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Mt Shasta 2018 Conference Update


2018 Mt Shasta Conference

Dear Friends, 

I am sorry to report that the light worker Sheldon Nidle has been removed from the conference speaker line up at his request due to health issues.

It is possible we may still have him in Shasta this summer if all goes well. We ask you all to send your prayers to him and Colleen for his speedy recovery.

You may go to his website www.paoweb.com to make donation to help him out while he recovers and to sign up for his amazing updates.

The good news is we have an amazing sister named Jenessee Roy who will be appearing in Shasta in his place.

Jenessee Roy photo







Jenessee has been taken out of her body by interdimensionals and has journey to higher dimensions and is bring back so much information for us all to share.

Please see her biography added to the conference here conference speakers bios

See invitation to conference here Conference Invitation


Download her Free Books at the first link below to hear her amazing journey.



YouTube Channel: Wellness Walden 

App (apple or android): Chakra Deck

KRMA Radio: Wellness Hour, Friday’s at 11am EST

Warm Regards 

Rob Potter