Latest updates to Autobiography

Below are the following updates to my Autobiography:

I tweaked and corrected typos in the Intro and add a few new sentences.

At the bottom of the topic “My Introduction To Dr. Frank E. Stranges” I added:

According to Dr. Stranges the UFO’s that flew over the Capital building in 1952 were the Venusians. Here are more details of what took place back then: Harry Truman’s 1952 DC UFO Meeting

I added a section called:

“JFK And The ET Disclosure Speech He Was Going To Give To The Nation”

I include two new photos. One links to a book called “Kennedy’s Last Stand”. Included are links to Freedom of Information documents showing JFK requested UFO docs 10 days before his assassination and the speech he was going to give to the nation. The new topic will be in the Table of Contents (TOC)

I added the following at the bottom of topic, “I Read “Stranger At The Pentagon” And Outwitting Tomorrow”:

Hear part of the “Stranger at the Pentagon” read at: Frank E Stranges, Valiant Thor and Don’t Forget Jill – Vid (39:00)

I added a new topic titled, “If There are Reptilian Hybrids Then There Must Be Real Reptilians” under the topic “Introduction to David Icke and Human-Reptilian Hybrids” and moved all Reptilian stuff under it.

I added a link below the picture of the Reptilian:

Reptilians Among Us – The Alien Race ‘Here’ On Earth – Viewer Discretion – Vid (1:59:59) (See YouTube note below.)

Here is an article by Stewart Swedlow, titled “Reptilians And The Council Of 13” that explains the structure of the Reptilian Illuminati.

Added Part 2 of Stewart Swedlow talk on Reptilian Illuminati below Part 1

The Reptilian Illuminati Secrets Exposed (Part II) 300 Reptilian Blue-Bloodlines – Vid (1:00:33)

I added the two YouTube videos that Dr. Stranges did on the Dead Sea Scrolls. They are below the paragraphs below the picture of the Dead Sea Scroll and picture of Dead Sea Scrolls videos.

Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls – Part 1 – Vid (1:12:37)

Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls – Part 2 – Vid (38:07)

Below the topic “The Purpose Of Commander Thor’s Meeting With President Eisenhower”, I added a picture of the Commander Valiant Thor and President Eisenhower and below that I added the short Huffington Post video update:

ET UFO Disclosure Eisenhower Met With ETs Says Ex-Government Consultant – Vid (1:39)