Two Women From Venus Appear To Support Cosmic Ray

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Dear Promise Friends, Cosmic Ray who will be appearing in Mt Shasta at the “From Venus with Love” Summer Conference in July 27th – 29th He told me that at the launch of his 2 new books in June in Pennsylvania at a very well established light center 2 Venusian women beamed down to […]

The Gold Fish Report 182 With Rob Potter

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Here is some interesting information I have revealed on Louisa with Winston on Gold Fish Report Summer Conference Invitation Trip to Bolivia Invitation See Rob In Australia Invitation Omnec Onec website Agarthan Article Romania Brucegi Complex Overview Of Prepare For Change Prepare For Change Website See my Journey […]

Journey to The New Shambala Part 2

The journey was about to begin in Bolivia and I was in my room reminiscing about my first awareness in regards to South America and the Great White Brotherhood. I was about 21 or 22 years old and living in a small apartment near the ocean in Laguna Beach at the time.  I was studying […]

RobPotter – Dave Stewart & Jackie Figg on Keshe – Interview VOL

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Victory of The Light Radio Show Rob is interviewing Dave Stewart and Jackie Figg two of the worlds most renowned and active Keshe Technology experts.  Dave Has an amazing clinic in Peru that you can go and have a workshop to learn all things Gans and sustainability technology. Jackie Figg lives in Riverside California. I […]

Rob Potter – Raymond Keller Show 2 VOL 01-11-2018

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Victory of The Light Radio Show Rob is back again with another Interview from the fascinating Raymond Keller the man who has been to Venus. He will be sharing more about his extensive knowledge of our sister planet and the queen of Venus. This is part two of the Raymond Keller interview series. MP3 here: […]

Rob Potter – Raymond Keller Show 1 VOL 01-04-2018

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   Ray Keller Rob Potter’s Guest Ray Keller one of the unsung heroes of the UFO movement for over 50 years. Rays experiences coupled with his detailed research are a cause for celebration. His 3 recently released books are amazingly detailed and go into the Venusian mission with the peoples of earth. Rob Goes into […]