CMKX, Al Hodges Update (VI)


CMKX, Al Hodges: “I’m as sick and tired as all of you about the inordinate time lapse that we have all endured.”

Posted by Hobie
Thursday, 11-Jun-2015

Hi Folks,

About CMKX, here’s a post made at in 2008 by “William of Andover, NJ”:

The SEC has, for decades, permitted an illegal action on Wall Street called Naked Short Selling…..Phantom Shares…..Counterfeit Shares…..Fails to Deliver. This is where a Broker sells shares of a stock that they don’t have and never make arrangements to acquire. The money spent by investors simply GOES SOUTH. This act has caused an average of 6 billion dollars to be stolen out of the stock market every day. The SEC, just two years ago, denied that Naked Short Selling ever existed. The dismal state of economy is a direct result of the ramifications on NSS. Robert ** was brought in by a small diamond exploration company named CMKX to expose this illegal activity. CMKX WENT THROUGH THE LARGEST NAKED SHORT IN THE HISTORY OF THE U.S.

Nearly 7 TRILLION Naked Short Shares were sold. Robert ** squeezed the Brokers to come up with Billions of dollars to cover these illegal sales. I am a stock holder in CMKX. The SEC is aware of a huge trust that Mr. ** set up to compensate CMKX shareholders because of NSS. The SEC and or the government are holding up the distribution of these funds. The money is sitting, waiting to be sent out to damaged shareholders. The SEC has the ability to release these funds but is not doing so. Naked Short Selling is responsible for Kick Backs to the SEC…..the FED…..and other agencies to the point that no one ever wanted to kill the CASH COW. Please expose the ILLEGAL ACT OF NAKED SHORT SELLING. Please put pressure on the SEC to release the funds to all CMKX shareholders. EVERYONE in Washington knows about CMKX.

E-mail received from attorney Al Hodges, regarding the CMKX matter and more:

M. – Here’s the original of what I just posted on Tramp’s board – please feel free to post and distribute as you see fit. Thanks.



Please understand that I am NOT the Trustor NOR the Trustee; I have no power to change the Trust’s provisions, nor to affect it in any manner. I am simply a stockholder-beneficiary as are each of you. I have no obligation, nor duty to any of you, except the duty and obligation to make this life for me and those I care about (and humanity in general) better, happier, more fulfilling, and more loving, one to all others; in the words of the Declaration of Independence, I have pledged my Life, my Fortune and my sacred Honor to do so.

I happen to believe and embrace the words which appear below my avatar: “All that is required for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.” I have tried to live my life accordingly. And, MLK was quite correct when he said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” As a result, in no small portion attributable to my direct involvement in CMKX, essentially as a volunteer working off my own wealth, I feel more alive today than at any previous time in my life; in addition, I have learned more about the important things in life in the last ten years, than in the previous 50+.

Just for the record, I’m as sick and tired as all of you about the inordinate time lapse that we have all endured. However, it turns out that the ‘cabal’ was much more deeply entrenched around the world, especially the western world, than anyone fully appreciated; additionally, the cabal has been willing to do anything and everything imaginable to delay the coming dénouement in hopes of wholly avoiding it. They are responsible for “9/11,” which is finally beginning to come to light; they are responsible for the fact that Washington, D.C. has operated our Republic as a corporation for the last 150+ years; they are responsible for hiding all of these facts from you; they are responsible for ISIS; they are responsible for attempting to ignite WWIII; and, they are directly responsible for much, much more.

I have done my very, very best to keep you all apprised of the benchmarks of this long and arduous journey. In part, I felt it necessary to do so in recognition of the simple fact that you never purchased your stock with the idea that you were becoming one piece of a huge operation to free the world from centuries of financial slavery. The fact remains that such is the case. You have each played a pivotal role in freeing America, once more. Take pride and joy in such an accomplishment, and look forward to finally receiving your monetary reward with some measure of patience.

Please show compassion and understanding to your fellows [and] have a loving outlook when you resist the temptation to react with your flight-or-fight response. My very best regards to all.

Al Hodges

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