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Art Bell and Richard Hoagland now have their own free Internet radio show on Dark Matter Radio Network .

It is free to listen to the live programs but it cost $5 a month to listen to the archives and call in. –MrT.


Listen live at: (There is a schedule on the right hand side.)

Art Bell comes on first at 11 pm CST and Richard Hoagland follows at 2 am CST.


Below is a YouTube interview with Art Bell before launching his new radio show discussing his new format. –MrT.

0:02 / 53:02

Art Bell Midnight In The Desert Interview

Source:  – Vid (53:02)

Published on Jul 18, 2015

Midnight in the Desert will commence on July 20, 2015 and will air Monday to Friday between 9pm to 12am PT (12am to 3am EST).

There will be a free live stream available from .

You can also listen from your mobile devices using the TuneIn app and searching for Art Bell or Dark Matter Digital Network.

You can purchase a monthly subscription to have access to the archives and other features too. The price for this is $5 per month. You can take out a subscription here –

Please share this video far and wide and spread the word that Art Bell is returning with Midnight in the Desert from July 20, 2015.

Art Bell Midnight in the Desert streaming live on Periscope during open lines – 2015-07-24

Source: – Vid (39:41)

Published on Jul 25, 2015

Art Bell on Periscope – 2015-07-24
Art Bell is back with Midnight in the Desert. Art was streaming live from his home studio on Periscope during open lines of his first week back on July 24, 2015. You can listen to the shows live on the Dark Matter Digital Network

Great to have you back on the airwaves where you belong, Art!




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