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I love the ocean and I love the water in all of its manifestations. The healing properties of water are just now being unleashed onto our world once again. Dr Fred Bell said most of his healing technology was centered on stabilization and the right orbital valence and spin of the hydrogen atom in the body. So it should come as no surprise that I follow and suport experts in the water field. I was fortunate to act as an assistant to Len Horowitz to help him create of world wide live stream event that had groups around the world going into the water to bless and heal the earth!

We flew in Dr Emoto and had multiple locations world wide live streaming to each other in a digital network of love and light. We organized a charity event and in Laguna Beach and had a giant celebration in Long Beach. This was when I first met Alex Collier whom I love very much!
I have also discovered the amazing Judy Beebe who has diciphered the crop circles from her own divine knowing and has unlocked the key to advanced healing and free energy. Her website must be seen to really understand the depth of spiritual and scientific knowledge this gentle soul is sharing with the world. There will be great things to come very soon for our world. I will post updates on my blog as Judy progresses in her mission.

In the mean time I have partnered with a friend of mine Jeff who is extremely advanced in many technologies and forms of healing. From Bio Photon Plasma and noble gas devices , which by the way, I worked with Dr Bell on for many years, to all things water Jeff is my go to man.

Warm Regards

Rob Potter

The information below is from Jeff Lois:
Water is the most important and essential element to maintaining all life on this planet, besides the air and the sun. Unfortunately our water supplies and resources for pure, clean, healthy and especially safe water are dwindling fast. I feel water purification, or what is becoming better know as, “water restoration”, is an absolute priority for a healthy life style and healthy, safe water for our children’s children and their future and the very future of this planet we all share.

I have researched various technologies for water purification and the “restoration” of water to optimize the assimilation and effectiveness of Mother Nature’s “Liquid Life”. The products I have listed below are my personal favorites. Water restoration technology is a rapidly emerging and new science methods, along with water technology is getting better and more efficient all the time. We can expect many more developments in water restoration as the technology evolves. The latest buzz in water restoration has been vortexing, magnetics and the all new BioCera bioceramic ball a filtration purification medium.

Only the Korean brand, BioCera bioceramic ball technology, has been tested and shown to be 40% more effective than any know water filtration technology currently in the market today, and 60% less expensive, and 100% environmentally safe and eco-friendly. A truly “green” product. This unique bioceramic purification/filtration medium, carries and imbues various forms of rare earth metals and minerals in their mono-atomic, high-spin format, better known as ORMUS, or O.R.M.E. (Orbitially Rearranged Mono-Atomic Elements). Click here for more on ORMUS and the Philosopher’s Stone. To learn more about the amazing depths of wonder that water can go and its many uses, go to: At the Beyond water site you see some other water purification products for industrial applications!

To better understand the “principles of nature”, or “biomimicry” CLICK HERE, and to better understand why I have chosen the following amazing and cutting-edge water technologies, modalities and real practical solutions to an ever growing world wide problem, go to: To learn more on the “Blue Economy”, by Gunter Pauli, founder of Zeri and the TedTalk in Tokyo he did: CLICK HERE. More on Gunter Pauli’s The Philosophy of Engineering. Lets “be the change” we all want to see and together we can heal this planet and its life-blood, water.

Through the fine works and many amazing discoveries of great minds like the Austrian Scientist, Viktor Schauberger, to Masaru Emoto from Japan and many other waterologist around the world, we can now better understand how and why water should be treated with great reverence and respect and cared for properly for generations to come. By better understanding and by studying the principles of nature and how water likes to flow and vortex and spin in multiple directions, we can now work towards creating new and innovative ways of working “with” water, and not force treating it and chemically harming it the way we have been for too long now. It is truly time to start taking responsibility for the very waters we use every day and start healing all water… one drop at a time.
By Jeff Lois

Help support Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with water and how our words and emotions affect water and each other!!!

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