in the mass media.

Those events are created precisely to create fear. Those events are created to be filmed and to be

transmitted through the mass media.

Some of those events ARE staged with players, but some of those events are real and people are really

suffering .

Rob: Right. These are mind-controlled assets that are triggered, and there are probably support assets

around it, but it is absolutely real.

I’m kind of curious, since we’ve last talked, I haven’t had a chance to ask you about the Manchester

situation. To me, I never saw any evidence of this explosion. There was like one picture of people in a

hallway they kept putting up and promoting info about all of these people who allegedly died . . . Was

that a real event? Or was that pretty much manufactured?

Cobra: This one was pretty much manufactured.

Rob: Okay, thank you. That was my intuition on that. Now, let’s get to the positive.

Cobra, more and more people are realizing their own inherent power. You have a beautiful post up –

and folks, I recommend you go back to one of Cobra’s reports, a recent one, on the Ascension

Conference. And if you read those notes, the gentlemen who talked about the I Am Presence

invocation, and the powers of manifestation which is also very important.

Fred Bell and his Pleiadians’ contact with Semjase, who Cobra also has had contact with, and I

presume I’ve had contact with . That one memory I had when I was beamed up into the ship. I can

never fully remember!, I will not say I remember everything. I know certain things happened there.

However the power of manifestation with the Pleiadian technology of crystals and pyramids and

Cobra’s tachyons, is very important.

Semjase said the power of the quartz crystal is a perfect synthesis of spirit and matter in zero time. She

said when used properly crystals can act to amplify of our thoughts. .

So if you utilize crystals, Tachyonized crystals, and, I believe, Cintamani stones – you can confirm

this for me, Cobra – the power of manifestation can be enhanced with crystals.

Fred recommended that you do your manifestation visualization process on a daily basis. In some of

the pyramids systems Fred Bell and I created we used the crystals and pyramids as a capacitor to work

with a full moon and the new moon.

And he said that during the new moon, you begin a process of visualization of what you’d like to occur.

So you think it, you feel it, you visualize it, you imagine the smell, and you repeat this process. He

recomended at the same time, and he recommended at night when the astral plane is asleep. When

everyone is asleep in your area, you can do a lot of metaphysical manifestation work.

So I want you to go to Cobra’s last interview, I read the I Am Presence, the manifestation, the clearing

of crystals, the gentleman had transcribed much of your protocols . There’s some great information in

that post.

Cobra, is there anything you would like to add to the sharing of the manifestation of the Victory of the

Light with the people in regards to that information that you shared at the conference?

Cobra: You have mentioned the first and second step. You mentioned the decision. You have

mentioned the visualization part, but there is also the physical action part. That’s the third part.

So repeating those three steps will manifest anything. That’s an extremely condensed version of the

law of manifestation. Of course, I can speak about this for many hours or even days, but we don’t have

much time here, so this is something that needs to be trained.

I will speak about this for sure in my future conferences if they will still be needed, because people

need to practice this and get better at this, and we will be more powerful as a collective.

Any group that will try to oppress us, we are gaining a level of unity that was never experienced here,

and we are also gaining a level of power that was never experienced before. So we are on a very good

road to complete victory.

Rob: Well, there we go, folks. We’ve got to leave it on a positive note, telling you about the

invocation of the I Am Presence – and with your heart and soul and your feellings and to take action.

Clearly, in some of the manifestation directions that we used to give to people was to . . . some

people . . . I want to . . . You know, they were thinking mundane things – “I want a new car” – you

know. So we told them, “Go out to the car dealership, get a manual, put a picture inside the pyramid systems and to sniff a piece of carpet and to visualize a new car smell and do that and . . .”

One person actually . . . They did not get a new car, but they were able to go in, and they got a lease

return at a great, great rate, an affordable thing, and they felt that that manifestation process is real.

And remember it’s over time, right? Cobra, it’s not just something you, “Oh, I visualize this”, and then

you go out and you’d have a really bad day cussing in the car. You have to maintain a high vibration

throughout this manifestation process. Correct?

Cobra: You have to maintain your decision. Even if something goes wrong, do not give up. Never give up. Just continue.

Rob: There you go. Never give up the Victory of the Light.

Cobra, thank you, once again, for coming on the Victory of Light Radio Show and sharing your

wealth of knowledge and insight of the world situation and the metaphysical questions. I appreciate it

very much.

Cobra: Okay, thank you for inviting me here and Victory of the Light.

Rob: Victory of the Light, folks. I’d like to thank Chris Spell, my sound editor, Sam Ritchie, who’ll be

doing the transcribing, and the people at the Pyramid One Network, John Allen and Bob Charles, for

this opportunity to serve you.

So, once again, tune into my radio show. In the future, we’ll have more information very soon.

Victory to the Light.

New Interview with Rob

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New Interview with Rob

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Robert Potter
For many millennium we have been a planet under quarantine, a prison planet of mistakes and oddities. Our keepers, our creators are watching and there is a change coming. Researcher, observer and experiencer Rob Potter visits with us to share this hidden knowledge.

WARNING! This episode contains Adult Language & Themes that may be unsuitable for children.


Ralph and Marsha Ring Part 2 Audio and Transcript

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Ralf Ring Part 2

Rob Potter: Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you’ve had a good week. This is Rob Potter of the Victory of the Light Radio Show.

I’d like to thank my producers, John Alan, from the Land of Wonder from Down Under, the big cheese at the top, Bob Charles at the Pyramid One Network, and, of course, Chris Spell, my sound (unintelligible) who is like a virtual magician and alchemy, and I’ve given him such bad recordings I want to thank him so very much.

Folks, the ThePromiseRevealed.com, you can check it out. Learn about technologies in there. If you want to go into my explanation on pyramids article, one of the most visited at the site, you can see the magic of pyramid energy. and, of course, we’re talking – again, this is Part 2, folks, by the way, with Ralph and Marsha Ring, you might want to pull up BlueStarEnterprise.com while we’re talking here, but have so many wonderful positive technologies to help us get into our feeling nature.

And in the artificial mindset, as Ralph has mentioned here, and he kind of takes this over, but that’s where we left off last (unintelligible). We’re going to start off with that.

So I’d like you to check out his website. He’s got information there on Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, vortexes. Water is an important part of something I want to talk about here in the next thing, but check us out.


Rob: Ralph and Marsha Ring, welcome back to the show.

Ralph Ring: Thank you. Thank you, very much, Rob.

Rob: So we’re going to kind of keep going, folks. It’s only been a minute and thirty seconds here since I started, because I talked a little bit last time about the Luis tour in South America we’re going to do on the website last time too much, but we’re going to get right into the show here.

We were talking about a heart space. Ralph and Marsha had mentioned that they’re directly in communication with benevolent space family here and trying to bring forward this free energy. It really is the key that’s going to liberate this planet.

And Nikola Tesla tried in vain almost 100 years ago, folks, with these technologies and failed. For some reason there’s been multiple technologies come forward and somehow these men-in-black, this government agency, these . . . whatever this kind of negative thing humankind is bouncing against, it’s its own selves attention to the artificial reality. The lack of will to move forward with some of these things, I think . . . and then the vigil responsibility and at the same time it’s collective.

We have not been able to manifest it. It’s absolutely frustrating. The governments are running it. They’ve obviously got multiple programs, multiple technologies into vortex and time travel and space travel.

And it becomes so frustrating to know that irresponsive people who have violated their trust in the public will have chosen to take this technology for their own advantage, violation of natural laws, letting us to continue to destroy the planet and keep us into ignorance, superstition and fear that we allow ourselves to be let down.

When we come to this point where we need to bust this out as a world, as a planet, as a people, and let this free energy . . . Folks, you have to realize this is key. This is one of the key points in the masters’ and the guides’ mission is to bring forth free energy because it will bust open the root of all evil, the money system and will allow a tremendous explosion of creativity and activity to take place.

And people don’t understand that, so there’s a tremendous . . . We’re all focused on this artificial reality.

I want you to get behind what this man is saying here today. And we have free energy devices. This is one of many, but I want you to gather in this information that you’re hearing in these two shows and somehow try . . . let’s support Ralph.

And this money thing, I don’t know, you know, how important that is at this point because it always is it seems, but we’ve been blocked. And we’re going to bust out this time, so I wanted to kind of give that soapbox speech here leading into this, Ralph, because I really want to support your work, your long-standing efforts in this field with some of the greats.

And you’re coming forward with something wonderful here, so I’m going to hand it over to you again, and you were explaining how our feelings are important.

And I’ve always been taught that it’s our thoughts, our feelings and our spoken word and how we conduct ourselves that’s going to make things happen.

And it seems like people like you can make things happen on a more advanced level a little bit. You’ve created all this technology. It’s sitting there. And where do we go from here? You can take us anywhere you want and have your thoughts, and Marsha, you can chime in here, but I’m kind of, you know, just frustrated that we have it and we can’t seem to get it into the stores.

You can’t even get into five houses and let people just run their energy and take off that money and use it for other things. Can you guys comment on that? Sorry I’ve been shouting a little bit. It’s five minutes, but you guys go ahead.

Ralph: Well, we perfectly understand. Well, let’s go back to, I guess, Apple Valley-Hesperia. Carr said that we had to keep it very quiet, but a lot of our little prototypes – some of them were 12”, some of them were 3′. . . And our experiments had to be operated in the Valley. What was that valley?

Marsha Ring: San Bernardino.

Ralph: San Bernardino Valley. And so we tested them around the Valley, and they would create a corona around the periphery of the craft entering and existing from the atmosphere itself.

People thought they were flying saucers in those days.

One of them happened to be a guy by the name of James Millihan, who, when he was a kid, saw a these disks flying around and tried to coax his mother to take him over there to the facility . . .

Rob: To you place?

Ralph: Huh?

Rob: You mean over to your place?

Ralph: Yeah.

Rob: So that’s what I heard. He was a young boy hanging out at your place.

Ralph: And he’d seen a lot of the activity and stuff. Well, his mother was afraid. She was frightened by anything that people don’t understand and instead of seeking knowledge, instead of seeking understanding, they are . . . they call in their fear. They think there’s something very . . .

Marsha: Satanic?

Ralph: Yeah. Yeah, Satanic about

Rob: Superstitious. Yeah, Fred used to say . . . Or Einstein said, “Great spirits are always opposed or fought by mediocre minds.” Yeah, fear is always the big thing that stops it. So, he finally gets a curiosity and comes over.

Ralph: Well, yeah, he did . . . and I’ll get to the actual teleportation experience that he witnessed in a minute, but before I get there, I’ll kind of work up to it.

Rob: Okay.

Ralph: While we were working on the different crafts, we had the sufficient prototype that told us we were as far along as we could go. We didn’t have the support and the money or anything to continue, which was perfectly understandable, because the next stage is manufacturing – find somebody that would help us put these prototypes into reality and bring in . . . not changing reality as such making a big splash and crashing out the cars and introducing a spaceship, but working alongside it – what people want.

They want to keep their Corvettes or their Maseratis. That’s find, but some of us maybe would like to have a form of transportation that was off the ground and didn’t fall into sinkholes and didn’t get drowned or all the other things that are now happening around the Earth.

Wayne Aho, he’s a very good friend of mine, called General Motors and asked to send out a rep that we wanted to talk to him about a form of transportation that we’d like to introduce and have them look at.

Long story short, they sent out a rep. We met and Carr said, “We want to accelerate the transportation and include the habitation in the vehicle that we’ve proven works on magnetic power.”

The guy thought we were nuts right off the get-go. He says, “Oh, come on now! Don’t waste my time,” or whatever he said.

And Carr said, “No,” and he explained that it’s time. We’ve taken the car to the maximum place that pretty soon it’s going to be so jammed, in traffic jams and everything, you’re not . . . you’re going to freeze transportation.

And it’s coming to that now in L.A. and Chicago and different places . You’ve got 6-hour waits to get from Point A to Point B, which might be two miles.

Anyway, so he said, “Well, what do you got? Let’s go into this. What do you want to do?”

“We just want to take the wheel off the ground vertically and put it horizontally and have craft. And we have a device I want to show you that will prove everything I’m saying.”

So at that – I’m metaphoring and I’m speeding up a little bit – he opened his briefcase and we stood back. There were two engineers with me, Wayne Aho, and – I don’t think Art was there – and Otis Carr.

We stood back and let this little craft come out of the briefcase all by itself and hover around the room and go up and down and so forth.

This took the engineers who worked there . . . quite suddenly they couldn’t understand how this could be done.

So they thought, “Well, these guys must have some kind of remotes hidden in their coats and stuff.” So they asked us to take off our coats.

They scanned us for devices, and Carr said, “There’s something in the operating system that you have to understand. You now longer have to have . . .” Incidentally, the engineers were looking in the canopy in the top of the craft (unintelligible) canopy that they could see into the interior of the craft.

And one of the engineers said, “Where’s the ignition switch? Where’s the steering wheel? How do you expect us to buy this . . . What kind of a toy is this?”

Carr tried very . . . as well as he could without panicking anybody, . . . the simplicity is in your mind. Energy could be used if you understand energy and how it is and what it is and where it is. You can do anything.

And at this point, and for the sake of your audience, because I might lose them at this point, I would suggest that the audience look up on the Internet “the University of Minnesota, Mind over Mechanics”. Mind over mechanics.

And this will . . . This came out just recently, I think, a year or two ago. And it confirms the idea that “Yes, we can use our mind,” because what they do there – and there’s a nice video. It shows these craft flying around the gymnasium. The only power was from an engineer’s mind. He had dials all over his head, but he was controlling this with his mind.

So now . . . Then it was impossible and now people that are not aware of this – this is just coming out . . . In a couple of years, people will grasp it enough to use it.

But it was impossible for these guys to accept that. They said, “Oh, you’re . . . What kind of a trick . . . Are you guys magicians or whatever?”

Rob: What Ralph didn’t say, folks, is they’re in this office – and this was back in . . . Is this the late ’50s, Ralph?

Ralph: Yeah.

Rob: Yeah. You mentioned this before on a previous show. And this was a very poignant point. (Unintelligible) technology is so far above what we have today, and these guys couldn’t believe it. They thought they were being tricked, but they had a briefcase. It literally opened up and this thing started flying around the room.

These guys are thinking, “How is it flying and who’s directing it?” They couldn’t conceive that this was a natural mind over matter type of thing that Otis Carr had created.

Is it really only going to be a couple of years, Ralph?

Ralph: Actually, Rob, I feel . . . I’m going out here on the edge, but most of my life has been on the edge anyway. I would say this year is going to be the biggest change we’ve seen in 100 years, or maybe more.

We’re going to have . . . What I’m talking about will be like kindergarten compared to what can be brought out if the consciousness will allow it.

Now, there is a collective consciousness – that’s in all of us because we’re all one great being here. We’re operating in little pieces.

And if we can collectively reach critical mass of the 100th monkey, and allow . . . Well, let’s see what these guys have.

We have pods of . . . All over the world, we have hundreds and hundreds of pods.

And what pods are are groups of garage inventors – groups of people that have been working for years on these alternative energy devices.

Rob: And when it can somehow be free to do so, it can actually happen. I really hope and pray. I never think negative, but I’m always, you know, I have to see what is the consciousness. Everyone’s going, “Baloney, there’s a lot of us that have consciousness. People wouldn’t fight it – the average person.”

It seems to be those that have control of the money and the banks are able to stop it.

So I’m not sure it’s . . . Is it just mass consciousness, the belief of the people? It seems to me there’s another factor as well, isn’t there?

Ralph: Well, actually, it’s just the understanding of where we are, who we are and what we’re doing with what we’ve got. And that happens to be scientifically provable in many conventional ways in the third dimension, which consists of x, y and z. That’s where we live.

Rob: I know. You proved it, you know, 40 years ago. Why is it different now?

Ralph: It’s still a box. It’s still five senses. That’s all that people use. That’s enough for their creature comfort. We can get a new TV, a new car every three years, and all the built-in obsolescence will get our house remodeled every 7 years or whatever they do.

Rob: Right.

Ralph: And they have been paid to punch a time clock in a sense, more or less. They go in and work their tails off, some of them every day some 4 to 6 to 8, 12 hours a day. Go home, they’re so tired they can’t feel anything different than sleep. They want to go to sleep, get up in the morning and keep repeating, repeating these things, which really don’t go very far because, yeah, they’ll have their creature comforts, but they have never been allowed to . . . like the electron I freed in giving him the space.

They’ve never been allowed to think for themselves. They have followed the directions, the dictates and the control of a system that tells them what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and that’s all they have known up to this point.

But their internal being, the being that’s living inside these water vessels, has been inhibited and hasn’t been allowed to express their true talents.

I mean, if we didn’t have to toil for a living, if we had free and abundant energy everywhere, everybody would be able to create a magnificent, beyond our dreams, a magnificent system globally that worked for everybody on a transparent playing field where we don’t have anymore secrets. We only have privacy.

Rob: That’s beautiful, Ralph. I really like that we got that out of you. That’s a beautiful expression. And I think it’s . . . You have no problem with me. I really feel like that’s there too. And it seems like it’s so frustrating to me.

And I don’t . . . And it’s not like . . . I can’t force other people to think or see certain principles. And I’m not sure that I even see it, or that I’m not as caught up in the system as anyone else, even though I go, “That’s ridiculous, that system.” And so I’m not in it and . . . my mind may be, but, you know, a lot of people, I think, feel that way too.

Like “I’m right there. I’m totally there, and I’m going to work every day and I’m in a prison.”

How can we break out of this? What do you think is going to be different this year?

Ralph: Well, I’m going to let Marsha tell you that because she’s got one phrase that she uses . . .

Rob: Okay.

Ralph: Marsha, how can we get out of this?

Marsha: We’ve been so programmed . . .

Ralph: And accepted programs.

Marsha: Yes. And so we’re taught that we get up and we go to work. We pay our bills, and then maybe we have some fun.

It’s time, right now, this very instant, all of us, to realize who and what we are, and take our power back.

We are the ones we’ve been looking for. We ARE the ones. And once we know that, and we have to know it – we cannot just believe it. We have to step up on the abyss and actually become who we were created to become, to be.

And that’s the benevolent beings that can do and know any and everything that’s available, or that’s not even available. There’s one universal mind, or the Akashic Records that people know about.

And everything that has ever been thought, ever has been created, is here now. It’s for us. All we have to do is open up and accept these thoughts, these feelings, that are in us and know that there’s something more.

It’s time for us to let go . . .

Ralph: So would you mind if I come in there for a little bit?

Marsha: Please go ahead.

Ralph: In fact, this is a case in actual history that will document what we’re talking about. When I met Marsha, she was a head of corporate . . . She was very high on the corporate ladder. She had a team of, I don’t know, 15, 20 people or more. She had 22 people under her and doing very well.

She made more money than she’d ever made before. Good money, good job, you were the boss.

Marsha: I thought I would probably be there . . .

Ralph: Forever.

Marsha: . . . until I retired.

Ralph: So that’s the creature comforts of the best kind that you can get. And then what happened, Marsha?

Marsha: Well, (unintelligible) the company and said to me, “We are going to make (unintelligible) two sets of books.”

One, because this one tenant actually had confiscated over $50,000, and he didn’t want her to have any problems, “so we’re going to set up books that cover that.”

And I went home that night. “And you’re going to do it, Marsha.”

And I went home that night, and I said, “I can’t do that. I’m going to hurt lots of . . . many, many, many people if I do that. How can I get up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror. This is not what I believe in.”

I sat down that night and wrote a letter of resignation. I was pretty sad, because I thought that this was going to be my forever job, and that I was making more money than I’d ever made before. And I was in (unintelligible) the home office and in quite a large complex.

So anyway, I went in the next day and presented the letter (unintelligible) set the letter on his desk. And when he came in, he called me in and he says, “What is this?”

I said, “(unintelligible) that there is no way that it’s proper, correct or (unintelligible) to make up two sets of books, and I will not do it.”

Ralph: Without hurting somebody.

Rob: Right. Plus, it’s illegal. I mean, you know, the fact . . . that’s just the corporate system of greed, and they wanted to bring you into it against your mentality. It would have brought you down in fear of what you’d done and what is so (unintelligible).

And so, folks, that her huge moment of breaking free, and I hope we all can have the courage to do that. I mean, you broke free of one company. It seems like they always defund, demote, disenfranchise anyone who wants to break out of the box.

But for you, sacrificing material things, you went forward and then you met Ralph.

Ralph: And that’s how we met, because I had to admire and respect her demeanor for what it was. She appeared to me from the get-go as being an authentic being. In other words, not taking any bull or crap from anybody on any level that she didn’t feel wasn’t going to be . . . that would be harmful to anybody. Is that right?

Marsha: Yes.

Ralph: And so . . .

Marsha: I think we had just met at the time this had just happened.

Ralph: Yeah, we had met, and I kept trying to get her out corporate, because by that time, I gravitated back to nature and all my studies and research were in the forest and so forth.

And I coached her. I said, “ Why don’t we go back to nature together?” And she said, “Oh, I love nature.”

She was raised in . . . Where was it?

Marsha: I was born in Lancaster, California, a raised a good part of my early life in Bishop, and . . . in the mountains. My dad was quite a fisherman. We spent almost every day out in the afternoon fishing and being in nature. So I had a lot of the same kinds of learnings that Ralph did.

But, anyway, I got caught up in corporate making big money, and, of course, then you put it all in bills and buy a home and have all of these things that you need to do.

So it was quite hard for me to just drop everything (unintelligible) and said, “Let’s go back into nature.” I said, “I’d love to, but . . .”

Ralph: Were you serious . . . Yeah, I remember that.

Marsha: It took me a whole year after we got together to actually let go. And spirit actually helped me to do that.

Ralph: Yeah. And at this point, we bring in the vernacular, the wording of spirit of who and what we are. We are all spiritual beings experiencing a physical life. I think that’s been (unintelligible) for a while and I just want to bring it back around to realize what that really means.

We are not who we think we are. We are much, much greater when we KNOW who we are.

And it goes beyond a belief system which can change everything. And that’s the system we’ve been living in in the duality in the third dimension.

Rob: I like your term water vessel. We are electronic water vessels vortexing thoughts of creation through the realization of the fingerprint, that we are all just energetic beings dancing and moving amongst each other.

It’s a really beautiful statement on life here this whole technology and the realization of the oneness of nature. It’s interesting stuff. It’s wonderful to hear about your early life too.

I want to hear about the teleportation experience. It’s so exciting.

Ralph: I’ll cut to the chase, but right now I just wanted to know (unintelligible). Then Marsha and I teamed up because she was a benevolent being as far as I was concerned and who I was looking for. She was honest. Honest with herself and honest with me and everybody.

But getting back to Apple Valley, when General Motors turned this down they said, “If you put them up, we’ll shoot them down. And get out of here. You guys are outlaws. You’re against this beautiful system that we have of monetary values.”

And Carr said, “Okay, we’re going to have to go back and get . . .” We had two 45′ craft. One was fully operational. We’d already tested it. And the other was near completion. We were working on it, but he said, “We’re going to get the 45′ craft operational.”

And this is why I put in all these dots back there, because what I’m about to say and talk about now is different from conventional (unintelligible), but it’s where Tesla and Carr, in the internal communications, lived.

And that is that we were going to take, through our understanding of energy, take the next step and demonstrate what we’re working on, and that was to go from point A to point B without deflection – from point A to point B instantly.

Now, I’m saying that against the conventional laws of aerodynamic flight and jet flight and propulsion using rockets or firecrackers to the point of . . .

Rob: The speed of thought.

Ralph: Yes. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Rob: I worked with Fred Bell. Go ahead.

Ralph: Okay. All right. Well, thank. I didn’t know I could . . . Okay.

So we got to the point where Carr said, “Now, we’re going to go from . . . I’m going to rig it up so we’ve got plenty of things for people to see and we’re going to start with L.A. and we’re going to go to every big city in the United States in one day.”

And he said, “Because of the background in . . .” And we knew Carr well enough to know what he was talking about, because when we get into this technology, it’s etheric in nature. It’s no longer conventional science. It’s etheric science.

And he said that . . . well, we all knew that energy’s everywhere. And we learned that first year in science and cannot be created or destroyed, but it’s also the same energy that is composed in us and through us and of us.

We are energy beings. So what we’re going to do is go from point A to point B by changing our perception, not firing up a craft and trying to get there, but changing our perception of point A to point B.

And that consisted of the flight that we were going to take. Excuse me – that’s a wrong analogy for this – the experience that we were going to have in just a little while in the spaceship.

So Carr said, “I want to fire it up, and then I want us to go all over and just bells and whistles, get people to ask their representatives or congressmen or whatever, the senators, “What’s going on here, that we don’t understand this. It’s something we know because we’ve seen it and photographed it, and we want to know.”

And we thought that by the power of the people, they would create enough stir that the government would have to admit the things that they already knew, and so forth.

Well, long story short to get to the experience, there were two brilliant engineers, and because I had bonded with Carr, and we understood the workings of nature very, very deeply, he wanted and invited me to go along on the mission.

And I’m just a . . . I’m not an engineer. I’m just a lab tech.

Rob: How old are ya?

Ralph: Let’s see. That was 19 . . . How old was I? I’ll get a calculator.

Rob: So I want to ask you a question here. So, you know we hear about ascended masters and beings being able to teleport just themselves, just with their own thought. Valient Thor and there’s many others have been able to roam freely in their etheric doubles or their physical body. It’s hard for us to understand.

But you said this was without a spaceship. So this was way back when.

Now, from my understanding, Fred Bell said that in the Philadelphia Experiment they did stuff and it was dangerous to the men, and that Tesla and Einstein were secretly helping and they refused to continue the work because it was unsafe for the crew when they decided to push the experiment through.

But can you tell us about on the other ships, isn’t it important that the person, when you do the type of thought that you’re talking about, they have to have an advanced form of consciousness. Or can anyone learn this?

Because I have a question with the Secret Space Program guys. They’re going into hyperdrive on these ships and stuff, and that’s taking a certain amount of time. And it’s different from this technology that you’re talking about, right? This is just ‘boom’ you’re there.

Ralph: Yes. Yes. And it’s (unintelligible) in nature. It’s esoteric in understanding. And what it deals with is knowing and understanding what the laws of nature are. What energy really is. Energy is everything. It’s EVERYTHING.

And if you understand, in the case of disappearing and appearing, that when you come to a wall, if you look at it as a wall, you are creating doubt. You are creating fear. And doubt and fear will never work.

The experiences that Marsha and I have had in manifesting, and so forth, we don’t see a wall there any more. We look at it as just energy fields. And you can move through that environment.

And I’m not saying we walk through walls all the time or anything because we’re enjoying our creature comforts here in Paradise as well.

But we do, occasionally, have the opportunity to do things that are perfectly natural, perfectly simple and very, very fast from going from point A to point B.

And the secret . . . The transparent secret is getting rid of fear, again, because the minute you call it a wall, because you’re the creator of what you’re observing, it has to be a wall.

But if you say, “Well, that’s just an energy field and I’m an energy field. Now how do I get through that?”

Well, that’s what’s called resonance. When you’ve reached a resonance frequency of something, you have the opportunity to change it, to affect a change, because you become a free, sovereign being.

So going from point A to point B is just a matter of understanding.

And I have to say this at this point at risk of being laughed at. We’re all doing this all the time. All of us are . . . We’re all everywhere all the time – all of us.

And we just don’t realize it. That’s what waking up calls are all about – getting to realize who we are, what we are, and then we start to realize, “My gosh!”

Well, the spirit Marsha had, she was in New York City, documented, and in where?

Marsha: Barstow.

Ralph: Barstow, California.

Marsha: I was working with a lady in a counseling kind of thing, and I was with her in Barstow, California. We didn’t see each other for about a week, and when she returned, she thanked me for seeing her in New York and told me what we talked about, which was relating to exactly what we were, talking about things that she . . .

Ralph: Couldn’t have known.

Marsha: Yes, she couldn’t have known those things.

Rob: Did you remember this or what?

Marsha: No. No. I never did remember it.

Rob: Wow! This is some freaky stuff here. This is . . . Wow!

Marsha: But I really feel that we are in many places at the same time. Because of our belief or because of our programming, we’re not able to accept that knowledge, maybe like Ralph said here.

Ralph: Yeah. It’s the fear of going beyond the box.

Marsha: Yes.

Ralph: We’re told that we’re beings that live in the box, and you stay in the box, and we’ll move the box around for you and tell you what to do and how to do it and so forth.

But if you go beyond the box, then you’re daring to step off the deep end of something. And that’s where you have to do it with intuition and faith in yourself and in your understanding of nature and life and it changes things.

Marsha: Somewhere along the path of our relationship and our experience, because we’ve had quite a few years of experience, we’ve lost that feeling of fear. And there are things that, like Ralph said, the bringing things to us. If we even think that we need something, it appears.

I mean, it’s the thoughts that are actually bringing things to us. We have to be very careful if we think we want something, or desire something, or could use something, because it just doesn’t appear once, it might appear multiple times.

And I’m speaking . . . I said, “I need a suitcase just to store some things in”, and the next . . . within two days I had five suitcases . . .

Ralph: Show up.

Marsha: And I said, “No, no, I don’t need five suitcases.” And other people said, “I understand you need a suitcase.”

“No, please, I don’t need any more.”

These are actually happening in our life right now.

Ralph: You all can do this.

Marsha: All we have to do is let things go.

Ralph: Don’t think.

Marsha: Just let it happen. Be careful what you think because we’ve been given everything already. Everything that we ever need or ever desire is already here for us.

And when we start manifesting . . . I don’t know that it’s manifesting. We’re just bringing them to us. Then it’s very important to stop that process unless you actually need it. And it’s a useful thing.

Ralph: And understanding what fear itself is. It’s just an illusion. It doesn’t really exist. We just think it exists.

And we feel then that triggers the emotions to tense up and all the capillaries in the system start to shut down and get . . .

Rob: I thought that myself. I feel like I’ve, from prayer and invocation, and what Richard Miller and Star Wars talks about, the (unintelligible) exercises and trying to focus on the higher aspects of the luminous self.

And you guys talk about the physical body and the ether, and I kind of go back and forth and kind of think like, “Yeah, I have this belief, this limiting system that’s sees myself as 3D with all these limitations, and if I can just get enough voltage and I can clear out the illusion of my physical artificial self and radiate from the soul.”

I mean that’s kind of like my life mission. It seems more and more, for me personally, I mean I have challenges. I go back and forth, but I see what you’re saying and this was what Fred Bell was talking about in the end before he passed away.

He was talking about his contact with the Andromedans, and he was trying to explain to me some of this holographic universe theory.

And he explained it as everything . . . He called it the Anu, or the ultimate physical atom, which was . . . You could see there were the neutron, the proton and it had the electron, and it probably goes ad infinitum inside there. But he said that things were moving and standing still. They would jump from position to position, and that they would exchange electrons and change their states.

So I got this picture of this luminous sea just moving back and forth through all creation.

I’ve had this experience (unintelligible) . . . all of a sudden I don’t know where my mind is, but I’ll come back and I’m on a mountain road driving. And I have no idea where I’d been.

All of a sudden, it’s like I wake up, I’m in my car, and I’m going down a road and I literally have to think, “Where the heck . . .” I was just thinking about something else from . . . you know, like in my 30s, some memory or something . . . I was down on something and my visual, my perception, was no where in the car and all of a sudden I’m right there.

And from that experience, I kind of got this thing that ourselves are all throughout creation, and wherever we move, we are supporting other forms of life in billions of galaxies and dimensions. It was so mind-boggling to me.

I kind of want to go back into the box instead of that massive freedom because your ego feels like you’re not important.

That is what I got, because my ego goes, “I’m not important.”

Ralph: Yeah.

Rob: And, anyway, so I really appreciate this metaphysical thing, and I’m really glad, because I think a lot of this is key to understanding this technology.

Share the experiment with us and then, if we can, I’d like to go into what you’re doing now.

Ralph: Brief demonstration for the sake of your audience in the question, well, how do I do all of this stuff that this guys talking about?

Well, I’ll show them – and something they can work on right now, immediately, and experiment with and watch the miracle happen – and that’s change their mindset from doing a job, even a personal job or a work-a-day job, from the word ‘can’t’ to the word ‘can’.

And I know that goes back to (unintelligible) used to say that. That is the simply key that opens the door to multi-dimensional things, because the minute you say ‘can’t’, your subconscious mind (unintelligible). And you can try . . . I would bet anything that nobody can go passed that because you say you can’t.

But then change that word. Take the ‘not’ off of ‘can’, and just say, “Oh, I can do it. I can. I can. I can, or whatever.”

And you’ll be able to do anything, and there’s nothing to stop you except if you say, “Oh, I can’t.” And then you can’t.

Now, I know that sounds simplistic, and it is, but that’s the basic law of nature. It’s how you perceive things, how you shoot yourself in the foot by saying ‘can’t’. You can’t go anywhere because you said so.

Rob: I love it. It sounds like you’ve been reading my mind. Set me up on the experiment now. I want to get a physical visual.

We’re in Hesperia. Otis says, “We’re going to do this”. He invites you because, probably because, of your ability in the ether sciences, and your free flowing spirit was able to accomplish this.

So you’re in the hangar. The spaceship is sitting there. Is James Gilliland there, Wayne Aho? Who went? How did this brilliant idea of Otis Carr’s to let people witness this, prove it, and then have the voice of the people demand it?

That was a brilliant idea – a grassroots proposal based on truth.

And you were a part of this amazing first public experiment.

Set it up for us. How did it happen and what was the story?

Ralph: Okay. We wanted to make it fun-like, so we showered up and put these jumpsuits on, these little one-piece jumpsuits that we wore around the lab most of the time. And didn’t have anything in our pockets.

We got on board, and we were sealed inside the craft. This is the 45′ diameter craft. And there was three of us.

We sat in three different chairs around the center of the craft. And by the instructions from Carr, “Just focus on the crystal and put your brain to sleep,” because your brain is going to resist everything. It’s going to deny everything and it’s going to tell you it can’t happen.

Some people refer to this in nowadays terminology as ego, trying to keep you in the third dimension.

Rob: Wow! So you have a crystal in the center of the craft?

Ralph: Yes. Yes, a big crystal.

Rob: Oh my God! Go ahead.

Ralph: Okay. And it’s faceted. It has facets on it. And a laser . . . And the lasers, as such, in those days were not really popular, but we had a laser, a light, brilliant light come up to the bottom of the crystal. It illuminated the crystal into 10 billion colors because I could see red for months if I wanted to, and then orange, and yellow, and so forth, around from infrared to ultraviolet.

And following Carr’s instructions, we’re going to wait until it gets to the color aquamarine. Why we were going to wait was because Carr had sent two engineers down range to find a suitable place that was isolated where we could complete the mission.

So they went down range with the electronic gear and they measured an area about 10 miles away that equated on the scale of white and color to the field of aquamarine, the color (unintelligible) of aquamarine.

And he said, “We’re going to go from point A, here, down there and come back. And that’s going to be the experiment.”

But he instructed us, “Don’t think because you’ll short-circuit. You’ll short-circuit if you do too much thinking. Just relax. Go into a meditative state, but focus on the crystal and just see what happens. Don’t think what happens. Don’t try to make something happen. Just let it happen.”

So we focused on the crystal and it eventually came into this beautiful color of aquamarine, and the whole craft lit up like I was underwater. It was just beautiful.

And then the next thing that I realized at that point was instructions from Carr, “Okay, boys, that’s it. Come on down for debriefing.”

And I thought, “Well, wait a minute. We’re . . . We didn’t go anywhere.”

He said, “Come on down. Come on.”

And then . . . In those days, we didn’t have cell phones. We didn’t have . . . but we could hear his voice loud and clear. So there was another form that I’m not aware of. I don’t know what it was – some kind of maybe . . . I don’t know what it was.

So we went down, and we said, “Well, it didn’t work. What happened? Did it short out?”

And Carr said, “What makes you think it didn’t work?”

“Well, we didn’t go anywhere. I know I didn’t, because I was sitting in the chair all that time, and my body didn’t go anywhere.”

And he said, “Oh, your body, huh?”

And I said, “Well, yeah.”

And he said, “Well, that’s your mind is the computer that keeps that in the third dimension. And that’s where it lives, and it will resist or fights anything that is contrary to its operational procedures. But you did go down there with your mind, and there’s a difference.”

He made a distinction between the mind and the brain.

The mind is the infinite being of who and what we all are. We’re all a collective consciousness of mind all the time.

Well, anyway, to get to the experiment, he said, “You don’t think you went anywhere.”

And we said, “No.”

And he said, “Well, empty your pockets.”

And on his desk, we pulled out sticks and stones and grass and everything that we picked up there. And he said, “Well, if you didn’t go anywhere, how did that get there?”

And we knew the ship was sealed when we got in. We didn’t have those things . . . There was no way.

And all three of us said, “No, . . . “

Rob: So there was you, Otis and who else went?

Ralph: No, Otis didn’t go. It was just two other engineers and myself.

Rob: Oh, just the three of you. Okay, so did they remember it, or did none of you remember it?

Ralph: No, we denied it. We said, “No, we didn’t go anywhere.”

And he said, “You just don’t think you went anywhere because your brain couldn’t conceive that you did.”

Rob: So that’s interesting. To me it sounds like you’re getting into the metaphysical luminous body, the teachings of Don Juan, where the perception and not remembering. Fred talked about that.

So, I would ask, I mean, you know, if you don’t remember the experience, even though you did, what’s the point in . . . is it something you have to learn like a muscle to be able to do that?

What do you think happened? I mean, if you don’t remember it, then you could say on the physical plane . . . Was it on the physical, or were you invisible when you were there? How did you bring back the physical things?

This opens up a can of limiting gravity questions for people, but . . .

Ralph: Well, gravity is an idea that conventional science (unintelligible). There is really in an expanded view of the forces that we feel only a big, huge, magnetic comforter around everything – around our body, and everything we create and everything we see.

Gravity is a word that they put on something they thought of from Newtranian times to be just a force going down. Gravity doesn’t . . . And that’s the definition of gravity in that venacular that exists.

Rob: Wow! Can . . . Because of time, I want to ask you, did you ever remember that experience?

Ralph: Yes. Yes, that’s just what I was going to say.

Rob: Oh, okay. Go ahead. Go ahead.

Ralph: I have total recall now. I can remember . . . I can remember and I can see the field that we were in. I can see it was a little hillside and I can visualize it as I’m talking right now. I picked up grass and rocks and put them in my pocket.

And we got out of the craft. It was a magnetic ramp that we walked on . . .

Rob: Wow!

Ralph: It felt very solid, but very comfortable. And we walked down and we picked all the stuff up, got back in the craft and went back.

And on the time scale at command point, which was the shop, we were gone about 3 to 5 seconds – something like that.

In our time, when we recall, it was . . . I’d equate it to about 15 minutes. So there was a difference in what we call time.

And when I was talking to Carr, he said, “Forget time because it doesn’t exist unless you create it.” If you want it to be, it will be. It’s a measuring point. It’s a measuring device. Time and space are an idea that we create.

We are creating beings, and the collective consciousness creates all these things, and we use them when they are appropirate. It’s not that they don’t exist, but . . .

Rob: It sounds like you’re trying to break my mind out of a three-dimensional prison. And I keep wanting . . . My self-importance or ego keeps wanting to go back to the rules that it thinks it knows.

Fascinating story. I really love that.

Now . . . And so James Gilliland managed to make it to the property. Did he witness . . . Was he on the property when you left and came back?

Ralph: I didn’t meet James Gilliland until years later. Just a few years ago, I met James and he related a story to me . . .

Rob: Oh!

Ralph: . . . that he shared at that time. There were people showing up at the shop all the time. I would have to say they were all benevolent beings because they were beautiful people. They laughed and had fun with us. And we had a good time.

They were trying to urge us to keep going. “Don’t give up no matter what. Don’t give up because we’re coming to a point of extinction and unless we change the system now, we’re on a point of expiring the idea of a human race.”

Rob: Yeah, I understand that, too. That’s just fascinating. So, let’s see . . . So, do you still have this craft? Can you reproduce it? Is this still the thing or are we just trying to get a basic free energy device to power ourselves? Now, they’ve kind of lowered the bar of the playing field and said, “Well, people obviously aren’t ready for the movement of the mind thing – or some people are, but . . .”

We’ve got some free energy stuff. Can you share what’s going on now with what you’re doing? Have you translated this to your new mission that you’re sharing here?

Ralph: Sure. Well, in came . . . Carr was right, because they blew our cover when we went to General Motors. They came in and shut us all down, took all our stuff. And the way I found out where the craft went, the 45-footer, was Los Alamos.

They took it nine stories underground. I had a professor at (unintelligible) College come by and through the Freedom of Information Act was allowed to go down and see what was in these chambers, and it was the OTC-X1.

And they tried to mount weapons on it in a magnetic field, not electromagnetic. In a magnetic field, weapons are obsolete. You can’t use weapons. They’re not necessary.

Rob: I love it. Ha, ha, ha. That’s great.

Ralph: So getting back to where we were on that . . .

Rob: I was just asking some questions to try to get a visual set up of what was happening there, but I think it’s amazing. I like the mental, the perception part that you’re talking about, because it goes back to the luminous self. And a lot of that ancient wisdom that people have talked about metaphysically to be able to grasp it.

Can I ask

Transcript – Ralph and Marsha Ring – March 15, 2017

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Ladies and gentlemen, I keep forgetting that you get that intro on this show. It’s a pretty big thing, kind of tongue in cheek, but Pyramid One Network – I’d like to thank them, of course, Bob Charles, John Alan, and my savior, sound guy, Chris Spell, there in North Carolina, who’s done a tremendous job for me lately with editing some of the really bad sound files I’ve had. We’re going to try to keep this one clean and neat for him today.

Our guests today is Ralph and Marsha Ring, and I’m going to talk about them in just a second, but I wanted to remind you all of thepromiserevealed.com. We have some interesting stuff.

I’m trying to get a group together to go to Bolivia with my friend, Luis Maertens, who is a Venusian contactee, a Pleiadian contactee, he has met beings from Alpha Centauri. He has had many experiences down there in South America. It’s a lot of high country, a lot of retreats of the Great White Brotherhood and the Space Family Confederation.

And Luis is an exceptional contactee who has had contact since the age of 13. His first ship appeared after dreams with is mother as a witness. And he was a member of a metaphysical group in Bolivia, and he brought the team up to the mountain at his behest. On cue UFOs came down kind of letting the team know that Luis is n contact. this established him as a leader of this group I am sure.

Luis said his master had told him that he had prepared for many, many lifetimes for his position as an intermediary of the guides from the sky and the masters, as he calls them, the guides and masters. His name is Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens. And he is a wonderful brother.

And like all the contacts of the Venusians, just so full of love and really coming from a heart space. Those of you that remember my UFO contact in Mt. Shasta with Meet The Ambassadors with Omnec Onec, just a wonderful, very sweet woman, not filled with technical information, but showing us the humanity of the wonderful Venusian people and sharing the essence of the teaching of love and her story of coming from Venus probably, you know, living quite a long time in our Earth here and still looking like a child when she came here in a physical body. She was living in the astral higher dimensions.

For her mission, she was given some mantrums to translate from the astral to the physical plane on venus. Omnec and her uncle became physical on the plane of Venus, and then she came to Earth.

We also have Dr. Frank Stranges, another one of my wonderful mentors and great teachers and friends, and such a very powerful honest, sincere and spiritual individual, and really had a unique message with his on-going contacts of Commander Valient Thor.

Dr Frank Stranges had inner circle meetings were . . . probably had 50~70 maybe 80 people from around the world, which isn’t that large when you consider the special nature of Dr. Frank Stranges.

It seemed like Luis is kind of undercover right now.Out side of spanish speaking countries he is not really have that large of a following. He was known well in governmental circles as a real bonafide contactee as he advises officials in south america of what is taking place. Dr Frank Stranges had inner circle meetings were . . . probably had 50~70 maybe 80 people from around the world, which isn’t that large when you consider the special nature of Dr. Frank Stranges.

And then we have so many other wonderful, real contactees and real teachers. And I’ve said it before, and I’ve said it again, I think I’m a pretty good scout.

I have probably a too critical eye when it comes to all of the people coming out of the woodwork with different stuff, but there’s lots of great information out there. You just have to use discernment.

I want to talk a little bit about this trip we’re going to be doing down there in Bolivia. We’ve had two, but we haven’t had much interest in the first one, so I’ve kind of removed that.

If you’re interested in going to Bolivia on a once in a lifetime tour with Luis Maertens, a genuine, bonafide contactee who has had what are called ‘programmed contacts’ . . . You can look it up on my website. Click on the links and read the information and see the videos on the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca, which was artificially flooded by the Confederation and the Great White Brotherhood some thousands of years ago to keep the ancient records secret.

He has many, many stories of information to share. I’ve had him speak in Mt. Shasta. I’ve had him present in Hawaii. And he has a tremendous, let’s just call it a warm personality that brings a lot of information, and people stand and applaud.

His information and his talks on his journey to Venus and his meeting with the masters, his talks about meeting the master Soramez, who’s 40,000 years old. Soromez is the primary guardian of the Golden Disc of the Sun.

And for those of you who follow George Hunt Williamson, aka Brother Philip, I recommend you read the book, ‘Secret of the Andes’, to understand the powerful, vibrational tool called the golden disk of the sun that is used by the masters and the Great White Brotherhood to stabilize the planet and focus the cosmic rays from the Sun. The disk is used to keep the Earth in a positive, uplifting vibration.

Luis said that this technology of the Golden Disc of the Sun was misused during Atlantean times and was one of the instruments in the cataclysmic activity that took place in Atlantis that kind of tilted the Earth on its axis and gave us a wobble. That’s going to be rectified soon.

He has a picture of the master Soromez who materialized, This is the only known picture of this nature.

He has also been taken in a Blue Sphere, or what they call a Xendra portal, in the late ’70s in Machu Picchu. His master – I forget the name – but had guided him up to Machu Picchu with some professional climbers, and when he got to a certain valley, they telepathed him and told him that they were going to create a portal for him – just like Corey Goode in the Blue Sphere Alliance – a small dome or a Blue Sphere appeared.

They told him to walk into this sphere, which he did and he found himself on Ganymede. Ganymede is an artificial moon and the Jupiter portal is part of the Cosmic Brotherhood’s mission to this planet, and that’s where all the ET teachers go to become trained in what’s called the veil or the ignorance or the sickness that exists here on Earth and the programming of the advanced scalar wave mind-control technology.

Basically, he was given another tremendous experience – I think this was actually before the Island of the Sun and the Golden Disc, but he was given a beautiful understanding and a teaching from his teachers to establish within him these bonafide experiences that he had had.

So not only did he see . . . go to Venus, physically, he had been to Jupiter portal on Ganymede. He’s also been to Lake Titicaca and the Masters of the Island of the Sun. He’s also had several other contacts with the Confederation bases.

And on top of that, folks, he’s been behind the heart shaped rock on Illampu Mountain and the Temple of Purity of the Great White Brotherhood, which I believe also was the temple that George Hunt Williamson had talked about.

And so we have this history of the Confederation and the people that . . . let’s call it the spiritual planetary hierarchy that have been seeing over the evolution of mankind for years and trying to help us get over the hump. It’s like a series of innings. We get to first base, second base and third base and we have to keep having to come back.

And we now have to, with the vibration of the Solar System changing, move forward into a new vibration, a new dispensation, and open contact with the Great White Brotherhood and the benevolent space family. And that has to come forward openly and safely to the people of the Earth.

In the meantime, of course, we do have some very, very challenging situations on the Earth with a very hostile force, very organized, very powerful, in control of world governments, but that’s just on the surface and it’s an illusion.

The real control is in our own individual decisions and in our heart.

So with that in mind, I just want you to check out that journey. It’s a bit expensive, but we’re going to Bolivia. We’re going to an outer retreat of the Brotherhood. It’s a special, sacred hot springs.

We’ll be going to Lake Titicaca, the Island of the Sun. Then we’re flying to Peru. We’re going to see some ancient sites and the history and the archaeology of the contacts and the civilizations that lived there. And then Luis is going to take us up to Machu Picchu for some very special experiences, and then back to Bolivia.

It’s a five-star trip all the way. When I was there before, Luis put us in nice hotel rooms and everything. So guys who are interested in that, we’ve got a few interests. We need about 10 or 12 more people before August to go.

So if you’re interested in that, please do contact me after checking out my website. There’s some tremendous stuff.

I need to get that plugged in, folks. I haven’t been talking about it lately, and we just need more people. So I’m going to let that go.

Now, I’m going to talk about our next guests, and they’re pretty world famous, folks. They’ve been around a long time with this advanced technology.

They knew my old friend, Frank Stranges, and I’m sure they probably knew Norm Paulsen and Gabriel Green – some of the old school contactees. We’re going to talk about George Van Tassel and Nikola Tesla, because we’re going to get into some free energy and some serious understanding of what’s going on with this technology and why it can’t seem to come to the fore – forward – with my special guests, Ralph and Marsha Ring.

* * * * * *


Rob Potter: I want to welcome you both to the show. If you guys want to unmute there, I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to start with the biography.

Ralph has an on-going interest and participation in the areas of esoteric and ether knowledge and technologies. And after leaving the U.S. Army in 1954, he began an on-going search for answers to many questions concerning the unknown.

In brief, you worked for a U.S. government-funded facility in the areas of magnetics and levitation and teleportation.

His search eventually led him to the realities of, and participation in, teleportation and esoteric consciousness.

Ralph is a natural scientist, (inaudible) technician, who in the early 1960s worked together with Otis T. Carr, a close protege of Nikola Tesla, and a team of dedicated scientists of alternative technologies, one of which was teleportation.

He was one of three that piloted a man-made space ship, the OTC-X1. His dream since birth has been to produce levitating home, cities and countries.

He and his spiritual partner and wife, Marsha, talk on expanded spiritual consciousness and natural law which enable people to see the simplicities of all things, thereby bringing their dreams closer to reality.

Marsha, an ordained minister, worked for Bendix Field Engineering, Inc. in the ’70s, a deep-space tracking station, where she experienced tracking unknown objects and experienced JPL Laboratory knowing that there was life in the multiverse – not just sure, what, where and how to communicate with them.

Together Ralph and Marsha share their experiences of the great life sharing with the audiences (inaudible) that are much, much more than we realize. We are the ones that we’ve been searching for.

Their website, www.bluestarenterprise.com. And I’m going to recommend that you go there right now.


Rob: It’s an honor to have you back on the show again, Ralph and Marsha. Welcome.

Ralph : Well, thank you so much, Rob. It’s a pleasure. It’s a good pleasure to be talking with you.

Marsha: And thank you so much for having us. We’re very excited to tell our story.

Rob: I’m happy to have our audience here. We talked before the show.

I wanted to talk a little bit about Nikola Tesla. There’s a book, folks, you can all get called ‘Return of the Dove’ by Margaret Storm. I recommend you go on the bookstores online and get that book.

And in that book, she reveals that Tesla was a Venusian. He’d come here to bring this technology. I won’t bore you with the background, but he ended up in New York never becoming successful due to the blocking of his free energy devices, but he became very close . . . He had a disciple.

One of his closest disciples was Otis T. Carr, and you guys knew him. Why don’t you share some of the information and what he shared with you about Tesla that kind of kicked you guys off.

Ralph: Sure, I’d be glad to. I’m not quite sure where to start, but let’s see. I should give you just a brief background of how I became acquainted with Otis and how we got together and did our work together. And that was in 1957-58, something like that.

I was working at a place in Costa Mesa, California, called Advanced . . .

Rob: Oh, we lost ya.

Ralph: No, you didn’t. I heard you. I worked for . . . I wound up working for a company called Advanced Kinetics. And there I was operating a magnetic experiment, and we had all kinds of grants to research unknown and unavailable technologies and look into them.

My particular job was trying to get an electron through a magnetic field without deflection, meaning I had a giant cathode ray tube that would fire the electrons through a magnetic, horseshoe magnetic, field and try and get it through that field without deflection.

And I was told whatever it takes, keep increasing the energy necessary to force this little guy through the field.

Well, I had a giant oscilloscope and a Polaroid camera. I think my setup was probably in excess of $70~80,000 just to do what I just talked about.

And because I’d been raised in the woods up here where I’m living now, which is Paradise, California, I learned most of my younger years about the laws of nature, because I used to walk back and forth to school through the woods.

And when I got to school, our teacher would take us back to the woods and introduce us to insects and birds and bees and trees, and wanted us to become acquainted with them.

So we started as young kids talking to everything thinking that others . . . that there’s consciousness everywhere, and if you take the time to respect that and open up, you can actually synergize with different things, different animals.

If you don’t have any fear of the animals, they’ll walk right up to you and so forth.

Well, anyway, that was my early learning, and I graduated from grade school out in the woods – one-room schoolhouse, etc.

From there, I got out to see the big world and see what was going on, and to my amazement and disappointment, I found them working hard at trying to do things, and in most cases because they were putting so much force into what they did, most of them would fail two or three or hundreds of times before they even got anywhere.

There was a repetition of failure, and I felt compelled to share what I learned in nature – the simplicity of putting things together.

Get it all together in your mind first before you touch anything, and then understand and respect the laws of nature, which are very keenly well-balanced, and they are equilaterally such that it is a complete, easy concept to tie in and synergize with just about everything. And in the present language, it’s called resonating.

When you can resonate, or become close enough, you can affect a change because you’ve eliminated fear and doubt and frustration and your demeanor and your words are such, and your feelings are such, that it’s quite comfortable to be relaxed and envision or create with your mind an idea and put it together in nanoseconds compared to hours and sometimes weeks of hard sweat and blood to get not just the same results but better results.

So, anyway, I got frustrated with my job because they were using force, and they told me “We have Boulder Dam, and you can use as much energy as you need. Just keep forcing this little guy through the field.”

Well, I got a little tired of that because I saw right away from the get-go that this wasn’t going to work, because you’re just using force. And when you’re forcing against nature, you’re asking for some big kickbacks.

So I decided, “You know, I think I can go home and put something together,” because I was always a tinkerer, playing around with stuff, and I had stuff running all over the house on magnetic energy.

And so I said, “Well, I’ll just go see what I can do for them.”

And as I was considering this, the next bench over was working on levitation. And they had what’s called ignitrons in those days. It’s just a giant coil, a steel ball of one, two, three-inch steel balls, and they’d levitate them for just a few minutes and burn out the coils because they were using, again, force.

So a long story short, I went home. I tore . . . Most of my equipment in those days were from garage sales or thrift stores or just anybody that was throwing something out. I had to have it to see what I could do with it.

I took apart a big television set and got the cathode ray guns set up. And the magnets were already there, so I used those magnets to use the field that I was going to fire through and proceeded to talk,k as I was taught from my teacher, to talk to the electron – to make friends with it, to open up a confluence, if you will, or a fondness, or a feeling of love together with me and the electron.

It sounds, perhaps, ridiculous to some people.

[Ralphs Phone rings.]

I’m sorry. Let me mute that.

Rob: That’s okay. That’s nothing but quantum field and effect there getting in touch with that there. So, can you mute there for a second?

Ralph: Yeah.

Rob: Anyway, Laguna Beach must have been beautiful back then. You were in Costa Mesa. I was being born. I moved to Laguna four or five years later, but you were there in Costa Mesa.

Let’s see, you’re there . . . you get home after all these endless experiments, and, folks, if you read . . . Yeah, why don’t you just mute for a second. I’ll talk about Nikola Tesla here.

He used to visualize, folks. In fact, one of his closest friends in Paris he was talking about his alternating current, and he says, “Oh, can you see that there? Look, and it runs backwards too.”

And Nikola Tesla was talking about all of the parts that he envisioned to build it. He was very powerful in constructing in the mental ether.

So that’s what Ralph was doing here where we left off here. He got a phone call, so we’re going to let him get back to it.

He’s in his home. He’s talking to the electrons, and he’s shooting the cathode ray tube, the simple electron, through the horseshoe magnetic field in his home. And I imagine you had some success there. Is that correct?

Ralph: Okay. Thanks. I’m back. I thought I’d muted the phone, but it didn’t work. So, anyway, I’m sorry.

Well, I think I was at the point where I’d decided to, you know, like I normally do in my experiments, I’ve always been successful with what I’ve done because just . . . I found to use my imagination and use my talents of being still and listening instead of hearing a lot of hearsay that leads to the same thing repeating itself, I work from the inside out and found that most of the things that I worked on were quite successful easily.

So in this particular case, I was communicating with the electron and said, “Okay, old buddy, we’re going to go through this thing and show me that you can do it, please. You know, I’m raising a family here. I’ve got kids and we could use a new house or something, so maybe I can get a raise or something.”

This was back in the ’50s and that is the way I thought then.

So what I felt, not thought, but what I felt from the electron was – and this is . . . I have to use metaphors, because I can’t remember anything exactly as it happened, but I can give you a picture using metaphors of the way it was in almost total and completely accuracy.

What I did was I had pulsed the signal. I had given the electron a little time to . . . The electron was telling me, “I need to breathe. Give me some space.”

So I said, “Okay”, and instead of firing the electron, I pulsed it. In other words, I . . . in milliseconds, and sometimes in microseconds, I would pulse the signal to run the energy to help the electron through the field.

Well, what happened, the first shot, it went into a spiral. It went into a vortex situation and went through the field completely without deflection instantly the first time.

So I thought, “Oh, man, this is going to get us . . . This is going to be wonderful.”

And so I wrote it up and took pictures of it and explained the simplicity of it. There’s nothing . . . There’s nothing to it. You guys are using a lot of force to get things done, and I’m using natural law, which means give what you’re working with respect to be who, what and where it is and work from that premise.

Rob: Well, that probably isn’t the government specialty, but what happened? What was the end result there? Did they let you to continue to work on it? Did you get a raise? How . . . What happened there?

Ralph: Okay, well, I thought that while I was at it, because it was the weekend, I said, “Well, I’ll work on that levitation device, and I’ll use the speaker out of the television that I tore apart.”

So I put a 15” woofer speaker on my living room floor – [it] was my laboratory in those days – and hooked up a audio amplifier that I got at a garage sale for about $20 or $25 bucks and started playing around with acoustical levitation, which I had remembered from seeing in a movie prior to that, probably 6 months or so prior to that. I saw a movie on Tibet and how they moved these giant rocks up the side of the hills using these huge drums and horns.

Rob: Horns. They use big horns. Anyway, so that’s really good. So now you’re doing some other levitation, and, of course, you’re a little bit successful there.

Had you met Otis Carr at this point?

Ralph: No, I’m kind of working up to it, Rob, because the details I’m putting in you’ll find later on are going to be important to gain an understanding of where we’re at now. So, I’ll fast pace it. I’m going to jump into fast drive.

From there I wrote both experiments up, took pictures of them and Monday morning I ran into Dr. Weinhart’s office and said, “I’ve got a short cut here, and I think that I’ve found something that we’re going to be able to use. The government will be happy, and we’ll be happy.” And I’m sure I can count on a promotion or a raise or something. I didn’t use those words, again, the metaphors.

But he said, “Well, let’s see what you got.”

So I showed him. He looked at all over and he said, “Oh, you’re using all the laws of physics, but you’re going beyond our conventional, you know, first, second and third laws of physics in your explanation.”

And I said, “Well, yeah, because in the trueness of nature, there are infinite laws that work, and they all work in unison and synergize with each other.”

And so, yes, I was using an alternative way of looking at things and doing things.

So he said, “Well, . . .” – a long story short, again – he said, “Well, Ralph, I’ve got to tell you something. Advanced Kinetics is a government-funded research and development center. We are guided and monitored and funded by grants that they give us to ‘look for answers’, not necessarily find them.”

And that’s changed my whole life – that statement alone.

And I asked him, “Well, what do you mean?”

And he said, “Well, that’s the way it is here. We can go and if we find anything, we’ll turn it over to other sources of information, but at this point in what you’re doing, I’m going to have to ask you to not go any further with it. I have to shred this. I’ll put a little bit more money in your envelop, but I’m going to have to shred this and tell you to go back to work and forget all about it. Don’t talk to the engineers or anything.”

A long story short, I went back to work. It lasted about another week, because I just couldn’t work there any more. I left.

Before I left, well, I left with tears in my eyes because I didn’t want to quit the job. I knew I had something. And they were telling me . . . They were looking for answers, but not finding. They didn’t want to find them.

Rob: Well, I was going to say, I have to commend you for your integrity there and not continuing to work for a dead-end job. Obviously, you’re information was passed on to the Secret Space Program and they probably utilized the information and the keys of which you gave them there in the Secret Space Program that was developed.

So you left with tears in your eyes and then where did you go?

Ralph: Well, just before I left, because this is going to come up and be important in a few minutes, my friend worked on the electron microscope. He had a very powerful scope.

And we’d always have lunch together and one day he rigged up a little device so that I could stick my finger under the scope and look at it.

But before I could do that, he said, “Now, I want you to take a good look at your finger and give me your analysis. Tell me what it looks and feels like and touch it.”

And I said, “Well, yeah, it’s flesh and blood. It’s right here. No problem. I’m all third-dimensionally intact.”

And he says, “Now, stick your finger in and look through here.”

And when I did, there was no finger. All it was was a mass of whirling charged particles going around. I pulled it out maybe half a dozen or more times, looked at my finger and shoved it back in and was seeing two different things.

In his explanation, he said, “Well, of course, we’re all energy. Before we think we’re a body . . . Before we think we’re flesh and blood, we are energy creating a water vessel, which is called a magnetic machine, if you will, to experience a third-dimensional way of life.”

Well, about that time, I quit and left because . . . I wanted to talk to him more about it. He was a pretty wise guy.

But I left, and on the way home I met one of my neighbors. He was a friend of mine. He said, “What’s the matter?”

And I said, “Well, I’m going to have to go home and tell my wife and kids that I lost my job, and I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

And he said, “Well, what were you doing?”

And I told him magnetics and my idea in life was to get things off the ground and go beyond the automobile, because someday it’s going to become very congesting all over the ground, and they’re already ruining the forests and the landscape with their cements and asphalts and killing animals and birds, and I want to change all that if I can.

He said, “Like what?”

And I said, “Well, I’d like to get things off the ground and take the wheel from the vertical position and put it in a horizontal position and have a transportation and habitational vehicle.”

And he says, “Wait a minute. That sounds like Otis Carr. He’s a disciple of Tesla. He’s at the present time in Norman, Oklahoma demonstrating just what you’re talking about – some kind of a space vehicle – and I ought to put you guys together.”

And I said, “God, that would be great! I’d love to talk to him about it.”

“Well,” he said, “more than talk to him about it.” He’d run into some trouble there trying to call him a fraud and all kinds of bad names, and they said it didn’t work and this and that. They were getting too much of a hassle.

Now, he had before taken his work and put it into a patent. Now, this is a working prototype that he had showing levitation, showing all the simple degrees and angles of sacred geometry that allowed geometry . . . that allowed the craft to operate.

And when he took it to the patent office, they say, “No, no, those aren’t in our classic physics. You’ll have to take that stuff out of there. I can’t give you a patent on that.”

And I thought, when he was telling me that, that’s kind of screwy. What kind of place am I in here where they don’t want stuff that works?

Well, anyway, they said, “No, you take those things out. Redesign. Submit another patent without that stuff in it and we’ll give you a patent on an amusement device and you can go put it in a kiddy park or whatever you want and explain what you’re trying to talk about to kids or whatever.”

Well, Carr was a very strong person and he knew that he was going to get resistance because Tesla told him that he had gotten a lot of resistance from his backer at the time with J. P. Morgan. And as soon as he found out that Tesla was working with alternative energy – in those days it was called free and abundant energy, and you didn’t need telephone poles. You didn’t need copper mines to send the electricity from one place to the other.

Tesla was allowed to build Wardenclyffe, which was a big tower, a big Tesla coil, in Manhattan.

And when he needed some more funds, and he wanted to start his operations, he explained to Morgan that we don’t need those things anymore. We can transmit electricity, energy field, via vibrations, etc., through the air without any harm, without any disturbances on any level, and we’d have plenty of energy to run the entire world free and abundantly and forever, because we’re tapping into an accumulating energy from space, which is magnetic in nature.

And I said, “Well, bingo. That’s the kind of stuff I want to talk about.”

Rob: J. P. Morgan said that, “Look, Tesla, if we can’t charge people continually, if they just one time antenna, one time installation, and then giving them free energy, it ain’t going to work.”

So, of course, Morgan was definitely control . . . one of the negative money grubbers that have been keeping free energy for Tesla’s understanding with the Chownbrenner, Townsend Brown and all this stuff is been just . . . It’s been almost 100 years, folks.

And it still seems unavailable to the public. So continue on with your conversation with the guy who knew Otis Carr.

Ralph: Okay, I went to the “Understanding”. My friend invited me to his group, which was called “Understanding”. It was created by a personal called Dr. Daniel Fry. And it was there in Costa Mesa.

And they said, “Come on over. We’re talking about the same kind of things here. We want to see an easier, simpler way to run this world.”

So I said, “Okay.” And I went over there and I told my story, and they said Tesla was in trouble, I mean, Carr was in trouble, and maybe we could have a talk with him and see if he’d come out our way.

And so they called Carr and offered him the ways and means to come out, bringing his entourage. He had two or three engineers, a physicist and Wayne Aho was there and Arthur Aho was in the picture sometimes, and bring them out to the West Coast. “And we’ll find you guys . . . when you get together, we’ll find you a place to go ahead and create you dreams, create your ideas.”

So a long story short, everything kind of happened, and within two weeks after the invitation was given, Carr was on his way with his entourage to California.

The landed in Costa Mesa . . . I mean, they landed in LAX and came out to Costa Mesa and met with the Understanding group.

I was just elated to meet this guy. I mean, geeze, he was a benevolent being from the get-go. I mean, he just felt love for humanity, and he said he got that from Tesla.

He says, “All we want to do is to make a better world for everybody. There’s a lot of resistance to change, and we’re running into it all the time.”

They’d shut him down several times. They’d sabotaged some of his work and stuff.

So a long story short, go ahead honey and say something. I’ve got to take a drink.

Marsha Ring: The Understanding group then found a place up in Lake Arrowhead and told the group they could go up there and do brainstorming until they found a facility.

Ralph: Yeah, they had a giant cabin up there and it facilitated all of us. We stayed there and I really got into knowing Carr, which very quickly I bonded with him on a deeper, a higher, a more spiritual level, if you will, for lack of a better word.

I was very close . . . we were very close. And we could . . . We got to a point where we conceptually understood each other before we had to speak, so we didn’t have to use a lot of words. We’d use one word and the other person would get it. And we were brainstorming into what we were going to do.

Well, then the phone rang from the Understanding group, and it was explained that we had some help, “don’t worry about it right now. Later one we’ll talk about that, but right now, this help has come.”

A facility, a large, very large warehouse – almost the size of a hangar, an airplane hangar – in Hesperia, Apple Valley, California. That’s down the backside of the hill from where we were.

It was mentioned that there were radio shows being put out that were being channeled by a person called Richard Miller, and these programs . . . In fact, if you will, I . . . Along with a lot of other things, I put them on the website. They’re free to download.

They’re beings from other form, dimensions, life . . .

Rob: Yeah, my audience knows about Richard Miller. In fact, one of my guests, Judy Beebe, just talked about Richard. He was receiving radio signals and eventually became a very good direct voice channel for the Confederation Soltec, Manca, Qadar. You had lots of direct communication.

So, folks, we’re going back to old school. Ralph and Marsha, must have been wonderful times there working with a direct disciple of Nikola Tesla. They got a research facility down on the backside of Arrowhead in Hesperia and things must have moved forward in an amazing pace.

Tell us what happened next.

Ralph: Well, I . . .

Marsha: Can I just interject something right now? On the BlueStarEnterprise, our website, there are copies of the galaxy.

Ralph: And programs. All free to download. We never charge for anything. They are of beings just sharing truthful information on the simplicities of life, talking about magnetics and who we are, what we are . . .

Marsha: And these were actually recorded in the 1950s, but they pertain to us today.

Ralph: Yeah.

Marsha: I amazed at the information.

Ralph: The truth in them would stand strong even today by today’s standards, because they haven’t changed. The information on them is astounding.

Rob: Yes, there’s a book, folks, you can get online. It’s called, “Star Wards”, Richard Miller, and look it up. In the meantime, go to BlueStarEnterprise and check out . . . They’ve got some great pictures of some of the OTC machines there. You can check them out. Fascinating stuff.

So you had these great recordings, and you got this facility. What happened next, Marsha?

Marsha: I’m going to let Ralph go. Actually, I want to tell you something, Rob. I was not there at that time. I was not with Ralph.

Rob: Oh, that’s okay. All right. Go ahead.

Ralph: That was in the ’50s, and I was married with two children at the time.

Marsha: Ralph and I didn’t meet until 1980. Go ahead. You’re at the facility.

Ralph: So, we’re at the facility. Let me see. Let me collect this. And we were running tent lectures out in the middle of the desert.

We ran all through the Mohave Desert giving these big tent shows. We had Gabriel Green and Gloria Lee and, oh my gosh, Van Tassel, Carr.

And I accompanied them. I didn’t do any speaking then, because I was in awe of the enormous information that they had.

And the getting back to the facility, all of us were grateful. We even had a building machine shop, building tool and die, everything was there for us to operate effectively with.

So . . . now, I’ve got to get you in this picture, honey.

Marsha: I’m not there yet.

Ralph: You’re not there yet. Okay.

Rob: Well, so you’re there. You guys are obviously doing some R&D, and, I guess, if you want to tell us, did you get something functioning at the Hesperia place? Obviously, you did.

Ralph: Very definitely. Very definitely, and I keep cutting to the shortcuts, but I don’t want to leave things out that would be . . .

Rob: Well, share what you thinks important. We’re going to have to go another hour anyway. Ha, ha, ha.

Ralph: Okay. All right. Okay. Well, I want to get up to where I met Marsha because she’s a magnificent being, a multidimensional being, from everywhere as far as I’m concerned, anyway. And she’s got some magnificent things that she’s done with her life.

And we came together and in Prescott, Arizona, one night.

Rob: Yeah, let’s talk about . . . You’re in the lab here with Otis T. Carr, and you’ve got Gabriel Green, one of my favorite people, and you’ve got George Van Tassel. These are some . . . You guys are the premier contactees leading the charge in the ’50s here, taking it to the people in your tent shows.

So what happened to the lab?

Ralph: Well, before that happened, I’ve got to backtrack here a little bit.

When I left Advanced Kinetics, and this was the first I’ve ever heard of the Men In Black. Three guys showed up on our doorstep one day, and they said they were from the Duval School of Electronics and wanted to offer me an opportunity of a scholarship because they’d heard about me.

Well, there’s no way they could have heard about me, because I didn’t do anything that would be notable, except what I talked to Dr. Weinhart about.

But I invited them in because I just had to know more. And they came in and they started . . . they wanted me to demonstrate a few things that I’d done.

And I found out they were recording it without asking me or telling me they were recording it. And my wife saw that and she says, “I don’t trust these guys.”

And they started probing into different things, and I won’t go into a lot of details, but my wife said, “I’m getting nervous. I want them out of the house.” She effectively got them out of the house.

And then she said, “Now, honey, I want you to gather all these toys up that are working different principles, and I don’t care what you do with them, but I don’t want any trouble. I don’t want anybody showing up here and disrupting our homelife. And get them out of here. Take them away.” And I did.

So, immediately, within a day, the next day, I packed up. And I had a big book that I had sent to Romania for on Tesla – a big . . . oh, there are 600~700 inventions that he made and it was unavailable in the United States. So I sent for that book. And that was part of my research.

And so I took that book and a lot of other things and left.

I packed up my car. And I have to say, I had to follow, from living in the woods, my intuition, which I call my pilot light: Where am I going? What am I going to do?, and it pointed at Van Tassel at Joshua Tree.

Rob: Yeah, at Giant Rock.

Ralph: Yeah.

Rob: That’s a good choice.

Ralph: And I had heard from somebody that he’d been working on the same principles of Tesla and was building a healing device called the Integratron. And he . . . Go ahead.

Rob: Still there today. Go ahead.

Marsha: Yes.

Ralph: So he was apparently (inaudible) some information on Tesla, and I thought, “Well, perfect. I’ll just take this down there.”

So I drove down to Joshua Tree, and he was not at the Integratron. He was out at Giant Rock. They had a restaurant there and facilities underneath the Rock in those days.

So I got out of my car. I had my arms full of stuff and this big book. And Van Tassel saw me from the restaurant and he came walking down towards me and got a big smile on his face, and I said, “Oh, this guy’s going to be friendly.”

So I said, “Mr. Van Tassel, I was guided to give you this information because I am . . . my wife peaved and I’m going to be in trouble if I don’t.”

Rob: Well, it sounds like you’re in perfect combination with telepathic guidance to mission control to take it to Van Tassel. Excellent.

Ralph: Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. I felt that too.

So he’s . . . I gave him the books and the stuff . . . the big book and the stuff, and he said, “I want to thank you in my own way, and I want you to go over on that . . .”, because I said “I’ve got to get back to my family.”

“Before you go, go over on this little . . .” It was called Crystal Hill or something. It was . . . The hill was loaded with crystal quartz and so forth.

And I went over there to take a nap before I got in the car and proceeded to drive back to my family in Costa Mesa.

While I was laying there, I’d fallen in and out of sleep a few times, and then I woke to get ready to hit the road and then I looked up and there was hundreds, maybe – I want to say thousands – because the whole sky was loaded with these beautiful, what I can only say is, spaceships.

And they were in illuminous light. They were green in nature. And they would come over and come down as close to me as a foot above my head. These are small vehicles.

And there were some larger ones back of them – huge vehicles – that were kind of playing in the sky, and I thought, “Well, this is kind of cool. Hi, guys!”

I thought, “Oh, this must be a place where they hang out, because they were all over. Man, I ought to bring my wife and kids down here some day.”

Well, anyway, I didn’t know until later I was being signaled “Thanks!” from a higher authority for taking the trip down there and getting . . . relieving the pressure from my family and giving Van Tassel the things he needed to proceed with Integratron.

Rob: Oh, that’s great. You know, folks, here you hear, you know, this is kind of the adept (inaudible) The plan for the Earth is to move forward with free energy. So here we’re getting a firsthand story of the guidance of our benevolent space family, and their kind of behind the scenes help.

It’s always kind of weird, though . . . Marsha, maybe you can comment on this. They’re always helping us and yet it’s always kind of the secret behind the scenes. It seems like very few, like Van Tassel and Adamsky and, I’m sure, Otis, and you probably had your direct experience too, but most of us, it seems like they’re kind of hiding. It’s behind the scenes.

What is all that about you guys?

Ralph: Marsha?

Marsha: I feel like they’re hiding, or they’re out of our reach, because we aren’t accepting them. Once we accept that they’re real, that they’re here, those of us that know that are being contacted . . .

Ralph: Regularly.

Marsha: . . . regularly, all the time. So they’re not in hiding. I’m sure you’ve had many experiences, too, Rob. So the ones of us that are open to it, and even the ones that aren’t open but they have something to give to the rest of us, the rest of the (inaudible), they are being contacted.

Rob: Well, it seems like . . . I talked to Gabe when he lived there in Yucca Valley and had some great conversations with him, and he would tell me that they would do it to him, too.

Like he says, “Well, they say I need to get . . .”, you know how he’d talk. “Well, now they said we need to get a computer, Rob.”

And he said he went to a store and all of a sudden he just had this telepathic feeling, “There’s a space brother”, a guy in there just chatted him up and said, “Here let me take . . .” and got him the best computer, explained to him the whole set up and kind of got him one of the first computers. I think this was back in the ’80s.

And I go, “Well, why don’t they . . .”, and he says, “Well, I don’t know.”

So you guys have the . . . I don’t know. It’s a private thing – the direct contact. It seems like there’s this emotional cloud, something blocking that, you know, . . . It’s like, “Oh, there . . . an alien.” And then go, “They’re just normal like us.”

But the conversation is one thing, but the telepathic communication is another. So you can be talking about, you know, like the price of gasoline, and somewhere behind the scenes, there’s like another type of thing going on.

And it seems . . . I personally can’t get . . . I haven’t been able to get too far beyond that, ha, ha, in my communications.

It’s always like . . . No one will say, “Yeah, I from . . .”, you know, like Van Tassel. They went out . . . They landed in front of his place, and they said, “You want to see my ship behind me?” They woke him up.

And, so, I’d kind of like your opinion on that. Why is it more people don’t have that direct experience, who want it so much and think they’re ready, like me?

Marsha: I feel like the fear factor is in the people. We’ve been told so many stories about how terrible the space brothers are and how they’re going to come in and take us away or whatever.

And there’s a fear in many people, and I feel that once that fear is lifted, . . .

Ralph: It’s the same fear that my teacher up here in Paradise years and years ago – it was in the ’40s – told us that, “You’re never going to approach any animal very close unless you get rid of your fear. You’re going to have to develop a mutual respect for who and what they are. Don’t crowd their space. If they want to communicate, they want to come close, just feel love. Just love them for what they are and watch the difference.”

We were feeding deer out of our hands. Squirrels would come down and eat peanuts from us and everything.

Rob: Yeah, amazing. I felt that too. Now, I, personally, I feel no fear. I feel a great curiosity, and I feel like if someone was to admit to me . . . I would really . . . I would give them a lot of hard questions based on my . . . , you know, the human feeling.

I feel like they want us to focus on love and stuff, and, so, like if I got the chance like many other people, it would just be a non-stop peppering question. Like, why didn’t this happen? And what’s this happening? And what is this relationship? There’s so many questions in the political scene, because of this hide-and-seek game, that we want answered.

And so, I don’t know, can you guys shed any light on . . . You’ve, obviously, had direct conversations with them openly, right Ralph?

Ralph: Well, to this day, we’re in very comfortable communications with physical beings, if you will – I mean they appear physical – from many multi-dimensions. And they are aiding us in our efforts to wake people up and help people to get in touch with who they really are instead of who they think they are. There’s a big difference.

There’s an authentic being within the synthetic being that we’re experiencing in the third dimension. And the synthetic being is being instantly created by our abilities to create and experience the physical life or life in the density of matter.

But beyond that, we are all very deeply devoted to life and we are all immortal beings experiencing a physical life at the time. And we’ve got so far into external living and not enough of the internal, which is your pilot light, which is your guidance system, which is the intuition and the heart field of love that this synthetic life exists.

And the sciences keep wanting and hoping, and none of those things work, because they keep repeating themselves. It’s like a treadmill. They just keep going around and around and going nowhere with their technology. And they do that because they’re trying to force the issues instead of loving what they do, enjoying the moment for what it is and following nature.

And getting now back to the spaceship, if you will, and bringing it up to where Marsha is . . .

Rob: Oh, you know what? I’m over . . . Folks, we’re going to continue this conversation in the next show. It’s been very fascinating.

Thanks for joining us on the Victory of Light Radio Show. You can tune in again next week. And I want you to go to BlueStarEnterprise.com, and we’re going to continue with Ralph and Marsha Ring here in Part 2 of the show coming up for next week.

I want to thank both of them for coming on the show. Thank you guys.

Ralph: Thank you, Rob. Thank you, very much.

Marsha: Thank you.

Ralph: I tried to squeeze it all in, but there’s too much to do and . . .

Rob: That’s okay. I have too much in the beginning. I wanted to . . . I like to share some stuff that’s going on, you know, because I’m trying to make a living too and . . . I do talk about a few other things, but let’s get back to the conversation in just a second.

Folks, thank you for your patience, for listening in. We’re having just a regular conversation here with Ralph and Marsha Ring.

I really am enjoying the inside information here on the background between some of these greats, folks. Nikola Tesla, Otis Carr, Ralph and Marsha Ring. Then we got Gabriel Green, Daniel Fry. Folks, look up these names. And, of course, George Van Tassel, which leads to so much other stuff and interesting things that were taking place there with some of these original contactees back in the ’50s bringing the free energy and the consciousness and guiding us even to this day in certain elements.

Victory of Light Radio Show. We’ll see you next week. Thank you.

GoldFish Report No. 102 [6-18-17], Celebrating 100 GoldFish Reports ‘Uniting the Light’ with Special Guests

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This was quite an event organized by Louisa. I had not met several of those on the panel (I’d met Rob Potter and Kent Dunn), and I felt it was an excellent broadcast. And it seemed all of us were having some fun with this!

I was, of course, at Kona Coffee and Tea, and even shared a short tour of the inside of KC&T (go to 1:37:45). I came in at around 28:30. And people can see Ginger, who was also having a mocha, and supports Hawaii in her own special way.

GoldFish Report No. 102, Celebrating 100 GoldFish Reports ‘Uniting the Light’ with Special Guests

Published on Jun 18, 2017
On GoldFish Report No 102, Celebrates 100 GoldFish Reports ‘Uniting the Light’. Joining Steve and Louisa are Kent Dunn, Kauilapele, Rob Potter, Jay Pee, Dr. Maree Batchelor and Dr. Richard Presser, with open topics and some msuic performance by Jay Pee. Thanks to all our viewers for your support, for watching and, considering the perspectives discussed in these reports which have helped to make The GoldFish Report a beacon of Light for those who seek it.

Letter inspires me to blog

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This was a letter I got from a follower about a Facebook post I shared from someone else. I decided to respond and got carried away so I am making this a post on my blog for the world to see. Its old news for some but it may add to your arsenal to share with the ignorant masses.

Hi Rob, 
We’ve spoken a few times.  I’m one of your loyal Subscribers.  I’m Not however, so loyal that I’m beneath checking people’s sources and, (as Someone in the Ascension Community first said several years ago), Discerning This AND ALL INFORMATION.  And unfortunately (but not surprisingly) I found exactly Zero Corroborating Sources so far for the “Fire at CIA Headquarters: Drug Lab Found” story you posted today (or last night).

I will admit to accidentally spewing out a mouthful of coffee when I read that Tons of various precursor chemicals used in drug mfg. were found IN THE GEORGE H W BUSH CENTER FOR INTELLIGENCE.  !!!! 

This may need to be turned into a screenshot, matted and framed and hung on the wall its That Precious.  Here’s what’s “funny” though: when I went back to try to find it, try as I might, It Was Gone!  No Big Surprise there though.  I’ll find it.

But I hope maybe you can provide me with a better source of 3rd party source verification, esp. as re: all things Secret, ATS, or CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, ONR – related.  We all need a Pete Peterson or Cobra or Clifford Stone or Bob Dean we can turn to.  (or you or Corey or David or Steven Greer or Alex Collier etc).  But there’s too few of you guys and Far too many of us.  Although it seems our Galactic Friends who have been floating around out at the outer edges of our Solar System have been moving in closer to us and taking up positions to more readily be available to us when The Time comes.  And I must say: I’m feeling that Something is About to Happen just in the past 2-3 days.  You?  But you know what has been bugging the hell out of me?  What if Prime Creator (PC for short) decides it’s TIME and it happens to be The Middle of the Night here in America (here in the Center of the Universe)??  Im sure we would No Doubt percieve it but probably in a Very different way.  Ask Cobra that one..

Nice chatting at you.  Write back, bro.

My Response

So you know I have no corroborating sources to this exact story, other than the link that was originally sent to me. Although its Internet disappearance does not mean it was real, its removal does perhaps give it some validity

The For Real
However I can confirm the CIA has been in charge of major drug running operations around the world for many years almost since its inception.

It has run heroin from Vietnam during the war and other drugs thorough out the world since that time in multiple locations in many countries. 

These operations have been operated and covered up by FBI CIA NSA Army Navy ICE etc etc ad nauseam.

It was bringing heroin home in what was known as the “Grey line”. This was inside the hollowed out cavities of dead soldiers bodies returning home for burial. This was was supposedly one of Kennedys Intel that made him say enough is enough to smash the CIA.
This was well documented by Daniel Ellsberg in Gemstone files. There was ample evidence by many others during that era as well.

This was run with money laundering through the American Asian and Nugan Hand bank with ties to Adnan Khashoggi and Other govt. agents I think a secretary of state was implicated? 

Warlords like Khun Sa “the man of no fear” and many other were selling directly to the USA govt. General Westmoreland and soldiers under his deployment were directly involved. 

Us soldiers were loading poppy paste directly on to USA transport vehicles called Air America. A movie was even made with Robert Downey and Mel Gibson about this.

Cia cut outs run by off book Cia mercenaries transported to Marseille France or the French connection directly to New York for mob distribution. 

Bo Grietz the real life war hero I heard speak in 29 palm nears a marine base in the early. 80s confirmed this Intel. 

The character Rambo was based on Bo’s true exploits going in after the war to look for MIAs, which he found.

The US Govt. would not authorize their extraction them for fear of Khun Sah exposing their drug ties.

So you saw Rambo waving to bring them home in the movie… alas the chopper leaves him.  

This type of operation was continued in Afghanistan in a similar drug running operation. This was and is business as usual for the CIA. 

How these guys sleep at night I have no idea it must be on pillows of money that they have sold their souls for?

The type of thing is documented through Iran contra hearings. The truth, which was blocked from bullshit news agencies due to National Security reasons.

 National security needs ha ha AKA “We need this money for reptilian nazi space fleets and our own secret space program/ sorry its a need to know thing! I hope you understand”

Anyway during Regan Administrations War on Drugs cocaine was run through Daniel Ortega by trading arms for drugs to CIA aka GHB SR.
Olllie North was intimately involved as well.

Parallel operations also were run though Panama and Manuel Noriega.

This was being leaked and exposed and the handlers told Noriega to stop it now. He said screw you and paid the piper aka GHB.SR. said hang em high.

Panama operations included C-130s the very large military transport planes bringing in tons and I mean tons of coke per load.

 Meanwhile poor desperate black youth trying to break free of poverty in the ghettos were going to jail for 30 years for possession of small amount of crack.

This after having their homes destroyed buy tanks by self-righteous Gestapo agents in the LAPD.
LAPD CIA assets distributed the coke to the Crips and the Bloods. Research former LAPD author Michael Rothmiller for how this occurred and his evidence. Miller by the way was finally assassinated. He had a blog of some sorts. Here is one line to get you started https://www.amazon.com/Secret-Police-Inside-Elite-Network-ebook/dp/B008LW7DQ8

Chip Tatum a Special Forces guy who was blackmailed after a Nixon/ Kissinger black op to get Cambodia into the war exposed more Govt. drug running.

He was forced into working for George bush as a hit man. He did his expose in his book the Tatum chronicles. 

There is another former CIA guy who found about the cocaine deliveries through them using his warehouse in Central America as a drop off point. He had evidence and pictures taken by him of pilots posing in front of drug running planes if I remember correctly.

Chip Tatum also still has pictures of GHB SR snorting cocaine doing business deals in Central America the 80s. Its his life insurance policy!!!

Much coke and probably now meth is bought in through George bushes oil wells in chevron helicopters which still picks up the drugs beyond customs 12 mile enforcement zone. 

Another DEA agent Kiki Camerena was tortured and died because he had pictures of George bush jr and Jeb flying in to airport where a known drug dealer dropped on 2 kilos on the tarmac to the cockpit as the bushes headed to to Kennebunkport for a party. He also had evidence of DEA involvement. 

So sad but true its like all the movies show you except there are no good guys to shoot it out and break it up in the end. We have been sold out by greed by the politicians we have trusted. 

Dan Rather was fired for trying to break a story about jr not showing up for air reserve duty because he was on cocaine. Sorry Dan don’t rattle the money train cage. 

This money funds the secret space programs and many other things. 

One Mk ultra victims reported Bush Sr., Dick Morris and Dick Cheney raping her while throwing around heroin balls and doing cocaine in the white house. How do you like them apples red white and blue believers?

The book “Thanks For The Memories” can be found on eBay or amazon by Brice Taylor aka Susan Ford. She tells about being groomed as a presidential model.

I wont begin to go into the Mk Ultra Program documented there but it is sick and just frigging evil. 

This extends to every major govt. official the world over being touched by this insidious evil tentacle of the hidden hand octopus of criminality we call the Cabal.

George Bushit Sr. also threw up on the table in china at some diplomatic meeting (a common side effect of heroin after effects.)
He was supplied some nice china white by China officials as a welcome gift in some diplomatic mission. I cant remember when but Google bush barf in china I am sure its there somewhere. 

The Bayer Company and many other major drug pharma are owned behind the scenes by Nazi money.

It was reported some where not so long ago that Bayer has major meth and heroin labs inside their companies hidden labyrinths on the east coasts running secretly in the dead of night? 

Rest assured the CIA is a a criminal operation and was established with the complicit help of traitors in the USA through project paper clip. It is run by scum and evil of the highest proportions get me free book here.
See George bush is actually a real nazi … for real!

Do I doubt that the story was real? No but they have so many operations now in collusion with criminal gangs in Asia and Mexico and south America it doesn’t really matter.

If people want to defend the CIA or any other part of our world wide criminal organization called the US Govt. that is their choice. 

Where’s all the evidence? This was written off the cuff from my personal memory and I don’t have time to spoon feed the links etc.

So forgive me for that. I will make this a post on my page I will redact your name etc. 

Second question
As for your second question? Fear is always running through out the PSYOPS we call TV and MSM. 

There are always things happening so be prepared not scared. I have several reliable upstairs sources that indicate there will major events happening that will influence our world in a major way this fall. 

Sorry exactly what and when is not known but major movements in disclosure like breaks in the cabal dam of silence will out again.

My Wonderfull brother Luis Maertens has indicated that there will be continued earth changes or more drastic natural upheavals worldwide. This is organic and part of mother earth’s process too establishes new ley lines and necessary to restoring the earth’s balance. These changes will hopefully take place away from population center as much as possible.

Store water and food as these many warnings may eventually effect us all at some point. Live in fear and be paranoid? No but look around you and take caution and be prepared for change.  However it seems some loss of life maybe inevitable as the earth moves a bit.

. My other upstairs Venusian contact has indicated that they are preparing for major political upheaval that will stress the worlds populations and societal infrastructure in a deep way that create more chaos and havoc in the western world than is currently happening now. No dates nothing exact just big changes. 

All I could say was OMG as if the media BS machine is not running enough already! These upheavals can only be imagined but we must stay strong. 

The good news is there are combined ET forces now in position to aid in restoring the balance. They are not hear to wipe your noses but to provide real tangible assistance to decaying life support systems when their protocols for intervention are met. 

I know this answer does not satisfy the average person watching from the sidelines but its all we got right now.

So I say retreat into humility. Have reverence for all life. Pray to the creator with all your heart. Be the captain of your own ship right your rudder pull in the sheets and batten down the hatches of your own decisions. Be charitable have faith and courage in the plan of redemption and the eternal life of your soul. 

The dawn is here and we need to get out of bed stop lying on the sidelines waiting for HELP from out leaders. Ignore them ignore the media. Do good be good. Help ever hurt never. Remember Love is the Answer 
Warm Regards 
Victory To The Light

Transcript and AUDIO of Cobra Interview 5-12-2017

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Rob Potter: Hello, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another Victory of the Light Radio Show. I’m your host, Rob Potter, broadcasting from here on the island of Maui. And I want to thank you all for tuning in once again.

It’s my honor and my pleasure to welcome Cobra back to the Victory of the Light for  a very special interview this month.

I’d like to thank my editor, sound modulator expert, Chris Spell, and, of course, my translator, Sam Ritchie, both of who are doing a fine job of helping me on this interview and getting this out to you on the Cobra interview as soon as possible.

We had some sound issues and, unfortunately, this has taken a little longer to get to you than planned.  Due to deadline This interview will be in two parts. I hope you will enjoy the show coming up.

As always, I do hope that you will check into my website www.thepromiserevealed.com and check it out. We do have a nice Activation coming up in Bolivia. It’s actually  a first class 10 day tour with Luis Maertens, . I mention this every week. We’re getting down to the nitty-gritty on who wants to go – So if you are interested in joining me and Luis Maertens in Bolivia and Peru tour with initiations of the guides and masters the second conference is going ahead at the end of August,  24th- Sept. 2nd  the so check the details  OUT HERE    https://thepromiserevealed.com/2017-summer-tours-august/

It will  be a great tour for sure.


Cobra Support

Because this show is an hour with technical difficulties we lost 35 minutes of original content  so I will have more info her before and after interview than originally planned,

I wanted to let you know I wanted to do a little preamble to the Cobra interview. It’s been awhile since we’ve talked and Cobra and I have known each other probably since I think we first talked around probably August or so in 2012 when I reached out to Cobra to help him create some of his first conferences. I had done those before.

And we have in common the work with the Pleiades and my work with Dr. Fred Bell. We have a kind of conjoining information with mutual respect.

We also did conferences in Laguna Beach. We did the 2012 Portal journey to Egypt and our group made it inside the King’s Chamber December 21, 2012 in Egypt, which was quite a ride of portals and vortexes. We had a spaceship show up over our group, and we had a wonderful time. Our orb and space ship pictures made for a tremendous portal opening for the 2012 there in Egypt.

We then had another; I think it was in 2013? .We did had another conference in Irvine with Cobra. And it was the New Society Conference where the Prepare for Change information and ideas for the website were born.

So we have quite a series of efforts together in our Victory towards the Light. We work independently, but I want to say I support Cobra completely and in everything he does. I’ve found him personally to be extremely honest. I’ve found him to have integrity in business. I’ve found that he has a tremendous amount of knowledge, and I respect his Intel and his communication with the Resistance Movement and the Great White Brotherhood to be of very honourable proportions.

I will say that history will look back on Cobra’s information and my opinion it will be some of the premier and most forthright and in-depth information on the disclosure project in getting the truth to the people.

Here we have a real bona fide physical contactee who has been out in to our Solar System like Corey, like Luis Maertens, like Dr. Frank Stranges, and many other wonderful extra terrestrial contactees that I have worked with.

Cobra has an on-going communication process which I would probably say is much more telepathic. There’s no channelling going on there. It’s a direct telepathic communication.

So I hope you will all listen and learn from Cobra without worshipping him. Ha. Cobra does not seek personal aggrandizement from his position. In fact, I believe he handles it quite well. He’s quite humble. He’s very sincere.

He does not seek fame or fortune. He just wants liberation.


And so I just wanted to give my personal support and my opinion of Cobra the highest marks so that you all know that in my opinion, he’s a bona fide contactee.


Is Cobra perfect? No, but who is? I certainly am not. He certainly has a lot more intel than I do.


And I think that if we can hold our egos in check and listen to this and we see this process moving along, and we search inside, we’ll find that a lot of this information in the future will become known as true after liberation.


So without further ado, I’d like to get right to the interview with Cobra as promised. So here we go. Thank you very much, folks.




Rob Potter: And here we are, folks, beginning the Cobra interview. I’m happy to have you back on the Victory of Light Radio Show, Cobra, so welcome back.


Cobra: Thank you, very much.


Rob: And as I told you, I do have a brief monologue prequel to this interview voicing my support of your character and intent as a light worker, and your Intel. This interview is timely as we have many developments on the on-going process of the planetary liberation for planet Earth.


I did have some questions prepared that we may get to later, but in the light of your two latest posts, I have prepared some more relevant questions. So let’s get right to it.


In regards to the March 28 update, you confirmed that Rockefeller is indeed dead and is hiding on the plasma plane. Can you tell us is he captured yet?


Cobra: Yes, actually, he is no longer in this planetary system. He will very soon be on his way to the Central Sun.


Rob: Okay. Is the plasma plane that you’re speaking about tied into the Earth or with the entire Solar System?


Cobra: Basically, the whole universe has a plasma layer, but what I’m speaking about mostly is the plasma layer close to the planetary surface, because this is where most of the plasma anomaly is and this is where the problem lies.


Rob: Okay. It kind of brings up another question here. Is the death experience different for some of the Reptilian, or Draco, souls like Rockefeller than normal Earth people?


Cobra: Yes, of course, because your vibrational frequency or state of consciousness has a lot to say, a lot of influence on where it is you going after you die. So for an average Reptilian, he will end up on the lower plasma plane or lower etheric plane or lower astral plane. A highly developed soul will just skip very fast through those planes and go higher if he or she will not be captured.


So, the average experience for a Reptilian is quite much different from an average experience of a even an average human being.


Rob: Okay, death, of course, is one of the greatest mysteries and I, obviously, have faith this is pretty obvious that we . . . you . . . our souls do exist after death. We have had so many evidences of people coming back from the death. It’s still kind of a mystery. We’ve heard the Tibetan Book of the Dead and some of the Egyptian scriptures talk about this.


I think even the Indian Vedas talk about after death. We have a modern day version that comes through “The Urantia Book”.


But can you tell us . . . With all of this going on in the planetary system as of late, can you tell us a little more about what someone who experiences . . . when they go through the death plane is . . . You kind of see yourself outside your body and then it seems as though a lot of people realize what’s going on and they head towards a tunnel of light.


Is that still kind of the same experience? Or is that completely changed now?


Cobra: No, it’s still the same experience. The only difference is on average there is much more light present than there was a few years ago. This transition is much safer for, I would say, most people right now – not for everybody yet. But there has been improvement in the last few years.


The percentage of people captured by the Archons is much lower so there is improvement.


Rob: Yes, that was my next question. It’s kind of what you just said there – the Archons tricking people into the incarnational process.


Now, in some of your previous posts, you had mentioned that strangelet and toplet bombs were said to be tied to the Unholy Four and major Cabal members. You indicated previously that arrests could trigger these bombs. Is this still the case?


Cobra: There is still a problem with it, but there are, I would say, certain plans and certain approaches of the light forces that can circumvent this.


I will not go in detail here, but it’s a complex subject. So I cannot give a straightforward answer. In some cases, bombs could be triggered. In some cases, it could be prevented. And there are plans underway which will completely eliminate this.


Rob: Okay. In some of your previous posts, in regards . . . you mentioned the strangelet bombs. If these were set off, you said the Confederation and forces could stop this reaction. How . . .


Cobra: Actually strangelet bombs have been removed completely. What we have now is the toplet bombs.


Rob: Okay. So I guess the question is, would they be able to stop the toplet bombs?


Cobra: I would say, again, in a few cases yes. This reaction has not completely mastered yet, but they are getting closer and closer. And when they will be able to completely master this, I would expect the Event to happen.


Rob: That’s really good news. Is it possible, if the Cabal members die, maybe like David Rockefeller, and this does not trigger the toplet bombs, as a raid would?


Cobra: The death itself does not trigger the toplet bomb.


Rob: Okay, so it would be more like the raid or the other things that they could see coming.


Cobra: I would say they have a very complex fuzzy logic algorithm which determines when this is triggered and when this is not triggered. It’s an artificial intelligence thing that determines where and when and under which circumstances it triggers this.


Rob: Okay. I was going into some of your links in regards to the main scalar mind-control hub. It is now located at Brookhaven Lab for the entire planet. Is this correct?


Cobra: Not absolutely correct. I would say it’s located in Long Island in various locations. Brookhaven is one of those locations but not the only one. There have been improvements lately. But I would say the main hub is Long Island.


Rob: Okay, thank you. The link you shared on your site said that there are . . . and this is probably pretty old information. It said there are 36 sites in operation at this time, though there are probably many more worldwide. Can you tell us where some of the other powerful hubs of this HAARP technology are located?


Cobra: Actually, there are many sites, which if you’re speaking about HAARP technology, mainly there are many sites. Many of them are known. You have them in Canada, in north Europe. You have them all over the world.


Rob: Okay, thank you.


Cobra: This is not the main problem. The HAARP technology is an outdated old technology. They have much more advanced mobile units, which can be easily shifted or moved to other locations.


Rob: So these are actually mobile units? Are these like in semi-trucks? Or are they larger than that?


Cobra: They can be quite small. They can fit in a small van, actually.


Rob: And do these work in conjunction with . . . There must be Chimera technology beneath the surface of the planet that is tying into these networks. Is that correct?


Cobra: Yes, there are many layers of this technology. I would say that various groups have access to this on a need-to-know basis. I would say parts of negative militaries, especially the Air Force, have access to part of this but not all of this.


Rob: Would you say that most of these mind-control technologies on the planet are located in high population areas?


Cobra: I would say one of the networks is connected to high population areas, but there is another network which needs to be spaced out literally throughout the planet’s surface because there’s a very specific wavelength which needs to maintained to keep the whole planet in low vibration. So they are putting this on certain nodes which allow this very particular wavelength to be maintained (inaudible).


Rob: Yes, so they’re giving us a negative acupuncture treatment to the planet Earth in that way.


I have many people contacting me through emails – I would say probably in the last few months probably up to 15 – who are complaining of electronic harassment. And I was just wondering, even though these nodes are moving around that are under this mind control and plasma scalar field Chimera technology. I’m wondering if they moved to more remote locations, would this mitigate their suffering?


Cobra: Actually, moving  a natural location can help to some degree in many cases but not in all cases. What would also help is to move near a body of water, because water tends to disconnect scalar plasma waves.


Rob: Okay. Well, I guess living in Maui that helps a bit. Can you tell us, is this technology located in satellites? And could they target an individual anywhere on the planet?


Cobra: Yes, I would say one layer of that technology is located on satellites. And theoretically it can target any individual, but lately they’re having developments where the Pleiadian ships, the Pleiadian fleet and their mother ships, have disabled parts of this.


So it is not as active as it was even a few months ago. But that’s just one layer of technology. There are many layers of this.


Rob: Okay, so that’s very good news. And obviously at the time of the Event, if not a little bit before, a lot of this technology would be brought down with one order by the Galactic Confederation.


Cobra: This will be completely shut down at the time of the Event, if not a little bit before. It will be completely shut down.


Rob: Well, that’s really good news. Okay, this is another question. It kind of goes into pyramids and stuff, but it has been said this scalar and other technologies are used to influence the magnetic, magmatic core of the Earth, which is intimately associated with the human (inaudible) bodies on the etheric and plasma plane.


It is known that the Melchizedechs and other previous civilizations throughout the ancient history have placed many pyramids on the Earth. And we have been told that they’ve been intended to stabilize the Earth’s magnetic grids and ley line fields. Can you comment on this?


Cobra: Yes, actually, pyramids are portals based on sacred geometry that can transmit higher dimensional energies and they can actually counteract the negative scalar technology. And this is why the network of pyramids was put on critical planetary nodes in the time of Atlantis and some of those pyramids are still visible or accessible one way or the other.


And the dark forces are actually afraid of the power of the pyramids. That’s why they suppress the science of the pyramids, because this is one of the key factors to counteract the effects of the negative plasma technologies.


Rob: Yeah, this was actually, in the work with Dr. Fred Bell, a lot of the pyramid technologies that he created, they said that the pyramid system that he had was actually used as divine intervention with people’s consciousness interacting to amplify, utilizing the crystals and lasers, the thought forms of the individuals that’s in these systems to like . . . during the world peace meditation which is coming up in 10 hours . . . We hope it is successful, folks. By the time we get the transcript and this audio to you, it will have taken place.


But this pyramid supposedly was to amplify human thought forms. I’m wondering, does this also affect the Inner Earth, the pyramid, and how does it do that?


Cobra: Actually, pyramid systems and the system that Fred Bell https://thepromiserevealed.com/pyramid-systems-2/ developed are Pleiadian technology. And he had been given that technology. One of the purposes was to stabilize the tectonic plates, which are connected to the planetary core.


This was one aspect. The other aspect was to raise the consciousness of humanity. And the third aspect is to counteract the acts of the negative plasma scalar grid. And he was very well aware of this. And he was actually working consciously to counteract this.


Rob: Yeah. Okay, thank you very much. Is HAARP still generating rifts in the time-space continuum basis like El Yunque and Puerto Rico, the UK Ascension island, or has this type of thing been shut down?


Cobra: Okay, the HAARP technologies, I mentioned before, are outdated. They’re old technologies, and they have much less power now than they had before and they cannot influence the timelines.


Rob: What is the primary technology, if you could share a little bit of this. We know they have the ELF. That’s probably an older technology, but probably still used in the electronic systems of the Earth. Can you talk a little bit about what are the propagation waves going on with this alien mind control network that’s being foisted upon us.


Cobra: Okay. The main technologies are so-called Morphic chambers. Morphic chambers are . . . I would say are artificial intelligence constructs which influences the plasma  and shapes the plasma field with strong electromagnetic fields and scalar waves.


It’s actually a technology that shapes and designs the plasma plane around the planet. And whole planetary surface  under the influence of this technology.


And since last week, the Galactic Confederation forces are removing this. And this is what triggered for the first time in human history the reaction of the Chimera Group, because they said, “If the Galactic forces intervene, we will create World War III.” So this is why this Syria situation is happening now.  Because for the first time in human history, the Galactic forces are clearing this out.


Rob: Well, this is obviously been great news for a lot of us who are receiving your Intel. I do have several questions on this coming up here.


But kind of in a related story there of the clearing, according to some sources and Corey, but you know, I don’t want to get specific with just Corey, but Corey has – and the group – in some of his posts has stated that recently in raids in underground Homeland Security and FEMA bases, Marines, ignorant of the ET factor, are getting PTSD, because they are facing Reptilians without any briefing.


Can you confirm that these raids are happening in this matter?


Cobra: Okay, I cannot confirm this, because based on my Intel, the only underground bases that are really underground are the Chimera bases and the light forces bases. The negative military has lost their bases years ago. And I would say I can confirm certain aspects of Corey’s Intel, but I cannot confirm a great deal of it also.


Rob: Okay. Can you talk about . . . would . . . If the human military come, in clearing some of these bases, or any bases, I guess, when they come upon Reptilians, do you think they’re briefed on this or are they just like . . . is this just a shock to them?


Cobra: When this was happening, it was both. Some personnel were briefed beforehand. Some of them not. It was, again, on a need-to-know basis. Actually, it’s true. It was happening that many of them had quite severe shock when they encountered Reptilian entities clearing the bases.


Rob: Okay, I was basing this next question on . . . that the military – positive military – that is taking place in some of these underground hidey holes, but I would imagine that Trump is ignorant of this type of operation?


Cobra: Okay, Trump is not very high on the intelligence ladder, so he has not been briefed on many things.


Rob: Yeah, that’s what I’ve been feeling to. Many people are waking up and are not aware of the lower level Cabal members who are responsible for evil programs working within a subtle series of groups like the Illuminati, Freemasons, CFR, (inaudible), RAND, IMF, World Bank, World Health Organization, the Committee of 300, multi-national corporations.


And, of course, the American, I guess we could call it political octopus of the DOJ, the NSA, the CIA, the CDC, Department of Justice, Department of State, and even now the Atmospheric and Engineering is having deep secrets with all of the chemical spraying.


However, most of the population is not aware that these Earth organizations are controlled by hostile, renegade ET groups, Omegans, Reptilians, Greys, insectoids, Tall Whites, and others.


I’m going to ask you, is this inter-dimensional war that is totally raging at this time . . . will the population ever get a clear history of the Earth’s dilemma on a mass scale or before the Event? Or will all this info. come after the Event?


We’re getting snippets of this and snippets of that, but it’s not being released in one fell swoop because there’s so many groups. Can you tell us about that? So many people want to know who’s who and what’s going on.


Cobra: Okay, first I’ll explain what’s going on. And you have now just explained the basic structure of the Illuminati. I would say the basic structure. But there are people, there are beings, there are structures behind the scenes that are controlling the Illuminati and all those structures that you have just mentioned.


The first player is the Jesuits, and I think most people are not aware of the real power and the real scope of the Jesuits reach and they are basically controlling . . . They are the ones that are controlling the so-called Khazarian Mafia. They are the ones that are controlling all those organizations.


And behind the Jesuits you have the Archon families. They are old lineages that came from the Andromeda galaxy a long time ago and have been incarnating in certain select families mainly in Europe. And they are the ones controlling the Jesuits which are controlling the Illuminati. And behind them are inter-dimensional ET entities and the Chimera group.


Regarding the Reptilians, the Draco, that you have just mentioned, most of those have been cleared out and they are not having as much influence on the planetary situation anymore. And this is just to give you a little explanation of what’s going on.


And regarding the second half of your question, we are only going to get Full Disclosure at the time of the Event. It is not possible to get Full Disclosure before the media control is out of the hands of the dark forces.


There have been a lot of talk about partial disclosure, and I think that talk is unnecessary. Of course, we are getting only . . . We can only be getting partial disclosure before the Event.


And, of course, we will get absolute and Full Disclosure after the Event and (inaudible) the Event.


It’s a logical conclusion if you understand the situation. It cannot be otherwise. So when the light forces will get control over the mass media, they will release everything. They will explain everything.


They will explain what’s going on, what is going on, and all that . . . all those games behind the scenes will be exposed.


Rob: Thank you. That’s what I’ve been feeling kind of consistently as well is that we just can’t get the proof now. I’m always very cautious. I am afraid to say hooray we have won! I know that the liberation is coming and that things will move forward, but I’m always very cautious with believing anything until it actually comes out into the un censored  mainstream for all to see.


I think we can feel with your intelligence . . . and even Corey’s intelligence, which confirms some of the stuff, although you guys seem to have differing views on certain situations.


I’ll say this, it’s very good news that you just said that most of the Draco’s’ and the Reptilians’ influence has been removed and that we’re now dealing with primary Chimera and Archons and Earth-based minions. Is that correct?


Cobra: Yes, that is absolutely correct. I would say that the number of Draco and Reptilian forces on Earth have been decreased by at least 95% in the last few years.


Rob: Can you talk a little bit about this Jesuits? So let’s say we have a major Andromedan galaxy, Chimera Archon that’s been here in the Earth family and they decide to make something happen. Is this taking place in the human level like a telephone call to certain agents that initiate operation this, operation that, and how do they get these politicians and these individuals to react and to do their biding so very soon? How does this go from Archon to, you know, ISIL agents so quickly?


Cobra: Okay. First, I need to explain the Jesuit’s network. The Jesuits were building their network for almost 500 years. So that network was fully active with spies, with agents, everywhere, in all the governments, in all the secret organizations, before the Western financial system really expanded in the last 200 years.


So they were here before the Rothschilds. They were controlling the Rothschilds. And before the Rothschilds, they were controlling the financial system. They have infiltrated the Freemasons in the 18th century.


So through that infiltration, they have infiltrated all the secret Illuminati organizations 200 years and more ago. So they have their agents everywhere and they simply pull the strings through their agents.


Okay, so it’s a very small group actually. I would say maybe we have 15,000 Jesuits of which maybe 5~10% are in their network. The rest are just regular people who are practicing their faith and have no idea that there is a shadow organization on the top.


And of those, I would say maybe 1,000 active Jesuit agents, they can easily be controlled by a small Archon group, and a small Archon group just pulls their strings, because the Archon network is even older and it has been here for thousands and thousands of years and, of course, the older network, the more experienced network, can control the newer network quite easily because they have a lot of experience, a lot of knowledge how to control.


They have everything about mind control. They know everything that is humanly possible to know about this. So they are using this to their advantage.


Rob: Okay. So are these 1,000 Jesuits that are kind of in there, are these the . . . like the baby sacrificing kind of Black Sun worshiping . . .


Cobra: Yes, yes, yes, yes.


Rob: Okay, and so these groups definitely know that what they’re doing. It’s not like they’re being misled to do this and . . .


Cobra: No.


Rob: . . . they’re actually told something and they’re moving forward. Okay.


Cobra: They do this consciously with their free will decision.


Rob: That’s bad news, but thank you very much for that. This is kind of . . . You know, I feel this at times, but this is really coming from a lot of people, of course, many of them who are just tuning in and hearing that there’s good news and the planet can be liberated and their human conditions won’t allow them to see, or they don’t have enough information of the complexity of the quarantine and the hostage situation, but so many people are telling, “The Republic’s Restored”, “resets tomorrow”, “St. Germane and Arch Angel said . . .” this and that.


You know, I appreciate people sending this information, but I kind of roll my eyes because we know that these plans will absolutely eventually be carried out, and will eventually find fertile ground of some form or another.


But for me, until I see the end of the Babylonian horror of mainstream media and the full truth broadcast on television, all I say – you know, not to be negative to people – is wait and see. And so I guess for myself, and for others, can you give us any assurance that these proclamations of the success of victories are real?


Cobra: Depending on the source where you get them.


Rob: Well, yeah, okay, that’s good. Well, you have been a source. Corey has been a source. You two are probably, obviously, the two top voices in the esoteric movement, you know, by most people. Corey, to me, is . . . seems like an accidental reporter.


He’s very normal human, very high integrity, honest, and is reporting things that kind of have another, a different, slant. And, of course, some of it’s coming through the government and some of it’s coming through allegedly these super groups.


But you’re both kind of supporting each other in the Intel, but certain differences, which is good. I think Corey is more a mainstream person and your intelligence is a little bit more refined for the metaphysically oriented and those that have the history of the Great White Brotherhood and stuff.


So can you give us any assurances that the things that you are saying are moving along as far as the taking down? I believe it. I have faith in this, and I know that we can’t see a lot of this stuff until the end. But can you give some assurance for the rest of our audience?


Cobra: Yes, of course, there is progress all the time, but given the enormity and enormous scope of this operation, of course this cannot happen over night, because we are dismantling 25,000 years of efforts by the dark forces to keep this planet enslaved. And they are now removing all those layers of control.


So it takes some time. And you can see some kinds of progress anywhere, everywhere, if you know just where to look. Of course, you will not find anything in the mainstream media, especially in the West.


You might find it in the mainstream media in the East. You might find it in the alternative media. And you can also sense the progress if you have inner connections.


So I would not want to give you any external assurance. It needs to come from inside of you.


Rob: Thank you. I want to . . . I get that internal assurance, and then, of course, all of the negativity and stuff I just am hesitant to start proclaiming victory.


I know that it’s coming. I think we just need to keep our head down and keep moving along with these group meditations and things of this nature. They are helping.


Now, you mentioned, it looks like the New World Order of One World Religion as gaining some forward support-the biblical-type prophecy. You’ve mentioned Shimon Perez and, I think, it was the Jesuits. Will this effort find traction among the world’s populace? Or is this just kind of like a wet dream?


Cobra: Yes, of course, many controlling groups have a dream of creating the Armageddon-type of scenario, the End Times scenario, but it will not be successful because they have free will, but we also have free will. And our free will says, “No!” to this.


Rob: Very good. That was another question. I know that a lot of biblical prophecy and timelines, of course, were connected to the higher echelon of cosmic beings that were looking in the future and, of course, things change – and it’s an ever-present changing future with all these timelines and stuff.


So my question to you, Cobra, is will this – some of these look a little prophesies, kind of indicates wars and rumors of wars, which are certainly taking place now. We do have world wars. We have obviously these attempts by the dark forces moving forward.


Can you tell us – and I don’t expect you to predict the future, but it was foreseen that there would kind of be this war where these advanced, obviously, nuclear weapons, would not be allowed so it would kind of be a war of . . . a standard ground war would take place where China moves into the Middle East, and, of course, we have all this. prophecy and the final conflict on the plain of Megiddo ?


Are these plans completely changed? Or would you say those timelines are off? And can you shed a little light on that ancient prophecy that some people are hoping or expecting to happen, which is negative? But what’s the situation with like Plain of Megiddo, and that type of thing?


Cobra: Certain groups are having this as their goal, but this is not going to happen because our collective free will is already stronger because many people have awakened and have said, “No!” to that. So certain groups are trying to manifest this and it is manifesting in a limited way already, but this is about it.


Rob: Okay. Now, I want to remark on Benjamin Fulford said that the Gnostic nobility is being attacked by the Jesuits. And this is more the physical plane. But I kind of detest the idea of nobility as far as human political control goes, and I feel that this will not deter the Confederation’s resistance plans. Would you agree with that?


Cobra: Okay, the positive White Nobility is not the same as the nobility that has experience on this planet for many thousands of years. It is actually nobility of the spirit, which can actually create a bloodline – I would say a positive bloodline that can influence things for the better.


It is not so much about prestige and wealth. It is more about nobility of the spirit. So it is something that is happening. There are groups like this. There are (inaudible) on this planet and they’re working with the resistance forces and other positive forces for the planetary liberation.


Rob: Okay, these people have been placed in position to . . . They’re basically good, upstanding, moral characters working for the light that are working in the current political situation behind the scenes to change the world situation. What percentage of this group is aware and is being guided openly by ET forces and, I guess, White Brotherhood, or spiritual contacts?


Cobra: Okay. Most of them are not directly aware in this manner, but they are being guided nevertheless. So most of them they do not have open contact, but they receive spiritual guidance. They receive impressions and they receive visible or sometimes invisible help from the light forces.


Rob: Excellent. Are the peoples revolts in Spain and Scotland that you referenced or anywhere else working?

Have they accomplished anything tangible in changes like the financial system, or is this kind of like constantly burrowing away, getting closer and closer to the light, but we don’t see it until that Breakthrough?


Cobra: There are minor tangible results, but I would say this is a movement that is gaining momentum, that is accumulating energy, and when there is a certain amount of energy, the Breakthrough will happen and that certain amount of energy has not been reached yet, simply because the controlling forces are still a little bit too strong.


But I would say that this human population awakening movement is expressing itself in many ways, and this is one of the ways of expression. And this is definitely assisting in creating the Breakthrough.


Rob: Okay, and I’m not sure if this is, obviously, probably partially a light force situation, but will a movement off the petrodollar be successful? They have already announced the RMB of China as a reserve currency. At what point will this become successful? Or will the Jesuits control the RMB as they are trying to?


Cobra: They are trying to, but they won’t be able to, because there are a larger percentage of light forces present in China, Russia and there are countries that are actually creating an alternative financial structure which will become fully operational at the time of the Event.


Actually, this financial structure will carry a lot of weight of transformation to a new financial system.


Orphanage desperately needs support


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Rob: Okay, Cobra, I was kind of curious to continue along the line of questioning with the financial system. You mentioned that the Jesuits will not be able to control the RNB. So I wanted to find out, are there any . . . Is there any progress that we can see from the average person . . .  There are so many statements of delivery of packages, and I’m not really sure about that. Can you give us any enlightening positive news on the forefront of the financial system?


Cobra: Okay, there is a steady and on-going progress as the Eastern Alliance is making more and more steps towards the fully functioning alternative financial infrastructure. And I have posted some links about this in my last update.


And I need to say here that there will be no results before the reset itself. There will be no delivery packages. There will be nothing visible until the reset itself happens. If any people are waiting for anything before the reset, they will be disappointed.


Rob: Okay. That doesn’t mean that those people who are working in those programs . . . There are programs and people are working behind the scenes to try and get things done, but . . .


Cobra: Yes, that is true. That is true.


Rob: Okay. It just seems like everyone has a scope and say they know what’s happening, but no one really does. Okay. Thank you.


For those of you who are listening, we had some sound issues and this interview has been tremendously delayed. I am now in Thailand and my site was hacked for 24 hours and delayed even longer so I apologize to Cora you all. Cobra has had two new posts since then.


And I think my preamble in support of Cobra speaks about the integrity that I feel for him and his intel, which I think is very important.


And I’d like to go a little bit into the electronics harassment. Cobra, how widespread is this? Is this a general electronic harassment, or are there very specific people that are being targeted? Or has just the whole electronic harassment increased generally?


Cobra: Okay. There are many layers to this. The first one is a non-physical layer which is global – widespread. This is the plasma layer.


And then there is the physical aspect with actual physical devices which are mobile, and they are quite expensive.


And for the physical aspect of electronic harassment, it is not as widespread as the plasma one. There are certain targeted people who are experiencing this, and action is being taken right now to resolve the situation because it went quite far.


Rob: Have you received any personal attacks on this level?


Cobra: It is not a higher purpose to answer this question.


Rob: Okay, someone has asked me a question in regard to your post. Who is the ‘king’, or what does that position represent? Can you explain a little bit more about that?


Cobra: Okay. I can also not answer that question. It is simply a person that has some say in the planetary situation.


Rob: Okay. Can you tell me is the guy named Peter Hans Peter Hans Kolvenbach, whatever his name is, I forgot – one of the top guys. Is he still on the planet or has he been removed?


Cobra: That one has been removed.


Rob: Oh, completely! So no one would know where he is or anything of that nature.


Cobra: He has been removed. Yes.


Rob: Okay, I’d like to talk a little bit about the positive aspects of what people can be doing for . . . If you could . . . Maybe you could share a little bit about raising consciousness as far as some of your technology goes in regards to the tachyons, and maybe we could do some other questions in regard to the Cinatamni …nanu make link here https://thepromiserevealed.com/product-category/cintamani-stones/


People have asked the questions . . . Does the size matter that much with the Cntamani stones?


Cobra: Yes, of course. The larger stone and the higher quality of the stone, the more effective it is. But each Cintamani stone is a precious jewel. It’s something that can not be compared with anything else on this planet.


Rob: Okay. Can you tell me in regards to the tachyons – these energy particles that are being reinfused through your technology, and supposedly there are others that are doing this – can you tell me how this enhances the crystals or the items that are infused and how people can use them?


Cobra: Actually, tachyons are particles that are the, I would say, the first matter that was created in this universe, and, therefore, are a direct connection with the source, and it is the highest possible vibrational frequency that can be coupled with matter.


And matter infused with tachyons is having the highest possible vibrational frequency, and as such, it can help us in many ways to . . . I would put it this way, decrease the entropy of the physical and the non-physical to bring more light in the fastest and more efficient way possible right now on the surface of the planet.


Rob: Okay. Is this like if I’m doing my meditation and I’m visualizing a light from the Central Sun and to the center of the Earth and fusing my body by intense invocation of spirit, does that also bring in tachyons to a certain extent?


Cobra: Not really because there is a membrane on a certain altitude above the surface of the planet which actually absorbs the vast majority of tachyons. So a simple meditation will bring a very, very little amount of tachyons to that membrane, except if you are an ascended master, of course, and then, of course, you don’t need any technology. But before that, there is a need for technological support in this dimension.


Rob: Okay. I was thinking like, let’s say we have some very advanced yogis in India. Are they able to achieve some of this? Is this so light invoked that has something different than tachyons?


Cobra: They’re able to invoke a certain amount of tachyons, but, again, only ascended masters have full capacity of piercing through the Veil.


Rob: Okay. For the average person, do we take these Tachyonized https://thepromiserevealed.com/tachyon-products-2014/ items and hold them on our person like Cintamani? Is that a good idea?


Cobra: Yes, of course.


Rob: Okay. And if one is to create like a Chamber One house as Fred Bell and I and many people have a lot of crystals in this house . . . Can you talk about how crystals can increase the vibration and do these provide any protection against electronic harassment?


Cobra: Crystals are the highest possible evolved form of matter, and as such, they are anchoring light in the physical. They can protect against electronic harassment on a plasma plane to a greater degree and to a small degree also against the electronic harassment on the physical plane. But this itself is not enough.


Rob: Okay. Can you talk a little bit about the scalar wave devices? There’s lots of people out with computers who have . . . claiming that they’re just scaler wave device associated with a computer and program.


I have seen the films of Rife technology  that had a vibrational frequency that you could actually see the  actual destruction of the harmful bacteria.


I’m kind of curious. Are a lot of these new systems . . . Are they actually working? Are people having effects with these? I’m not naming any of them. I know that there’s lots of them. I’m just kind of curious.


They talk about a program in a computer, and I’m kind of curious what your opinion is of that type of technology in general.


Cobra: The program in the computer is not enough, but if that program generates sound or any other type of electromagnetic, or any type of electromagnetic radiation of certain key frequencies, that can assist to a certain degree. But, again, this is not enough.


Rob: Okay. Yes, I’ve always  been honored to work with Dr. Bell and his technologies that he received from the Pleiadians, which is also a Venusian healing technology, utilized sound, light and color.


Do you know of any programs or anybody now who’s associated specific frequencies of the chakras to specific color frequencies and sound frequencies that are combined in one system?


Cobra: Actually, I know people who are developing advanced laser systems. At this point they are not combining that with sound, but they are combining that with light, with photonic, non-laser light. So this is something that is very promising, and that technology can . . . I would say this is one of the technologies with the most effect against any type of electronic harassment.


Rob: Yeah, I was feeling that too. I wanted to talk a little bit if you could share what’s going on with your knowledge behind the scenes of the PizzaGate and the PedoGate and all of that type of stuff. It’s just so mind-boggling and brings so much concern and compassion to so many people to think of innocent children being used in this way.


Can you share . . . Are some of these major systems being brought down or is this still going on at the highest levels?


Cobra: Okay, this network is huge. It is much more widespread than most people realize. It involves, I would say, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, especially in the United States.


And I would say this will be the hardest aspect to face when the Event happens and when all of this is exposed. So whatever exposure we have right now, this is just the tip of the iceberg.


There is also a lot of disinformation about this, and I cannot confirm the PizzaGate by itself. There are other attempts of exposure of this which are much more reliable in my opinion.


But, again, this is far from all of it. There is much more which will be exposed and it will be quite shocking for most people.


Rob: At the time of the Event, will the lower level pedophiles be exposed and arrested, or will counselling be given? How will that work out?


Cobra: Okay, there are many aspects of this. There are certain people who are forced into this. And they will need a lot of healing, and they will be facing their own feelings of guilt regarding that situation. And there are people who went into this on their own free will, and they will need to go through a certain, I would say, truth and reconciliation committee that will decide their destiny.


Some of them will be removed from the planet. Some of them will go to the Central Sun. And some of them will attempt to balance their past actions with a positive one. They will try to counteract and heal the situation.


So there will be a lot of processing going on that will be quite difficult for many people. It will take some time.


And this is, I would say, the hardest aspect of exposure – I would not call it disclosure; I would call it exposure – that will happen at the time of the Event.


It will be something that needs to happen for humanity to heal, We cannot heal humanity completely before this is exposed and addressed and healed.


Rob: Thank you. Since we last talked, Russia did a major flyover near Alaska, got very close, and it looks like they utilized some technology, and I think you actually put a link to it. It said it was involved with the Keshe technology. Is this correct?


Cobra: It was not Keshe technology. I did say that not all of that link is correct, but I would say that they have advanced electromagnetic technology which disturbs electronic communications in the aircraft stationed in Alaska. And it did some other thing that I will not speak about.


I can only say that the Pleiadians used that situation to take some action on the physical plane in that region because NORAD was down and they couldn’t detect the Pleiadian ships entering the atmosphere. So there were interesting things going on at that time.


Rob: Okay, that’s great. So we have a joint positive Earth military and Pleiadian action coinciding. Is that correct?


Cobra: Yes, exactly.


Rob: Will you release intel on that when the time is right?


Cobra: Maybe. Maybe. I don’t know if I will be authorized to release more about this. It’s quite a sensitive topic right now.


Rob: Okay. What about the American EMP? I received pictures many years ago that you confirmed were from part of the deep space program, and that gentleman who was working . . . had a company that actually built some of the more advanced space ships told me that – and showed me a picture – that the government definitely has an EMP weapon that’s like a little . . . It’s shaped like a cigar, not a huge ship, but it’s a cigar-type item that could be used.


Can you talk about the United States government or the Secret Space Program government on the Earth that has the EMP and how effective is it and does it compare to the Russians’?


Cobra: Okay, I would say that many different factions on the surface of the planet have EMP technology. It’s not such a difficult thing to build. Not only the U.S. government, the U.S. military, governments of certain nations around the planet, it’s something that’s quite much more widespread than most people think.


Rob: How effective is it? Is it similar to what the Russians did or more powerful or what?


Cobra: It is effective enough to disrupt electrical grid systems around the planet. Basically it is effective enough to take the Western civilization on its knees if it’s used.


Rob: Okay, would it be possible to . . .


Cobra: Again, the Pleiadians and the light forces are monitoring this technology and they will not allow misuse of that technology.


Rob: Okay. So it couldn’t be used like the Russians used it. They couldn’t go to Russia and disable their equivalent of the NORAD defense system then?


Cobra: It could if there would be a purpose – if the Pleiadians would allow it. And they have allowed the Russians to use this technology a few times when it was critical for the planetary situation. They have authorized the use of this.


There was a meeting between the Pleiadians and some of the top brass of the Russian military, and the Pleiadians have authorized the use of those devices simply because the electronic harassment went to the level that they said, “Something needs to be done about it.”


And they have clearly displayed that technology to certain negative factions within the U.S. military that if this electronic harassment continues on that level, action will be taken. And after that, this electronic harassment has decreased to a certain degree.


Rob: Okay.


Cobra: Not completely, but, yes, to a certain degree.


Rob: Okay, thank you. I’m kind of curious . . . You know from my understanding, and since Nagasaki, very, very few nuclear bombs have been allowed to be used on the surface of the planet, and you’ve talked about them getting away with a little bit, but I’m kind of curious . . . Do you feel that . . . there . . . and I guess I should also say that there have been many attempts, according to my sources, to initiate nuclear attacks in the past, . . .


Cobra: Oh, yes. Oh, yes.


Rob: And they have been consistently denied by the extraterrestrials. So why does the Earth-based military continue to threaten this? They know that none of this will ever be allowed, or do they actually believe that, you know, Kim Jong-Il [Kim Jong-Un] or anyone would be able to affect a nuclear strike anywhere, including the U.S.?


Cobra: You need to understand that the existence of the real proof of extraterrestrial races is highly classified information, and you need to be in the right position – very high up in the military – to get to the actual proof.


I would say the most high ranking generals in the U.S. Army do not have access to that kind of proof. So they can speculate, but speculation is not good enough when it concerns military doctrines. So they have to continue developing those nuclear weapons from their perspective because they simply cannot affirm or deny the existence of Pleiadians, for example.


Rob: Okay. I’m kind of curious in regards to the North Korean situation. It seems as though the Deep State in Israel, the United Kingdom, USA and others are intimately involved in the evil acts as empires that we talk about with North Korea – and North Korea, of course, being one of the worst human rights violation and the worst mind-controlled country on the planet. Can you talk a little bit about the situation there?


Does Ben Fulford’s intelligence in regards to what may take place have any validity from your sources?


Cobra: The human rights situation in North Korea is the worst imaginable nightmare that exists on this planet. It is worse than Russia in the 1950s. It is worse than Russia in the 1920s. It can be compared to Nazi Germany in the 1940s. It is that bad.


So the real forces behind this are the Jesuits, and, of course, it’s a network which ties the North Korean government with certain forces in the West.


And regarding Fulford’s intel, you need to be a little more specific. What exactly would you like me to comment on?


Rob: He mentioned that the leader would be moved to Russia and that they would put in, I don’t know, someone who’s suppose to be his cousin or something, in position of power.


Cobra: That plan, from my perspective, and from the perspective of the Resistance, will not work simply because it’s not just one person. It’s a very tight clan which needs to be dealt with.


And also there is a whole network, as I said before, to the Jesuits and to certain forces in the West. And until this is resolved, we are not expecting much change in North Korea.


So what needs to be done is to increase awareness of the human rights situation in that country, and that alone will begin to transmute the situation.


Of course, when the Event happens, all this will change.


Rob: The North Korean politics and the leader’s inner circle certainly seems like they all must be mind-controlled like . . . and have handlers of a very strong nature. Is that correct?


Cobra: Yes, of course.


Rob: I wasn’t sure . . . I mean a lot of these people in the West go along willingly with some sort of mind control, but it just seems like the tremendous amount of control that they have over there is really what they want for the whole planet, isn’t it?


Cobra: Actually, North Korea is an experimental laboratory for certain factions of the Cabal.


Rob: Are their missile launches anything more than saber rattling? Do they have missile capabilities to go farther?I mean they keep doing these tests, you know, to promote fear, but can you confirm any of their information as being . . . or any of their launches being of significance or a real threat?


Cobra: I would simply say that there are forces stronger than they are, and those forces are making sure that those launches are not being successful.


Rob: Can you give us an update on the China situation? I know it’s a huge country and the politics is deep, but are there any inroads being made by the Pleiadians or other positive Light forces within that country that we can share?


Cobra: Not openly. There is contact being made but not on the level that is being made in Russia right now. So I would say that there are forces within China – more secret groups in China – that have a certain form of contact with positive extraterrestrial presence, but it’s not being done on a government level yet.


So Russia is at this moment the only country that has a certain form of direct contact.


Rob: So the United States military . . . this is done on a . . . there’s obviously military forces that are aware of and have been contacted by benevolent extraterrestrials, but they’re not . . .


Cobra: Yes, but the situation now is a little bit different. The United States is very complex because you have, I would say, a very strong positive faction in the military and also a very strong negative faction.


And there is so much tension that all contact needs to be done very carefully, and it is done very carefully at this point.


Rob: So there’s not really, well, like an open plan. They must all become compartmentalized.


Cobra: Yes. You see in Russia you have a few top generals which can go to a secret base, and the Pleiadian ship lands there, and they can talk quite freely. In the United States, nothing like that is possible at this point.


Rob: Okay. I was wondering, towards the end here, one of the final questions, if you can update me on the operation beneath New York City – a joint Sirian-Pleiadian base that houses Michael, the leader of the Resistance from your previous posts, if we gather correctly?


Cobra: That was in the 1970s. That base is now . . . The situation there is a little bit different.


Rob: Okay. Can you talk a little about the leader Michael? He’s still deep underground probably, protected?


Cobra: Yes. Yes. He’s still leading the Resistance. Yes. Yes. He’s still there. Very active. Very active right now.


Rob: Okay. Well that’s really good news to hear all that. It seems like so many lightworkers would like to be involved in this. Do you think there’s any hope that people who are capable could possibly be of help other than sharing the news and meditating and doing blogs and all that stuff?


Is there any possibility for hands on?


Cobra: There are two factors here. The first one is security and safety. The Resistance cannot . . . could not cover safety and security for anybody involved in this . . . in this . . . in more direct operations.


It will be simply too difficult, except for very rare cases. But, again, the Resistance itself can do those things much more effectively themselves because they went through training.


And surface population, I need to tell you as it is, the vast majority of people that are working for the Light are not trained and skilled for something on that level. They are not well educated enough. They are not, I would say, stable enough in a way that they cannot be provoked by doing something negative. They are not . . . Simply they are not . . . I would say most people are not ready for this.


Rob: Yeah, I would agree with you there on a certain level, but it seems at some point people are willing to give their lives in regular wars. So many people are . . .


Cobra: That would not solve the situation. That would not help. If you would have, I would say, a highly-skilled individual from the Resistance that can do something safely without anybody being harmed in a very short period of time compared to a small group of people on the surface that could get hurt and would do this much less effectively with more risk. It is simply something that will not happen.


The Resistance will not . . . They want to increase their efficiency not decrease it. They want to have as little harm as possible and as much positive effect as possible.


You see the planetary liberation is not a romantic, hero movie. It’s a real situation, and sometimes people like to join this from the wrong reason. They would like to have some action in their lives. They would like to make their life a little bit more interesting, but it’s a real war. It’s not a game.


Rob: Absolutely, and this corresponds to the information given by the people from Terrakor http://www.berkshire.net/~brenaud/index.htm, see the latest intel from Bob here http://www.berkshire.net/~brenaud/HTML/QCorr20081018.htm back in the ’80s, who said, “Look, it’s just useless. You’d be destroyed. You wouldn’t have a chance  a snowballs chance in hell.”


And yet, you know, we do have a real situation on Earth, and I’m sure there are many people who are motivated by sincere actions, not for just a little activity in their life, but . . .


Cobra: Okay. For those, I would give them advice to train themselves in ways of educating themselves, working on their personalities to be able to be reliable so that the Light forces can count on them, that they will not be provoked.


For example, if there is a little bit of negative influence, they would not start attacking each other.


And one of the main lessons for the surface population, for those who would like to be involved, is to be able to cooperate with each other, without attacking each other, without fighting with each other. And that is the main task.


And people who pass that test can expect being involved in something more serious in the future – maybe even before the Event.


Rob: That’s really good news. So there you have it, folks. Develop your levels of discernment, your protection and the ability to control your thoughts in face of all the attacks.


Cobra, I did some . . . You read my pre-interview transcript and it seems that it was well-timed as you were attacked by this Well-Aware One. And, you know, it’s ridiculous. Anyone who knows you or has met you can tell that that’s absolute disinformation.


On this particular person, is this a individual that’s just disturbed and triggered? Or is this a concerted in-the-know disinformation smear against you, would you think?


Cobra: That particular individual was triggered by the plasma archons. They just “suggested”, quote in quotes, to him that he needs to write something about it simply because what I wrote did not go well with his belief systems. And some people have invested a lot of energy in their own belief systems, and if those belief systems are challenged, some people have a tendency to attack those who challenge their belief systems.


And also some people have invested a lot of money in the dinar scam, and if somebody tells them that they will maybe not get their investment back, or they will not get what they invested in, they might get triggered also. So that was the reason why it happened.


And, of course, the deeper reason is according to the fact . . . because I released important intel, and certain forces on the plasma plane – archons on the plasma plane – wanted to stop this intel from being spread.


And it was part of the coordinated action, and, as you probably know, Corey Goode was attacked a few days later. It’s part of the same campaign.


Rob: Yes, can you talk about that person? Were they directly contacted on the physical plane by the archons, or was all this plasma field?


Cobra: No. No. It was just a suggestion from the plasma plane. It was like a . . . I have many examples of places in my files, people who were receiving from their spiritual guides that they need to attack me – things of that nature.


Rob: Yes, okay, thank you very much for that information. And I appreciate your coming on and finishing up this interview. It’s an honor and a pleasure to have you on here. And we’re going to try and get this out as soon as possible. So thank you very much for coming on the air today, Cobra.


Cobra: Okay, thank you for this interview. I hope we can release this as soon as possible.


Rob: Yes, we will. We’re going to get this to our transcriber, Sam, and Chris is going to get right on the modulation of this. So thank you all for listening, and Victory to the Light.


Cobra: Victory of the Light. Thank you.


Rob: Okay, folks, that was Cobra. I apologize for the delay. I thought I was going to get this out, and then I thought I was going to release it. I couldn’t get the second part recovered and we managed to get this second part of the interview.


So check out his website http://2012portal.blogspot/ – always some great information.


I have heard from my extraterrestrial source that Cobra’s always very consistent and always has fallen in line with my beliefs as far as the intel as what’s positive and good.


As we know, I certainly don’t have all the latest, greatest intel. I have a strong intuition, and I feel Cobra is one of the most viable sources that we have these days. And I would ask you all to tune into his blogspot, stay in with the meditations, continue with the information on the Prepare for Change and my website https://thepromiserevealed.com/ also as well.


And I want to thank you for listening, and I want to thank, once again, Chris Spell and Sam Ritchie for their help with this interview.

Victory to the light



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Rob Potter and William Tompkins Interview-Part2 on 02-20-2017
William Mills Tompkins is one of the most important witnesses to come forward revealing details about the Secret Space Program and human interactions with ETs. He details the German alliances with Reptilians and Dracos, the infiltration of NASA by these beings as well as the positive contribution by the Nordics to our secret space program over decades since at least the 1920s and perhaps earlier.
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Rob Potter and William Tompkins Interview-Part1 on 02-09-2017
William Mills Tompkins is one of the most important witnesses to come forward revealing details about the Secret Space Program and human interactions with ETs. He details the German alliances with Reptilians and Dracos, the infiltration of NASA by these beings as well as the positive contribution by the Nordics to our secret space program over decades since at least the 1920s and perhaps earlier.
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