4 Emerging Green Technologies That Could Change the World

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4 Emerging Green Technologies That Could Change the World

By Savannah Coulsen
Wednesday, April 1, 2015 at 02:20pm EDT

As the world is being destroyed, there are people working very hard to restore the Earth back to its original beauty. Although this work is challenging and non-stop, we do have some brilliant engineers in the world nowadays coming up with alternative energy plans every day. Here are some of the top green technologies that might help our future residents.

1. Capturing Carbon Dioxide

The biggest culprit in damaging the Earth is carbon dioxide emissions. Some engineers believe that it can be captured and stored either underground or in liquid form to be reused at a later time. Either way, more work needs to be done in this field of study.

2. Use of Wasted Heat

A new technology that is on the brink of major recognition deals with electricity. The wasted heat that comes from you air conditioning units or vehicle exhaust pipes could be harnessed and turned directly into electricity. There are not many details yet on the specific alloy material that would be used for this type of technology, but it is in the works.

3. Desalinization of Water

Water is starting to become a hot commodity in some areas of the world already. Desalinization plants have been successful in certain countries where there is a lot of money, but the process is far from being efficient or cost effective. However, something needs to be done quickly because the Earth’s natural water supply is dwindling fast. Whether you choose to get an online civil engineering master’s or an MBA in sustainable management, you can personally make a difference in helping societies become better stewards of our earth.

4. Use of Our Oceans and the Sun

A new type of solar/water power is the Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion plants. It uses the thermal energy that is held by the oceans water and turns it into electricity by using the temperature difference between the water’s surface and that of the oceans’ cold bottom waters. This temperature difference helps run turbines that go to generators to help produce the electricity. However, scientists have not been able to find ways to make it more efficient.

Many of the technologies mentioned above are a good beginning to a hopeful future. However, there is an overwhelming need for more scientists and engineers to help solve these big environmental problems. A good place to begin with such studies is through the help of universities. Let’s help get the planet back on the right track!